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Tondemo Skill – 553 – I Remembered! (Fer) – Unedited

Chapter 553 – I Remembered! (Fer) – Unedited

Author: Eguchi Ren

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou >_<

Eguchi Ren: I, I forgot to upload…

Gumihou: Hmm, if the chapter is hastily written, the quality is… well… anyway, read the Edited version HERE!



The dissected heart or liver is placed into a large jar.

Right now, we are in the process of removing the Leviathan’s internal organs.

It’s gross…

Can I go home now?

There were various things, like Elrand-san clinging to me, but we successfully finished draining the Leviathan’s blood and now we’re onto the organs.

Elrand-san eagerly used his magic sword to cut open the Leviathan’s stomach.

Of course, he was very careful.

The most troublesome part about dismantling the Leviathan is its tough and sturdy skin.

Apparently, this is true for all dragon species, not just Leviathans.

Anyway, once the skin is cut (which is quite difficult, hence the need for the magic sword), the organs and meat can be cut with a regular iron knife.

Well, no matter how strong a monster is, you can’t train its internal organs.

That being said, Elrand-san insists on using a mithril knife, saying, “It’s a Leviathan! We mustn’t be sloppy with the cuts. Naturally, I will use a mithril knife!”

Oh, speaking of which, because the Leviathan is a massive creature, its internal organs are also huge.

Even the largest jar provided doesn’t fit each organ whole.

So, we set up a wooden table next to the disembowelled belly and cut the organs there before putting them into the jar.

It’s a very gruesome sight to watch, but Mr. Erland does it with shining eyes, gleefully.

Sometimes, you can hear him muttering things like, “Hmm, so the heart is located here” or “The gloss and elasticity of this liver… it’s amazing.”

Honestly, these mutterings while removing the internal organs are just too creepy.

While enduring such mentally exhausting moments…

“Alright, that’s enough for today,” said Mr. Bram, the crane.

“Huh, Mr. Bram, we haven’t finished dissecting yet!”

“I understand. However, that’s enough for today.”

“Why?! I don’t mind staying up all night!”

“Even if you’re fine with it, we can’t take responsibility for it.”

According to Mr. Bram, if they were to work through the night, the current number of guards would not be enough to feel secure.

There is no doubt that there will be an increase in rascals hidden in the darkness of the night.

However, for the guards, the darkness is not only difficult to see through but also nerve-wracking.

In that case, it would be safer to temporarily end the work here and store the Leviathan in my item box.

Then, resume the work tomorrow.

“We’ll start work at the same time as today tomorrow. Is that okay with you, Mucoda?”


I also agree with that decision.

“What about you, Fer?”

“Well, although I do have a strong desire to eat Leviathan’s meat quickly, if it’s about that, I suppose there’s no helping it. I don’t want to be on guard duty all night either. Besides, I’m already hungry.”

While saying that, I was stared at by Feru with a fierce glare.

Oh no, I forgot that I didn’t have lunch today.

Everyone here is working so hard that I completely forgot about lunch.

“I’m hungry because I haven’t eaten lunch,” Suī said, meowing on top of Feru’s head.

“Sorry, sorry. I’ll make plenty of food when we get back,” I apologized through telepathy.




“But what kind of dish should I make with this meat…” I pondered while looking at the pale, fish-like texture of the meat in the kitchen.

“Well, for now, let’s try grilling a small piece and taste it before deciding,” I thought.

I sliced off a small piece from the meat and sprinkled it with salt and pepper before starting to grill it.

The meat I’m currently grilling is from an Ice Dragon that I obtained in the Brixton Dungeon.

There was a big event of an unexpected appearance by a powerful grandpa in the Brixton Dungeon, which made me completely forget about it, but it was among the dropped items.

Fer remembers it well too~

It was decided to postpone the dissection work until tomorrow and inform Gonji and Dora-chan, who were on aerial guard duty, through telepathy to meet up and head back home. But just as we were about to leave, Mr. Erland cheekily tried to tag along with us and got struck by Moira’s thunder. Somehow, we managed to make it back to the house we rented in the capital.

