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Vending Machine – 128 – Exploration & Discovery

Chapter 128: Exploration & Discovery


Author: Hirukuma

Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou


“So, you’ve gone through most of the northern part of the maze. Was it quite troublesome due to the many traps?”

“I nearly fell into pit traps a few times, but thankfully Kuroyata was there to warn me.”

Director Bear and Kikoyu were peering at Kikoyu’s map, looking over the places that she had marked in red. These were places that she had already explored.

“Then, do you happen to get your hands on a magic stone? Would you let us buy it?”

“Sorry, the only things that we have collected from treasure chests are a short sword, some gemstones and gold coins.”

Kikoyu lifted a shabby-looking bag from the corner of the cart and undid the string to show us its contents.

Oooohhh, so this is what people meant by treasure of gold and silver? The gold and silver are packed inside a plain leather bag that looks more like someone’s lunch bag than a treasure bag.

“Just precious metals, huh. Fumu, thank you for letting me know. “

“Since our goal is also to make contact with the Ruler of the Netherworld, you can have the magic stone when we encounter it.”

“That is most appreciated, but… we shall pay you a fair amount for the item. We will pay for Botan and Kuroyata’s assistance as well.”

As a Director of the Hunter Association, Director Bear refused to yield on this point, stating that he must pay for labour rendered. The black companies of Japan should take a leaf out of his book.

“According to the reports from hunters, treasure chests appear frequently on this spot…”

“Hmm, I haven’t been to that part yet….”

As the two continued their serious discussions, I sat quietly on the cart, mindful about disturbing them. Suddenly, Kuroyata swooped down from the sky and landed in front of me.

Its wingspan easily measures over 2 meters across, therefore it is considerably larger than a regular crow. Its wings were blacker than black, and yet, there was a certain glossiness to its feathers that could be considered beautiful.

Its three eyes were staring at me… what was it thinking? By the way, what is a crow’s favourite food? I know crows like shiny things, but I think I heard something about crows being omnivores.

Ah, this also depends on whether the physiology of a standard Japanese crow is the same as this… three-legged, three-eyed creature.

Speaking of which, I’m not sure if it’s my imagination or not, but the crow looked oddly elegant and dignified with its three legs and three eyes.

“Goodness, what is it Kuroyata? Are you worried about Mister Hakkon?”

“Kuwaa- kuwaa- kuwa!”

“Yes, yes, Kuroyata also thinks that Mister Field and Mister Hakkon are somehow similar, right?”

A field and a vending machine. Though we reincarnated into different forms, our circumstances are oddly similar.

Still, no matter how you look at it, I still think I’m still slightly better off. I’m lucky to transmigrate into a vending machine that I love and was able to meet Ramis right away.

It was thanks to her that I was able to explore the dungeons even with this kind of body. Moreover, I was blessed to have people like Director Bear and Hyurumi as well as all the other people in this dungeon. To be honest, my life here is more fulfilling than back when I was alive.

I wonder, could there be others aside from myself and the Field that has transmigrated from Japan into this place as non-sentient objects?

No, there is also the possibility that they could have transmigrated here as ordinary humans. In fact, it would not be strange to find three or four of them, since there were already two confirmed presence here…

“Oh, looks like we found a treasure chest, Let’s clean up the space first before checking its contents.”

At the end of the path was a dead end. We could just see a wooden treasure chest right at the back, similar to the kind often seen in video games just behind a Rock Demon, a Fat Hog Demon and a Flying Flame Head Demon.

There were ten adversaries altogether, so it was not a problem for our party.

“Hakkon, take care of the Flying Flame Head Demon, please.”


If we don’t defeat the Flying Flame Head Demon first, the Floor Master could be summoned.

I changed into my <High-Pressure Washer> form for this, manipulated the nozzle with my <Telekinesis> to aim the nozzle and fired.

The high-pressure jet shot out at maximum speed, striking right in between the Flying Flame Head Demon’s eyes.

