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Tondemo Skill – 592 – Not Good to Overdo

Chapter 592 –Not Good to Overdo

Author: Eguchi Ren

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou >_<

Eguchi Ren: Sorry for being late (sweats)


We chased the Green Dragon further and further into the forest. Finally, we stopped in front of a dense mountain covered with vines.

“This should be the Green Dragon’s lair.”

Umu, it’s faint, but I could sense its presence.”

“I shall do my best to cover up our presence. It would be a hassle if it runs away again.”

Grandpa Gon and Fer together… make for a terribly efficient team.

““Oi, oi, how the heck are we going to get in? There’s no entrance at all,”” called out Dora-chan who had been flitting around the mountain searching for an opening. He paused to tap at the dense rock beneath the vines. “”Not to mention, this rock is super hard.””

“That’s because this place is built as a way to protect itself. The entrance must have been blocked with Earth Magic,” said Grandpa Gon.

“Woah, that’s pretty hardcore defence,” I said. “That Green Dragon sure knows how to properly build a defensive place…”

Indeed, there was no visible ‘entrance’ to see at all. It was all completely blocked off.

Fer snorted, then laughed, “Hmph, this kind of thing is useless against us, gyahahaha!”

I could only smile bitterly to myself at that.

Well, there was really nothing I could say to that.

Under normal circumstances, not even an army of Adventurers could hunt down the Green Dragon thanks to its power and impressive defence. However… my OP party was made up of OP creatures all raring to go and attack something that should have been a rare and difficult-to-find creature.

“”Hey~ hey~ Can Sui destroy it~~””

“Sui-tan, do you really have to say ‘destroy’ in that cute voice of yours?” I lamented, are you going to melt the mountain with your Acid Bullet?

While I was preoccupied with this horrifying image, Sui bounced forward and a tentacle extended from her body. I reflexively flinched when the powerful jet of… water? Was shot out of her tentacle in one clean strike.

“”Take this–!!””


The mountain shook slightly but remained in place.

“”Hm? No break~?”” Sui said disappointedly.

“Hn, looks like your Water Magic isn’t quite up to it yet,” said Fer.

“Oh, is that so…” I said a bit weakly. Should I be happy about this?

“Hmm, it is still a fairly strong attack. Your Water Magic is quite powerful for your age,” said Grandpa Gon comfortingly.

“”Still not strong enough~~”” said Sui sadly.

“Sui-tan, why do you sound so disappointed? Your Water Magic is strong enough to cut through the stone defence built by a dragon’s Earth Magic,” I said. “Look, you can see a visible cut there.”

I really don’t want to think about it, but still felt like I had to comfort Sui somehow.

“What are you talking about? That’s just a little chip. When it comes to cutting down a rock defence, this is how you do it,” with that, Grandpa Gon’s claws clicked out and he stabbed them into the ‘chip’ made by Sui.

A short ‘Hmph’ later, the side of the solid rock mountain where Grandpa Gon had stuck his claws started to crack and crumbled to pieces, revealing a hole on one side of the mountain.


“Look here, thanks to Sui’s attack, the mountainside fell apart easily with just a touch,” said Grandpa Gon generously.

“”Wow~~ so, so, is Sui strong~~?””

“Whahahahah! Umuumu, well done, Sui!”

““Yay~~!”” Sui was bouncing happily on Fer’s head.

““That’s so awesome, Sui!!””

“… …” While it was nice to see my familiars supporting each other, could it please not be something about killing or destroying?

“Hmm, I or Grandpa Gon could have easily destroyed this puny defence. I’m sure Sui could easily be strong enough to do the same one day. That said… stop bouncing on my head, Sui.”

“”Ehehe~~ Sorry Uncle Fer~~””

Like I said, it was great seeing everyone bonding and getting along with each other, but does it have to be over something so heinous?

After this heartfelt (?) moment, Grandpa Gon stuck his claws into the hole and with a sharp ‘Hmph’, the seemingly solid rock crumbled further and a much wider entrance was revealed.

“Now that we have the entrance, let us go and get the meat.”

“”Ou! Let’s finish that Green Dragon!””

Umu, time to bring the meat home.”

“”Yay~ Dragon meat~!!””

Everyone’s eyes were shining brightly as they made their way excitedly into the cave.

“Um, so, I’ll just… wait outside…” I muttered, not wanting to be there to personally witness my familiars destroy that poor Triceratops-like creature.

“Good, you’ll just get in the way. Here, I’d put up a barrier around you,” Fer said with a dismissive fling of his head.

“… …” I guess I’m just extra baggage to you, huh? Then again, I would rather not involve myself in this thing.

I sat down sullenly by the cave entrance. It was completely dark inside, nothing could be seen at all.


Bang, bish, slash!

“It would do you well to lie down and be our food.”

“… …” Hey, Fer. Do you have to be so condescending?



