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Higher Level Wife – 204 – Nostalgia

Chapter 204: Nostalgia

Author: White Pear Flower


Translated by Gumihou

Proofread by Pill Bug

Gumihou: The next victim of OOCness, Jin Zhenxuan, Jiang Wanying’s son, who had also been mistakenly described as one of the concubine’s son, so Gumi can’t take the author seriously at all.


Jin Fengju frowned and said, “Let’s talk about this later. Zhenyi is only around seven years old, it’s too early to talk about marriage. As for Concubine Xu being uncomfortable on the farmstead, I can send someone to monitor that place for a bit, but I cannot give too many instructions about it. Otherwise, with her temper, she would only become foolhardy once again and start bullying the servants. If this happens and word gets out, I won’t be able to do anything for her.”

Since Jin Fengju already said this, there was really nothing Fu Qiuning could say to contradict him. With nothing better to do, she lay down on the bed to stare at the ceiling. [1] Eventually, she felt Jin Fengju sidle closer to touch her arm and said, “Goodness, this bed is truly uncomfortable to sleep on. It’s not as good as our kang bed, don’t you think so?”

[1b] “It is as you say,” said Fu Qiuning.

Jin Fengju shifted closer and said with a smile, “Although it is not as comfortable as the kang bed, it is nice to experience something different now and then, yes?” After saying that, he rushed forward and pushed her into the bed. A fierce fight followed. It was especially vigorous since it had been months since he had last had sex with her.

When it finally stopped, Fu Qiuning was so tired that she just wanted to sleep, but then Jin Fengju started talking, which was even more unbearable than the sex. “That’s right, I heard that Xiangmian has been running over to your place all the time. You’re getting a taste of this kind of treatment now, eh?”

For a moment, Fu Qiuning had no idea who he was talking about. The only person who had been running over to Elegant Mansion was… ah. “Concubine Huo had been very diligent in her visits lately.”


When Fu Qiuning said nothing else, Jin Fengju sneered and said, “Looks like that woman is coming over to your place thinking that you might gain housekeeping power one day. Little did she know, my beloved Qiuning has no intention of assuming such authority~”

Since he was entertaining himself with his own cleverness so well, Fu Qiuning saw no reason to interrupt him.

Sure enough, it did not take long for the man to start going off again. “Ah, Wanying is the one in charge of the household matters because she likes to show off her talents, which is why I allowed her to take on the job. Truly, that is the only reason. If only my Qiuning would show some interest…”

Fu Qiuning did not entertain the obvious hint.

“…if only there were more honest people to choose from. I had no choice but to choose the one who was most capable instead. Qiuning, ah, why do you think I was so fierce with Lan’er last time? If I don’t show those women a firm hand, who knows what kind of cunning plan would form in their heads? I could only hope that my actions would shock them and make them restrain their wild thoughts.

“… …” Fu Qiuning was too lazy to answer him or entertain his perverted and chauvinistic thoughts. 

“Qiuning? Qiuning? Are you asleep? Ah, my poor Qiuning must be so tired now. After travelling for so long and working so hard with the opera, you must be exhausted, my love. Sleep now, tomorrow, let us go out and play again. After this, who knows when we will go out again~~”

With that, he hugged her close to his chest with a smile.


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Since there was no need to wake up early and give their greetings to anyone at the farmstead, most people slept past dawn. Fu Qiuning was still sleeping soundly when she was jostled awake by Jin Fengju. Disgruntled, she muttered, “What time is it?”

Jin Fengju pulled back the curtains and bright sunlight streamed in. Fu Qiuning frowned and rolled away.

“Looks like it’s already mid-morning.”


“Ah, I supposed it’s time to wake up, [1]” Fu Qiuning muttered as she left the bed. “Where are those maids…”

There was a giggle from outside and one of the maids called through the curtains, “It’s not that we do not wish to wake Madam or Master, but our masters have been so busy lately and are sleeping so sweetly together that we could not bear to wake you. Especially on a morning where there is no need to give greetings to the Old Madam or Elder Madam.”

“You sure know how to talk,” Fu Qiuning ignored Jin Fengju’s grasping hands as the maids came in with basins and cleaning towels. She sat at the table, ready to be groomed for the day, “Where are the children?”

