Tondemo Skill – 551 – All Torn Apart

Chapter 551 – All Torn Apart

Author: Eguchi Ren

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou >_<

Gumihou: Right, let’s make Elland-san’s explanation actually dramatic and interesting


“Ahem, alright, allow me to explain…”

Before the angry might of Bram, the Elders, Moira-sama and, of course, an Angry Fer, Elland-san attempted to explain why the much-anticipated dismantling of the Leviathan may not be possible.

“…on the way here, I brought my one very precious, most cherished book about Leviathans, specifically, it is a book about a Leviathan that was brought to the Adventurer’s Guild about 400 years ago…”

“How did you…” began Moira-sama.

“…by the way, when I discovered rumours about the existence of this precious, precious book carefully stored at an unnamed Guild in an unnamed country. I dug through everything I could about it and discovered its location, sneaked in and copied every word! Back when I was a C Ranker, ufufufu~”

“… …” so, this sickness already plagued him back when he was a C Ranker? Ah, Moira-sama is beating him up, but he’s still laughing that despicable laugh…

“… ahem, ahem, that aside, the book contains many details on how the Leviathan was taken down, the way it was dismantled and how much each part was sold for. It is no exaggeration to say that everything on a Leviathan, be it blood, scale or bone fragments were all incredibly valuable…”

“That’s a given, get to the point,” Bram-san grumbled.

“… on the way here, I devised and modified a few magic tools that could aid the dismantling process. Ufufu, you must have heard that I recently dismantled an Earth Dragon as well as a Red Dragon? To avoid wasting even a drop of blood, I devised a special tilted dismantling table that would catch all the blood spilt out of the dragon. However, a Leviathan is naturally too large for this method…”

“So, what-”

“Thus! I thought and I thought, cracking my head over this unique problem and came up with the perfect method! It is this!”

Elland-san proudly took out a long cylindrical object from his [Item Box]. It looked, for all intents and purposes, like a giant metal straw.

“Hahah! The method is so simple that I could not believe it. Not to mention, this magic tool is so easy to make that I easily created 14 of them on the way here!”

“Oi, you-” Moira-sama stepped forward threateningly,

“N-naturally, this is all done with the help of the wonderful Moira-sama who has deep knowledge of magic tool-making skills! Look, with the application of wind magic here, the blood would be sucked out there…”

I was right, it was essentially a giant magic straw.

Bram-san sighed in the middle of Elland-sama praising his own magic tools. “Let me guess, the main problem is not the blood collection. It’s something else. Do explain that part, Elland.”

“Oh, oh, of course! Naturally, these tools were made according to the details gleaned from the experience of our predecessors from 400 years ago! Ah, those people, I used to envy them so much… but now I get to take apart a Leviathan of my own~!”

“Oi! Get to the point! You’re so enthusiastic about dismantling the Leviathan, what’s stopping you now!?”

“Ahem, unfortunately, it turns out that the Leviathan today is… much, much larger than the Leviathan recorded in the book. In fact, I’d say that Leviathan from 400 years ago was probably a juvenile while this…” he waved an arm to indicate the super huge monster. “Is probably a fully matured adult.”

“So, you’re saying it’s a size difference?” asked one of the elders.

“That is one aspect, however, there is one other very important thing. Juveniles are generally weaker than adults. They are not as powerful and their defences…” Elland-san knocked on the side of the Leviathan. “For one thing, their scales can’t be compared to those of a fully grown adult.”

We all stared at the creature for a moment.

From the way Grandpa Gon bite into the Leviathan, I almost thought it must be as soft as an eel, but…

“While it is possible to cut into the Leviathan with a mithril knife, the success of a dismantling project is to get as much as we as could out of a valuable creature. The value of the scales, bone and other parts would be lowered due to poor handling and unsuitable tools.”

“So, what you’re saying is that a mithril knife can’t do the job properly?”

“Indeed, that is one thing. However, please observe this,” Elland-san stepped away and with a flourish, pulled out an incredibly fancy-looking sword from his [Item Box].

“Oi! That’s a Dragon Sword!” Ugor-san screeched.

“Indeed, observe the lustre on this sword, its edges and-”

“You stupid Elf! Where did you get the money for that sword!!?” Ugor-san continued to scream. Ah, I could see the veins literally bulging on his head and neck…

“I-it’s a necessary purchase! Especially since you sold off my original [1] Earth Dragon Fang Sword, I had to get another one!”

