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Vending Machine – 125 – Animal Paradise

Chapter 125: Animal Paradise


Author: Hirukuma

Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou


“I’ll save the introductions until after the Fat Hog Demons are taken care of,” said Director Bear as he set me down on the ground.

I quickly reverted to my heavy metallic form, not wanting to waste any transformation time.

“Huh, it changed?”

“I shall explain later, but think of it as a magical tool for now. He has his own will and the ability to communicate. He’s a very reliable ally.”

“I see. Nice to meet you, magical tool.”

Despite her appearance, she spoke in a firm manner. Physically, she looks like a six-year-old, but she could be much older.


“Wow, it answered!”

Her smile was very childlike and innocent as she gazed at me with curious eyes. A very child-like reaction.

“Ah, umm, Mister Bear? Could you take care of the other monsters in the rear? Botan and Kuroyata will deal with the Fat Hogs here.”

Wait, she’s going to fight the Fat Hogs with animals?

The Unasus called Botan looked strong, but how would a three-legged crow attack?

As if to mock my worries, Kuroyata descended from above to land on Botan’s back. Then, its beak clacked open towards the approaching Fat Hog Demons.

“Please cover your ears!”


Wh-wh-what is this ear-shattering sound? If I still had eardrums, they would have ruptured.

The soundwaves appeared visible for a split second and must have smashed into the Fat Hogs in front of us. The bipedal pig-like creatures writhed around with hands over their bleeding ears. Eugh, their eardrums must have ruptured.

Botan charged forward, its horn lowered to attack. The staggering Fat Hogs were stumbling around, their sense of balance shot to pieces. Kuroyata, still perched on Botan’s back, had its wings crossed over a puffed-up chest. It looked very proud of itself.

I was more amazed to see that it managed to remain upright on a rampaging Unasus.

Botan easily headbutted and trampled over the Fat Hog Demons. By headbutt, I mean it pierced its horn through the demons, those that were not pierced were sent flying several meters away with the force of the impact alone.

I looked at the three-legged crow in amazement.

The bird could use sound wave attacks, while the Unasus is unusually strong.

Could these two be some sort of mutated animals? Like how some humans in this world are insanely powerful while others are just ordinary people, could the same be true for animals?

Even though there were over 10 Fat Hogs around, they were all defeated in less than three minutes. Looks like she could have taken care of them even without our help.

Director Bear’s eyes also widened with surprise. Looks like using animals to so easily defeat demons was not the norm.

“I never heard anything about Unasus or Kirise overpowering demons like this before,”

“These kids are special. They become strong thanks to the kindness and talent of a certain person.”

I’m curious who this ‘certain person’ was, but looking into the eyes of the speaker, I can’t help but think that this person is not someone evil.

Is it alright to assume they are beings that had been strengthened through magic or something?

It was an overwhelming victory on our side. Even so, Director Bear proposed that we move elsewhere to talk since the place was littered with dead bodies. I guess it does look like an uncomfortable place for a serious talk. However, the girl shook her head at his suggestion and said, “I shall dispose of the bodies, please wait for a moment.”

With that, the girl took out a round ball of soil from her backpack. The ball of soil was the size of a bowling ball and she held it lovingly in her arms.

When she approached one of the Fat Hog’s bodies with the ball of soil, the scattered blood floated up and begin to flow into the ball of soil. For some reason, even though the monster’s body was clearly many times larger than the ball, blood kept flowing into the ball of soil until it disappeared. This world operates on magic and special ‘Gifts’, so it’s crude to ask about such things directly.

After all the bodies had been processed, the girl returned to us. She was stroking the ball of soil.

“That, what is that ball of soil… and why is a girl like you doing in a place like this?”

“I do not mind answering your question. However, could you let me know first, just who are you? Also, what is that magic tool?”

That’s right, I haven’t been introduced yet. I wonder what Director Bear will do and how he will answer.

“Do excuse me, I am one of the Hunter Association’s Directors, I am in charge of Clearflow Lake Floor. He is called Hakkon, a magic tool. You can obtain goods through him if you insert coins here. I believe the soul of a person dwells within it.”

So, he decides to be frank, eh? In that case, I shall give my standard greeting as well.


“I see. The soul of a person dwelling within a magic tool… fufu, this reminds me a little of that person.”

Hm? Instead of being surprised, she just laughed? Also, don’t tell me the person that I reminded you of is also a vending machine maniac…? Unlikely, but I have to wonder what this means.

