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Tondemo Skill – 550 – What the Hecckkkk!!!

Chapter 550 – What the Hecckkkk!!!

Author: Eguchi Ren

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou >_<


“What is that weird noise!?” Moira-san screamed at Elland-san.

That weird Elf was currently rubbing his cheek against the corpse of a Leviathan, so I totally understand her feelings…

Moira-san must be having a hard time controlling Elland-san too. [1] She was doing her best to pry him away from the Leviathan with an enraged expression.

Even members of my party ended up going along with Elland-san’s flow whenever he turned up. Well, I supposed it is partly my fault for not allowing my party to squish him like a bug as Dora-chan likes to say, but no matter how annoying he is, Elland-san is still a Guild Master, you know? Who knows what kind of backlash could happen if we ‘accidentally’ killed him off?

Grandpa Gon and Dora-chan took one look at Elland-san and blanched.

To his credit, Grandpa Gon calmly said, “Well, the barrier is up. I shall patrol the skies now for… security reasons,” and flew off.

“”Be right with you!”” said Dora-chan and soared upwards with the other dragon.

“… …” well, that’s probably the best thing for everyone here.

Umu, I shall put up my own barrier too,” said Fer.

I was shocked that no pithy remark came from that Legendary Beast, but decided not to say anything. Especially since Bram-san was walking over to us.

“Haahh… it was a shame that he’s… well, ahem, he will be taking command of the Leviathan dismantling…”

The elders behind him coughed and muttered among themselves. I could hear snippets of:

“… well, at least he’s good in his field…”

“…if we only look at his work…”

“…difficult to understand unless you meet him…”

Well, I totally understand what you guys are saying. It’s hard to not be disappointed when the fellow you see as an expert in his field turned out to be a freak who sticks himself to a monster corpse with such an ecstatic expression.

“Hey, Elland, could you please stop that?” said Bram-san sternly.

“Oh, it’s Bram! Look, look! It’s a Leviathan! A Leviathan!!”

“Haahh… yes, I see it. I thought I had no choice but to call you over, but now… I’m wondering if this is a mistake…”

I nodded fervently beside Bram-san. Yes, yes, this is totally a mistake. A mistake, I say!

“Hah?! What are you talking about? There’s no one more qualified than me when it comes to Leviathans! I am the expert in the field! There is no one better than me!!!”


“If you say so, then hurry up and get to work!” Bram-san barked. The rest of the elders also urged him on, yelling ‘That’s right, that’s right’ like a bunch of bullies.

“I’ll do a good job even without you harassing me! However, it is imperative that one should properly appreciate the existence of such a creature before-”



“I’ve had enough of your nonsense. What are you bragging about now? Go and work!” Moira-san snarled.

“Oh, gosh~ why is everyone in such a terrible rush~? Can’t you guys give me a little time to savour this moment? Aren’t you happy about getting to meet Mister Leviathan~?”


Ah, Moira-sama appeared to have grown horns as her background caught fire and she loomed menacingly over Elland. [1] I edged away from them, skittering away to hide behind Fer.

Fortunately for everyone, Elland-san suddenly found his sense of professionalism and began to inspect the Leviathan with a serious expression.

“I-indeed, such an important job. How could I neglect it…”


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The inspection alone took quite a while. Well, the creature is pretty huge after all. Luckily the barrier also provided some preservative function.

As Elland-san inspected the Leviathan, Fer and Sui shadowed him along with a bunch of other people. In fact, it looked almost like a tour with whole groups of people following after Tour Guide Elland around the Leviathan. At one point, I asked Fer ‘Hey, don’t we need to keep an eye out for dangerous people?’

“The most dangerous one is there,” said Fer.

“… …” well, I can’t really fault him for thinking that.

“We cannot leave this maniac alone, who knows what he might steal from us.”

I wanted to protest, but… it was kind of difficult to speak up for the dragon maniac. Especially since in addition to us, there was Moira-san, the supervisor, the Guild Master and the four elders all walking after Elland-san.

It just shows how little everyone trusts him.

Partway through the ‘tour’, the king and queen arrived. With them were a whole throng of aristocrats and noblemen. After we greeted them, the king said, “As you were,” and the inspection continued.

Finally, Elland-san stopped the tour. There was a rather odd expression on the Elf’s face.

“What is it, Elland?” asked Bram.

“Bram, I think… it’s not possible for us to dismantle the Leviathan for now…”

“Wait, what!?” I shouted along with other people.

Behind us, the elders were also screaming:

“You said you definitely could!”

“You were brimming with confidence!!”

“Don’t tell me it’s a ruse just to see the Leviathan!!” Moira-san’s voice was the loudest of them all.

“Oi! What are you saying now? Are you telling me it can’t be done?” Fer’s thunderous voice roared across the field.

I sighed to myself. It would not surprise me if this stupid Elf had recklessly said he could do something just for the sake of getting a glimpse of the Leviathan (and Grandpa Gon, and Dora-chan).

“H-hold it, let me explain properly!”

Perhaps sensing the hostile air around him, Elland-san immediately tried to placate the crowd of angry people. [1] He looked a lot like the president of a company who was caught committing some sort of fraud or scandal and was now trying to explain things to the public.

[1] Haahhh… why is this fellow so unreliable?

