You are currently viewing Volume 2 – 18 – Percelis (Eltear)’s Memory
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Volume 2 – 18 – Percelis (Eltear)’s Memory

Volume 2: Chapter 018: Percelis (Eltear)’s Memory

Author: かっぱ同盟/友麻碧


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou

Gumihou: ‘Holy Nation’ will now change to ‘Holy Land’. It just makes more sense that way.


(First Memory)

About 2000 years ago

The northernmost part of a Southern Continent kingdom, Rubelkia.

Vabilophos Sanctuary.

Eltear: 7 years old


The story started back when the Holy Land was still hidden deep within a forest.

I inherited the position of Green Shrine Maiden when I was very young.

The forest was located in the northernmost part of the Southern Continent and was considered part of the Kingdom of Rubelkia. It was a deep and complex forest that even locals dared not enter. It was too easy to get lost in this vast forest.

Only a few select Elders and Priests were allowed to enter and exit.



“Shrine Maiden-sama… you have grown up a lot.”


Known as the White Sage, Yunosis was from the Eastern Continent and wasn’t an original resident of the Sanctuary. However, his power as a Saint was recognised by the Sanctuary and he visited the Holy Land quite often.

He was also deeply trusted by the Sanctuary elders.


“Shrine Maiden-sama, you cannot do this. The White Sage is tired from his long journey.”

“But mother, Yunosis said that he would let me ride on his spirit mounts when he next visited!”


I jumped and threw myself at Yunosis. My father had died from an epidemic when I was a child. Perhaps that is why I thought of my godfather, Yunosis, as my father.


“Shrine Maiden-sama… you should first give your greetings to the elders. Do please wait.”



Yunosis smiled gently as he let me down gently and patted my head. That was when I noticed the young man behind him.

He was a beautiful-looking boy with golden hair. There was a sword hanging from his belt.


“Who are you?”


At my question, Yunosis turned to the boy and introduced him.


“This is ‘Kaya’… the young man I have chosen to be the Hero.”

“A hero?”

“Indeed, I must meet with the Elders now and have them recognise him as such. That is the first ‘Hero’ event. Once the Sanctuary recognises him as the Hero, he will be sent on a great and meaningful journey to gain wisdom and knowledge. It is similar to my trip when I was younger. After all, people go on journeys to collect items, complete missions and explore the unexplored. Who knows just what kind of Spirits one would encounter on their journey? The real thrill of a quest is exploring all that needs to be explored and to experience all there is to experience…”

“White Sage-sama, we should go soon. That kind of long-winded speech is boring.”

“My, my, Kaya… you certainly don’t hold back, even with me. What a great example of a Hero vessel. Your future is bright!!”



I too felt like I had stopped listening partway through that speech.

The boy who had interrupted the White Sage noticed my gaze and smiled slightly at me. He said, “Nice to meet you, Shrine Maiden.”

Even as a child, he had a fierce look in his mysterious blue eyes.

That’s right.

This was the time when Demon Kings of the Northern and Western were at war with each other. During this time, the Black Demon King and the Crimson Witch warred against each other, competing for power and plunging Maydea into chaos.

It was the Hero’s mission to stop it.

Yunosis said so.


“Where is the Elder?”

“He has gone to the village…”


After my mother and Yunosis’ exchanged words, Yunosis and the boy named ‘Kaya’ left the Big Tree area.


“Will they come back soon?”

“Shrine Maiden… the White Sage is a very busy person. I expect he should be leaving for the Eastern Continent soon.”

“No waaayy…” my cheeks puffed up and I began to run around the Great Tree crying out ‘no way, no way’ until I tired myself out and fell asleep on my mother’s lap.


I was about seven at that time, and barely knew anything about the world.

The next event happened when I turned twelve.

Mother died from some kind of illness. Apparently, it was the same kind of illness that father died from. I was not allowed to see her as she lay dying because it was an infectious disease.

“… …”

Overwhelmed with sorrow, I often found myself sitting under the Great Tree.

In the Holy Land, there were many coffins surrounding the Great Tree, each containing the corpses of unknown people. Even so, I found relief sitting by these corpses.