Personally, I was thinking of having a cup of coffee and taking a break before preparing dinner since it had been quite an eventful day, but as soon as we got back, Feru started saying things like, “On a day like this, we should treat ourselves to something delicious. No, it’s necessary,” and those words were echoed by Gonji, Dora-chan, and even Suī…

So, when it comes to something delicious for everyone, of course, it’s dragon meat. But we just had that at Count Langridge’s house not too long ago. Our stock of Earth Dragon and Red Dragon meat is running dangerously low. Especially the Earth Dragon meat, we might have just enough for two more meals according to our standards. That made it suddenly seem more precious. It seems that finding Earth Dragon and Red Dragon meat consecutively was also considered lucky.

(Well, it seems like we have some kind of connection to dragons after all.)

While Feru was pondering with a thoughtful expression, he suddenly remembered and said, “Come to think of it, didn’t we have Ice Dragon meat?” Did we actually have that? I checked my item box while thinking that, and sure enough, we had it.

“We can’t eat Leviathan yet, but as an appetizer, Ice Dragon should be good. It has a slightly similar taste. It will only increase our anticipation for Leviathan,” I thought.

“Oh, Ice Dragon, that’s another rare item. It does have a bit of resemblance to Leviathan. I’m excited,” said Gonji.

“Right, it’s from that dungeon. I completely forgot after Gonji showed up!” Dora-chan chimed in.

“Ice Dragon meat~♪” added Suī.

And so, Feru, Gonji, Dora-chan, and Suī all decided that tonight’s dinner would be Ice Dragon. They looked at me with eyes full of expectation, and I was led to the kitchen.

“I think it’s ready.”

The Ice Dragon meat was cooked.

The texture of the cooked meat is similar to white fish.

I took a bite.

“This is…”

The tender and flaky flesh crumbled in my mouth.

“It kinda reminds me of cod in terms of texture.”

Of course, it’s way more delicious than cod, with a concentrated umami flavor.

“It’s delicious. As expected from a dragon. But this would go well with various dishes. How about a hearty portion of fish and chips?”

Yeah, that sounds good.

So, for dinner, we decided on fish and chips!

I quickly gathered the ingredients from the online supermarket and started cooking.

First, I cut the Alban-brand potatoes into thick wedges with the skin on and soaked them in water.

Meanwhile, I cut the Ice Dragon meat into suitable pieces, seasoned them with salt and pepper, and coated them in flour.

Then, it was time to make the batter. I mixed flour, baking powder, and salt in a bowl and gradually added beer to create a crispy batter.

Next, I coated the Ice Dragon meat with the batter and fried it.

I also dried the soaked potatoes thoroughly and fried them.

Having multiple burners comes in handy at times like this.

Once the fish and chips were nicely golden brown, I transferred them to a tray and drained the excess oil…

“Alright, it’s done. Now, ketchup and-”

I rummaged through my item box and took out what I was looking for.

“Homemade tartar sauce!”

Chopped boiled eggs, onions, pickles, mayonnaise, vinegar, salt, and pepper – a simple homemade tartar sauce. I had some leftover from when I made a lot before.

“Alright, it’s perfect.”

After arranging the finished fish and chips on a plate and storing the rest in the item box, I headed to the living room where Feru and the others were.

“Here you go. I tried making some deep-fried food.”

Saying so, I presented the plate of fish and chips to everyone.

“Hmm, not bad. We don’t need these potatoes though,” Feru immediately commented while taking a bite.

“Fried potatoes are a must-have for this dish. Actually, they’re delicious too,” Gonji said as he chewed.

“They’re crispy and delicious. Makes me want some alcohol,” Gonji added with his mouth full.

“I know, right? This goes well with beer,” I agreed. I’ll have a beer later, and Gonji too.

“And this white sauce is tartar sauce, right? It goes well with this,” Dora-chan said, still as perceptive as ever.

Indeed, it goes really well with tartar sauce.

“Master, it’s delicious!” Suī exclaimed happily. I’m glad she likes it too.

Now, it’s time for me to dig in.

But before that…

“Gonji, want some beer?”

“Hmm, is it alright?”

“Of course. Well, let’s not overdo it since we have tomorrow too.”

I had bought some beer for myself when I was choosing an offering for Lord Agni. It was chilling in the fridge.

When I was choosing an offering for Lord Agni, I bought some beer that I wanted to try for myself. It was chilling in the fridge.

“Oh, here it is. A slightly expensive beer in a gift bottle.”

