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Tondemo Skill – 504 – Assassin Jaguar

Chapter 504 – Assassin Jaguar


Author: Eguchi Ren

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou >_<

General adjustment to make the text smoother.


Thanks to last night’s Turtle Hotpot, the gluttonous quartet practically leapt out of bed this morning. Obnoxiously cheerful and nearly bursting with energy, they happily munched on their Pork Cutlet Sandwiches washing everything down with coke and cider.

The [Ark] was also very energetic and, at their request, had the same meat, meat, meat menu as my familiars.

Feodora-san was poking at her cheek with one finger even as her other hand held her Cutlet Sandwich. Her face had become glossy and plump from last night’s collagen feast.

Gaudino-san, Gideon-san and Siegwald-san also looked especially glossy and sparkly today.

It was quite unpleasant.


I poked at my own cheek and felt my face stiffen up at the unusual smoothness…

That’s right, I also ate Turtle Hotpot yesterday…

Ugh, maybe I should restrain from cooking softshell turtles from now on…

After breakfast, we boarded [Mizumaru] and set out.

The Dragon Corps also rode with us quietly. There was a slight sense of solemnity as we all followed Fer’s direction towards the Boss.

A short while later, Fer stopped Sui.


The end of each floor usually meant an encounter with a ‘Boss’ monster. Occasionally, we would encounter a large number of foes in place of a single powerful monster, but generally, there would be at least one higher-level species of the same type waiting for us.

Right now, in front of us were two large beasts with golden fur patterned with black dots. They were pacing back and forth in front of a cave opening between some overlapping, moss-covered rocks.

That must be the entrance to the next level.

Also, judging from the size of the rocks, the beasts were most likely about 3 meters long, not counting their restless, whip-like tails.

“Are those… jaguars?”

Umu, Assassin Jaguars. Master is quick on the uptake, this time.”

“Oi, what’s with the ‘this time’?”

“An incredibly agile monster. Well, nothing that can’t be solved with a single Dragon Breath.”

“I wish you wouldn’t say that with every other strong monster,” I sighed. “I don’t think there are any monsters in the world that could not be ‘taken care of’ with a single Dragon Breath.”

“Except for me.”

“Except maybe for Fer.”

“Hey! What’s with the ‘maybe’!?”

“O-oi, that’s a-an actual Assissin Jaguar!” said Gaudino-san.

“Even the name is too incredible,” muttered Gideon-san.

“If I remember correctly, they are S Rank monsters. I think I read about them in a book at an Adventurer’s Guild in the City of Balcarce,”

“Balcarce, that’s close to the Great Forest of Perales, isn’t it?” said Siegwald thoughtfully.


Umu, I heard that the monsters in that forest are so strong that people call that place the Devil’s Nest… ordinary people can’t afford to meddle with the things that live there…”

“To think we’ll have to deal with two creatures from the Devil’s Nest here…”

Ahhh, maybe I shouldn’t have listened in on their discussion. The more they talk the more nervous I become…

Even Fer acknowledged those creatures with a solemn ‘Umu, I approve of their agility’.

Fer-san? What is there to approve of?!

“Hey, so, um, there are two of them… are you guys okay…?”

Phun, but of course.”

“Then, I shall unleash my Dragon Breath…”

“Stop it! Stop trying to solve everything with Dragon Breath! Oh my god! Y-you could collapse the entire dungeon!!!”

[1] “Exactly, why is it all Dragon Breath with you, huh? You old geezer!” Fer gleefully snapped.

Mu, Dragon Breath is the most powerful attack, so it’s only natural to use it.”

“You’re just a boring old geezer, admit it, you old geezer.”


“Hey, hey, stop it, you two!”

“Master, the Fenrir verbally assaulted me first.”

“I am merely speaking the truth.”

“Enough, I don’t want to hear it anymore. More importantly, what are you going to do about those two?”

While we were arguing, Dora-chan flew over to chime in, “”Hey, hey, what’s this about dragons being obsessed with Dragon’s Breath? What about me, huh?”


““Fufun, not only do I have all kinds of magical skills, but my agility is one of the best out there.””

“Indeed, Dora-chan is amazing!” I agreed.

[2] “”Which is why, I get to fight them.””

With that, he flew off towards the Assassin Jaguars.

