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Tondemo Skill – 561 – What Happened Today

Chapter 561 – What Happened Today

Author: Eguchi Ren

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou >_<


“Ughhh, what a horrible day…”

If I were to look into the mirror now, I’m sure I’d see a spectre staring back at me. A miserable creature who looked like they had just recovered from a serious illness.

It was really too scary.

Just how many mental shocks have I suffered?

How many times have I nearly lost it?

Dinosaurs as a concept were already scary enough, but Earth dinosaurs still have a cute side to them, especially the herbivores. However, the ones here were all indiscriminately meat eaters and fire spewers.

How is that fair I ask you?!!?

In contrast, my familiars looked incredibly refreshed and happy.

They were still talking about the dinosaurs they had encountered (and defeated).


“Fuhahahaha! Those stupid things just ran at me! The first one was just dumb, but the second one at least has some strong jaw strength. Umu, if I had been bitten, I’d probably be in danger…”

Umu, Fer may have defeated the biggest one, but the one I defeated had to be the most ferocious and tenacious. It did not even flinch at the presence of an Ancient Dragon! What great spirit! Too bad his insta-kill poison doesn’t work on me. Wahahahaha!”

“”Hey, mine’s pretty good too! Did you see those sharp claws? Hah! But it’s too slow to even scratch me! No matter how sharp your claws or how strong your bite, you gotta get me first!””

“”Sui dodge and pew pew~! Dodge and pew pew~! And defeat~!””


Should I be happy that they had fun?

I looked at the miserable state of the creatures on the floor. The Acrocanthosaurus had its neck hacked off, the Giganotosaurus’ belly had split open and… things that should be inside the body were now outside the body…

The T-Rex had deep claw slashes all over its body and its thick neck was almost bitten off…

The Carcharodontosaurus had burns inside its throat.

The Carnotaurus had a hole blasted through its chest and back. It looked like it was half melted too.

Meanwhile, multiple Velociraptors were lying on the floor in two or three pieces.

I tried not to think of anything as I retrieved these bodies…

Then, before I knew it, everyone set off deeper into the forest in high spirits. We were attacked by more carnivorous dinosaurs, much to Fer, Grandpa Gon, Sui and Dora-chan’s delight.

Scarily enough, my nerves had been shot through so many times that I no longer felt scared anymore.

Haahh… looks like the saying that ‘humans could adapt to anything’ was really true, I thought as I watched Sui and Dora-chan fight against a T-Rex together.

Seriously, there were really too many dinosaurs. If these dinosaurs are all carnivores, surely they must be attacking and eating each other? Could it be that their reproductive capacity was high enough to keep their numbers high? Or, were they somehow spawning somewhere…

In any case, the high numbers were a nuisance to me since my familiars kept on fighting them.

“”Yes!! Victory–!!!””

“”Yay~~ Sui won~~””

I have no idea how many T-Rexes I have collected, but I’ll just keep collecting them for now.

More footsteps shook the ground.


“Ou! It’s here again!!”

“I get to fight the next one,”

Umu, very well. I shall get the next one.”

The seniors were negotiating among themselves about who gets to fight what first. Well, at least they were not fighting each other over who gets to fight what… that would be too ironic, even for my violence-desensitised mind.

“Haah… I just want to go home…”


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After a while, I group stepped out from the forest and into a grassy plain.

“Hey, that guy’s really big…”

It was a long neck dinosaur that was so huge that it made the Giganotosaurus look like a child.

Moreover, there were three of them.

However, I know these dinosaurs. They were one of the favourites in pop culture and was an iconic figure in that Jurassic Park movie. These long-necked dinosaurs have always been famous for being gentle herbivores. Finally, a sense of relief washed over me.

As I watched, one of the long-necked dinosaurs stretched out its neck and picked up a T-Rex that was in the middle of ripping up a smaller dinosaur.


I was too shocked to react to what I was seeing.

The long-necked dinosaur then slammed the T-Rex against the ground.


The T-Rex, which had been struggling in the large mouth, stopped moving. Then, the long-necked dinosaur stepped on the T-Rex, flexed its neck, and ripped the T-Rex to pieces. Then, it lifted its head and swallowed the piece of T-Rex in its mouth.

“Wh-wh-wh-what is going on!?” I screamed. “Why is it eating the T-Rex?”

I felt a touch on my back. Fer was patting me as he said, “Master, that’s because the T-Rex is its food.”

“Isn’t it an herbivore?!”

“It’s a meat eater.”

“Moreover, it’s the strongest one in this place. The apex predator,” said Grandpa Gon.

Umu, indeed. A most worthy opponent.”

““It’s suuuper huge!! Let’s defeat it!!””


“A-are you guys serious?!”

However, even as the words flew out of my mouth, I knew they were pointless. Fer, Grandpa Gon, Sui and Dora-chan all looked excited by the prospect of fighting this not-herbivore long-neck thing.

Suddenly, I felt a gaze on me and looked up. One of the long-necks had turned its head towards me. As though in slow motion, it began to move towards me.

I’m dead.

I thought.

Suddenly, something pulled me back by the shirt and I fell on my butt.

“Master, please stand back,”

“Please wait under the barrier, Master.”

“”Just wait, I’m gonna get me a big one!!””

“”Sui too~ Sui too~~ Sui will get a big one for Aruji~~””

With that, all four of them ran off, eager to do battle against the so-called apex predator of this forest.


Why are all the dinosaurs here carnivores? Even the famously herbivorous ones?

It was not enough to make the dinosaurs breathe fire, but you do have to make the herbivores into carnivores too? Isn’t this a crime against nature?

There was nothing I could do but laugh to myself on the edge of the clearing as my familiars fought against the long-necks.

“Demiurgos-sama, why would you create something like that…”

“”Oh my~ I must say that I thought it would be really cool to create something like this. Back then, my concept of ‘strong’ was ‘big’. The bigger the stronger. Ah, I could only laugh at my naïve self back then, fuoh fuoh fuoh.”

Why are you going ‘fuoh fuoh fuoh’ at this time, you plagiariser!?

[2] ““Ah, since these are the embarrassing creations of my youth, I had no choice but to place them here. It would be a tragedy if any of them ended up in a village, eh? Really, what was I thinking back then~?””

Well, at least he knew to think about the local people.

“Demiurgos-sama, there should be no more such weird creatures in this world, right?”

““… eh, well…””

“What’s with that suspicious pause!!?”

“”Eh, hmm, well, it’s time for me to leave. Farewell~!””

“Wait! Don’t tell me, you-!! Demiurgos-samaaaa?!”


[Gumihou: Adjusted the ending bit a little]


[1] Edited the bragging into something less tedious.

[2] This was said by Mukouda, reworded it and let Demiurgos-sama say it instead.


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