“Oho, looks like even Fer’s attack doesn’t work, eh? No matter what, this fellow is still a proper dragon. Allow me the next attack. ”



“”Oooh!! That’s super amazing!! As expected of an Ancient Dragon’s claw attack! Goodness, that fellow’s still standing. How stubborn~~ well, resistance is futile! It’s my turn now. Take that!!””

Stab! Stab! Stab!


““Sui will go next~! Ei-””

“Stop! Don’t attack it with Acid Bullet. We want its meat, so stop!”

Woah, I never heard Fer sound so panicked before. I guess this is what it takes to make that overpowered bundle of fur worry.

“That’s right, it would be a complete waste of our efforts if the meat was damaged.”

“”Uuuuu~ what should Sui do~? Sui wants to fight too~~!””

“Just attack it with your Water Magic. You can use any attack you like so long as it Water Magic based and does not damage the meat,” came Grandpa Gon’s reasonable voice.

I do wish that he would apply this reasonable nature in things other than the wilful destruction of other living beings.

“”Okay~~ Sui understands~~! Sui will attack now~~ Ei~!!””

Ominous ‘Slash! Slash! Slash!’ was followed by a distinctive ‘thud’

“”Yay~! It fell down~!””

“Excellent work, Sui.”


“… …” it was not the first time I regretted my enhanced hearing. This is just… too much! Why? Ugh!! However, I could not move away from the cave entrance where Fer had fixed the barrier too, therefore, had to endure all the awful sounds that came from this dark cave opening…

Eventually, dragging sounds were heard and my familiars stepped out from the darkness with their prize.

“”It’s heavy~~””

Dora-chan, Sui was the one carrying the whole dragon on her enlarged body. You are… merely pretending to carry its head…

I looked at the pitiful visage of the formerly powerful-looking Triceratops-ish creature. It was covered in several scars, large and small.

“”We did it~~””

“”We totally did!!””

“… Yes you did…” I said as I looked at the pitiful creature. Since no one showed even a sliver of remorse, I could only put my hands together and pray for the Green Dragon. May you be reborn into a more peaceful life. Although I cannot recommend the life of a Japanese salary man, you can at least live unmolested by people who want to eat you or turn your body parts into medicine and weapons…

“Hey Fer, Grandpa Gon…”


“Yes, Master?”

“Going too far is just like bullying, and no one in this world would ever like a bully,” I said.


“What is Master talking about…”

“I’m saying that rather than hunting, you are just bullying the weak.”

“Th-that is–! Master!”

[1] “Tch, no matter what, it is only natural for the strong to defeat the weak. Weaklings should just stop being weak if they don’t want to be trampled on by the strong,” said Fer smugly.

“… …” I seriously wanted to hit him. However, as a ‘weakling’ myself, there was nothing I can do against this legendary beast.

Nothing that is, except…

“No meat for you tonight.”



[Gumihou: Changed the ending a little.]


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  1. slobber

    To be fair, if Fer/Gon couldn’t bully they’d basically starve. It’s not like they’d just step out the door and find something comparable in strength to themselves.

    1. Xiras85

      I guess that’s also the reason why they were friends before Mukouda and even though Fer and Gon fought, I think they would never kill each other. Only they know how lonely and boring it is to live at the top of the food chain for millenia.
      Now, thanks to Mukouda, they are able to witness the world of humans, conquer city dungeons and they even found a family.

      1. Gumihou

        Life becomes fun (and delicious) with Mukouda

        1. chibi

          That is the beauty of this world/story. Mukouda opens the world to these Apex predators. Dimeurge saw this coming and think it is a good thing 🙂

          I wonder if Mukouda can access cookbook to expand his cooking recipes (you would think after 100 years, things need to improve or rotate)

  2. Otaku Hikikomori

    The “No Meat” punishment is the only effective way to deal with the glutton quartet.
    Thanks for the treat.

  3. Filip

    Seems the trike wasn’t that smart, at least compared to other fantasy dragon-type monsters. The “hunt” was indeed more like bullying, or combination of the two, so I understand Mukoda.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! May God bless you!

    1. Gumihou

      I felt really sorry for the Green Dragon too.

  4. chibi

    Poor Green Dragon. It has high defense (able to take hits) but low offense to attack back 🙁

    I think the term “bully” might be a bit harsh in this context. It is hunting for meat.
    For me, at least, bully is picking on something constantly but not killing them.

    If Mukouda wishes to go down this path, then he better get use to go more dungeon and hunt THERE instead of on the surface because in the dungeon, the body disappears and create drops 😉

  5. RemAishiteiru!

    I really wonder what Sui’s peak capabilities are. Will it surpass Fer and Gon considering how young?

    1. chibi

      that is a good question. I think Sui’s Acid is super powerful. Sui can varies attack and size from “machine gun” (dual wield pistol style), large cannon ball, and acid beam (so far that we read in the stories)

      Plus Sui can do water attack like Water cutter (blades? – book and anime) and water cannon (Crabbie story), and the traditional water ball (first try in using the power and anime)

      I wonder if Sui’s Acid + Water mix can make into explosion 😉

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