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Higher Level Wife – 170 – Farmhouse Cuisine

Chapter 170: Farmhouse Cuisine

Author: White Pear Flower


Translated by Pill Bug

Edited by Gumihou


In the blink of an eye, the Dragon Boat Festival arrived, and Aunt Yu was married off the day before the festival. Because Jin Fengju was grateful for her past kindness to Jin Changfeng and Jin Changjiao, he personally handed Aunt Yu some money for a grand and splendid wedding. Thus, the Zhang family also benefited greatly from this marriage.

It went without saying that it was a very busy day. However, as the main wife of the Young Marquis, Fu Qiuning could not personally attend the Zhang family banquet despite her deep affection for Aunt Yu. In the end, Yu Jie and Jian Feng were sent to accompany the bride. Jin Fengju also sent Jin Ming to accompany them, granting the Zhang family great amount of face and making the neighbours envious of them. They even said that the Zhang family must have accumulated great virtue for who knew how many generations to have obtained such a lucky daughter-in-law.

As the sun was setting, Fu Qiuning sat by the window, inspecting Jin Changjiao’s embroidery when a junior maid called Bing Ling entered with a smile and said, “Madam, the Zhang family wedding was so lively today. The banquet was also very splendid. I must say, they really gave their all to show off to all their neighbours. After all, how many had mocked Third Brother Zhang for refusing to get a wife?

Who would have thought that this good person would be rewarded for his good deed and after a long time, won over our precious Aunt Yu? Madam, don’t you think that this is such a great blessing?”

Fu Qiuning smiled and said, “Did Jian Feng and Yu Jie send you back here just to tell me this?”

Bing Ling slapped her forehead with a laugh and exclaimed, “This maid was so caught up in my excitement that this maid almost forgot about the important matter. Yu Jie asked me to come back and ask Madam something. She said the Zhang family’s banquet was very splendid because they had specially invited a skilled rural chef. Although the chef was from the countryside, there was nothing to criticise about the chef’s culinary skills.

Yu Jie mentioned how Madam often talks about the common people and how they would handle things. Though it is nothing extravagant or luxurious, their cuisine has its own unique flavours. She sent this maid back to ask whether Madam would like to have a taste. Should Madam wish it, Aunt Yu and Third Brother Zhang will send two tables of banquet food over for Madam to try.”

Fu Qiuning smiled and said, “One table should suffice, there is no need to be so excessive. Even if the Young Marquis is here, he would not be able to eat a whole table full of food by himself.”

Bing Ling smiled and said, “I already said as much to her. Since that is the case, this maid will go and get those little fellows to bring the food back in large food containers.”

Fu Qiuning nodded in agreement and watched Bing Ling leave. Jin Changjiao tossed her embroidery aside and ran to the window, her voice envious as she said, “I really wanted to see the wedding myself. It must be so exciting. Mother, will Aunt Yu really continue to work at Elegant Mansion?”

“Of course, she may be married but her entire family works at the estate in some form or other. She just won’t be with you at night anymore.” When Jin Changjiao pouted, she smiled and said, “Isn’t it fine? We have other maids to choose from. Two may be assigned to serve you and your brother first. After the Dragon Boat Festival, the newly purchased maids will arrive and more would be assigned here. As noble children, it is only right that you should have more people by your side.”

[a] “You mean like the other kids?” Jin Changjiao shrugged. “It seems so unnecessary to have so many people standing around doing nothing.”

Fu Qiuning smiled bitterly and said, “This is part of what being a noble is about. Don’t bother trying to think of ways to save money for your father. Just take what he gives you. If you do not wish to spend your allowances, you may keep them. However, when it comes to face and appearance, just wear what is appropriate.”

Rapid footsteps interrupted them and it was followed by Feng Yuanzhan’s childish voice, “Elder Brother Feng, Elder Brother Feng… ya…” [1]

Fu Qiuning and Jin Changjiao stepped out to see Feng Yuanzhan climbing up the steps on his little legs. Jin Zhenyi was on top of the steps, looking down at him with a sullen expression. The little fellow must have sensed hostility and dared not move forward. 