Some of the water evaporated with a hiss upon contact, but the water jet was so powerful that it shot forward like a water cutter, shattering the monster’s skull and putting out its fire almost immediately. In a way, this < High-Pressure Washer> form was a natural enemy of these Flame demons.

There were three of these Flame Heads, and I took out all three in short order. Then, I refocused my attention on the rest of the battlefield since my role was essentially over.

Director Bear was doing a great job with his fierce and precise strikes, taking down enemies with three strikes or less. Rather than ‘Director Bear’, he’s more like a ‘Destructo Bear’.

Kuroyata was taking down enemies via airstrikes. Although he did not manage to take out the demons with his attacks, the enemies had no choice but to split their attention and guard against attacks from the air as well, making it easier for Director Bear and Botan to take them out.

Once released from the cart, Botan charges forward to impale or toss monsters left and right. His body slam attack probably has a similar impact to a speeding car.

Oh, there goes another Fat Hog. It spun through the air a few times before slamming into the wall and sliding down. It did not move again.

With this kind of strength, if they register themselves with the Hunter Association under the party name of ‘Mobile Zoo’, I have a feeling they would quickly become popular. Naturally, they should also recruit the Big Eaters into their party.

Kikoyu stayed close to me as she watched intently. After Director Bear explained my <Barrier> ability to her, Kuroyata and Botan could rampage without having to worry about the safety of the girl or the cart.

“Right, clean up’s all done, shall we open up the treasure chest?”

The battle ended quickly and with Kikoyu’s special ball of dirt, corpses were quickly and cleanly disposed of too. I don’t have a nose, so the smell doesn’t bother me, but even I could be offended by the sight of corpses everywhere.

As for Kikoyu, it seems she was hoping that the ball of dirt, a fragment of this ‘Mister Field’ could somehow recover his consciousness if absorbed enough monster corpses.

“Kikoyu, were there no traps in the treasure chests you come across till now?”

“Um, since it might be dangerous to directly open the treasure chests, Kuroyata would fly the chests up high in the air and drop them to the floor.”

What a dynamic way of dealing with the trap problem. However, I do wonder what the plan was if the treasure inside turned out to be something fragile, or if the traps were something like a poisonous gas that would be triggered by impact.

Fumu, allow me to handle this one. Though I am not particularly good at it, so long as the traps aren’t too complicated, I could probably handle it. Even if I do fail, I most likely won’t be injured.”

Director Bear ignored the obvious keyhole on the chest and attempted to open it as it was. Then, he picked up the chest and shook it. There was a faint rattling sound, but it did not open.

Then, he took out two thin pieces of metal wires from his inner coat pocket, somehow managed to grasp them with surprising dexterity with his large bear-ish paws and inserted them into the keyhole. 

After a short while, he [2] stood up and put the wire away. Hmm? Did he manage to unlock the chest with those bits of wire? Wow, that’s incredible-

[2] Suddenly, a large paw slammed down, smashing the lock to pieces.

[2] I… guess he didn’t manage to unlock the chest with those wires.

With the lock damage, the chest opens easily and- hm? Did something just flew out-

[2] Director Bear has an arrow in his hand.

[2] Wait, did he just grab an arrow that was flying towards his face?

“Looks like I’m really no good with delicate work. These paws are just too clumsy.”

[2] I guess there’s a reason why most adventuring parties have a ‘thief’ as part of their party member for fine work like this? Director Bear may know the theory, but the execution is another thing.

Still, we haven’t seen any other hunters on this floor yet. So, it looks like we’ll have to keep forcing chests open. That or drop them from the sky.

“We got lucky with the arrow trap. However, if it happens to be an explosion type of trap, even magic stones could be damaged from the impact. We can’t keep going on like this, we’ll have to go back and revise our strategy first.”

That’s right, even if that person has no experience as a hunter, surely there are people like locksmiths, or blacksmiths who are good with their hands? No matter what, surely they would be better at picking locks than Director Bear.

