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Vending Machine – 156 – Miss Dungeon (Final)

Chapter 156: Miss Dungeon (Final)


Author: Hirukuma

Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou


After handing the scorecard to the staff, all that was left to do was wait for the results.

Out of a perfect 10, I rated Ramis with the highest score, followed by 9 points each for Hyurumi and Shui. Everyone else received a score of 8 from me.

I had honestly agonised over the decision, but this was the best and fairest points I could have given the contestants. Absolutely no bias was involved because I scored everyone according to the audience’s response. I believe that it’s Ramis’ natural appeal and popularity with the people here coupled with her choice of sailor uniform that made the audience like her so much.

Hyurumi looked good in her outfit, but the overall colour scheme was too drab. I suspect that she may have intentionally chosen such a plain outfit to make sure Ramis stands out even more. However, since her invention and cute interactions with Ramis were so well received by the audience, I gave her 9 points.

Shui’s gym uniform, the one that made her look like a boyish high school girl was further enhanced by the lack of make-up, I think, [1] giving her that refreshing youthful appearance without looking too immature.

Hmm, I ended up giving my comrades the highest scores… however, it’s not like I was being biased or unfair. It was the result of my strict judging… I believe that the Miss Dungeon Contest should be more than just about looks. The winner should be judged by their charm points and appeal.

This was why this result was inevitable…

At least, that’s what I like to believe…

“I wonder who will win? I’m looking forward to it.”

Wait, this voice from behind me…

I switched my sight around and there was Shirley sitting in the audience seat right behind me. She was not wearing one of her usual evening dresses but was in a rather plain and generic attire.

She was also wearing a hat that was pulled low over her face. It looked like no one had noticed her yet.


“Too bad”

“Indeed, still, it’s all fine. What a shame that I had to withdraw partway through.”

She said this with one hand touching her cheek [1] as she gave an exaggerated sigh. However, from her clear complexion and smooth speech, I can’t help but think that she looked awfully healthy for someone who was ‘not feeling well’.

Still, it won’t do me any good to ponder over the matter alone. I should just ask her directly.



I could not inflect my voice to indicate a questioning tone, but as soon as I said this, she leaned over so close that the brim of her hat touched my back.

“Fufu~ I wonder?” She smirked mischievously.

I think I have my answer.

Now, this is just my conjecture, but I had to wonder whether Shirley had ever intended to win the contest from the start.

When she had openly declared that she would kiss me if she won, was it to provoke Ramis and the rest to join the contest? Was her participation calculated to stir things up while letting someone else take the prize?

If that’s the case, it was really quite the scheme. Her participation alone would have encouraged the other contestants to push their boundaries when it came to their outfits and ways to show their skills. Which ultimately resulted in the first Miss Dungeon Contest being a smashing success.

“Thank you very much”

“Heh, no need for that.”

From her reaction, I believe my guess was not too far off.

I should lower the price of my goods next time, just for her.

“We are just waiting for the results now, yes?”

The person who had just seated himself next to Shirley was… ah, it’s Hevoy. It had been some time since I last saw him.

He was still wearing that suspicious squinty-eyed smile. Was he interested in the Miss Dungeon Contest? Let’s ask him.

“Who thi-nk”


“Who wins, you mean? Hmm, personally, I think the Director’s bright red boots are the best among the lot.”

“Too bad”

Of course, he would say that. It was Hevoy after all.

Did he even notice the wearer of the shoes he loved so much? Even though the gorgeous Shirley was next to him, all he did was give her a little nod before settling down to watch the stage. Any normal man would probably be nervous to be next to her.

While I’ll be first to admit that I love vending machines and vending machine goods, but that doesn’t mean I have no interest in women. Hevoy, however, seems only interested in shoes.

“Ladies and gentlemen, sorry for the long wait. The votes have been tallied and we have our winners!”

While we were talking away, Munami was back on stage. Well, it looks like the results are out.

No matter who the winner was, I promised myself that I would accept it. After all, it makes sense for the most popular to win, therefore, I should congratulate whoever it is without prejudice.

“Excellent, first, let’s start with the third-place winner. In third place… captivating everyone in her striking red dress and gorgeous legs, Director of the Beginner Floor!”