Just then, Jin Changfeng hurried out from his study to call, “Zhan’er.” He ran down the steps, grabbed Feng Yuanzhan’s little hand and they walked around Jin Zhenyi. “Come to the study, Brother will tell you a story.”

In short, Jin Zhenyi was completely ignored. [b] The sulking Jin Zhenyi suddenly perked up when he saw Fu Qiuning. Puffing up his chest and throwing his head up like a fighting rooster, he loudly declared, “I did not bully him.”

[b] “…congratulations on your restraint,” [c] said Fu Qiuning dryly.

When nothing else followed, Jin Zhenyi snorted and turned around to walk away. That was when Fu Qiuning said, “I heard from Feng’er that the teacher had left some homework for everyone since he could not be at school today. Have you done it yet? If not, go and finish it at the study before going out to play.”

Jin Zhenyi snorted again, “That’s not my study. I don’t need you to fuss over my homework.”

Fu Qiuning raised an eyebrow, “[c1] You do understand why your father favours Feng’er and Jiao’er, right? If you do not care to improve yourself, your fate is out of my hands.”

Jin Zhenyi was speechless after hearing her words, especially when Jin Fengju was mentioned. With a flick of his head, he thought to himself: It’s just some homework. I’ll finish it and leave immediately. I don’t want this woman to have another excuse to slander me in front of Father.

Fu Qiuning looked at Jin Zhenyi as he entered the study. “Your younger brother Zhenyi is a temperamental one.”

Jin Changjiao smiled and said, “Don’t worry, Mother. [a] That kind of explosive temper could still be considered cute when compared to the quiet and scheming Third Young Miss. Although, I must say, the Clear Soft Pavilion siblings are even more cunning.”

Fu Qiuning sighed, “So long as you and Feng’er understand. Come, the banquet lunch should be here soon. Let us have a taste of what a countryside chef’s skill is like.”

Indeed, not long after that, servants bearing large food boxes soon arrived at Elegant Mansion under the guidance of a senior matron. Bai Lu and a few other maids who did not attend the wedding banquet set out the dishes on smaller bowls and plates. The food was still warm as they came in covered bowls. They hadn’t left yet when they heard someone shout from outside, “Young Marquis has returned.”

Fu Qiuning went out to greet him as per her duty. The man of the hour was laughing as he entered saying, “I saw a group of servants leaving with food boxes, just what good things are you delivering and to whom?”

“Nothing and no one,” said Fu Qiuning indifferently. [d] “As I am unable to attend a banquet due to my status, Yu Jie arranged to have one banquet table’s worth of food sent over for lunch.”

[a1] “Oh? Then, this is a good time for us to taste some commoner’s cooking. I look forward to it!” said Jin Fengju as he headed for the dining hall without even going through the main room.

Fu Qiuning sent Jian Feng to call the children over. When the expected four children were trailed by a fifth child, she smiled at Feng Yuanzhan and said, “Since Zhan’er is here too, you may take your lunch here. Jian Feng, go and inform Sister-in-law that Zhan’er will be taking his lunch with us. We’ll send him back after lunch.”

[e] Jian Feng acknowledged the order and rushed off.

Seeing his father, Jin Zhenyi began to seeth quietly at how easily that woman controlled the situation. [f] He was also frustrated because aside from a cursory glance, his father never paid any attention to him. Father’s eyes were busy following that woman’s every movement. It was… it was… he had seen this before. Mother’s eyes used to follow after Father just like this whenever he came to visit them.

[f] How can this be?

[f] How could this woman make his noble father to look at her like that?!

[f] Nearly boiling over with anger, he looked away and finally caught sight of the food on the table. The large pots and dishes looked like they had been brought in from outside. Though the food smelled good, the pots and dishes were crudely made and he made the snap decision to say, “What is this? Pig feed? Who can eat this?”


[Gumihou: Looks like author is determined to make Zhenyi a huge idiot]


[a] Give Jiao’er some of Fu Qiuning’s dialogue. Enough with the TED talks already.

