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Tondemo Skill – 542 – 10 Days Later (Unedited)

Chapter 542 – 10 Days Later (Unedited)


Author:Β Eguchi Ren

Translated by AI

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“Since it’s too big to show the whole thing, I’ll just show the head…”

Upon hearing this, the important people in the room became restless.

But it was the truth, after all.


When storing items in the item box, you just have to push them and they slide right in. And when you want to take something out, you just grab it and pull, and it slides right out. So you don’t need much strength. But when it comes to something as big as Leviathan, a little more strength is required.

I put some effort into pulling out only Leviathan’s head.

A gigantic head of Leviathan popped out.







The important people and the guild master stood there with their mouths gaping in astonishment.

Come to think of it, the guild master had heard of Leviathan before, but this was the first time seeing it in person.

Looking at everyone’s shocked faces, I understood that feeling very well.

Leviathan is incredibly huge, after all.

The important people and the guild master stared at Leviathan’s head in silence.

“Hey, can you dismantle it? What’s the plan?” Ferl couldn’t help but ask the silent important people.

The important people snapped out of it at Ferl’s voice.

“…If we let this opportunity slip away, it would be a disgrace to the Adventurer’s Guild. What does everyone think?” Bram, the guild master of the Royal Capital Adventurer’s Guild, said.

“I agree. This will be the biggest challenge since I’ve been involved in running the Adventurer’s Guild.”

“Yes, indeed. Dismantling this is nothing short of the mission of the Adventurer’s Guild.”

“I also think so.”

Can we actually do this?

“Oh? It seems possible.” Gon-ji, who had been listening to the important people’s conversation, muttered.

“Fenrir-sama, Ancient Dragon-sama, we would like to take on the dismantling of Leviathan.”

When Bram said that, both Ferl and Gon-ji brightened up.


“Yes, we’re counting on you.”

Perhaps out of joy, Ferl’s tail swayed from side to side.

Gon-ji’s thick tail also moved from side to side.

Or rather, please stop before hitting the tables or anything here.

“However, I would like you to wait for about two weeks, no, maybe ten days.”

Preparing to dismantle such a massive creature would require some time, and they said that if we waited for ten days, they could begin the dismantling process.

“That’s right, isn’t it?

“This will be the biggest project in the history of the Royal Capital Adventurer’s Guild. Everyone, be prepared!”


“And we shall make a name for ourselves in history!”


…Um, the important people seem to be getting really excited.

I’m a little worried.


β—‡ β—‡ β—‡ β—‡ β—‡



I sit down heavily on the wide and luxurious chair in the spacious living room.

Truly fitting for a mansion in the capital city.

The leather used for the chair is soft and comfortable, providing just the right amount of cushioning.

This house was borrowed through the connections of the important people at the Royal Capital Adventurer’s Guild.

And the cost is covered by the guild as well.

It’s much appreciated, but…

“Oh, so you guys always rent such luxurious houses when you’re traveling?”

The guild master is here too.

He said something like, “I can’t trust what you guys might do if I leave you alone,” and is acting as our watchdog.

“Hmm, this house is quite impressive as well. They say they can dismantle Leviathan, after all. Well done.”

“Yes, it might be worth borrowing.”

Ferl and Gon-ji are in high spirits because they can eat Leviathan in ten days.

“Ten more days, huh? It seems we’ve come to that point. But I’m looking forward to it!”

“Me too! I’m excited!”

Though they were sleeping and didn’t hear the conversation, Dora-chan and Sui woke up on the way here and heard that the Royal Capital Adventurer’s Guild had agreed to dismantle Leviathan in ten days.

“Hey, even if it’s ten days from now, it doesn’t mean the dismantling will be finished right away. Considering its size…”

“Guh, y-yeah, that might be true, but we should be able to retrieve enough meat for us to eat.”

“Yes, as Ferl said.”

“That’s right.”

“We’ll eat the delicious meat right away.”

Geez, everyone is so obsessed with eating.

How much are they looking forward to it?

But what worries me is that the situation has become incredibly big.

“Guild Master, it’s great that we were able to get the opportunity to dismantle Leviathan, but I have a feeling that ten days from now is going to be quite a massive undertaking…”

“Well, of course. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime project for the Royal Capital Adventurer’s Guild.”

“Ugh… I didn’t want it to be such a big deal.”

“Well, you can’t expect us to handle a Leviathan of that size, let alone one of that caliber, and not treat it as a big deal.”

…That’s true.

It’s only natural.

“There’s something I’m curious about though. Where do you plan on dismantling that huge Leviathan?”

That’s the main point, isn’t it? Where do you even dismantle a Leviathan of that size?

Even the large warehouse of the Royal Capital Adventurer’s Guild couldn’t accommodate more than its head.

“Obviously, it’ll be done outside.”


“Yes. There’s a vast grassland in front of the capital city where we landed. That’s where we’ll do it. Actually, I can’t think of any other place.”

That makes sense. It should work there somehow.

“I imagine the important people are desperately trying to gather people now.”

“Gathering people?”

“Yes. Even the staff for the dismantling alone can’t be handled by the personnel from the capital city alone. And, you know, we can’t just let anyone touch a Leviathan like that. It requires skilled expertise. Right now, skilled personnel from various places who are known for their dismantling skills are probably being gathered. I’m sure our Johan is also being called for, without a doubt.”

That’s true, considering its size.

“Then they’ll probably call for high-ranked adventurers too.”

“High-ranked adventurers?”

“It’s a Leviathan we’re talking about. We’re going to dismantle it where everyone can see. There will surely be people with ill intentions. Naturally, strict security will be necessary.”

I see.

Now that you mention it…

As I think that…

“What? Are you saying there will be disrespectful people who lay their hands on our Leviathan?!”

“That is unforgivable.”

Ferl and Gon-ji’s eyes sharpen as they hear the conversation.

You guys are scary.

“If that’s the case, I’ll set up as many barriers as needed.”

“I’ll do the same. It will be a sturdy one that not even Fenrir or the Ancient Dragon could easily break.”

“Alright. Let’s set up double barriers with me and Gon-ji. No one will be able to break through this.”

“Yes, it’s better to make it sturdy for this occasion. We can’t let it be stolen by anyone.”

“And we’ll also be on guard duty.”

“Yes, that’s right. That’s a good idea.”

“I’ll also be on guard! I’ll be furious if someone steals the delicious Leviathan.”

“Sui will do it too!”

Guard duty with Ferl and Gon-ji’s double barrier, as well as Ferl, Gon-ji, Dora-chan, and Sui.

Haha, Leviathan is safe now.

“That’s great! Good news! With this, we have the strength of a hundred people, no, a thousand people. I’ll immediately inform the Royal Capital Adventurer’s Guild!”

When the guild master heard that Ferl and Gon-ji would set up barriers and also be on guard duty, he happily rushed off to inform the important people at the Royal Capital Adventurer’s Guild.

Sigh It seems like things are getting even more serious…

There’s nothing I can do about it.

“Hey, hey, I’m hungry!”

“Sui is also hungry~”

“Yes, I am too.”

“Master, I’m also hungry.”

As expected of the gluttonous quartet.

They’re always ready to eat, no matter where or when.

“Alright, alright. I understand. I’ll start cooking now.”


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