“With what money, you fool!!!?”

“Er, er, naturally, having a [1] Red Dragon Fang Sword would benefit Doran’s Guild a lot, therefore, I had the sword commissioned and now, it is here! For the benefit of Doran’s Adventurer’s Guild!!”

“… …” the audacity of that Elf.

Moira-san was kneading her forehead. Obviously disappointed in herself for not being able to properly control this maniac. Ellend-san had just openly admitted to defrauding the Guild before the Royal Capital Guild Master and the Elders. However, he still has that excited, little boy who found a cool beetle, look on his face that makes it difficult to truly hate him.

While everyone was in a state of shock, Elland-san continued to chatter on and on about his sword. That is until Moira-san kicked him in the spine.


The sword flew from Elland-san’s hands and, ugh, he scrambled to catch the blade with his bare hands and… phew, somehow, he managed to hug the naked blade to his body without cutting himself. I’m not sure what kind of skills that would involve, but it was kind of freaky…

“H-how could you be so mean~!! My precious Red Dragon Fang Sword nearly fell, Moira-sama!” Elland-san wailed.

“Ugghh, let me kick him! I want to kick him at least once!” Ugor-san was shouting from the side. “You embezzler! I’m going to sell that sword if it’s the last thing I do!!”

“Haahhh… I have failed in my duties,” muttered Moira-sama.

Umu, somehow, I think matters would have been worse if you had not been there…”

The elders nodded their heads fervently.

“Indeed, that fellow is the abnormal one…”

“Moira can’t be blamed…”

“It’s a crime to mix public and private matters…”

“Lacks professionalism…”

“Ahem, ahem!” Elland-san coughed loudly. “Going back to the topic of the Leviathan. A dragon sword is the best tool for dismantling a Leviathan… 400 years ago, that is.”

“Wait, what?!” This time, it was me who shouted. “What are you talking about?!”

“Allow me to demonstrate, Mukouda-san,” Elland-san then approached the body of Leviathan, sword in hand as he stroked the scales and stopped at a certain point. He nodded to himself and slashed with the sword.


There was… a small nick on the scale.



The nick grew wider.



This went on about five times before the cut was wide enough for blood to well up a little. However, there was barely enough blood to make a trickle.

“Hahh… hahh… hahh… as you can see, if I strike a couple of dozen more times I could possibly make a deep enough wound to begin to use the blood-collecting magic tool. However, how many strikes do you think my precious Red Dragon Fang Sword could before breaking?!”

“… …”

In the background, Ugor-san yelled, “What do you mean your dragon sword?! That thing is made with the Guild’s money!!”

“In short, you are saying that it would cost us several dragon swords just to make cuts on the Leviathan?” said Bram-san grimly. “Not to mention, once the cuts were made and blood extracted, we would still need to figure out how to dismantle the actual creature…”

“That’s right!”


“That is why I say that it is impossible to dismantle this Leviathan. Not unless…” Elland-san suddenly levelled a bright-eyed stare at me.

“Wh-what are you looking at me for…”

“You know, there is more than one type of powerful sword in this world. Although I am partial to the dragon sword since it is made from the precious fangs of my beloved dragon-”

“Get to the point!” someone shouted.

“A magic sword works even better than a dragon sword.”

Someone scoffed, “And where would we find a magic sword?”

Elland-san continued to stare at me. Then, he started walking over…

“H-hey! Why are you looking at me like that? S-stay away…”

“Mukouda-san!” Elland-san slammed his hands on my shoulders. “You have a magic sword, don’t you?! The Magic Sword of Caladbolg from the Doran’s dungeon!!”

Ughh!! Why is he saying this to me now??!!

“Oi, if you have the magic sword, you can dismantle the Leviathan, right?”

Fer, who had been oddly silent until now, said this.

“Yes! Yes! With a magic sword, I can dismantle it!”

Umu, what if you have multiple magic swords?”

“I can do it even faster! I can have assistants!”

“Is that so? Then it is decided. Oi, master, take them all out. All four of them.”

“Wh-wh-what the hell are you saying?!!”

What the heck is this beast trying to do!? He sold me out so easily!!


[Gumihou: Oh boy, Fer’s gonna get it one day]

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