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Tondemo Skill – 533 – Gulped…

Chapter 533 – Gulped…


Author: Eguchi Ren

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou >_<

Eguchi Ren: Oops, I completely forgot to upload the next chapter (sweats). Apologies. I’m glad everyone noticed.

Gumihou: Even now in 2023, we noticed you did not upload, hehe. We hope you are well no matter what, so stay healthy please~


Today, I came to Lamberts to pick up the clasp purse that I ordered.

My familiars came with me and were all relaxing outside the store while I stepped into the backroom with Lambert-san.

“And here it is! Mukouda-san~ what do you think?”

Lambert-san unboxed the purse with great ceremony, his eyes sparkling as he waited eagerly for my reaction.

[1] The purse was about the size of a man’s palm as I had requested. The metal fittings for the mouth of the purse were very neat and the clasp snapped open and close with a smooth and satisfying ‘click’. The brilliant Hunter Green Anaconda skin was also carefully arranged so that the full impact of its pattern was displayed.

In short, it was perfect.

“Perfect! It’s even better than what I had imagined!”

“I’m glad~ the craftsmen were also very excited about the new type of purse as well as the opportunity to work with one of the best leathers in the world.”

Woah, the attitude of these craftsmen is so commendable.


“Speaking of which, I understand that Mukouda-san is heading for the Royal Capital soon?”

“Woah, as expected of a merchant,” I said admiringly.

“Fufu, nothing like that, nothing like that,” he said. “But perhaps you will be meeting with Count Langridge?”

“Ah, I thought of it. After all, I did receive his help before.”

I’m indebted to the count for other things like taking care of troublesome matters before they could get to me, and of course, the success of the [Divine Medicine – Hair Power], so I can’t just go to the Royal Capital and not meet him.

“It would be great if you could meet with Count Langridge-sama. Ah, speaking of which, what gifts will you be bringing when you see him?”

“I hadn’t even thought of it. The last time I sent the Hair Restorer, along with shampoo, hair treatment and high-end soaps for the Countess and their daughter, right? I guess it would not be appropriate to send more of the same thing?”

“It would not be wrong to send more of the same thing, but perhaps you may wish to give a few additional items? Such as some higher quality soaps or… ahah! The Face Cream that you gifted my wife?”

“The Face Cream… oh, the one your wife wishes to sell. I supposed…”

“Ahem, the thing is, the Countess and the Young Lady already knew about this product, and…” he trailed off delicately.

I understand. I totally understand.

“Indeed, it is only right that I add the Face Cream as well. Oh, that’s right, should I add some things from the dungeon too?”

“That’s right… Mukouda-san has cleared quite a few dungeons…” For some reason, Lambert-san has this faraway look in his eyes…

“Um, are you alright, Lambert-san?”

“Ahem, yes, no problem. I am perfectly fine. That…is not a bad idea! What do you plan to give?”

“Well, I have some small precious stones and jewellery…” I stopped at the face Lambert-san made. What did I say now…?

“Humm, while precious stones and jewellery are not bad, I do believe they would prefer something like high-grade potions or something similar.”


“Indeed, while pieces of jewellery are nice, it’s not like they are lacking in precious stones, nor could they wear the pieces all the time. But having high-grade potions around is like having insurance against death and serious injury, something that the nobilities value a lot.”

“Ah, in short, money is nice, but health is better?”

“Something like that.”

“I see, I see,” and I did see. After all, for all his status and money, the one thing Count Langridge cared more about was his hair. I started rifling through my [Item Box], “I have some low-grade, mid-grade and high-grade healing potions. These aren’t from the dungeons, but I exchanged a few things for them from my dungeon raids.”

Actually, these were all Sui-made potions, but I can’t say that, right?

“Should I give him 5 of each?” I asked.

“5 of… you are saying you will be giving 5 of the high-grade potions?”


“… hahh… this person… 5 is definitely too many. I think you should give 1 high-grade, 1 mid-grade and 3 low-grade potions.”

“Ah, I see, I’ll do that.”

In fact, I don’t really see what the big deal is, but I think it’s better to do as Lambert-san advised.


We talked a bit more about Marie-san’s all-in-one face cream, known in this world simply as ‘Face Cream’, which will be ready for delivery the day after tomorrow.

Any other additional details could be given through Costi.

Merchant discussion over, I left Lamberts to find my familiars all waiting to make me buy them something to eat.


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When we finally got home, I found that Teresa and the rest were done with their daily cleaning and were about to go home.


“Hello, Teresa, tell the others to gather in the living room, will you?”

“Of course, Mukouda-san,”

“I’ll go too, Brother Mukouda!”

