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Tondemo Skill – 570 – Spicy!!

Chapter 570 – Spicy!!

Author: Eguchi Ren

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou >_<

Eguchi Ren : Thank you very much for your support! Thank you to all the readers who have bought a book!


I was enjoying myself, shopping and browsing through the various wares at the market when two towering shadows fell over me.

“Surely that’s enough?”

“Master, are you done with your shopping yet?”

“”You’re done? Right? Right?””

“”Food stall~~ food stall~””

Fer and Grandpa Gon had crowded around me with the smaller familiars on their heads.

I was not frightened at all.

Totally not.

At all.

“F-food stalls was it? Ah, I guess now is fine?”

Honestly, I’d rather just continue shopping but from the looks of things… it would not be advisable.

“Right, let’s- eep!!”

Fer suddenly poked me in the back, herding me towards one particular direction.

“Hurry, this way.”

“Master, here!”

We easily waded through the crowd with my familiars rushing through and we quickly broke out of the groceries section to where the food stall section of the market had been set up.


As expected of a Royal Capital market, even their food stall section was quite extensive.

Aside from the usual meat skewer, soup and stew stalls, there were also stalls selling drinks and cut fruits.

“I knew it! We should have come here right away!”

“I shall feast well today!”

“”Woah, lemme at ‘em!””

“”Eat~ eat~””

“Oi! H-hold it!” I shouted at them, but unfortunately, the call of their bellies was louder and they soon gathered in front of one stall. Fortunately, they did not scatter… I’d rather not think about the consequences if that were to happen.

“This place!” Fer was staring at a pot of stew with very intense eyes. “I had been tormented by this smell through the entire pointless walk through that raw vegetable place…”


“Hey! Stop it! You’re scaring the proprietor! Sorry, sorry, he’s just hungry. Oh, no, no, don’t worry! Ah, he just wants your stew, um, it’s fine. I promise…” I said to the person cowering behind the stall.

“Oh? Oh! Oh, um, help yourself. Um, should I serve you? I should serve you, right?”

To his credit, the stall owner quickly stood up and ladled out one bowl of the stew.

“Wow, this looks… kind of spicy?”

“Ou, yes! Spicy! Our stall is famous for its spicy food! We’re very popular with the drunks- I mean the drinkers of this city, hahaha.”

“Hey, Sui, it looks really spicy, are you sure you want to try it?”

“”Want to eat it~~””


“I’m saying this for your own good,” I tried to caution her again, but she immediately began to bounce around, crying ‘want to eat~ want to eat~’.

“Hahhh, fine, don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

I took out three deep bowls and handed them to the stall owner. “Fill these up and charge me for it. Oh, and two regular bowls of stew from you.”

Sui may be stubborn, but I still couldn’t bring myself to torture her too much. Let’s just give her a normal person portion first and see what happens. I also wanted to try some too.


After putting everything into my [Item Box], I paid and moved the party to an empty area where everyone could sample their food in relative privacy. By the way, the stew cost 5 iron coins per ladle. The whole thing barely cost us a few silver coins.

I took out the deep bowls and let the other three gluttons dive into their stews first.

Umu, the meat is mediocre, but the seasoning is nice.”

“Indeed, ah, I feel like having a nice strong drink with this.”

“”It’s a little spicy for me, I think… oh, rice! Lemme have a big bowl of rice!””

Ah, a dragon after my own heart. I quickly took out a pot of freshly cooked rice and set it out between myself and Dora-chan. As I was dropping a ladle full of rice onto his bowl of stew, [2] Sui started bouncing around.

[2] “”Aruji~ where is Sui’s?””

“Eh? Ah, yes. Hold on, I think you should eat this with rice…”

Too late. Sui had already bounced over and allowed her body to flow over the bowl. Just as quickly, she shrank back with a ‘Pya–!!’


[2] “”Pain~! Spicy~! Aruji~ it’s painful~~””

[3] “What did I say to you just now?”


“Didn’t I already warn you just now? Here, have some rice.” I said as I pushed the pot of rice over.

Sui quickly bounced over to dissolve the rice.

Personally, I have no idea how Slime physiology works, but rice is one of the best things to have after accidentally eating some spicy soup. “You can have this fruit milk afterwards, but only if you promise to listen to me from now on.” I said sternly.

Sui was vibrating in place, looking very pitiful. However, I have resolved to be firm.

“”S-sui is good…””

“Yeah? Well, make sure that Sui is good all the time, hmm?”

With that, I handed over the fruit milk and Sui quickly latched on to it and began to dissolve the carton as well as the milk into her body. I looked at my bowl of spicy stew dipped a spoon into it and-

“Ugh, spicy!”

Even my tongue has gone numb from that little taste. I looked at the miserably vibrating Sui and took out three more bottles of fruit milk for her.


“Kukuku, looks like this is too early for a child-like Sui,” Fer looked especially ferocious with his mouth dripping red from the spicy stew.

Umu, this is more of an adult palate.”

“”Well, think it’s delicious!””

I gave Fer the side eye. This was the fellow who wanted to eat a poisonous fish because it tasted ‘tangy’, so I couldn’t be bothered to argue with him. Instead, I distributed the remaining stews to Fer and Grandpa Gon. Both were very happy about the extra food.

““Right! I’ve been eyeing that stall for a while now, let’s goo!!!””

Dora-chan spread his wings and flew forward towards… a skewer stall. Of course, it was a skewer stall. The stall owner was a young man in excellent shape. However, what interested me was the smell coming off the grill.

“Woah, this smell…is it garlic?”

“That’s right, have a taste of my special Cockatrice skewers in special Garlic Sauce!” his sharp eyes rove over my party and he grinned. “This brother, you’re an Adventurer too, right? My stall’s really popular with Adventurers. Partly because I’m a former Adventurer, gahahaha!”