Woah, the Director of the Beginner Floor actually captured third place! Looks like she must have gotten votes from most of the hunters here.

After all, everyone who first set foot into this dungeon would have to go through the Beginner Floor, and must have been under the care of the Director. That’s probably why her popularity is so high. Not to mention, she was active in helping people from other floors settle down at Clearflow Lake.

“Would you care to give us a few words, Director?”

The Director of the Beginner Floor stepped forward and stopped next to Munami, her expression as stern as ever as she spoke into the mike.

“Thank you all for your votes. That is all.”

Concise and rather unfriendly. Still, there was a certain softness to her expression that was a little different than usual.

“Thank you very much! Next, we have the second-place winner. Now, who could it be~? With her cuteness and a smile worth 200 points, loved by ladies and the elderly, the sweet and cute Kikoyu-chan!”

Oh, so Kikoyu manages to climb up to second place?

Kikoyu appeared on stage riding on Botan with Kuroyata flying in circles overhead.

Her pure white appearance and child-like charm along with the two animals made her look like some kind of sweet fairy creature from a charming story. It looked like the animals gave an edge over Suori and won the votes of people who find animals charming.

“May we have a few words Kikoyu?”

“I wish to thank everyone. I am grateful for your votes.”

As Kikoyu bowed to the audience, Botan and Kuroyata also lowered their heads with her.

To be honest, I was quite taken aback by the second and third-place winners. Looks like the evaluation of the contestants was quite subjective, with everyone having their own ideas of what constitutes as attractive. I had some idea about this already but had not expected it to be so varied.

At this rate, I cannot guess who would end up bagging the first prize.

“Now we only have the first place left! Who would be the champion? This is the final moment, whether it ends in tears or smiles, this is it! We present you, the winner!”

From the depths of the stage, the rolling rumble of a drum was heard. Naturally, we should have a drum roll for moments like this.

If possible, I hope that one of the three people I know will win.

The drumbeat ended suddenly and Munami breathed in deeply.

“Today’s champion is… the cheerful and power-packed, Ramis!”


Wow! Well done, Rammis!

The cheers were so thunderous that it felt like the very earth was rumbling. I had hoped for Ramis’ victory, who would have thought that it would actually happen? Ramis is truly popular with the people.

She stepped back on the stage, one hand rubbing the back of her head a little bashfully as she bobbed her head in gratitude at the cheers.

“We did it, Hakkon!”

She had a giant smile on her face and her hands were waving so fast that it left after-images. Her overflowing happiness could be felt by anyone looking at her.

“W-ell do-ne”

Even though my monotonous-sounding cheer was probably swallowed up by the yelling crowd, I sent them forward with all the warmth in my heart.

Also, the resounding applause and cheers appeared to be directed at all of the contestants, not just Ramis.

Once all but the top three winners exited the stage, the award ceremony began and it was time to hand out the prizes.

The prizes for second and third placing were actually quite decent. Enough that more people would join in the next pageant just for the prizes.

The Director of the Beginner Floor received her prize with a wry smile. Although she appeared reluctant to take accept anything, it was probably better for moral for her to graciously receive it for now.

Kikoyu gave everyone an innocent smile as she bowed her head over and over again.

First placing Ramis received the 50 meal tickets (from me) as well as a pair of shoes donated by Suori’s Merchant Group. From what I heard, these shoes were some kind of magic tool that could exert some kind of special skill when imbued with magic.

Given Suori’s character, it was probably something quite valuable.

The shoes themselves were black with a red trim and some kind of text written on the body. It looked quite stylish, actually.

“Those shoes?!”

That agitated voice… I switched my vision around to see Hevoy leaning forward and staring straight at the shoes in question. He was far from his usual composed self.

“At last… finally, I have found them!”

He had been biting his lip hard enough to bleed them and flecks of blood actually flew out when he opened his mouth.

He sounded happy, yet oddly filled with hatred?

The Hevoy I know was a nonchalant, easy-going individual with close to zero emotional fluctuation. Not today. Today, his naked emotions were on display as he stared intently at the first-prize shoes.

Just what is going on? I know that he has a shoe fetish, but this was on a completely different level.

What is so special about those shoes? I’m starting to get really curious, but Hevoy’s reaction was making me nervous about knowing the secrets behind them.


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