“Ou, I’ll depend on you, Lotte~”

After that little exchange, I went to the living room with my familiars and got out the souvenirs for them. These were a little smaller than the one I had made for myself. However, the workmanship was excellent, even though the skin pattern was not the best, it still looked quite unique with its vivid green colour.

“We’re here, Mukouda-san,” said Tabasa when everyone had filed into the room.

“Right, thank you Tabasa,” I said. “Well, I didn’t get anyone souvenirs from my last trip, so please take these instead.”

I let my employees choose the purses as they like. Even though the shape and clasps were the same, because it was made from snake leather, they were all a little different.

As usual, Lotte ran up first, followed by her family and Tony’s family. I’m so happy to see the children take one each without getting into petty fights.

“This is so pretty, Brother Mukouda~~” Lotte chirped.

“It’s made from leather I collected from the dungeon,” I said. “Since no one has a proper purse, I thought I’d give everyone one. The green leather looks very nice, right?”

While the non-fighters were busily admiring the purses, my family guards were… staring at the remaining five purses on the table with twitching faces.

“Mukouda-san, which dungeon did you go to?” asked Luke.

“I thought Mukouda-san was heading towards Ronkainen? I don’t think there’s a dungeon nearby there, right?” said Irvine.

Why are these two stupid Beastmen suddenly acting sharp? What is this OOC moment? If your character base is stupid, just remain stupid!! What’s with all these questions?

“Oh, it’s just a small dungeon situated near the small countries,” I said vaguely.

“You ever heard of it?”

“No, is it an undiscovered dungeon?”

I can hear the two of you whispering over there, you know.

“This leather, it’s of reptilian origin, right? From its scales, I’d say it came from a serpent.” Bartel was staring straight at me with one of the purses in his hands. Bartel, if you want to take it, just take it, why are you examining it so closely and interrogating me like this?!

“This bright green colour, considering how the nobilities favour such vivid colours, I cannot imagine that this is something a slave should ever carry…”

Tabasa, why are you giving your master such wary looks too?

“Hey, didn’t we hear something about this last year?”

“Yeah, there was an auction, right?”

Gulp, stop it!!

“Someone spent 1000 gold on a-”

I began to cough loudly.

However, the damage was done.

Everyone was staring at me now.

“Um, Mukouda-san,” it was Peter talking now. Are you going to lecture me too, Peter?! “Um, that is, I, I-”

“Ahem, what Peter is trying to say, Mukouda-san, is that although we are very grateful for your gifts to us, I think it is important for everyone, especially the children, to know the value of the items you gifted us.”

“Well, I don’t think that really matters right?” I muttered. “Anyway, if you don’t like it you could just keep it and sell it later. I thought it was a nice design and colour. I got the skin for free anyway…”

“Mukouda-san,” Tabasa’s voice was gentle but firm, “Please know that we are grateful. In fact, we are very, very grateful to have such a kind and generous master as yourself. However, if the children go outside with purses like these, it is like running around with emerald stones in their hands. It is one thing for people who could defend themselves to carry such valuables, but for those who could not defend themselves… well…”

“I, I see…” I had not even thought of this point! Goodness, what if the children, especially Costi is seen with such a flashy purse, he could be injured in a robbery or worse! “I understand now, I’ll reflect on it.”

“Regardless, thank you for the gift, Mukouda-san.”

“Yes, thank you.”

“Oh, um, if you can’t use it outside as a purse, maybe you can use it to store valuables at home instead?” I said, still a little flustered over how I had nearly put my people’s lives in danger.

I vaguely noted the parents confiscating the purses from the children as they left the house. Goodness, that was a near miss. What if Lotte had run outside to show off her new purse to her little friends and the worse happened?

The clasp purse idea was still a good one, I should get some made with more ordinary skins. Maybe Red Boar skin? Those are pretty nice too.



[Gumihou: Ah, when you are so rich that you lack awareness and common sense.]


[1] Adjusted the description for the purse to make it more exciting.

[2] Adjust dialogue so that it is closer to how merchants would actually talk like

[3] The dialogue re the Hunter Green Anaconda was largely identical to what Mukouda had with Lambert, redid it to reduce repetitiveness. Added details on how Mukouda called them to the room to replace the deleted words. Extra emphasis on safety vs generosity has a new Membership System!!

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  1. Kai

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    Mukouda, next time when someone tell you the thing you brought is ultra rare and expensive, and even royals can’t have, don’t gift it to your servants.
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        Sui’s potion = free every day (x amount per day?) so Mukouda will share freely as long you do not “hound” him for it.

        But you know what? I am so glad that Mukouda met with some good people like Lambert and other adventure parties (Phoenix, ARK, Shadow Warriors, and Tempest) that treat him with honestly.

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