Jian Feng beamed and said, “No need to worry, Madam. They are all playing in the streets under the watchful eyes of the maids and matrons. Concubine Huo and Concubine Cui are there as well.”

Fu Qiuning nodded, “Make sure to have people check the trees for stinging insects. Have food sent in soon.”

This time, it was Yu Jie who giggled as she said, “Only Madam and the Master haven’t eaten yet. We have all had our meals~”

For some reason, Fu Qiuning felt like kicking Yu Jie in the shin. There was something really annoying and suggestive about her tone.

“No need to send in proper food. It will be lunchtime soon, just send in some snacks to pad the stomach a little,” said Jin Fengju. He turned to smile at Fu Qiuning and said, “I have given orders for the servants to collect some game. I believe it would be ready for lunch.”

Fu Qiuning thought: Wild game meat for lunch? Well, with all the muscle they have following the entourage around and nothing to do, it was probably a good idea to send them hunting. From the rolling green hills and scattered small rivers, there should be plenty of animals running around.

Indeed, when the guards returned, they brought with them countless numbers of rabbits, pheasants, foxes, a few deer, some gazelles and other larger beasts.

The children had also returned by then, each of them looking like dirty little monkeys, having run around the place. Even the slightly gloomy Jin Zhenxuan had a bright face under the dirt.

For a moment, Fu Qiuning felt her heart soften and she said half to herself, “Yes, this is what children should be like. Isn’t it more fun to run around cheerfully like this?”

[4] Jin Zhenxuan flashed a glance at her before running away.

Yu Jie quickly came forward to beam at Fu Qiuning, “Madam is too kind, to speak so nicely to Brother Xuan like that.”

Fu Qiuning frowned at her, “Why are you singling him out like that? I am speaking about the children in general.” [4a] 

That was when Jin Fengju suddenly popped up to smile at Fu Qiuning to say, “They have brought a lot of good things back today. Aside from the meat for lunch, I have instructed them to skin and tan the animals to be brought back to the estate. Otherwise, Old Ancestor will say that we have forgotten her while having fun at the farmstead. I fear I cannot bear to carry this guilt upon my head.”

[5] Fu Qiuning shrugged, “It is as you say.” She had no real opinion on what to do with all these dead animals.

[5] “… ah, my Qiuning! You must be thinking of the guards who hunted these animals! Never fear, I have arranged it so that everyone gets a fair share. Goodness, there is really no need to bother with them since they all tend to go hunting whenever they have some free time. It is I, the one burdened with all sorts of worldly affairs, who cannot go out often.”

“… I never asked this-”

[5] “S-speaking of which, I remember that Aunt Yu makes some of the best spicy fish dishes! We also caught a lot of fresh river fish and crabs! Let’s have her show off her skills in the kitchen. There’s also Yu Jie, right? Isn’t she good at cooking crabs? Ah, it had been a long time since I last had her crabs. Since it is rare for us to have crabs, we rarely get to taste her skills. While the crabs are not at their plumpest yet, they are still fairly plump. Not to mention, we have received several hectares of land near the Yangcheng Lake for rice growing. So, we shall also have Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs for this Mid-Autum Festival. The best and most authentic hairy crabs come from Yangcheng Lake. Before this, we only ever had a few crabs bestowed to us from the palace, but now that we have our own source, we can properly enjoy the best kind of crabs this year!”

“… I see,” [5a] for Fu Qiuning, who had eaten all kinds of crabs and had access to crabs from Northern Japan and other types of sea crabs at supermarkets so long as she had the money, hairy crabs were little better than quaint novelties served at expensive restaurants. For one thing, they were a pain to eat since people are expected to observe a certain style of eating. For another, sea crabs were plumper and more delicious. Therefore, she was not too excited by the idea of hairy crabs.

However, she was impressed by the ‘several hectares of land’ which was probably bestowed to the family by the emperor. Just how rich could a single family be? How rich could they become? Jin Zhenyi and Jin Changfeng had better not grow up to be entitled jerks like their father.