A former Adventurer? A young man like him? Well, there must be a story behind why he left that life to open a store, but it would be impolite to ask, right?

“”Hey, enough chat! Feed me!”” Dora-chan was clinging to my back and complaining. So, I don’t have time to ask this young man about his backstory.

“Fine, fine, we’ll have 41 skewers, please.”

“Ou! Thanks for the purchase!”

[4] Dora-chan immediately seized one skewer and started eating it. I set down Sui and Dora-chan’s skewers first and got started on removing the meat off the skewers for Fer and Grandpa Gon.

Gunu, how inconvenient to not have thumbs…”

“I wonder… should I just eat the skewer as well…”

I ignored those two and continued my work.

Once everyone was eating, I got out my skewer and started on it. Hmm, it was a little tough, probably a little over-marinated. However, one can’t go wrong with garlic as a sauce for skewered meat.

However, if I have a date tomorrow, this kind of thing is out of the question.

Not that I have a date, haha.

Nu… why do I feel so empty…

For the rest of the day, I was pulled from one stall to another. That’s fine, I have to fill up that emptiness inside of me. Might as well try filling it up with food.


[Gumihou: Aww, poor Mukouda…]


[1] Redid the first stall scene and gave the proprietor a bit more character.

[2] Redid scene to make Sui act super spoilt. She’s mostly hangry.

[3] Redid Mukouda’s reaction to make him sterner. This is canon per the offshoot manga Sui’s Adventure

[4] Replaced ‘delish delish’ remarks with actions has a Membership System!!

Please do check it out~

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  1. Filip

    Lol, I forgot animals have better sense of smell, and fantasy magical animals even better, so even though Mukoda was happily browsing the grocery options, the meatilicous pet murder party was suffering in tasty aromas.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! May God bless you!

  2. GoggleMe

    Maybe he will get a girlfriend after using teleport device that he get from thief king cave, of course after explore a new continent that only have a demihuman, demon

    1. Gumihou

      He will have to shout ‘I love you xxx!’ to use it, soo…. I’m not sure if he could take the mental blow

      1. S. Shortcake

        I mean, he has another option than the teleportation tool, he has Grandpa Gon who can fly him outright, Mukhoda just has to decide whether he wants to stay or go back before the contract ends and the Ancient Dragon settles for his century-long nap.

      2. slobber

        He’d be instakilled right through his ultimate defense if he had to shout the incantation for teleportation. I just hope Eguchi hasn’t forgotten about the world he built as he tends to do

        God of creation = ultimate troll. Seriously “I have a nice surprise for you” – oh he surprised Mukuoda alright! Rubbed enough salt into the poor sap the guy get extra years of immortality. I mean, I don’t remember Mukuoda getting anything of “value” from the Bandit King other than knowledge that other continents exist – and a shitton of #foreveralone salt rubbed into him

  3. slobber

    I’m pretty sure there are a lot of single women in that world. Male adventurer death rate is pretty high at the end of the day… Mukuoda strikes me as dating with the intent for marriage and due to his circumstances, he can’t just go with any random lady considering he’s basically immortal, highest military power in the world, highest earning potential in the world, etc.

    Eguchi needs to hook him up with a country bumpkin ASAP! xD

    1. FantasyFanatic247

      I mean, he could go with a random human. He would need to make a proper elixir,but he has 2 or 3 of the ingredients already. It might make him more invested in adventuring, which would be a nice change.

      1. slobber

        Funny enough my favorite arc was actually Mukuoda and the slaves. I guess it was because he was using his money for something useful for once. I mean, if I was p1ssing gold I’d probably do something to better my community as well.

        It’d be kinda nice watching a country bumpkin girl develop as she travels with him.

        1. Xiras85

          Let’s not forget he is in this world for a little over a year and already experienced quite a lot, he just needs a little time to find ways to use his money for good, I guess.
          Also yeah, a country girl would be perfect for him, maybe one that has never even heard of Fenrirs or Ancient Dragons, someone who in a way is just as oblivious as he is.
          But some highly skilled elf or demon would be interesting too.

  4. Z

    You can call it his love life stat being low but not having a spine never helps finding anyone.

  5. Am I Un-Dead Yet?

    After 570 chapters, where are people getting this optimistic view of MC’s potential love life?

    1. slobber

      Because people love to dream, hahahahah

      TBH I think the most eligible love interest for him at this moment in time is probably the wind goddess.

      1. FantasyFanatic247

        i think they would both be uninterested in one another. Anyway, Mukuoda would probably have to lure her down the aisle with the wedding cake.

        1. slobber

          Yeah she has shown 0 interest in him other than some off-comment about how he has 0 love luck. To be fair though, she probably chatted with him the most besides god of creation and she’s willing to give him attitude despite his food.

          But it’s all relative. She has shown the *most* interest in him out of all the female cast I think… And arguably, she is the most… normal?

          Adventurer elf chick literally ignores his existence once he finishes cooking, and she still remembers her past lovers/grand children. She has had 0 conversations with Mukuoda since she is so reserved with her words. The old elf lady is all business and cares more about beating up the dragon otaku than anything else. Her conversations with Mukuoda were strictly professional. Earth/Fire/Water goddesses literally give 0 fs about him and seemed designed in the stereotypical “housewife/tomboy/quiet doll” archetypes respectively.

          The human females, on the other hand, all seemed to be designed very bare-bones.

          Wind goddess is the only one who actually seems to have a 2 way conversation with Mukuoda.

  6. Otaku Hikikomori

    Thanks for the treat.

  7. chibi

    Mukouda, you CAN have a date. You just think that cool beauty is NOT single (she is) but he never asked.

  8. RemAishiteru!

    Mukouda…one day you will have a date xD

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