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Naval dirk from provisional goverment epoch in Russia. Made in 1917

Higher Level Wife – 171 – Glutton (for Affection)- Edited

Chapter 171: A Glutton (for Affection)- Edited 

Author: White Pear Flower


Translated by Gumihou

Proofread by Pill Bug

Gumihou: *prays for Jin Zhenyi* the author puts a hole in your head, but I will do my best to give you reasons for your actions beyond ‘dumb cannon fodder’. You will act still out, but be given real and true reasons for your actions. You poor boy.


Jin Fengju frowned. He was about to speak when he hesitated and looked towards Fu Qiuning. Fu Qiuning was looking away and speaking to the maids, “It’s fine if Brother Yi does not like these dishes. One should not force children to eat food they do not like. Bring it in.”

She had barely spoken when voices of maidservants greeting each other were heard beyond the door. Soon, the curtain lifted and Jin Zhenyi’s personal maids, Rui’er and Si’er entered with food boxes. They picked out some exquisitely made dishes and set them on the table. Because Jin Zhenyi enjoyed eating meat, the dishes in front of him consisted of Steamed Barracuda, Stewed Chicken with Mushrooms, Braised Pork Trotters, Dongpo Pork, Mushroom Meatballs, as well as a bowl of Sour Bamboo Shoot Soup.

When no one else ventured a complaint, the family began to eat. As Jin Zhenyi ate the dishes closest to him, his eyes wandered and he finally gave the ‘rustic’ dishes a closer look. He was still staring when Jin Fengju suddenly laughed and said, “Although it is rustic, it has its own unique flavour. Very tasty.”

Fu Qiuning paused and said, “Perhaps it is because they are all made in a large pot and stewed for a long time, or perhaps they use less seasoning and sauces, but I find these rustic foods more comforting.”

“Indeed, indeed!” Jin Fengju laughed heartily again.

[2] Jin Zhenyi thought: There was really no need for Father to laugh like a fool over rustic food. Had Father ever laughed like that with Mother? Even when she did her best to serve him the best food she could afford?

[2] Suddenly the exquisitely made food tasted like ashes in his mouth.

Meanwhile, his sister was nibbling at the so-called Four Happiness Meatballs that did not look well made at all. Other food, such as the sweet potato slices and the Fried Meatballs, suddenly held an attraction that was not there before.

[2] Would Father like him better if he ate those foods?

As they continued to eat, Jin Zhenyi stared at the food beyond the ones placed near him and his chopsticks slowed. [2] He thought: Was this that woman’s way of excluding him from the family? Was she showing off how she could get even Father, the noblest of nobles, to eat commoner’s food with her? Unlike him, Jin Xiunan was clever enough to not say anything and partake in the communal meal without any complaints. Why didn’t she warn him?

However, he also knew that it was his own actions that got him into this trouble. Perhaps it was best that only he got into trouble and not Xiunan. He could endure it. For Mother and for Xiunan…

“Why aren’t you eating? Are you already full?” Jin Fengju asked when he saw that Jin Zhenyi was just playing with his chopsticks.

Jin Zhenyi hesitated, wondering how to answer when Fu Qiuning, who had just ladled out some soup for Jin Changfeng and Jin Changjiao paused to look at Jin Xiunan. With a smile, she said, “Would the Third Miss like some soup?”

[2] Jin Zhenyi watched as the ever-calm and composed Jin Xiunan quickly answered, “Yes, many thanks to Mother.”

[2] Jin Zhenyi’s eyes widened at the way she easily addressed Fu Qiuning as ‘Mother’. How could…

Just then, Jin Fengju laughed and said, “This soup looks delicious. What’s in it?”

[2] Even as Jin Zhenyi was still staring at his traitorous sister, he duly noted his father pushing a bowl forward, an unfamiliar, fawning smile on his face. It was as though Father was starved for attention as Fu Qiuning spoke slowly, not even bothering to look in Father’s direction as she continued to calmly ladle soup into a bowl, “Aunt Yu mentioned this soup often. It is served on celebratory days and filled with good things they could not get most days. This one has shredded meat, pork blood, tofu, and is thickened with eggs. Wealthier families may even add dried oysters. The thick consistency is what makes it delicious.”