“”Ah–! Unfair–! Sui wants to fight too—!””

“Wait! You two– Sui-tan—-!!!”

Umu, for opponents of that level, I don’t mind giving way to the young ones.”

“I agree with Fer. Assassin Jaguars are not worth our time.”

[3] “Gununu, what’s with those self-important statements?! How could I just allow my Sui-tan to go alone?!” I impulsively grabbed my Mithril Spear from the [Item Box] and was about to charge forward when Fer stepped in my way. “Hey!”

“It’s best if Master sit down and watch,”

“Indeed, especially since the Assassin Jaguars could use magic.”

“Eh? Magic?”

I looked and indeed, one of the Assassin Jaguars was waving its front paw in a none-animal like way, causing the grass to wave and dance.

Umu, it is using wind magic.”

“Is it similar to Fer’s Claw Slash?”

“Hmm, it is an imperfect version of it.”

Whatever it was, Dora-chan was casually flitting and avoiding the ‘imperfect’ Claw Slash.


“”Hahaha! Missed me! Missed me!””

When the Assassin Jaguar realised that its attacks were not working, it leapt forward and tried to bite at the rapidly moving Dora-chan.


“Don’t just avoid it. Attack!” Fer yelled.


A pillar of ice struck the Assassin Jaguar’s back, piercing through its belly.


After that final death cry, it disappeared.

As for Sui…

Sui was fighting the other Assassin Jaguar in her regular form.

Pew! Pew! Pew!

However, the Assassin Jaguar dodged all her Acid Bullets.

Sui hopped up and down, clearly getting angry.

“”Why can’t I pew pew it–!””

Then, transparent ropes of tentacles burst out of her body and tried to wrap themselves around the Assassin Jaguar.

However, the Assassin Jaguar’s agility was no joke, it quickly dodged all attempts to hold it down.


Pew! Pew! Pew!

Finally, the Assassin Jaguar miss-stepped and Sui’s third tentacle caught it by the tail.

“”Haha~~! Gotchu~~””

“Sui…” why do you sound so evil?!


The Assassin Jaguar struggled to escape from Sui’s tentacles.

““Hehe~ Sui won’t let you go~””

The Jaguar bit into the tentacle and shook his head, trying to bite it off.

On other monsters, it might have succeeded in escaping, but his opponent was a Slime with a soft yet incredibly durable and flexible body.

““Attacks like this don’t work on Sui~~””

A tentacle roped around the Assassin Jaguar’s neck, while another one wrapped around its body. Then, Sui plopped itself on the Jaguar’s head and… submerged the Jaguar’s head into her body.

“… …”

Unable to breathe, the Assassin Jaguar began to rampage even more. However, its movements soon lessened and eventually, it stopped moving.

Finally, the Assassin Jaguar disappeared, leaving behind magic stones and a set of golden fur with black spots.

““Yay~~! Sui won~~!”

Sui bounced up and down happily, lifting the Jaguar skin above her head like a prize.

“”Oho, Sui won too~!!””


“”Oh, you got magic stones and skin too…””

“”No meat…””

“”I guess it can’t be helped, this thing doesn’t look like it’ll give out meat.””

“… ah, Sui? When did you learn an attack like that?” I asked with a rather cramped look on my face.

Umu, it is effective, but…”

“Hmm, indeed…”

For once, the other two also looked a little uncomfortable. I guess Sui’s ‘suffocation’ attack was a bit too much for all of us…

I put my hands together to pray for the dead Assassin Jaguar.

As for the [Ark], well, their eyes were kind of distant.

“It’s… not just the Fenrir…”

“S Class monsters… taken down by a small dragon, and a slime…”

“It’s best to never anger Mukouda-san…”

“I… will be sensible…”

Oi, just what kind of person do you think I am?

Also, didn’t I already tell you that Sui and Dora-chan are both very strong?

It’s not like I’ll recklessly kill people even when angered?!


[Gumihou: This world is lucky that Mukouda is a peace-loving guy]


[1] Deleted a whole bunch of ‘aahhhhh’ panics from Mukouda.

[2] Have Dora-chan be more decisive in grabbing the opportunity to 

[3] Rather than have a repeat of Mukouda ordering Fer to help the smaller familiars, have him try to attack instead.

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