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Tondemo Skill – 495.1 – Idle Talk – Magic Fridge’s Time to Shine

Chapter 495.1 – Idle Talk – Magic Fridge’s Time to Shine


Author: Eguchi Ren

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou >_<

Eguchi Ren: Times are tough, but let’s do what we can to make our stay-at-home more enjoyable~

By the way, I had been reading more online novels too~ w

4th May, 2020

Gumihou: Eguchi-san was thinking of us during the dark times too~~



While my familiars were napping in the living room of my Carelina house, I had been mulling over something that had been bothering me.

I must have been thinking too loudly, because one of Fer’s eyes popped open, and he asked grumpily, “What is it?”


“Well, it’s like this, remember that cold box magic tool from the King of Thieves’ hoard?”

“Hm, the big cold box.”

“Well, I thought I’d get more use out of it, but… since I just buy things directly from [Net Super] there’s no need to store things away in a cold room. Also, my [Item Box] has a time stop function, so hot and cold food could be stored without any problem…”

“…and? What is your problem?” Fer yawned.

“It’s just, I want to get more use out of it! I just use it for pickles and marinades, and then transfer those things into my [Item Box] once done. I’d use it to chill drinks, but drinks from [Net Super] are pre-chilled, unless I buy them in cartons…”

“I don’t know what your problem is, but good luck thinking,” Fer yawned again and closed his eyes.

Grrrr, this fellow…

“Haahhh, I supposed I could make desserts? But, I’m not much of a dessert guy. I made jelly the last time, but that’s just mixing up stuff and letting it set…”

““Jelly~? Dessert~~!”” Sui suddenly bounced up. “”Sweets~ Sweets~!””

The rest were woken up by Sui’s bouncing.

“”Someone said dessert?””

“Is Master making something? I’m sure it will be delicious.”

““Sweets~? Is Aruji making sweets~?””


“”Yay~! Yay~! Yay~!””

Ahh, I guess I have to do my best to make something for my Sui-tan~~

Hmm, speaking of mixing up stuff and letting them set… isn’t there another type of dessert that could be made that way…?

It was a dessert that I was once tasked to make when working as a part-timer at a coffee shop back when I was  a student. The classic No-bake Cheesecake!


Please read this at kitchennovel dot com ~


“Right, shall we begin?”

It was time to make the dessert. Why am I making it so early, you ask? Well, mix and set dessert need time to sit in the fridge to properly set.

Since I’m putting so much effort into the dessert, dinner would be something simple. Cutlet Sandwiches made with minced dungeon pork and dungeon beef. Some were even the cheese-in type. For the bread, we have Teresa’s special rustic country bread, so don’t look down on this easy-to-assemble dinner, okay?

It’s made with top-quality ingredients!

Speaking of Teresa’s bread, I really like it, you know? My favourite way of eating the bread is to serve it lightly toasted and buttered, topped with finely sliced cabbage and minced meat~

Anyway, I’ll be giving my all for dessert today!

First, gather the needed ingredients from [Net Super]: Cream cheese, unsweetened plain yogurt, fresh cream etc.

It took me a while to remember all the ingredients since it had been a long time since I had made the thing. Luckily it is a fairly forgiving recipe, so measurements don’t have to be too precise.

Anyway, I soon have everything I needed. If I happen to forget something, I can just buy it later.

Next, make the cheesecake base.

To do this, let’s melt some unsalted butter. I have a trick for melting butter, which is to place the box of butter in a bowl. Next, I pour hot water that  I kept in my [item Box] for the purpose of making tea or coffee making, and then just let the box of butter sit and melt in the hot water bath.

While the butter is chilling in its warm bath, I put some biscuits into a large plastic bag and began crushing it with a rolling pin.

Crunch, crunch, crunch—

“”What is Aruji doing~?””

“Oh, it’s Sui~ I’m making the dessert, do you want to help me?”


Sui bounced in and I showed her how to crush the biscuits.

“Don’t use too much strength or the bag will tear, we want it slightly sandy looking.”


“Yes, like sand,” I said encouragingly.

While Sui was crunch, crunching away, I checked on the butter. Nice, it was melting properly. I gave the half-melted butter a stir with a spoon.

“”Aruji~~ is this okay~?””

“Oh my, that was fast, Sui~”

We poured the smashed-up biscuits into a large bowl and tipped the box of melted butter over it. After stirring the butter into the biscuit crumbs, we spread out the cheesecake base on five cake moulds before leaving them to chill in the magic cooler box.

