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Vending Machine – 123 – Labyrinth Floor Once Again

Chapter 123: Labyrinth Floor Once Again


Author: Hirukuma

Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou


After we crossed the entrance, I took in the dreary scene in front of us.

There were only about ten proper buildings scattered across this wasteland. It was still as desolated as ever.

Since the buildings were not at all damaged, it is probably safe to assume that monsters have not broken out of the labyrinth.

Some of our nervousness dissipated at that.

“Looks like we don’t have to worry about a monster breakout, [1] but immediate dangers aside, I wonder what the locals do for food?”

“It’s been quite a few days since the teleportation gate stopped working. The people could starve to death if things get worse…”

Hyurumi and Director Bear exchange glances, before hurrying over to the nearest two-storey rustic-looking building. The Hunter Association office.

“Ah, Director Bommy! [1] Someone’s here!”

[1] “Has the teleportation circle been repaired?”

Two female staff members leapt to their feet the moment they saw us, practically leaning over the counter as one shouted for the director of this floor.

It was good to see that these two were safe. Moreover, they did not look like they had been starved. Did they somehow have a large stockpile of food somewhere?

“Let’s talk about that later, what’s the food situation like here?” asked Director Bear.

“Yes, let’s see… the teleportation gate stopped working about three days ago. That’s when we found out that the magic tool shop owner made an order mistake and somehow purchased a large amount of preserved food. The Hunter Association bought most of the stock and it’s now stored in the basement.”

This was fortunate. No wonder they did not waste away.

“Still, it is great to see you! We’ve been eating preserved food every day, so having Hakkon-san here will be a great help!”

I’m relieved to be of use here. Should I give out everything for free? Just like one of those disaster time vending machines?

The second staff member went off to call the remaining residents since the first one had run upstairs to call the Director of the Labyrinth Floor.

While waiting for the people to gather, I started arranging food and drinks on the table so that the residents could immediately eat as soon as they arrived. Since there were no children on this floor, I prepared a line of food that was aimed more towards the adult palate.

Since their nutrition might be lacking, I thought it was essential to provide nutritional supplements and health drinks as well. We must have some fruit after the meal to increase everyone’s vitamin intake.

While I was preparing the food, the first staff member came down from the second floor with a plump little woman beside her.

She has a large face with equally large eyes and mouth. Her hair extended just below her shoulders and was the colour of dry desert sand. Her one-piece dress, gloves and boots were all the same colour as her hair.

I had to wonder if there’s a rule somewhere stating that the Hunter Association Presidents had to dress in a single colour palette.

Still, what was most unique about her was her… [1] shape? She was very… round. I think she’s human, but with her overly large head, round body and round hips, she looked like three balls stacked together. You know, like a snowman.

“Clearflow Lake Director, you’re here to help?”

“Aa, Labyrinth Director, are you aware of the unusual incidents?”

“You mean the teleportation circle becoming unusable?”

“That’s not all. A large number of monsters suddenly appeared and the one controlling them was the King of the Netherworld’s Left Arm General.”

“Have matters really become so serious? Ah well, as the weakest of the Directors in charge of such a miserable place, I suppose it’s not surprising that I’d be informed last. I am ashamed to say that this weak Director won’t be able to send any skilled warriors to help in the effort when the King of the Netherworld appears. Despite me working day and night, and enduring comments such as ‘This floor is so boring’ or ‘wow, looks like we can relax here’ without breaking into tears at night… Indeed, those unreasonable comments stopped about three days ago…”

On and on the words came pouring out from her mouth.

Director Bear stood in place, unable to find the best time to interfere, he cast a sideways glance at us for help.

Ah, the single remaining staff member has averted her eyes.

[2] I must have stared at her for too long, because she leaned over to whisper, “When the director becomes like that, there’s no stopping her, so let’s wait until she calms down.”

Well, from the way the Director went on and on, it does look like there was no stopping her once she got started. Her words really do flood over everyone like a swollen river…

Local residents started arriving at the Hunter Association. They sat down to eat along with the staff members.

After the residents were done eating, they expressed their gratitude and left. Meanwhile, the ‘talk’ between an exhausted Director Bear and a very refreshed-looking Labyrinth Director was over and the two of them walked side by side towards me.

“You’re Hakkon-san, aren’t you? Thank you for your help. One of my worries is now gone, and I’m also feeling hungry. Give me a little something, will you?”

I don’t know what this Director likes, but I’ll assume that she likes sweet or heavy foods and offer her something that seems high in calories.

“Was that everyone from the Labyrinth Floor?” [2] This time, Director Bear was clever enough to direct his question to one of the staff members instead of the Labyrinth Director.