[a1] Hand over some of Fu Qiuning’s dialogue to JFJ, he was the one who likes to misinterpret information to his advantage

[b] Remove unnecessary butt-polishing explanations

[c] Deleted obvious FQN is so, so, soooooo much better as a person~~~ statements

Even Fu Qiuning, who always handled things calmly, was on the verge of laughter. She quickly coughed to cover it up and smiled, saying, “I know, I also didn’t say you bullied him.”

[c1] Replace ‘your father, your father’ statements with ‘dude, I do not care’

snorted back coldly, “The study has two chambers, inner and outer, one for you and Third Young Miss, and the other for Feng’er and Jiao’er. How did it become ‘not your study’? If your father hears this, what does it mean? Do you think he will reprimand me for being mean to you, or scold you for not studying well and fitting in with the group?”

[c2] Dude, no, that bratty attitude is not cute. Also, don’t make your children parent other children.

…then said to Jin Changjiao, “Your younger brother Zhenyi can still be considered cute. Although he has caused trouble for your brother, that was because his mother didn’t teach him well. It’s quite rare to raise someone as straightforward as him in such a grand household. In the future, talk to your brother and tell him not to keep dwelling on his mistakes.”

[d] Switched out ‘tee hee I was sooo sooo hungry for commoners food~~’ answer to ‘I can’t even go to a friend’s banquet because I married to you’

[e] Avoided 400 words of drama for the sake of drama by sending Jian Feng to Pillow Moon Pavilion instead of the unclear Hua Hong.

Hua Hong, go to Pillow Moon Pavilion and inform Sister-in-law that I requested Zhan’er to have a meal here. After we finish eating, send him back so she will not worry.”

Hua Hong acknowledged it and left. Meanwhile, Fu Qiuning noticed that Jin Zhenyi’s face darkened, so she smiled and said, “Sorry for borrowing your people. Today, the maids in my courtyard are mostly attending Aunt Yu’s wedding, and I’m afraid that they would only return late at night.”

Jin Fengju glanced at Jin Zhenyi and frowned, “You are their mother. What’s wrong with using their maids? You are not allowed to say such things in the future; it simply sounds like we’re from two different families.” After speaking, he looked at Jin Zhenyi again and said coldly, “I won’t investigate your past misconducts, but after the lesson you received last time, you better rein in your unruly behaviour. Retract those prickly horns on your head for me. If you can’t, I’ll press them in for you. Don’t forget that you are part of the noble family, not some street ruffian.”

Pouting, Jin Zhenyi murmured in a dissatisfied tone, “I didn’t even say anything, yet I received a scolding out of the blue. This is truly an unjust disaster.” 

Jin Fengju’s eyes widened in response to his words, but Fu Qiuning couldn’t help but laugh and said, “Alright, if you don’t eat soon, it will get cold. Elegant Mansion is under my jurisdiction, so naturally, I set the rules here. Why do you care about how we, mother and children, get along? If we are all happy and don’t embarrass Lord Husband, isn’t that good enough? By the way, Yi’er has been well-behaved recently. I even praised him the other day for being quite sensible.”

Fu Qiuning usually got along peacefully with both of them, even if they were mostly left alone, so when she spoke up for him at that time, Jin Zhenyi was reluctant to accept her support. He wanted to find a reason to complain in his heart, but couldn’t find one. After all, Fu Qiuning had made it clear from the beginning that they didn’t need to pretend to be obedient, well-behaved, or filial children, and she didn’t want to play the role of a loving mother. So, her words of support only appeared magnanimous and not hypocritical at all.

Yeah, the author just wanted more reason to mentally torture the poor kid and show just how ‘lovely’ and ‘benevolent’ FQN is. Also, in what way are the above actions ‘non-hypocritical’? Things don’t become non-hypocritical just on your say so. Just like how Jin Fengju is still an ass no matter how well you polish him.

[f] Since author wants Jin Zhenyi to be angry, let’s anger him with Jin Fengju’s lovesick attitude



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