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Tondemo Skill – 558 – Ugh… My Head…

Chapter 558 – Ugh… My Head…

Author: Eguchi Ren

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou >_<

Gumihou: Today’s chapter is kind of repetitive. Gumi is going to be merciless.


“Nice, let us start our hunt.”

[1] The rest of the familiars immediately clamoured their agreement.

“Seriously?” I said, “Why would you want to hunt again when you’ve already taken down things like Dragon Turtles? Can’t you just relax and take it easy for once?”

I just want to settle down with a fragrant coffee after breakfast. Hearing you guys yelling about wanting to go hunting immediately after the morning meal is so unrefined. Not that I was unprepared to hear something like this.

Yesterday, after Elland-san’s second attempt at a ‘Hugs attack!’ Grandpa Gon and Dora-chan nearly went berserk. It was all chaos after that. In the end, Willem-san came up to me to say, “There’s the only head to dismantle, there’s no need for you to come anymore. We could secure this warehouse on our own without the barriers or your familiars.”

That may be true, but instead of feeling like I was freed to do whatever I liked, it felt more like I was being treated like a nuisance…

W-well, the person in the wrong is actually the dragon maniac! I’m innocent of all of this! Who asks him to not control his ridiculous obsession with dragons?

Anyway, whatever, since the Leviathan head would take some time to dismantle, my party ended up with a bit of free time on our hands. My plan was to relax and take it easy. In fact, I had already planned my day out, there would be lots of lounging around with drinks as well as some carefully chosen snacks at hand…

“Lying around doing nothing is boring.”

“We have already slept enough when Master was discussing things with those people.”

“”Yeah! I want to stretch my wings!! Stretch!!””

“”Sui wants to pew pew~! Pew pew~!!”” [1]

“… …” as usual, my familiars have other thoughts. [2] I tried ignoring them, but they kept pestering me, making it impossible for me to properly relax.

Finally, I could only sigh and say, “Fine-”

But there was no one in the room. They had all run outside with a cheer.

“… …”


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[2] My familiars returned to the room to toss me onto Fer’s back I was moving too slowly for their taste, and our party travelled down the Royal Capital streets.

“So, where exactly are we heading?” We were moving away from the main gate towards one of the smaller gates, and I couldn’t help but start feeling a little worried.

Umu, this gate is closer to where we are heading, Master.” [1]

“And… where exactly is this place?”

““It is a great place!! Grandpa Gon and I took a thorough look at it already!””

“Dora-chan, that doesn’t explain anything at all…” I said.

“When we saw the place from the sky,” said Grandpa Gon, “I vaguely remember visiting it before, but seeing it made me recall more details.”

“Like I said, just what is this place!? Care to share some of the details you have recalled?”

“”It’s a great place! I heard all about it from Grandpa Gon!!”” [3]


“”A fun hunting place~?”” Sui asked.

Apparently, this was the right question to ask because a barrage of information suddenly came pouring in.

“”Ou! Apparently, they have these fellows that look like Earth Dragons, but they travel in groups! Big groups, small groups, but in groups!! Isn’t it shocking??! Dragons travelling in groups!””

“”Wow~~ lots to pew pew~!!””

““That’s right!”” [1]

“Wait, what Earth Dragon-like things-”

Umu, that certainly sounds interesting. I vaguely remember visiting a place like that. Is it something like a forest inside a mountain?”

“That’s right, it’s completely different from other hunting grounds since it’s inside an old volcano. Although, the closest one would be the Tabletop Mountain…”

“Wait, if you’re talking about the Tabletop Mountain, isn’t that the stupidly named Uranus place?!”

“Indeed, the most unfortunate thing about this place is that there aren’t many good things to eat. The hunting is decent, but the monsters there tasted… hmm, yes, it is indeed quite unfortunate.”

“It is still a good place for hunting, though.”

“That’s right, it is a very special place.”

“… Fer, tell me honestly now, why is that place special? Why would a Fenrir like you call that kind of place special? Special in what way!? Do I even want to know?!”

“If I have to explain, it would be the types of monsters that live there.”

“Types of… monsters?”

“That’s right, the unique location is high in the sky, but still protected by the mountain. Therefore, the plants and creatures there are unique…” [1]

“It’s Uranus!! It’s really the Uranus all over again!!!” I screamed.

“Yes, that is the only place that is comparable to the place we are heading now.”

“It’s Uranus! It’s the place where I was chased around by a wild Behemoth and my magic stove was destroyed!!!” I shouted into Fer’s ear and pulled at his fur. “Let’s go back, I don’t want to go!!”

Instead of listening to me, Fer only ran faster, causing me to tighten my grip and flatten myself closer to his back to avoid getting thrown off. While I was busy hanging on for dear life, Fer dashed through the smaller gate without an ounce of hesitation.

“Grandpa Gon, get ready,” said Fer.


“Dora-chan and Sui, get on Grandpa Gon immediately.”



“Now, Master!”

Fer somehow grabbed me by the back of the shirt and… the next thing I knew, I was flying through the air…



Landing on Grandpa Gon’s scaled back hurts my head a lot.

“Let us go,” said Fer.

Umu, I shall fly now,” said Grandpa Gon.

“No way, no way, no way! I don’t want to visit a Uranus-like place!!”

My screams echoed through the air unheard…


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