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Tondemo Skill – 539 – The Count’s Family

Chapter 539 – The Count’s Family


Author: Eguchi Ren

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou >_<


Willem-san escorted my party to a villa. Apparently, this is where the Count of Langridge live when he’s in the Royal Capital. I hope he was not one of the nobles who had an ‘accident’ in the palace hall.

That would be awkward.

Speaking of which, the villa was a little smaller than my Carelina house, with a much smaller garden. However, considering the location and proximity to the seat of power, this villa was not shabby at all. It might even cost more than my place in Carelina.

As soon as we entered, a smart-looking butler led us to the Count. Count Langridge was just as charismatic and confident as the last time I saw him back at Carelina. No, I should say that he was even more suave and confident than before.

He looked more and more like the actor who played the 5th generation 007. Next to him was a tall and beautiful woman with bright golden hair and elegant features.

A handsome couple indeed.

Somehow, looking at them standing together just pisses me off…


Standing beside the power couple were a pair of children. A beautiful girl in her teens with her golden hair in drill curls around a sharp face, and an adorable little boy about 7 or 8 years old with fluffy curly hair.

Clearly, beautiful men and women will produce beautiful children together. Their genes showed strongly here.

“Welcome, Mukouda,” said the Count.

“Ah, it’s been a long time since our last meeting,” I said a little nervously.

“Indeed, allow me to make the introductions. This is my wife Oriane, my daughter Celeste and my son Bastion. My eldest son is unfortunately occupied with something, he sends his regrets. Hahaha.”

“Hahaha…” why are we laughing? “Uh, I’m Mukouda. It is a great pleasure to meet you.”

“No need to be so formal, there is only us here. And… Fenrir-sama, it has been a while.”

Umu, I’m only here because I have no choice.”

“… …” just look at this creature! “Fer! Haah… Count-sama, allow me to apologise for his behaviour in advance. Fer, please don’t be rude.”

The Count laughed heartily, “No need, no need, Fenrir-sama is an existence that is above even the King. Also… this is my first meeting with Ancient Dragon-sama. I am Edward Langridge, I am the count of this country.”

“Our master mentions that you take care of things for him, please continue to look after our master.”

“Of course, of course,”

“”Hey! What about me, huh?!””

“”Sui too~ Sui too~””

“”It can’t be helped since Count-sama can’t communicate using telepathy.””

““Tch, in that case, I’ll just go and sleep.””

“”Sui will sleep too~~””

““Right, don’t worry, I’m sure it won’t take long.”” I said, trying to soothe my two smallest familiars.

For some reason, Count-sama had been smiling at me all the time. Did he know that I was speaking to my familiars?

“Mukouda, I look forward to our continuous relationship in the future. Ah, one other thing, do you foresee yourself making Carelina your base in the future?”

“Yes, I like the city and have a house there. I’ll be travelling around a fair bit, but I do enjoy having Carelina as a base.”

Not only a house, but my workers are there too. Not to mention, Alban-san had put in so much work in his vegetable field too. More importantly, the locals there have gotten used to Fer and Grandpa Gon, so that’s a plus for me too.

“I see, I see, yes, that’s excellent. Very excellent indeed,” Count-sama was smiling meaningfully as he patted my shoulder in a friendly manner.

Ha ha ha.

Could you please not touch me?

“Ahem, apologies Count-sama, I believe Mukouda-san is a little shocked…” said Willem-san

“Is that so, goodness me,” he looked amused, but at least he had backed away.

“Speaking of which,” said Willem-san, “Mukouda-san has prepared some gifts for you.”

I should mention that Willem-san had already checked my gifts for Count Langridge to make sure I didn’t make the same mistake as I did with the royal tribute. Per his instructions, I set the chest down before Count Langridge and his family and opened it myself.


“Oh… oh my~”

“Oh my, oh my, my, my, my~~”

The wife and young lady, who had been standing decorously on the side suddenly pushed the Count away in their excitement to get closer to the treasure chest. Their eyes were shining brighter than gems…

“These are shampoo, hair treatment, hair mask and, oh, oh, all of my favourite things~~!”

“Thank you so much~! Ah, Mother, look! I don’t believe we’ve seen this one before!”

“This… goodness me, oh my goodness~~”

“What is it~? How do we use it~~?”

The young lady didn’t know what Face Cream was, but her instinct for beauty products had tingled and she somehow sensed its purpose.

“Um, this is called Face Cream, as the name suggests, it’s a cream for the face…”

“Cream for the face! This is it! This is why Marie of Lambert & Co. has been looking so radiant lately!!”

The Countess’ eyes were wide with shock and realisation. The power of her attractiveness increased to a frightening level because she was already so beautiful.

“I- I think so…?”

The Countess and the young lady beamed at me.

“As expected!”

“It’s here! It’s really here!”

“Then, to the next crucial question, how do we use it?”

