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Tondemo Skill – 538 – Dragon Steaks Over Counts

Chapter 538 – Dragon Steaks Over Counts


Author: Eguchi Ren

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou >_<

Gumihou: I think Eguchi-san wrote this in a rush, it’s a bit repetitive and incoherent. That’s fine, Gumi will help you~ Lot’s of editing after the second ‘sorry’.


“Do you know… just how much damage control I had to do after you and your party left?!”


Apparently, Willem-san had been intensively grilled by the King and Queen after my party left, which he was now letting me know it.

“Sorry,” was all I could say as Willem-san sighed.

“Well, I guess it’s not entirely your fault, and…” he coughed behind his fist. “It was great to see some of those noblemen piss themselves.”

“Eh? What?” did Willem-san just say-

“But you didn’t hear it from me.”

“Oh, um, alright,”

“Tch, do you know how many times I thought of letting go and going on a rampage when those snobby, snooty bunch who thought nothing about speaking sarcastically to me? Tch, the nerve of the lot! I’m strong enough to gut them and yet they still have the cheek to poke the bear! I-”

For some reason, I ended up listening as Willem-san start a second rant about sarcastic and snobby nobles. To be honest, I could sympathize with him a little bit.

“…speaking of which, didn’t you say you’ll head straight for the Adventurer’s Guild after visiting the palace? Do you know how long I have been waiting for you?”

“Eh, ah,” I forgot.

I had completely forgotten.

I can’t say that, right?

“Surely you should know that Adventurers ought to report to the Adventurer’s Guild when they first set foot in a city? I know we headed straight for the palace this time, but surely you should know to go to the Adventurer’s Guild?”

The Guild Master’s piercing glare was a little… too piercing.


I can’t say that our party has gone stall hunting after the palace visit!!

“You guys went to the food stalls didn’t you?”


“Haaahhh… I knew it. I even thought of sending some Adventurers after you, but all of them refuse to go near your party thanks to, you know.”

“I know,” I totally know, sir.

“Carelina is one thing, you’re basically the local hero there, so no one would probably blink an eye anymore, but you should be mindful of… the impact that some of your party members have on the none initiated.”


“Speaking of impact, what’s with that royal tribute, huh??”


“Augggh, forget it. It was my fault for trusting you to do the sensible thing. It was totally my fault!!”

“Hey, that’s not a nice thing to say…” I said a little defensively, the Queen seems to like the tribute, so that’s fine, right?

“It’s too much! You went overboard by a lot, a looooot!!”

Well, it’s not like I can do anything about it now…

“What’s more, it’s not just a quantity thing. You… aren’t those things too outrageous?! A pearl tiara? A Mithril dagger with a large sapphire? If you search the royal treasury, it probably couldn’t yield half of what you have given in value alone!!!”

Ah, I really… did not know that…

“Not to mention, you… where is your common sense?!”

On and on he went. Scolding me over and over again on the same things. If I tried to explain myself, he would just start over again, so I just stood there and… took it. As for my familiars…

Fer was yawning.

After Fer yawned, the rest followed too, as though infected by his yawn. I could feel the corners of my eye misting from my need to yawn too. It’s not that I don’t reflect on my actions, but Willem-san was getting a little repetitive.

““Hey, don’t tell me that you guys are falling asleep, huhh??”” I shot at them through telepathy.

“”Phun, I don’t care.””

“”Umu, I believe the Guild Master is not speaking to us.””

This Grandpa Gon… I totally saw through your ‘innocent’ tone!

“”Rather than that, we should get our Leviathan dismantled.””

“”That’s right, the Leviathan, Master!””

“”Ou! Did someone say Leviathan? Are we eating that now?!””

“”Yay~! Water dragon~! Water dragon~!!””

“Oi! Are you even paying attention?!”

Gununu, why do I have to be the one scolded… “Apologies, my familiars were speaking to me just now,” I said.

“Eh, what about?”

Tch, look at how polite he is when addressing the legendary beasts, humph.

“We want to eat the Leviathan,”

“That’s right, take us to a place where we can have it dismantled.”

“Wait, what, now? But we’re supposed to visit Count Langridge first-”

“What was that, human?”

“You want us to meet with some human noble, over getting our Leviathan dismantled?”

“Uh, well, that is…”

It would be a lie to say that I did not enjoy seeing Willem-san bullied by my familiars. Kind of like seeing an obnoxious manager being scolded by some equally obnoxious young master boss who entered the company through nepotism.

Ha ha ha.

“H-hey, why are you staring at me with those eyes?!”

Fer and Grandpa Gon were not quite glaring at Willem-san, but their gaze was far from kind. In fact, I would describe the look in their eyes as ‘sword-swallowing eyes’…

Still, there’s a limit to how much I should allow my familiars to rampage. I still need Willem-san’s help and we do need to meet with Count Langridge. With this in mind, I stepped forward and said, “Right, enough of that. Count Langridge is the Lord of Carelina, so we owe him a lot, not the least a visit.”


“Must we?”

“He strived to keep the other nobles from annoying us and took care of various other issues so that we could live in peace. No matter what, we must visit him.” I said firmly. “It will take too long to look for someone to dismantle the Leviathan. Even if we could find someone, they wouldn’t be able to complete the job immediately. So, we might as well visit the Count first.”

“That’s right, we must visit the Count,” Willem-san began.

“That said,” I begin, a sudden surge of petty satisfaction filled me as I said, “I did promise everyone a meal of dragon meat…”


“…if you behave at the palace,” I smirked, “Did you behave?”