[2] Jin Zhenyi barely heard Fu Qiuning’s explanation for the soup. What he was looking at was the entirety of the family sipping at bowls of soup which he did not have. He thought of asking one of the maids to serve him some, but there was no one around to ask. Belatedly, he recalled hearing about that woman not liking the presence of too many maids around her, on the excuse that it was more intimate to eat as a family and serve each other instead. [2] Was this how she had tricked his father into thinking that her place was warmer and cosier than other courtyards?

[2] If so, it appeared to be effective since Father has no other women in his eyes but her, he thought bitterly.

Suddenly, he heard Fu Qiuning say, “Why is Brother Yi not eating? Are you unwell? Would you like a little soup?” Before he could say yes or no, she leaned forward and ladled out a bowl of soup and set it down in front of him. [2] For a moment, Jin Zhenyi just stared at the lightly steaming bowl in front of him. Somehow, even without any machinations or schemes, to suddenly have this bowl of soup that everyone else was drinking so casually, filled with him complicated thoughts.

Seeing his hesitation, [2a] Fu Qiuning said, “Do try a little bit. It’s fine if you don’t like it.”

“Fine, I shall try it because you insisted,” he said imperiously before making a big show of eating.

Fu Qiuning’s eyebrows rose at his lack of manners but said nothing. [3] Jin Fengju appeared to take his cue from her and did not say anything either.

[2a] As the warm and thick soup flowed down his throat, Jin Zhenyi licked his lips and paused, waiting to see if anyone would ridicule him. When no one, not even the annoying Jin Changjiao said anything, he cautiously reached out for the plate of Stir-fried Pork with Chinese Cabbage and Wood Ear Mushrooms. He slowly nibbled at the food, tasting the strong and refreshing flavours, waiting for someone to call him out. When no one did, he picked something else from the ‘rustic banquet’ and ate those too. Perhaps, if he ate these, Father would like him better too?

Suddenly, he heard Jin Fengju laugh and said, “You must ask Aunt Yu who the chef is. We must hire him to personally cook these dishes exclusively for us. I’m sure the Old Ancestor would enjoy them too.”

[2a] “… …” As expected, Father’s favour for this woman goes beyond normal. He had nearly miss-stepped earlier. It was the right thing to eat these rustic dishes.

That woman, Fu Qiuning, pushed her empty bowl aside and said, “If Lord Husband likes these dishes, it is probably better to hire them for special occasions. Though the food is good, it is still a novelty. Surely it is not right to deprive the villagers of a good cook who would only be called to cook these dishes a few times a year?”

[2b] Jin Zhenyi froze. He cast a look at his sister, who looked similarly alarmed. H-how could this woman directly contradict Father like this? Did she no longer want his favour?!

However, instead of being angry or cold, Jin Fengju beamed.[3] The smile on Father’s face vaguely reminded them of the ones the lesser servants made when they tried to curry favour with their mother. Unable to react properly, they could only watch as their father indulgently said, “You are right, of course, let us do it your way~” suddenly, he frowned at Jin Zhenyi, “How much have you eaten? Take care not to overeat. You should stop when you are three-quarters full.”

[2] Jin Zhenyi, who had barely poked at his own food and was only just starting to try out the rustic banquet food, froze in the act of placing one of the large Four Happiness Meatballs into his bowl. He looked incredulously at his father.

The meatball was already in his bowl and he felt compelled to defend it. He pulled the bowl closer and muttered, “I’m not full yet.” [3a]

“Let the child eat, that’s his first Four Happiness Meatball,” said Fu Qiuning unexpectedly.

[2a] Jin Zhenyi flashed a triumphant look at his father, who smirked superiorly at him. [2a] A sudden cold feeling ran up his back and he quickly looked down at the meatball in his bowl. The odd feeling of having been tricked flashed through him. He was… not as clever as Jin Xiunan, he could admit that. However, growing up in a noble house like this, he had developed a sensitivity towards schemes.

[2a] Somehow, Father was scheming something.


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That night, the couple engaged in [4] sex. Fu Qiuning gave it up readily enough since it was her duty anyway. What was annoying was Jin Fengju’s insistence on talking after doing the deed.

“Did Zhenyi cause any trouble for you? The boy is nothing at all like me, I swear he is a rogue to the bones. This has always troubled me. If he doesn’t change his roguish behaviour while with you, just let me know. I shall teach him a proper lesson.”

Fu Qiuning stared at the ceiling for a moment, “It’s fine, there’s no need for you to interfere.”

“No, no, of course, it is only right that I assist my dear wife. I have thought long and hard and could only entrust them to you. So, I should assist you in every way.”