“Then, allow me to introduce myself once again. I am Kikoyu. The white Unasis is Botan and the Kirise is Kuroyata.”



The two creatures bobbed their heads in reply. Looks like these animals have quite the intelligence, enough to follow the girl’s commands.

“We are here in search of information and clues to a problem, and to empower the fragment of that person. This labyrinth is rich with monsters with a high probability of finding useful magic tools from treasure chests, this is why we are here.”

So, the girl ventured into the Labyrinth knowing its dangers with these two animals alone? Although judging from their fighting power earlier, the animals were quite strong. While Kuroyata attacks from the air and Botan tackles the ground, this little party would not be easily defeated. If that’s the case, does the girl possess some sort of power or gift as well?

“I possess the power to manipulate cold air and erase my own presence for stealth attacks.”

I see~ with the two animals battling in the front, she could hide away or pick off enemies in the shadows?

“Indeed, I am indebted to Kuroyata and Botan.”

Is this girl some sort of animal handler?

“I am not an animal handler. These kids have the intelligence to think for themselves and understand enough to make decisions. I have been receiving their help all this time.”

“Kikoyu, who are you talking to?”

Director Bear was looking at her suspiciously. Hey, that’s right, didn’t she just answer all of my unspoken questions? Even though I did not voice any of them out loud?

A little shocked, I looked at Kikoyu again. She was smiling at me, her hands on my metal body.

“I can hear the inner voices of the person I touched.”

Seriously? Isn’t that like, some sort of reverse telepathy?

“Se-ri-ously~” she said with a beaming smile. “Ah, but I guess it’s a bit rude of me to listen to your inner voice without your permission. Apologies.”

She took her hands away and bowed deeply.


From her quick and calm response, I can feel that she had to be older than she looked. Considering the discrepancies between Vice-Leader Felmina’s looks and age, I can only assume that there are other humanoid species who did not look their age or years.

“I do not mind telling you about our situation, but if you don’t mind, could you also answer my questions?”

She did say that she entered her for a reason. Did she propose an information exchange because she is dealing with a Director of the Hunter Association?

“Aa, it’s not a problem. So long as it is information we can provide.”

“Many thanks, why don’t we chat over a meal?”

Well, when it comes to a meal, it’s my time to shine. If they had been stuck in the Labyrinth for a month, the only food they have, if any, could only be preserved food. So, I’ll make sure to give you guys something good to eat.

“As a token of my gratitude, please allow me to provide the food. A moment, please.”

Eh? Wait, I was going to provide the food…

Kikoyu takes out a large flowerpot from the cart and the round ball of soil that she had been carrying around in her arms. I had no idea what she was doing, but it looked interesting so I kept quiet and watched.

Then, she removed a sack from the cart, untied the string and took out some seeds. The seeds were buried inside the soil. Next, she places her hands on the ball of soil and it… began to change colour?

Don’t tell me, she plans to grow our food now? Hey, if we have to wait for the plants to grow, Director Bear will starve to death in just a few days… hm?!

Sprouts suddenly emerged from the soil. Under my shocked eyes, leaves popped open, and vines emerged, before I knew it, several plump sweet potatoes puffed up on the vines in thick rows. In no time at all more than 50 fruits were produced.

This looked a lot like those rapid fast-forward videos on TV, to think I am witnessing this in real-time. Is this the power of a Gift? It sure looks like plant growing could be a Gift too.

“What is the technique behind this?” asked Director Bear.

“This fragment of Mister Field can not only absorb monsters as nutrients as you have seen just now, it could also rapidly grow plants with just seeds and a little water.”

Even as she explains, the girl was setting up a simple stove with an earthenware pot filled with pebbles. Then, she lined up the sweet potato-like fruits on the pebbles and covered them with a lid. After lighting a fire in the stove, she placed the covered pot onto the stove.

Speaking of which, what is this ‘fragment of Mister Field’?

“Please wait while it bakes. Botan and Kuroyata could eat them raw.”

As if on cue, the two animals begin tearing into the sweet potatoes as though they were the most delicious things ever. If I were a living being, I might drool just watching them.

“While I did suggest we chat over a meal, it takes a while to bake. Therefore, I shall tell you our purpose here. It may sound unbelievable, but let me assure you that it is all true.”

As if sensing the seriousness in her tone, Kuroyata and Botan stopped eating and sat next to her.

What is this little girl’s story? I focused my attention on her, so as not to miss a single word.

“This is a story of a very kind field…”


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