“Aahhh, unfortunately, I vaguely remember someone threatening the nobles at the audience hall and leaving without the King and Queen’s expressed permission.”

“Guh, we left with permission…”

“Yes, yes, also, we did not threaten the King or the Queen, just some rude little insects…”

U-umu, they were rude to our Master, so how could we tolerate them!”

“Oh? I vaguely recall someone interrupting the reading of the list of tribute…”

“Th-they were being too long-winded and noisy! Master was getting bored too, I was doing Master a favour!”

I looked at Grandpa Gon with some astonishment. Well, well, looks like the legend that dragons are wiser than most creatures must be true. This kind of manipulative talk was certainly not something that Fer would have used.

“”Hey, how about having dragon meat after meeting the Count?”” suggested Dora-chan

“Th-that’s right, we don’t have to eat it right away. Let’s have dragon meat after meeting the Count. Meeting the count is important after all!”

Woah, that’s a big compromise on Fer’s part. Good job on helping that guy negotiate, Dora-chan. This way, I can keep my promise but not lose face to either my familiars or Willem-san.

““Dragon Steak~! Dragon Steak~!””

Well, it looks like tonight’s dinner had been decided. For now, let’s go and meet with the Count. Though I cannot say it out loud, I must admit that to my familiars, Dragon Steak definitely trumps a meeting with the Count.


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  1. lee

    The mc just have no spine, a coward, and an idiots thats all. Thats why even if he does live to 1500 yrs old he would still be single and lonely. In the current world that hes in no female would find a spineless coward attractive.

    1. Gumihou

      You’d be surprise. There are plenty of women who like to baby their men and be the ‘mother-figure’ to their hubby/boyfriend.

  2. Filip

    Like I thought, those nobles (or whatever) in the audience room with the king and queen were some pompous idiots filled with arrogance based on f4rts (no real strength behind it). Once a really strong individual showed them what arrogance should be based on, they pissed themselves.
    Thanks for the triple release! Awesome translation! May God bless you!

  3. Gackt1

    Wilhelm: The what steak ??
    “Where is your common sense”, broken long time ago already, I guess

    1. Felipe

      I was going to say that he lost it somewhere, probably in a dungeon

  4. FantasyFanatic247

    It’s chapters like these that make me imagine the God of Creation, sake in hand, laughing his butt off at their antics.

    1. slobber

      Very true. Mukslime is conveniently so enthralled living in his close-minded bubble he’s the perfect Truman Show MC. But this ofc, makes for prime reality show entertainment for the gods. On the flip side, if he was even below average in intelligence he’d be a lot more boring for the gods to watch.

  5. Otaku Hikikomori

    Thanks for the treat.

  6. chibibar

    Keep in mind that Mukouda was a traditional Japanese person all his life. He just does his thing and does not bother others. He keeps in his little world and is happy about it.
    Now he is transported to another world, but his upbringing is still Japanese. He is not used to it because he is not a mean person or vindictive person by heart. Yes, if you BOTHER his family, he will unleash it (there have been a couple of times it came close)

    The interesting thing to connect is that Mukouda will not abuse the power that he has. Is it his personality? or in his DNA? he is aware he has the power, but he has higher morals and will not abuse it. Many of us (myself included) would probably do a bit differently because we seek more (I personally would try to train more in weaponry with Tabitha or Berthal since they will not tell anyone) or use Gon or Fel as training (dodging attach or regiment)

    I would try to make myself fit because I wanted to protect my family/familiars or at least defend myself.

    1. slobber

      I think there’s a difference between humble/nice and impotent. Mukuoda is the latter unfortunately. As a troll mentioned a few chapters ago he literally has no spine. I actually would have relished a power move where he walked up to one of the shit-talking nobles and asked them what their territory was in case he wanted to pay them a visit. Even Mitsuha from saving 80ks for retirement had more balls (disclaimer: she’s a girl)

      TBH I think physical training is unnecessary because he literally has 4 legendary class muscle. What he needs to work on is his emotional intelligence. Learn to read the mood. Learn the culture. Learn how to live in this new world because unfortunately he is still practicing a culture that doesn’t exist in his current reality. If he really wanted to learn combat, he should maybe start practicing magic again, the stuff he was using to fight… 500 chapters ago? (yeah, Eguchi level storyteling, tell it and dump it)

      Keep in mind Mukslime is virtually immortal by human standards with absolute defense and 1500+ lifespan.

      1. chibibar

        Yea. I understand where you are coming from. I must say I am guilty of using my real life experience and training to “analyze” a fictional character, but that is what is great about these things. If a character is developed properly and have good parameters, we could have a discussion.

        There are gaps between Mukouda’s personality. It shifts here and there, but I attribute to mood swings 😉 (people do get frustrated from time to time) but it is interesting to see that some people will go bonkers when they become rich and powerful, and some are humble (it is rare, but they do exist)

        You are right. Mukouda needs to level up his emotional intelligence because he has been so programmed by his old world that he is missing opportunities presented.

        One of the example is Feodora. He did not ask more about her life other than knowing she has children (4?) and grandchild (1) He could have asked about her husband like “Since your kids are doctors, is your husband a doctor too?” or something but nope! he let opportunity pass because he was “trained” to follow the status quo (even with Dimiurge said that he is cool with polygamy and all). I have met people like that and it seems that Mukouda will continue to follow his Japanese upbringing (the good side) to a fault because of the story.

  7. RemAishiteru!

    I guessed right, but Wilhelm was also a little happy that the nobles were scared, which was nice to see xD
    Thanks for the chapter!



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