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Tondemo Skill – 588 – Please! Please! Please! [5]

Chapter 588 – Please! Please! Please! [5]

Author: Eguchi Ren

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou >_<


“Delish! This ‘Karaage’ thing is really delicious!”

“Right, right, I can understand why Jorgen wants Adela to try it.”

“Right~? I have to say, this is just too delicious!”

“Hold on, aren’t you taking stuffing too many into your mouth?!”

[1] Indeed, Jorgen was currently putting too many of the hot Karaage into his mouth at once. I was starting to worry he would actually choke himself. 

“Gulp! You all agree with me, right? Adela too? It’s really delicious, right?”

“Thank you, Jorgen. This truly is amazingly delicious.”


Excuse me? Team Jorgen & Adela? Please don’t look at each other with those kinds of eyes while eating the Karaage. Also, if you want to thank someone, shouldn’t it be me?

Well, it’s all fine with me.

I don’t want to be kicked by a horse for interrupting a couple. [2]

Umu, as expected, Karaage is the best.”

Umu, umu, it’s still delicious no matter how many times I eat it.”

“”This fried Katsu is super delicious too!””

“”Both are yummy~~””

Well, my Gourmet Quartet certainly enjoyed the food.

They have already eaten earlier, but had no trouble eating more fried food. Just looking at them eat is giving me a heartburn.

“Hey, this ‘Katsu’ thing is really delicious too!”

“It’s true, the meat is thick and juicy, but the outside is crisp and delicious.”

“I heard that this is made from Dungeon Pork.”

“Ah~ that’s right. There’s a dungeon that only gave out meat Drops. How nostalgic~”

“Oh yeah! I went there with you back then as an Adventurer. How nostalgic~”

“I remember now! They also have something called Dungeon Beef, right? That was really delicious too!”

All of the High Elves were putting the Tonkatsu, I mean, pork Katsu? Or should I call it porc Katsu? Ah, but it isn’t really pig meat… Anyway, they were putting the thick pieces of breaded fried meat away as though calories don’t exist and their stomachs were nothing but a blackhole…


These High Elves looked super slim, but they could put away food like it’s nobody’s business. It was both fascinating and horrifying at once. The Elves in this world, High or otherwise, could really eat.

Anyway, to distract myself from thinking about their unending appetite, I devoted my time to frying more Karaage and Tonkatsu. Let’s just call them Tonkatsu.

Personally, I was getting heartburn from all the fried food, so for lunch, I had… a light drink.

“Right, the next batch is almost done~” I called out.

It was really funny to see the gluttonous quartet and High Elves rush over to crowd around my workstation. I’ll admit it, it’s kind of gratifying to see them eat the Karaage and Tonkatsu so deliciously.

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“Haahh~~ I’m so full~~”

“That was incredible~~”

“Incredibly delicious~””

“My stomach feels like it’s about to burst…”

“You ate too much,”

“You have no room to criticise others…”

The High Elves were rolling about on various surfaces, rubbing their distended stomachs happily. Well, I’m glad that you’re all satisfied at least.

“Still, to think that human cities now have food like this…”

“Yeah, that’s just incredible…”

“Let’s go back to the mainland.”



“For delicious food!”

Ah, now, how do I tell them that these aren’t actually available in regular human towns or cities-

“Oi, these aren’t something you can just eat anywhere,” said Fer with an arrogant sniff.

“That’s right. These are dishes that only our Master can make. No other human in the world could ever make it,” said Grandpa Gon smugly.

““That’s right, there might be some decent human food stalls out there, but our Master’s food is still the best!””

“”Yay~ Aruji’s food is the yummiest~~””

Ah, that’s… wow, I feel kind of embarrassed right now, haha~

“Eh? Is that so?” Verde looked quite shocked by this bit of news. Naturally, he did not hear what Sui and Dora-chan said, but Grandpa Gon’s statement alone was enough.

The happily rolling High Elves suddenly looked glum.

Jorgen suddenly sat up, “Hey, you guys said that you become his familiars because of ‘food’ right? Not just this ‘Karaage’ thing but ‘food’? Are you saying this human could make other kinds of delicious food?”

“Humph, but of course. Otherwise, why else would we willingly become his familiars?”

Umu, Master could make all kinds of food. Each of the dishes is delicious in its own way.”

[1] Suddenly, I found six pairs of incredibly gorgeous, extremely intense eyes staring at me.

Before I could decide how to react, Fer suddenly said, “I have something I want to speak to you about…”


“… …”



Apparently, the ‘you’ here refers to the High Elves. I could see all six of the High Elves were discussing something seriously with Fer and Grandpa Gon. However, despite seeing their mouths open and shut, and being quite close to them. I could not hear anything at all.

