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Naval dirk from provisional goverment epoch in Russia. Made in 1917

Tondemo Skill – 536 – A Blunder! (Unedited)

Chapter 536 – A Blunder (Unedited)


Author:Β Eguchi Ren

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou >_<

Gumihou: This is for you, Aguri Gatori-chan!

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The doors opened, and we walked on a luxurious red carpet.

I followed behind the Guild Master, stopping whenever he stopped.

There, I knelt down with one knee and kept my head bowed, placing my left hand over my chest.

Alright, I’m doing fine.

“Raise your head.”

A deep, resonant voice echoed in the audience chamber.

And so, I lifted my face slightly.

Oh, so that’s the King.

He’s a robust man in his forties with blond hair and a beard.

Rather than a King, he looks more like a General.

Sitting next to him is the Queen, a stunningly beautiful woman who appears to be in her twenties with a Nordic look.

After that, there was an exchange between the Guild Master and the King.

But I couldn’t really grasp what they were talking about because there was something else on my mind.

On either side of the audience chamber, there are well-dressed individuals lined up. They’re probably nobles, but their eyes are directed towards me, behind them.

Behind me, of course, are Fer, Old Gon, Dora, and Sui.

They’re looking at Fer and whispering with strained faces and frowns.

What are you guys doing?

I’m really curious about what’s happening behind me.

I want to turn around and check, but I can’t do that in this situation.

I’ve told them so many times that everything will be fine, right?

I even promised them that if they behave, I’ll make them Dragon Steak Donburi with dragon meat for a reward.

And they all responded with a smile and said, “Got it!”

They should be behaving properly.

Yes, behaving properly…


Surely, they don’t think behaving properly means just keeping quiet, right?

They’re not lounging around or lying down here, are they?!

I specifically told them to behave properly.

Everything should be fine, right…?

Ah, I’m so concerned.

You guys, I really hope you believe me!


The Gluttonous Quartet’s side.

Meanwhile, behind Mukoda, as feared, the Greedy Quartet is relaxing without a care in the world.

Whether it’s in front of the King or surrounded by nobles, they pay no attention.

As for Fer and Gon, they were probably thinking things like, “Why should we bother with a mere king of a country?”

“Hey, hey, Uncle Fer~ Isn’t it over yet? Sui, I’m getting hungry~”

“Yeah~ I want to go on a food stall tour soon.”

“Well, it shouldn’t take too long. If we behave a little longer, we can have dragon meat for dinner, as this guy promised. So just wait a little longer.”


“Oh right. Tonight’s dinner would be rice was topped with dragon steak. I’m looking forward to it!”

“Hmm, but if it takes too much time, I might have to say something.”

“Me too. This king doesn’t seem like he’ll harm us, but we don’t have any obligation to spend more time with a mere king of a country. We only came here because of this guy’s request.”

“Well then. If it weren’t for the Lord’s request, there would be no reason for us to be here.”

The Greedy Quartet relaxed confidently in the audience chamber while having a telepathic conversation amongst themselves.



I couldn’t help but feel concerned about what was happening behind me and how many times I wanted to turn around.

Even though I was supposed to be meeting the king, I couldn’t focus and felt restless.

And while all that was happening, the conversation shifted to my tribute.

A thin, somewhat nervous-looking person, maybe the Prime Minister or something, who was standing near the king, raised their voice saying, “Adventurer Mukoda has something to present to the king.”

And when the Prime Minister clapped their hands, my tributes that I had entrusted were brought one by one in front of the king.

Upon seeing that, the nobles stationed on both sides of the audience chamber fell silent all at once.

I could hear them whispering before.

Wait, did I not bring enough?

When I entrusted the tribute, they even asked me, “Are you sure this is okay?”…

Ah, I’m starting to feel anxious.

I’m also worried about Ferl and the others behind me.

My stomach is starting to ache…

Maybe I shouldn’t have gone for an audience with the king after all.

Some things are just not meant for me to do.

I started to regret coming to this place.

In the midst of that, the reading of my tribute began.

“First, we have a tiara adorned with pearls.”

The most prominent item, presented in front of the king and queen, was introduced.

The queen’s eyes sparkled as she looked at the tiara, so it seems like there’s no problem with this one.

“And next, we have a short sword adorned with sapphires.”

The next item was a flashy short sword adorned with gemstones.

I thought this one would pass because it looks impressive, but…

I wonder if it would have been better if it had some kind of enchantment or something.

Like the vampire knife I use.

But I can’t give that away since it’s essential for when I dismantle monsters…

The only thing left is some lousy poison knife or something.

Well, there’s nothing I can do about it this time.

The Prime Minister continued to explain the remaining miscellaneous items.

Hmm, maybe I should have added a little more… I’m pondering.

The massive figure of the Guild Master who was in front of me was trembling.

Huh, what’s wrong?

“I asked if you were sure about the tribute…!”

I heard the Guild Master’s whisper.

Uh… he seems angry.

Maybe I didn’t bring enough after all.

“It should have been more, right? Sorry.”

I replied quietly to the Guild Master.

“No, it’s the opposite. It’s not enough! What kind of tribute did you present?”

Huh?! Wait, what?

Was it too much?

Actually, if it was too much, wouldn’t that be fine…?

I thought so, but apparently not.

The king had his eyes wide open and froze in place.

The queen’s eyes were gleaming as she smiled.

I discreetly looked around, trying to gauge the nobles’ reactions, but they were all dumbfounded, their mouths hanging open.

I wanted to make a comment like, “Nobles shouldn’t make such expressions in public,” but…

Wait… Did I mess up?