“Ah, first, you…”

I proceeded to explain how to use the cream per the instructions on the box that I had memorised. Not that much memorisation is needed since the usage of face cream is pretty universal.

“… apply a fingertip size to the tips of your hand and apply it gently onto your face in a circular motion after bathing and washing your face with soap. You may apply a little more if your skin feels dry.”

“I see, I see, thank you.”

“Honourable Mother, let’s use it later today!”

“But of course, let’s!”

“Ahem, are you two done with Mukouda?”

“Oh my, looks like we have monopolised Mukouda-sama’s time all this while. Goodness, I do apologize, dear husband.”

“Sorry Father,”

Ha ha ha, looks like women all over have the same desire to maintain their beauty regardless of age or status. Luckily, they both calmed down after the Count intervened.

“Do accept my apologies, Mukouda. My wife and daughter are obsessed with Mukouda’s beauty products. If I may confess, so am I.”

“Ah, yes, no problem.”

Umu, the shampoo and hair growth potion are now an indispensable part of my life,” said the Count as he proudly pushed his thick hair back.

Next to us, the Guild Master also nodded emphatically. Ah, that’s right. This fellow also suffered from hair loss. Well, not that I can see it anymore.

“And these are… potions?”

“That’s right,” I said, “allow me to introduce them. These are all healing potions. Three low-grade potions, one mid-grade potion and one high-grade potion.”

“Oooh, thank you. These are most appreciated.”

I am happy that you’re pleased with the gifts, but… I looked to the side at the young boy beside us. When preparing the gifts, I had not factored in a young master. In fact, I didn’t realise that Count Langridge has two sons?!

But, what do little boys like?

Train cars? Gundam? Aaah, even if I could buy those from [Net Super] it would look too suspicious… 


I followed the boy’s line of sight and… he was staring at Fer and Grandpa Gon, my two most conspicuous familiars who were lying on the carpet like they owned the place. I see, well, children tend to be curious (and too fearless) at that age.

“Bastion, mind your manners,” said the Count with a smile.

Ah, looks like he noticed it too.

Bastion quickly looked down, embarrassed at being caught. “My apologies.”

I looked at him for a moment, then said, “Would you like to touch them, Bastion-sama?”

The boy immediately looked up with sparkling eyes, “I-is it alright?”

“Hey Fer, Grandpa Gon, it’s alright for Bastion-sama to touch you, right?”




“Tch, it can’t be helped,”

“Yes, it really can’t be helped…”

“Go ahead, Bastion-sama,” I said with my best professional smile.

Little Bastion approached Fer first.

“Boy, don’t be too rough,”


I coughed into my hand. This time, Fer snorted but didn’t say anything as Bastion approached.

“Goodness me, Fenrir-sama is very benevolent,” said Count Langridge.


“Wow~~ he’s so fluffy~~!” Bastion patted Fer’s fur happily, the grin on his face was pure happiness.


“May I touch Dragon-sama too?” Bastion stared up at Grandpa Gon with sparkling eyes.

Umu, it’s fine.”

Even with expressed permission, Bastion approached Grandpa Gon with a little more reservation than he did with Fer. Well, lizard creatures are less cute than fluffy ones. It must be scary for Bastion.

“Wow, his scales are so hard and strong, Honourable Father!”

“Good for you, Bastion. It is rare indeed to meet with a Fenrir-sama and an Ancient Dragon-sama.”

The noble parents were watching over Bastion with gentle eyes as he continued to stroke Grandpa Gon’s scales with reverence.

In fact, I thought that noble families would be a little cold, but the Count seemed to value his wife and children a lot. The atmosphere here is very heartwarming.

“Speaking of which, Willem and Mukouda should stay over tonight,”

“Eh? Stay over?” I turned around to stare at my familiars.

“Naturally, Fenrir-sama, Ancient Dragon-sama and the rest of Mukouda’s familiars are more than welcome to stay,”

Even if you say so…

“Um, I still have to feed them their dinner… they eat a lot, you see. Hahaha.”

“Oh, that’s fine. As host, it would be my duty to provide dinner as well. What should I serve? Raw meat?”

Raw meat? I can’t remember the last time these familiars of mine… wait, Grandpa Gon did take a couple of chunks out of the Leviathan back then, right?

“We no longer eat raw meat. Tonight’s menu is Dragon Steak, Master has promised us.”

Umu, I have been looking forward to it all day…”

Ah, well…

“… D-d-dragon Steak?!!”

This was the first time I saw Count Langridge lose his cool. In fact, even his wife and daughter had lost their charming social smiles.

Beside me, the Guild Master smacked his forehead and was now muttering something under his breath. Willem-san, I would like to state right now that I had nothing to do with this revelation, okay? Sweat poured from my forehead as the awkward silence continued to stretch.

Finally, it was broken by a calm, “Dragon meat? I’d like to try it too.”

Ah, it looks like Young Master Bastion is the calmest of us all.


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