I had left the cream cheese out to soften and it was now time to beat the cream cheese with a whisk until smooth. I had been dreading this part a bit, but with Sui here…

“Sui-tan~ here, see how I whisk this cheese? Could you do it for me~?”


I watched for a moment as Sui vigorously beat the cream cheese, before nodding to myself and leaving to fetch the castor sugar.

“Right, you can stop for a moment. I’m going to add the sugar. Hmm, about this much should do… right, mix it again. A little slowly so that the sugar doesn’t scatter, okay? Mix until the sugar dissolves.”


Ah, my stand mixer Sui-tan is so cute~

I measured out some lemon juice and yoghurt on the side. I also dissolved some powdered gelatine and quickly placed the warm gelatine water into my [Item Box] to prevent it from setting.

Sui still wasn’t done with the cream cheese and sugar mixture, so I dumped a few litres of cream into another bowl and began whisking that.

““The crunchy crunchy sugar is gone~””

“Excellent job, Sui. Here, mix this cream next.”


Ah, having Sui-tan really cuts down my work by 70%. I took over the cream cheese mixture and stirred the yoghurt and lemon mixture into the cream cheese. Finally, I took out the dissolved gelatine and added it little by little into the cream cheese, whisking all the time.

The final step was folding the 70% stiff cream into the cheese mixture. Overbeating is a no-no, otherwise, the cream would just turn into butter.

After mixing everything together, we took out the baking moulds and poured the cheese and cream mixture in. After smoothing out the surface, our part was done. The rest was up to the magic cooler box.

We made a total of five cakes, one for each of us. Well, I expect I’d probably only eat two slices at best, but I’m sure someone would be happy to help me eat the rest.

This kind of cheesecake was considered a classic No-bake Cheesecake. Still, classic is good, right?

Anyway, to change up the taste all we have to do is add some seasonal fruit sauce.

Speaking of fruit sauce, we have collected more Violet Berry upon our re-entry to the dungeon. Let’s make some Violet Berry sauce since Sui loves it.

“”Berry~! Big yummy berry~~””

“Yes, Sui helped me pick them, remember?”

““Yes~ from the bad deer.””

“Haha, yes…”

The berry sauce was pretty easy to make, just chop up the berries, scatter granulated sugar and a bit of lemon juice over it and simmer over low heat until the sugar melted and the liquid thickened a little.

While the sauce was boiling, Sui tugged at my shirt, “”Is cake done yet~””

“No yet, it needs to sit in the cold for a bit.”

“”Can Dora-chan use Ice Magic…””

“No, well, I’m not sure, but I think this kind of cake needs a slow and steady cooling. Don’t worry, it will be done by dinner time. We can eat it after dinner.”


Please read this at kitchennovel dot com ~


Dinner was… well, it was good. However, everyone was more interested in what was inside the magic cooler box.

Finally, I took out one of the No-bake Cheesecakes and cut it into slices. I served the slices on a plate and topped each slice with a generous drizzle of the brightly coloured Violet Berry Sauce.

“Right, for dessert, we have some cheesecake. Sui and I made this, you know?”


“Hmm, is that so?”

“How interesting. It looks very good,”

“”I’m taking a bite now!!””

Sui bounced up and down anxiously as everyone tucked into the cheesecake. “”How is it~? How is it~?””

Umu, not bad.”

“Very nice, not too sweet. Very creamy.”

“”It’s not pudding, but it has a bit of a pudding texture. I like it!””

“”Yay~! Yay~! Sui made a delicious thing~””

“You sure did,” I said as I handed her a slice of cake. “Here, why don’t you try it too?”

Sui bounced over and begin to dissolve the cake, “”Delish~~~””

Ahh, I want to try some too~


Gunununu… this goddess wants to eat that too…”

What is that voice? I’m not scheduled to hear that voice so soon-

“Kuuhh… whatever, just pretend you didn’t hear anything.”

… how could I, when I could practically feel the sulking piercing into my back?


I guess I could be generous.

“Sui, is it alright to share this cake with the Goddess?”

“”Hm~~? Okay~~””

“Right,” I said as I cut another slice and placed it on a plate. After drizzling a generous amount of sauce on it, I said, “Here, put this on the table, will you?”

Sui carefully placed the plate of cheesecake on the table. A short while later, it disappeared in a flash of light.

“”It’s gone~~!”” Sui bounced up and down.

“Haha, it has gone to the Goddess of Wind,” I said.

Mu? To Ninril-sama? Hmm, good job, Sui.”

“A cake worthy of a goddess, how amazing…”

“”Ou! One more slice for me!!”


[Gumihou: As you may have expected, I doctored the ending.]


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