“Let’s check what’s inside here first,” Director Bear took out a shimmering red stone the size of a baseball from the opened chest.

Oh, is that a magic stone? It certainly looks like it.

“It’s a proper magic stone, alright. However, I don’t know if it has enough power to activate the teleportation circle. How troublesome.”

I see, looks like we are still very dependent on Hyurumi for these kinds of things. Director Bear and I have great offensive and defensive power, but we don’t have enough knowledge or other skills between us.

“Apologies, but it looks like we’ll have to return to the village for a bit. Is that alright, Kikoyu?”

“Yes, that’s fine.”

With Kikoyu in agreement, we decided to return and pay a visit to Hyurumi.

Although it was a bit of a hassle to have to travel back and forth like this, we have gained some reliable companions in Kikoyu, Kuroyata, and Botan, so it wasn’t a complete waste of time.

Returning was no problem, we just retraced our steps and reached the maze entrance in less than half a day without any issue… then, something happened at the entrance.

“Apologies, it looks like we can’t get through after all.”

For some reason, no matter what Kikoyu tried the fragment of Mister Field, that ball of earth, could not pass through the invisible barrier at the entrance.

“This happened to us before. When we couldn’t get through, I gave up trying and explored the maze instead.”

So, this was why they had been in the Labyrinth for the past month?

Kuroyata, Botan, and Kikoyu could all pass through without any issues. The barrier appears to judge beings based on their wavelengths to determine whether they are monsters or not to allow entry and exit. 

[3] “From what you tell me, the fragment may have absorbed too many monsters, which is why the Labyrinth Barrier judged it to be a ‘monster’,”

[3] While we had been pondering over how to get Mister Field through, Director Bear had Hyurumi sent over.

“Well, isn’t it fine to just leave the ball of earth here and come back for it later?” asked Hyurumi practically.

“Apologies, but if I leave Mister Field behind and something happens to him, I…” Kikoyu looked stricken as she hugged the ball of earth to her chest. Looks like she will definitely not want to leave it behind.

“Also, if we can’t figure something out, Mister Field may not be able to leave the Labyrinth forever.”

“Well, that’s true. No matter what, we should try and solve this issue. Let’s try something. Hakkon, could you give me a hand?”


I have no idea what she wants me to do, but if it’s Hyurumi, I’m sure she has a reason for everything. Under her instructions, Director Bear stood right between the maze barrier. He was half inside and half outside. As for me, I was placed right next to him.

“Now, please activate your <Barrier>, Hakkon.”

Still unclear about what’s happening, I activated <Barrier>.

“Right, Kikoyu was it? Hold that earth ball and see if you can enter Hakkon’s <Barrier>.”


Kikoyu also did not seem to know what was going on but followed her instructions nevertheless.

“Excellent, now, push your <Barrier> forward towards the maze barrier. See if your <Barrier> can go through it.”

Ah, I’m starting to see what she plans to do. I narrowed my eyes and concentrated. I must push my <Barrier> through, but not break it…

I think it worked?

“Go thro-ugh”

“As expected of Hakkon. Now, Kikoyu, make sure you don’t touch the maze barrier and come over here.”

Kikoyu looked determined as she tightened her arms around the ball of dirt, closed her eyes and ran through my <Barrier>, practically jumping the final few feet.

“W-we made it!”

“Looks like we’re all together on this side. Once again, it’s nice to meet you, Kikoyu… Kuroyata and Botan too.”

“It’s nice to meet you too, Miss Hyurumi.”



Although we ended up back where we started, we have gained some information and new allies to consider it a worthwhile trip. We should take the rest of the day off and consult with Hyurumi tomorrow to come up with plans for the future.


[Gumihou: I think they depended too much on Hyurumi!]


[1] Adjust dialogues, so that it doesn’t look too weird

[2] The wording for the action was a little ambiguous, Gumi took liberty with it

[3] Hyurumi appeared to suddenly, segue her in more naturally has a new Membership System!!

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