Sui bounced from Fer’s head into my arms.

“”Levi meat~? No Levi meat~?””

“Oh, well, I’m not sure. We’ll have to see first,” I said, wondering just what kind of explanation would come out of Elland-san’s mouth. Humph, he had better not disappoint my precious Sui-tan!


[Gumihou: A relatively short chapter]

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  1. Jii

    Why are the highest ranking people/elders acting like mc (like they don’t want anymore trouble..)
    Why are they tiptoing around elland its not like they have to fear a fenrir or a dragon familiar that’s protecting him, just threaten him, wasn’t he scared of prison at one point, everyone knows he’s the number 1 threat to their kingdom by being a creep towards mc’s group, that’s why moira was sent riiight??
    Eguchi san what is this??? Your characters are changing weirdly…. Did he perhaps change editors at some point? Do webnovels have ediotrs? Idek *sighs*

    1. Xiras85

      The one editing is Gumihou, who also translates. Without her editing the story would probably be sh*t to read.

      Apart from that the leader of the guild scolded Elland 2-3 times and Moira often punches or kicks Elland.
      I would also think they don’t want to display such things in public, to keep their reputation?

      1. slobber

        think Jii meant the actual webnovel editor.

        Professional editors I presume are like in Bakuman. They basically QC the product before it hits shelves and offer suggestions along the way / positive criticism to elevate the product.

        Scanlation/Translation editors are different since they normally take care of anything after the Japanese -> English. This would entail adjusting the grammar, pruning any redundancy, localization, quality check, and in the case of mangas, this would entail the photoshopping/redrawing as well where the Japanese speech bubbles are replaced with English ones. Essentially turning what looks like a machine translation into an actual readable piece of literature that conveys the same spirit.

        Many people don’t realize it, but Japanese dialogue is extremely redundant and indirect. It’s part of their culture and if a typical westerner saw it enough times, it’d drive them insane unless they adapt.
        For example, Mukuoda’s obsession with flying off on a tangent about how his vegetables are grown by his farmer slave. Gumi would probably get wasted if she had to take a shot every time Mukuoda said/thought that.
        Other examples would be Cht 542 unedited
        I’m sure our Johan is being called for, without a doubt. (you don’t need to be sure and without a doubt, just pick one)
        High-ranked adventurers? -> Why?
        Just to take a few at surface level.

        Naturally there is a very fine line between localization and “rewrite” and that is where some purists may criticize a particular translation (although they’re more often critical of bad grammar). Balancing flow of the story and accuracy is always a delicate conundrum.

        Source (me, I used to manage manga scanlation projects)

        1. Xiras85

          I see, I certainly missunderstood. Thanks for the clarification

        2. Gumihou

          Eguchi’s language tend to be quite basic, which makes it easy to understand. Although he is not very good at maintaining character development, his story has enough momentum that it more or less writes itself sometimes.

          The ones that are difficult to translate would be We Demon Kings, since with the lack of dialogue tags, I’ll have to depend mostly on ‘speaking styles’ to identify who was talking. Even then, it was still 40% guess work. I often had to scroll down to see the result of the ‘chat’ and work my way up to decide who was speaking which line.

          Also, WeD’s writers likes flowery terms, and creating their own special katakana-ised English words with unique yet similar meaning with the original, so… haha ha…

  2. Filip

    Oh manz, it nearly happened, the super crazy elf nearly got executed. Might be due to sleepiness or annoyance, but this character made me feel the need, the need for termination. Anyway, the scary story elf better get some meat for Sui.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! May God bless you!

  3. Otaku Hikikomori

    Thanks for the treat.

  4. Gackt1

    Elland better have good reason, or else, well, some glutton may want to have some “words” with him…

  5. iVishu

    Even Fel don’t trust Elrand. Poor guy…
    I hope somehow, somewhere, he can redeem himself. He’s the only person outside Mukouda’s household that knows about Net Super. He guards the biggest secret well, yet even Mukouda just shuts him off now. People just exploit him on what he is good at. I hope he can remain weird without being treated like trash by literally everyone. But with the direction the author is going with him, I guess that is just wishful thinking.

    1. slobber

      Elland is gonna be the perpetual punching bag. You’re giving Eguchi way too much credit if you think he can do more than that lol
      And honestly Eguchi went over the top with the guy’s obsession. Yes he is passionate, but at least have some class and respect boundaries.

      Rubbing his face against a dead monster isn’t causing any harm albeit disturbing (but understandable). But more/less embezzling guild funds for his little dragon tooth sword or borderline sexually harassing GG is pushing it.

  6. RemAishiteru!

    Huh, Elland must have a serious reason for not being able to dismantle his favourite species…wonder what it is…

    1. Filip

      It might sound silly, but consider the size of the monster, the sheer girth of the carcass is probably too much to cleanly cut, and to get a knife or blade capable of going through that boss skin… basically it might just be a lack of proper tools, since that monster is pretty much mountain-sized.
      Just my idea, but this situation reminded me of some moments from desumachi, but the author of that novel is much more imaginative.

  7. Felipe

    lol loving moira so far, if she wasn’t old I would have shipped her with mukoda

  8. Tsukai

    Why can I access this chapter but not the previous one xD

    1. Gumihou

      Hmm, I must have updated something wrongly…

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