“The locals were all here just now, but there were five hunters who went to the Labyrinth but did not return. It had been over a month, therefore, the chances of them surviving the Labyrinth is low.”

“Wait, isn’t there another hunter? She’s a beauty with an animal who appeared just before the incident. Did she manage to return through the teleportation circle?” said an employee with glasses. She was stroking her chin, her head tilted sideways in a thinking manner

The staff member beside her also did the same,”Eh? I didn’t know anything about that.”

“Well… she was a really cute looking girl though…”

A cute girl with an animal? She could be a street performer with an animal companion performing tricks for a living. Since there are very few forms of entertainment in the dungeon, I heard that travelling performers go from floor to floor to perform for money. It was just bad timing on that poor woman’s part.

“Well, I don’t know about the girl, but for the hunters, I think there’s no point hoping anymore since the Labyrinth is really dangerous. It’s been a month since we last heard from them. Taking the abnormal surges of monsters…”

After exchanging information about what happened, Director Bear asked if there were any magic stones left in the magic tool shop strong enough to activate the teleportation circle.

“Extra large magic stones could be found quite often in the maze. Unfortunately, since the hunters who left had not returned for a month, we don’t have any in stock.”

“I see, thanks.”

We would be safe so long as we stayed in this desolate village, but at the same time, it did not look like there was any way out of the current situation.

“If we don’t do something about the teleportation circle, we won’t be able to do anything else,” mused Hyurumi.

“Excuse me, but, could Hyurumi adjust the array so that it works?”

“I could, but what about the power source?”

“I have an idea regarding that, but first, we need to ascertain is whether we could get the array to work.”

“Hmmm, well I think I more or less got the hang of it. It’s not that difficult to get it working properly again,” Hyurumi said as she made her way towards the teleportation circle. Although I did notice her looking back at us once or twice with an inexplicable look on her face.

I wonder what Director Bear’s plan is? Our options are really limited in this situation.

If the teleportation array is fixed, it won’t work due to lack of power. Magic stones are needed to power it. The magic tool shop doesn’t have any large magic stones left.

Theat leaves…


“What’s up, Hakkon?”

“Go the-re”

Although I did not point in any direction, Director Bear nodded. He looked very serious. Looks like he understood my comment.

“You’ve noticed, eh, Hakkon? Yes, we must enter the Labyrinth.”

As expected. The Labyrinth is famed for spawning treasure chests that contain large amounts of valuable treasures. The plan is to return with an extra large magic stone or two.

“In fact, it is not uncommon to find large magic stones containing vast amounts of magic inside treasure chests in the maze. Isn’t that true, Labyrinth Director?”

“Indeed, however, it is also true that the labyrinth is basically a monster’s nest. If you have a team of capable hunters with you, I won’t stop you. However, I don’t think you can handle it alone, Director Bear.”

“Indeed. However, we also can’t just sit here and do nothing. There are times when we have to move forward, despite knowing the danger.”

I know that Director Bear is strong, there was no questioning his abilities. The greatest issue is stamina. Bearmen may age differently from humans, but he is already quite elderly for this line of job.

In short, regardless of his ability, it was dangerous for him to enter the Labyrinth alone.



I have no choice but to accompany him. I am confident that I can be of help when it comes to food and as a support member.

“I would appreciate it if you could come, but there is no guarantee that we would will return alive, you know.”


“Lea-ve to me”

“Thank you very much, I owe a lot to Hakkon.”

That’s not true, Director Bear. It makes me very happy to be treated not as a magical tool but as a sentient being. Compared to the kindness I received at Clearflow Lake, it’s like receiving a lot of silver coins as change. Plus, I want to escape this level as soon as possible and go look for Ramis and the others who have all teleported to places unknown. The problem my companions faced depended on the floors they teleported to and the companions that came with them.

Those with Mishael will not need to worry about fighting power, those with Ramis will probably have whatever communication issue improved a little.

Director Bear had already given his guarantee for the Director of Beginner’s Floor, so I don’t have to worry about him.

Shui is the vanguard type and should get along well if she was with Ramis. However, all of them would have some food related problem… I hope everyone’s been sent somewhere with plenty of food.

As for Hevoy… there’s no need to worry about his battle prowess, but he’s a pervert, you know? A pervert who is only interested in shoes, but he’s also freakishly cunning. So, I do worry about him in a different sense.

Yes, we must solve our current situation quickly and look for them!


[Gumihou: I wonder… is Hevoy more ‘in danger’ or ‘a danger’?]


[1] Make it so that it doesn’t look like the dialogues are just repetitions of what Hakkon had been thinking

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