“You could assist by taking them elsewhere.”

“… …” sensing that he had stepped on a landmine, he quickly hugged her from the back and kissed her cheek, trying to coax a smile as he said, “But you are my official wife, where else would I take them? Sleep now, don’t be angry. How about this, I won’t go out tomorrow and accompany you all day. How about it?”

“I have to make rice dumplings tomorrow,” she said vaguely.

“Is that so? Then, I shall place peach branches and mugwort leaves on the doors for the Dragon Boat Festival,” he teased.

“Do as you like,” said Fu Qiuning tiredly. “It’s not like I can stop you. I have no power or authority in this place.”

“What nonsense, I can immediately let you wield the power of the official wife as soon as tomorrow. Qiuning? Qiuning? Are you angry? Don’t be angry, I won’t talk about making you do what you don’t want to. Qiuning, don’t ignore me.”

However, Fu Qiuning refused to look at him for the rest of the evening. [4a] Somehow, his hands rove about and they had sex again. Fortunately, it ended sooner than she expected and peace reigned once more.


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The next morning, Jin Fengju felt someone getting out of bed and heard the rustling of clothes. He opened his eyes to see Qiuning quietly getting ready for the morning.

He lazily said, “It’s still early in the morning, the sun hasn’t even come out yet. What are you doing? I don’t have to attend court right now, so I can sleep a little longer. When I start attending court again, I won’t have this opportunity.”

Fu Qiuning paused, “Lord Husband is welcome to keep sleeping. Today is the Dragon Boat Festival. It is custom to tie colourful threads on the children to ward off evil spirits.”

When Jin Fengju was about to get up, she hurriedly pushed him back, “This is a mother’s role, how could I allow you, the father to do it? Moreover, men are usually so careless, you’ll just wake the children.”

Hearing this, Jin Fengju made a sound of agreement and thought of reminding her not to forget Jin Zhenyi and Jin Xiunan. However, he never said anything in the end. He had no idea whether it was to test Qiuning to see if she truly cared for those two children… however, that was just ridiculous. She had already made it clear that she did not care for them.

Those two children were forced upon her, and she had openly expressed her unwillingness to take them in. As for that Jin Zhenyi brat, that foolish child had no idea how to restrain himself and appeared determined to anger Fu Qiuning at every opportunity. It was only natural for her to dislike him and not tie strings for the siblings. Even so, where else could he send those two children?

The more he thought, the more gloomy he became. Finally, he decided to get out of bed. However, even though he waited for a long time, he could not catch even a glimpse of Fu Qiuning’s shadow. In the end, he washed up and left the room. He asked one of the maidservants and found that Fu Qiuning had already started making dumplings

After a while, the household servants had all begun their work in their respective positions. The four children, because they did not have to go to school for the day, did not wake up early. However, they did not sleep in too late either. The children got up as soon as the sun rose and dressed themselves. The children sat together in the dining room, waiting for Fu Qiuning to join them for breakfast.


Gumihou: Trying to pin everything on Jin Zhenyi being a ‘glutton’ or more specifically a ‘gluttonous worm’ to explain his actions is in such poor taste that Gumi can’t stand it. Don’t worry Jin Zhenyi! You have triggered the automatic protection under USMiC! You shall be given proper and reasonable reasons for your actions!!

On that note, I think the author doesn’t really understand children or people in general. The other reason could only be that she was too busy churning out pages to properly flesh out the side characters. After all, she had caused her own MC to act OOC on many occasions, so what are side characters to her?


[1] Have Jin Fengju laughed for AR Qiuning.

[2] Instead of Jin Zhenyi being greedy, make it so that he wanted to eat it because Dad is eating it so deliciously.

[2a] Give the poor boy a bit more depth beyond ‘greedy worm’

[2b] Dear, you should know that children are always listening

[3] Deleted ‘romantic couples smiled at each other over their kid’s antics’, replace it with normal human reaction for Fu Qiuning and infatuated idiot for Jin Fengju. Since the author wants him to be an infatuated idiot, Gumi sees no reason to change it.

[3a] Deleted ‘hoping FQN would help him’ because that’s just bait for ‘couple solidarity’ action. It also made JZY look like some weird brat and not the hurt little boy he really was.

[4] Taking away the romance, because seriously? The teehee is annoying.

[4a] JFJ coaxing his women with sex, he already did this with Jiang Wanying remember? I didn’t want to, but I remembered.


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