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Tondemo Skill – 508 – End of Life. I Think.

Chapter 508 – End of Life. I Think


Author: Eguchi Ren

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou >_<

Edited for dramatic purpose.

More drama!

More excitement!

More Aaahhh!!!!


“As expected, it is a mistake to come to this dungeon…”

“Uooohhh!!!! I’m gonna dieeeeeee!!!”



Three-quarters of the battle-hardened [Ark] party were screaming their heads off as they desperately clung onto Sui.

As for myself…

“What is going on!? Fer! Grandpa Gon! Do something!!!”

The reason why we were so screaming so desperately (aside from Gaudino-san who seemed stoically resigned to death) was that we had been caught up in a giant whirlpool. That’s right, the [Mizumaru] and the people on board Sui were now spinning round and round and being sucked into a vortex of death.

“This is all your fault, Feeerrrr!!!!”

We’re all about to die for your ‘little detour’!! I- I’m not sure how but I’ll make you sorry for this!!

My tears were pouring sideways across my face due to the spinning motion.

““Oi, are you alright?”” Dora-chan’s concerned voice echoed in my mind.

“”Fer is here, so it would be alright,”” Grandpa Gon’s reasonable voice sounded very irritating to my ear for some reason!

You two—!!!

You flight-capable Dragon Corp don’t understand my despair at all!! If anything were to happen, you could just fly awayyyy!!!

“”Aruji~~~ we’re going round and round and round and round~~ it’s so fun~~””

Sob, sob.

At least Sui is having fun…

Why are you having fun??!!!

[1] “”S-sui, could you get us out of here? It- it’s, we’re in big danger! Big danger! We must get out!!””

“”Big danger~~ Sui will beat the big danger~~!!””

“”Wait, Sui…””

Through Sui, I finally caught a glimpse of the source of the whirlpool. It was a mouth. A gigantic mouth filled with row after row of razor-sharp teeth.

If the mouth alone was big enough to cause a whirlpool this big, just how enormous is the rest of the body?!!

Ugh, there was an odd clattering sound and it took me a while to realise that it was the clacking and grinding of those teeth.

“Gyahh!!! Nooo!!! I’m gonna dieeee!!!”

Am… am I seeing my life flashing before my eyes?

Elementary school, junior high, high school, college…

My internship years…

The sudden transfer into this world…

Meeting Fer, Sui, Dora-chan and Grandpa Gon…

I may have been sucked into this world by accident, but I had been living a relatively pleasant life…

Too bad, it would be over soon.

My entire future was being sucked into that mouth. My body would be crunched to death…

““Enough fussing, didn’t I say it would be fine?”” Fer’s voice resonated calmly through my mind.

“”What do you mean fussing? Can’t I vent a little at death’s door?! I’m about to die anyway!!! Die!!!””

Even as we quarrelled, the mouth was getting closer and closer at every revolution.

““A-a lot has happened, but, but… Fer, Sui, Dora-chan, Grandpa Gon! I’m glad to have met you guys!!!””

““Haahhh… what are you talking about? How embarrassing. First of all, we’re not going to die here.””

As soon as the words left Fer’s mouth-


An enormous bolt of lightning flashed through the sky right into the centre of the vortex. My eyes were momentarily blinded and my ears rang.

For a moment, there was absolute nothingness….


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When my ears stopped ringing and shadows finally stopped flickering at the edges of my eyes, I slowly unclench my grip on Sui’s body and looked around. The gigantic whirlpool had disappeared, replaced by a calm sea and perfect blue skies.

The [Ark] was also similarly stunned.

““Round and round, round and round~~”” 

Sui sang to herself as she slowly revolved in place.

[1] Not trusting myself to not throw up when I open my mouth, I sent a weak telepathy message to Sui, “”Don’t… that whirlpool was caused by a monster…””

“”Struck down with a single blow, excellent move, Fer,”” said Grandpa Gon as he looked at the calm water admiringly

“”Fufun, but of course.””

“”Hey, but what is that thing?”” came Dora-chan’s fascinated voice. “”I have never seen anything like it before.””



“”I don’t know, but I know I can defeat it.””

“Y-you–!!” I managed to push myself up and point a finger at Fer, but collapsed soon after. However, I managed to scold him even from my prone position, “”What is that answer?! How could you just attack something without knowing what it is?! How could you be so irresponsible!!!??””

U-umu…” came Fer’s slightly flustered answer. “I know I could defeat it even without knowing its name. Hey, Grandpa Gon, you should know the name of that thing. It’s, uh, it’s that creature that’s huge and slow-moving. Plus it’s in the sea, so my attack would definitely kill it.”

“Hmm, I think I’m starting to recall, it likes to eat Sea Serpents too whenever it could get them. Let’s see… it’s called a key- no, a cape? No, no a caru, a Charybdis! That’s right, it’s called a [2] Charybdis!”

“Oh, a Charybdis, I shall remember that.”

We, that is, members of the [Ark] and myself, were stunned and speechless by the casual banter between Fer and Grandpa Gon.

Unfair! Why are you two so casual while I was about to die?

Also, why would you go after a monster you didn’t know the name of Ferrrr!!!???

I collapsed on my face, pressing my forehead into Sui’s cool body.

“”Gotcha~! Look, Uncle Fer~~””

Through Sui’s body, I could see Sui’s tentacles rising up with something clutched at the end. The Drop items for the Charybdis?

Nuu, it’s nothing edible. Just give it to that guy. What a useless monster…”


I rolled to my side to get a proper look at the things Sui had collected from the sea.

There were three items in total.

A huge fang, a treasure chest and a magic stone.

My face immediately cramped up.

The size of the treasure chest was similar to those Dropped by dungeon bosses on the lower floors of Doran and Avering’s dungeons. Also, the magic stone was an XL size stone.

Even without casting [Appraisal], I could tell that these things came from an S Rank creature.


“Hey, is that thing the dungeon boss?”


“Not at all.”

“Hic, what? N-no way… so you’re saying that… the dungeon boss would be… even more…”

Umu, what a promising sign. It’s been a while since I have battled a truly worthy opponent. I look forward to it.”

“… …”

I don’t look forward to it at all!!


[Gumihou: I wonder, would the dungeon boss be Scylla? A six-headed, six-legged sea monster often mentioned alongside Charybdis]


[1] I don’t know why Mukouda is verbally shouting at Sui in the wind when he could do it telepathically.

[2] Charybdis -it’s unclear what a Charybdis looks like aside from being a mouth full of teeth at the bottom of the sea… has a new Membership System!!

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  1. Filip

    While it’s barely mentioned in the novel, I’m absolutely sure there are skills in this isekai (Mukoda can buy stuff using his cheat unique skill), so I hope at some point this silly goose super scaredy cat MC will get a skill to help with this issue.
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    Mukouda, if you want to escape from the whirlpool, everyone just hop on the back of Grandpa Gon. No way you will die there…

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