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Tondemo Skill – 591 – Eh, It Ran Away…

Chapter 591 –Eh, It Ran Away…

Author: Eguchi Ren

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou >_<


It had been an hour since we left the High Elf village.

The party followed after Grandpa Gon, who claimed to know where the Green Dragon was. Finally, after running towards who knows where, Grandpa Gon gave the instruction to ‘Stop’ via telepathy.

“”I’m sure it is around here somewhere…””

Everyone (except for myself), started looking around expectantly.

Mu, I see a trace on the ground,”

At the exact moment Fer said that, a series of ‘thud-thud-thud’ was heard.

“”Sounds like it came from the other side,”” Dora-chan said excitedly.

“”It’s coming~~””

“”Humph, that would save us a lot of time.”

Hold on, that sounds a lot like-


An ear-piercing roar shattered the air.


I could not help but cringe at the volume.

“Humph, to think that it would try to threaten us,” Fer sniffed disdainfully.

“Well, I did say that the Green Dragon has some lowest cognitive abilities among us dragons…”

““Bwahahahah! That idiot didn’t realise he’s up against his superiors!””

““Sui will pew pew it to death~! Sui is strong~!””

“Y-you guys are just saying whatever you want!”

I’m seriously starting to feel sorry for the Green Dragon which I have yet to lay eyes upon.



That foolish creature was still making its way here. Run away! I thought at it. Run away, you fool!

“It’s here,” said Fer.

As if called out by Fer, a huge green body shot out of the trees and stopped in front of us.

“Wait, is that… a Triceratops?”

The creature that was now roaring in front of us looked exactly like the illustration of a Triceratops from a dinosaur book I had once seen. It had a distinctive frilled bone behind its head and three prominent horns.


“I thought Triceratops are herbivores? Is this one of Demiurgos-sama’s abominable fire-breathing, meat-eating creations?”

The so-called ‘Green Dragon’ stomped its foot and roared again, showing rows of razor-sharp teeth that were distinctly made for ripping meat apart.

This… was the result of Demiurgos-sama’s attempt at ‘originality’, wasn’t it?

Come to think of it, that so-called ‘Earth Dragon’… doesn’t that creature look a lot like the T-Rex?

“Ahem, that’s a completely different creature from the ones you see inside the mountain forest. Those were experimental creatures that were created mainly for fun. If I were to say so myself, unlike the Earth Dragon, as well as this Green Dragon, those creatures were ‘close to something like dragons’ but could hardly be considered actual dragons. In short, the ones in the mountains were creatures that used mostly physical attacks such as Fire breathing, Acid Spitting and biting with their powerful jaws or poisonous claws. Actual dragons are different. They can use magic!”

That… is a whole steaming pile of bullshit if you ask me…

“No, no, nothing of that sort. Didn’t I already say that dragons could use magic? I carefully curated their magical stats and things, just because I borrowed the appearance of some similar Earth creatures doesn’t make them anything less like a dragon.”

In other words, this was just some lazy copy-paste work with a minimal attempt at ‘originality.

“What? Well, don’t you have encountered moments when you find yourself pressed for time and ended up borrowing some little details from somewhere just to meet the deadline? I was too busy and borrowed a few things here and there. That’s all. They are indeed dragons. I, Demiurgos-sama, had spoken! Adios~~”

What the heck do you mean by ‘Demiurgos-sama has spoken’?

Also, where the heck did you learn the term ‘Adios’?

Ugh, there’s no point thinking about that because right now, the Green Dragon was… it was holding itself against my familiars?

With a loud ‘Gugyaaaooo–!!!’, the Green Dragon lowered its head and charged in our direction. [1] By the way, because Fer wanted to ‘fight properly’ he had dumped me to the ground before charging forward. Fortunately, Grandpa Gon was with me when the Triceratops-like creature ran at us.

“Master, get on my back quickly.”

I was more than happy to scramble up Grandpa Gon’s back.

“Please hold tight,” said Grandpa Gon just before he darted out of the way without even flapping his wings once. Which was fortunate, since with me clutching at his back for dear life, his wings were tucked just beside me. So, a single flap of those powerful wings would have sent me flying…

Fer, of course, easily avoided the Green Dragon’s charge with his incredible agility. His feet barely touched the floor as his paws were imbued with Wind Magic. I was mostly happy to see Sui perched on his head since this meant that she would be safe from being trampled.

““Yo~ To charge headlong to a battle you can never win, no wonder people called you stupid,”” Dora-chan sneered as he flapped his wings and darted out of the Green Dragon’s range.

I think… the Green Dragon was breathing heavily all of a sudden? Did it hear Dora-chan’s taunting and become angry? Surely that can’t be it?

““Oi, are you angered by the truth?”” Dora-chan snickered.

“H-hey! Stop provoking it, Dora-chan!” I called out. It was one thing to hunt down a creature to the point that it died a miserable death, surely you don’t have to verbally abuse it too?


“Ah, it’s angry…”

Suddenly, rocks as sharp as needles exploded from beneath our feet.


I shrieked as Grandpa Gon actually spread his wings and flew out of the way of the meter-long needles. [1] Somehow, although the wings did burst out, I was not thrown off. Grandpa Gon had skillfully flared out his wings flat and was able to fly even in his reduced size without dislodging me from his back.

There was no need to look at Fer…

“”Oi, is that all? Hah! Looks like it’s my turn to attack! Take that!””

Ice Spears formed around Dora-chan and stabbed down at the Green Dragon.

“”Sneaky~! Dora-chan is sneaky~!”” Sui was outraged.

The Ice Spears did not manage to stab through the Green Dragon’s tough hide, but it apparently hurt it enough to make it groan out loud.

““Tch, looks like one shot is not enough to defeat him.””

“”Sui next~! Ei~!!””

Pew! Pew!

Acid Bullets struck the Green Dragon’s side.


The Green Dragon twisted and roared as smoke rose from the area where the Acid Bullet had hit. I winced at the sight, that must hurt a lot…

““Mu~ Sui did not defeat it~””

“”Ou! But you hurt it badly. Good job!!””

I… really can’t condone hurting living beings like this… especially since the Green Dragon’s resilience meant that it would just suffer more…

“Good, it’s my turn now. This is the end,” said Fer as he stepped forward, one paw already lifted to gather Wind Magic.

The Green Dragon suddenly stopped moving. For a moment, it just stood in place and trembled. Then, it turned around and with a loud thud-thud-thud…ran off in a flash.



“Did it just…”

“”It ran away…””


“O-oi! The meat just ran away!!”

“Follow it quickly! Before the meat hides itself away!!” Grandpa Gon shouted.

With that, the chase was on.


[Gumihou: Poor Green Dragon]


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