Oh no… This is bad…

I can’t stop sweating even though it’s not hot.

Wha-What do I do?

What should I dooooo?!

Just when I was starting to panic…

“O King of men, is it not yet over? We accompanied you at the request of the Lord, but it is enough now.”

A voice came from behind.

G-G-Grandpa Gon!

I specifically asked him to be polite!

“Yes, indeed. Both he and we are not free. Do not burden us with unnecessary tasks.”

Ferl too!

“That’s right. It’s boring to be here. Let’s go on a food stall tour already!”

“Master, I’m hungry!”

Even though Dragon-chan and Sui can’t hear them since it’s telepathic communication, they’re saying such carefree things when it’s not the time for that!

Unable to bear it any longer, I turn around.

“Gon Geezer, Ferl, please be quiet!”

I say that and deeply bow, apologizing profusely. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

The nobles who were gaping at the tribute seem to regain their senses and now they start hurling insults like “Impudent fool!” or “What does this beast think it’s saying?” or “How dare you speak to His Majesty like that! Death sentence!”

My blood drained from my face all at once.

Should I just collapse already?

Or rather, am I going to be captured?

Damn it… I specifically warned Fer and Gon Geezer…

What should I do? What am I supposed to doooo?!

Just when I was on the verge of fainting, another blow came.

“Silence, humans. Are you calling me, Fenrir, a mere beast?”

“If you say that, then I am the ancient dragon, Enshent Dragon. It is an insult to lump me together with any ordinary dragon.”

“If you’re going to fight, I can take on as many as you want.”

“Indeed. Both me and Ferl can easily destroy this entire country.”

Ferl and Gon Geezer released a dense killing intent towards the nobles on both sides.

Some people rolled their eyes and fell, others wet themselves and cowered in place, and still others retreated with tearful, terrified faces. Within minutes, there was no one left standing properly.


Ah, it’s a crime of disrespect.

This is the end.

“O King of men. We have accompanied you thus far at his request, but it is now over. We will leave. Do not bother us anymore.”

“Yes, indeed. It is unpleasant to stay here.”

Fer and Gon Geezer said so, and the king panicked.

He desperately called out to them, his temples sweating profusely.

“W-Wait! I apologize for the disrespectful attitude of my subjects.”

The Prime Minister, who was standing by his side, raised his voice as if to advise him.

“Y-Your Majesty!”

“Silence! They are Fenrir and the ancient dragon! Do you want to destroy this country?”

“Hmph, rest assured. This one seems to be fond of this country, so I won’t destroy it. I also quite like my current lifestyle.”

“So do I. However, if anything happens to our Master, that may change.”

“Indeed. That is only natural. If something were to happen to him, we would no longer be able to enjoy delicious food.”

Upon hearing Ferl and Gon Geezer’s words, the king, with a twisted face, said, “I swear that I will not allow anything to harm Lord Mukouda.”

And then, the queen, wearing a smile, spoke after the king.

“Of course, we will not allow such things to happen. Furthermore, it seems that both Lord Fenrir and the ancient dragon, as well as Lord Mukouda, do not like being interfered with too much. Please leave those matters to us. Please feel free to enjoy yourselves in this country.”


“You be quiet. It’s Lord Fenrir and the ancient dragon. They are opponents that even when the military power of this country, or any country for that matter, is mobilized, cannot be defeated. If you understand that, it would be much better for this country if they are comfortable and come to like it.”

“Oh, I see you understand, huh?”

“Yes. If anything happens, you can contact us through him. We may grant your wish once.”

“Thank you very much. Also, Lord Mukouda, I am deeply moved by the wonderful gift. Thank you so much.”

“Mu… Fer, Lord Mukouda has fainted with his eyes open.”

“…Hmph, disrespectful…crime…”

While muttering incoherently, Mukouda remained motionless.

“Haa~ This guy is always so timid, no matter how old he gets.”

Ferl shook his head as he said that.

“Hey, we’re taking him back with us. Hey, Gon Geezer, put him on my back.”


Gon Geezer grabbed Mukouda by the collar and placed him on Ferl’s back.

“Dora, Sui, let’s go home.”

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  1. Togepii

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    1. Gumihou

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    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! May God bless you!

    1. chibibar

      Totally agree. If they “secretly” want the country destroyed, there will be nothing much left to “take over” once Gon is done with it. Gon has been wanting to use his dragon breath a lot.

      Yea. The Queen save their sorry butts.

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    hero is dumb bitch
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      Maybe you prefer those generic isekais where the cliche hero looks like a skinny 14-year-old who ends up with all these powers for no reason at all. And of course he has a harem of big-boobed but brainless bimbos. There are plenty of those stories online.

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    1. Gumihou

      Yeah, they certainly didn’t get into those position from smarts

      1. chibibar

        That is true, but even powerful people should know when not to mess with other powerful people. Unless those nobles “think” they can take on a dragon? πŸ˜‰ (Gon and Fer did detect strong people) but I highly doubt they can take on an Ancient Dragon alone much less paired with a Fenrir.

        Ah well…. some nobles are just that arrogant I guess. But if I was that powerful, I would keep tabs on those people. Especially when this up-and-coming adventure rises to S rank in less than a year πŸ˜‰ (btw. I use Sui’s age as a marker since it has only been a month or so since Mukouda arrived + 3 days when he found Sui) and CLEARED 3 dungeons (broke 2 records and clear one that has not cleared before)

        It is good to see the Queen kept per poise said her edict and back the King’s statement πŸ™‚ I am looking forward to more stories.

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