Even though I heard them perfectly well when they were busy praising the Karaage and Tonkatsu.

“Oi, did you guys seriously put up a barrier to stop me from listening in!?”


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The ‘secret’ discussion.

“Oi, you there. You say that you’ve dismantled dragons before, are you any good?” asked Fer.

“Ahh, I am as good as it gets,” said Verde.

“You are seeking a dismantler for the Green Dragon you’re planning to hunt?”


“If you can do it, we shall reimburse you with dragon materials and meat.”

“Yes!! I get to eat dragon meat!”

“Fuhaha, we can now eat this Green Dragon right away!”

Umu, I like the way you think, Fer. With them, we have no need to seek out that creepy Elf for anything.”

“That’s right! That Elf is trouble.”

“Neither myself, Dora-chan or even our Master wish to see him. Not to mention… if these fellows could dismantle a dragon, surely that could also dismantle other monsters as well? Remember that Dragon Turtle? Lack of experience in the dismantler resulted in us having to wait many days before we got to taste our kill.”

“Let us find out,” said Fer with a grin. “Oi, you there! Can you dismantle any kind of monsters?”

“It would be impossible to say that we can dismantle any kind of monster,” said Jorgen. “However, we do have more experience than most beings in this world. We also have Verde with us, he has a great talent for the job. Right, Verde?”

“All creatures have a certain structure to them, so it’s not too difficult to take them apart even if I have never seen them before. [3] There are techniques and skills to properly take a monster apart and how to preserve each bit so that it could be sold for maximum profit.”

“Kukuku, is that so?”

“Fuhahahaha, Fer, what I had mistakenly thought of as a troublesome encounter may be a fateful meeting after all.”

“It is as you say,” said Fer smugly.

“You there, how about coming to our place to discuss the matter a bit more?”

“By [4] ‘the matter’, you mean us doing some dismantling work for you?”

Umu, our prey are mostly large creatures that could not be easily dismantled by normal means. [4] It is unfortunate, but we cannot eat many of our prey because of this.”

“So, [4] you’re thinking of having us be your dismantling team?” said the High Elves sceptically.


[4] The High Elves looked at each other for a moment, unsure what to think. On one hand, they would technically be working for a human master. On the other hand, this human has legendary creatures following him as his familiars…

“I heard that you wish to return to the human cities, yes? I can take you there,” said Grandpa Gon generously.

“Not only that, if you come to our place, you get to eat his delicious food.”

“LET’S GO!!”

For some reason, the High Elves appeared to be cheering at something that Fer said. I had a bad feeling about this…

Indeed, when Fer stepped out of the barrier, the first thing he said was, “Oi, these guys are coming with us.”

“… …” I had some inkling of what may have happened but asked anyway. “What do you mean?”

“Master, these High Elves will be coming home with us.”

“… by home, you mean my Carelina house…”

“That’s right, with these guys around, we’ll have no trouble dismantling dragons, leviathans or other monsters!”

“… …”

“Not only that, they wish to go to a human town. It is only polite to offer them a lift,” said Grandpa Gon with a surprisingly earnest expression on his lizard-y face.

“It is our request,” said Fer with a smug look on his face.


Shouted all six of the High Elves, with their heads bowed.

Hey, weren’t you all snootily looking down at me earlier?


[Gumihou: Mukouda acted a teensy bit too surprised in the original text. Have him be more resigned in an ‘ I knew it’ manner, because he’s not actually an idiot]


[1] Clarified the funny scene a little

[2] There is a belief or saying in Japanese that goes ‘Those who interrupt couples will be kicked by a horse’.

[3] Add more details

[4] In the original text, it was ‘dismantling crew’, but there was no such talk, so assume ‘the matter’ as a one-off dismantling job

[5] The ending was ‘なに勝手にスカウトしてくれちゃってんのぉぉぉっ’ which means ‘why are you scouting me without my permission’ with ‘scout’ in katakana form. 

The word ‘スカウト’ carries the meaning of: scout, headhunting, recruiting and ‘Boy/Girl Scouts

Which is kind of strange under the circumstances?

Since the High Elves, GG and Fer were basically forcing Mukouda to comply with their demands, the situation was closer to being surrounded by toddlers screaming ‘Please! Please! Please!’ hence the subtitle change from the original ‘’Unsolicited Scouting’ to the present one. has a new Membership System!!

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  1. Pete

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      1. Pete

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    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation and superb editing skills! May God bless you!

    1. Xiras85

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        To be fair, that is a mental strain that immortals will have to face (you think the gods will LET Mukouda die? heheheh I doubt it)

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      The potential in Eguchi Ren’s work is really there. It’s just buried under some unnecessary things.

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