I poured it into a deep dish for Gonji… and ended up pouring three bottles’ worth. Well, it’s fine.

“Here you go.”

“Oh, my apologies. Which one is it?”

Gonji drank the expertly crafted beer with gusto.

“Buhaah, this is delicious! It’s on a completely different level than the alcohol I had before.”

“Haha, this is the beer from the world I came from.”

“Master, can I have another one?”

Gonji asked as he skillfully pushed the plate toward me with the tip of his forepaw.

“You already finished it? Like I said earlier, let’s keep it moderate.”

As I said that, I opened three more bottles for him.

That’s how we enjoyed our dinner, chatting and drinking.

“Oh, I’m back.”

The guild master returned.

“Welcome back.”

“You guys are already eating, huh? I’m busy, but you guys are so carefree.”

“Well, we don’t really have much work to do.”

We don’t really know what goes on in the guild.

“Well, that’s true.”

“Anyway, want to join us for dinner?”

“Oh, am I invited? In that case, I’ll gladly accept.”

I served the guild master some fish and chips, along with a beer, of course.

“This ale is incredible! It tastes amazing!”

“It’s something I happened to come across.”

Let’s just leave it at that.

“Getting to drink such a fantastic beer, this is the best, hey!”

It seems like he doesn’t dislike alcohol, and the guild master is in a good mood too.

“So, this looks like potatoes, but what is this?”

“Well, try eating it because it’s delicious. Dip it in that white sauce over there.”

As I said that, the guild master followed my instructions and took a bite of the Ice Dragon meat with tartar sauce.

“Ohoho, this is also delicious! Could it be… is this fish?”

“It’s Ice Dragon meat.”

The guild master froze the moment I said that.

Then, slowly returning the half-eaten piece back onto the plate, he took a deep breath.

“I just heard you say Ice Dragon, didn’t I?”


“Once again, you…”

Well, it can’t be helped, you know?

Everyone wanted to try it.

“So, guild master, are you not going to eat it?”

I said that, and the guild master…

“No, I’ll eat it,” he said, defiantly stuffing his face.

“Well, I’m starting to realize that expecting you to have common sense was a mistake,” grumbled the guild master as he munched on the fish and chips.

“Hey, what do you mean by that?”

“You, who have demons like Fenrir and Ancient Dragons as your familiars, are anything but normal. Honestly, even though you took a step back from being a king and made sure to keep the nobles in check, they still don’t get it.”

“Oh, speaking of which, the king and queen were here as spectators too. I wonder when they left.”

“They’re busy people. They went back to the palace while we were in the process of collecting Leviathan’s blood.”

Oh, I see.

I thought they would demand a magic sword or something, but there was nothing.

“You probably thought they would demand a magic sword from you, right?”


That kind of conversation did come up. Some nobles even suggested that if they said such things and the other countries found out, they would flee, but the king himself shut it down, saying, “The opponents are Fenrir and Ancient Dragons. If we can handle that, no one will have any problems,” and laughed it off.

“Also, there was a strict order not to pressure you into handing over Leviathan’s materials.”

Regarding this, the queen apparently said, “If we do something like that and this country is seen as hostile to Fenrir and Ancient Dragons, this country will be finished, won’t it? Surely, there wouldn’t be anyone who would commit such an act akin to treason against the nation,” or so she said.

Well, I can’t deny it.

If Fer and Gonji were serious, the country would likely be blown away.

Anyway, nice assist, Queen.

“Well, despite the fact that the king is concerned about you guys, those pharmacists and merchants who came rushing in didn’t seem to care at all.”

“Are there really that many of them coming?”

“Yeah. They’re flocking here in droves, bloodshot eyes and all, begging, ‘Sell it to us, sell it to us.’ Even though it’s not even something from the Adventurers Guild.”

Seemingly remembering something, the guild master had a frustrated expression on his face.

“Even though it’s not decided what we’ll buy from you.”

“Huh? Aren’t you going to buy everything?”

I don’t really need anything except for the meat…

“You idiot! If I did that, the Adventurers Guild would go bankrupt!”

I guess it’s that serious…

“Well, even so, Lord Bram did say that he would try to buy as much as possible.”

That’s reassuring.

Even if it’s blood or organs, there’s nothing I can do with them.

Well, if there seems to be too much, I’ll present them to the king and also to Count Langridge.

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