Still, there was no doubt that lunch was a feast of mountain delicacies and river flavours. Fu Qiuning watched as the children ate to their heart’s content. [6] Aside from herself, Jin Fengju’s other wives and concubines were also there. Since the hairy crabs were a great delicacy, everyone got to eat only one each under Jiang Wanying’s supervision. Naturally, if the master of the house wished to eat two or twenty, he was allowed to, but Jin Fengju ignored Jiang Wanying’s loving hint and only stared at Fu Qiuning as she automatically nibbled at her crab using original!Fu Qiuning’s skills.


“You eat so little,” Jin Fengju complained as he signalled for the maids to bring another crab over. “Have another one.”

“No need, I’ve had enough,” said Fu Qiuning.

“I’ll have it!” said Jin Zhenyi. “I’ll eat it for you, Mother!”

He said ‘Mother’ very loudly, flashing a proud look at Jin Zhenxuan and the rest. That’s right, he thought: My backer is better than yours.

“No! Let me have it!” cried Jin Changjiao, who was not about to be left out of the fun or miss out on a nice treat.

Jin Changfeng and Jin Xiunan said nothing, but both were staring at the extra plate of crab. In fact, all of the other children, and a few of the concubines, were staring at the crab. She smiled and said, “Now, now, crabs are cold so you can’t eat too many…”

She waited for the chorus of groans to stop before saying, “You may have one more. Yu Jie, give all the children one more crab.”

Jiang Wanying smirked, “My, my, Elder Sister is certainly generous, especially with largess that does not belong to you.”

Fu Qiuning smiled back and said, “That is so, Little Sister may serve herself another crab if you like.”

Jin Fengju frowned, looking like he was about to say something when the children suddenly interrupted.

“Father! Let’s come here and go fishing in the river next time!” said Jin Zhenyi as he broke into his crab. “We can’t go hunting yet, but surely we can come and catch fish and shrimps, right?”

“Yes! Yes! Let’s come and fish in the river!”

“Can we pick mushrooms too?” asked Jin Xiuzhen. “Sister said she knows what mushrooms are good to eat…”

“That’s right!” said Jin Changjiao happily. “We used to collect mushrooms from the little forest back at Night Breeze Pavilion every year. We would dry them and put them into soups, it was almost as good as having meat sometimes.”

“… …”

Fu Qiuning pretended not to see Jin Fengju’s reddened ears as Jin Changjiao accidentally reminded everyone at the table of how she and the twins had once been abandoned for over five years at Night Breeze Pavilion and had to scrape and scrimp for food.

Whatever, not her problem.

Jin Xiunan, however, sensed the odd tension in the air and tactfully said, “Father! Sister Jiao’er showed me how to weave a garland. We sisters shall pick flowers and weave them together. Ah, but if Father thinks flowers are too colourful, we can weave garlands with grass too!” 


[Gumihou: Heh, since the subtitle is ‘Nostalgia’, let’s have a nostalgic stroll back to the time when you abandoned them, eh?]


[1] Since normal FQN is not in ‘luuuurrrve’, whatever JFJ di could only be seen as creepy.

[1b] Vaguely uncomfortable FQN rather than ‘iyaann~~ AR Qiuning’

[2] Deleted over 500 words of how so, so clever FQN is~ and how lovely and kind and clever and like so awesome hubby is~~

Replaced it with =_=;; Fu Qiuning.

[3] Presumptuous maids and =_= Fu Qiuning

[4] Protect the kids! Allow Jin Zhenxuan to retain his loyalty to his mother and not be possessed by the curse of OOCness

Deleted: Sure enough, Jin Zhenxuan paused for a moment, but he bowed his head and respectfully thanked her for her teaching before entering. Seeing the figure go away, Yujie smiled and said: “Master Xuan, this child is much deeper than Master Yi.”

Jin Zhenxuan: I hate you, bad woman

Fu Qiuning: That’s fine.

[4a] Deleted 150 words about how so, so kind and benevolent and understanding and wow super FQN is with kids

[5] JFJ being all enthusiastic on his own.

[5a] Since Gumi deleted AR Qiuning’s nonsense, replaced it with Fang Chuyu’s modern-day reminiscence

[6] There was no mention of Jiang Wanying or the other concubines, not even FQN’s mother or her ‘friend’. There was only AR Qiuning being frightened that the children would get upset stomachs from eating too many crabs…

[6a] Did Gumi write it in a way that made JFJ look bad? Please, nothing of that sort. He was already an asshat on his own.


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