Though I live in the tranquil Southern Continent away from the battles between the Demon Kings of the North and West, there was a sense of general unease as the Kingdom of Rubelkia was suffering from some kind of internal instability.

People in the Holy Land often talk about the rebellions happening everywhere and people seeking relief from these rebellions eventually made their way into the Holy Land.

It was around this time that the people of the Holy Land were divided into new Presbyterian and existing old Priests. The overall atmosphere was very awkward. As for me, I was feeling lonely and sad due to the loss of my mother, who had always known how to ease my mind.

It was also the time when the Demon Kings’ battles were getting more intense. It was a time when the name ‘Kaya the Hero’ was becoming more and more prominent. He was gaining fame as the hope of the people as he continued on his journey to defeat the Demon Kings. White Sage Yunosis accompanied him as a mentor and fellow traveller.

From what I had heard, Kaya seems to have come from another world.

In the words of old Maydea legends that had been passed through many generations:


“The saviours of this world are youths of another world.”


I don’t know if other worlds truly exist, but everyone seems to believe that Kaya really is a boy from another world.

This was why everyone called him Hero and believed in his power as a saviour of this world.

The golden sword of the hero was called Blessing of the Goddess and was said to contain the power of Maydea’s Goddess of Battle.


“Shrine Maiden-sama.”



Yunosis had returned to the Holy Land after receiving news that the previous Green Shrined Maiden had died.

As for me, due to the bad things happening around me and my mother’s death, I had shut my heart away for a long time. However, seeing Yunosis gave me a great feeling of relief and I hugged him tightly, unwilling to let go.


“Mother died….”

“Yes, I’ve heard about it… It’s such a shame, she was so young.”


Yunosis stroked my head. Then, he crouched down to meet me at eye level. I was filled with anxiety and uncertainty, I wanted to talk to him about it.

Lately, the environment surrounding the Sanctuary has changed a lot. As the battles on the other continents intensify, even this protected continent has become somewhat restless. A fissure had opened up between the Elders and Priests who serve the Gods of Maydea against the people who protected the Sanctuary since Ancient Times. 

The Priests and Elders wanted to open up the Holy Nation and spread the faith of Vabilophos, whereas the protectors insisted that the forest should be kept secret and closed against outsiders.

Moreover, it seems that the King of Rubelkia, whose country was going through some kind of domestic instability, wanted the powers of the Holy Nation, and that the Chief Priest’s factions were somehow connected to Rubelkia.


“I’m sure that both the Elder and the Chief Priest think that I’m nothing but a tool. When Mother was here, she protected me… But now it just seems like they’re fighting to own me… I don’t like it. I hate them both…”


The Elder and the Chief Priest always pushed my feelings aside. It was not like this in the past. The former Elder loved me a lot. The Sanctuary had changed since the death of the former Elder and mother.

I was still young and was swept up in the adults’ affairs, but there was nothing I could do about it.

Yunosis smiled calmly and gently at me. It was the smile he had always given whenever I was worried.


“It’s alright. I’m here… though I look like this, I have been alive longer than those two.”

“… …?”

“I am much older than the current Elder.”

“That’s just weird. Yunosis looks very young.”

“Fufu… But then again, my appearance hasn’t changed for a long time. It has been like this for… well for about 200 years now.”

“200 years?!”

“Yes, that is why I am called the ‘White Sage’.”

“… …”


Yunosis stroked my up-tilted head as I tried to work out this mysterious remark. His eyes were cast down.


“I have seen off many people, and several Green Shrine Maidens… I no longer have any family and the friends who had once helped me in my research into Spirits and White Magic were all gone. I just have so much magic that I cannot die.”

“… …”


The eyes of the White Sage, Yunosis, seemed to be focused on thoughts somewhere along the stretches of eternity. Though I was young, I felt the loneliness he must be experiencing for having been alive for too long.

I cupped my hands around Yunosis’ cheeks.


“…are you lonely?”

“… …”


He looked a little surprised but shrugged his shoulders with a troubled smile.


“I don’t feel lonely. There’s you and Kaya… also, there are others like me. Although, I believe we will never understand each other.”

“People like you?”

“Yeah. The Black Demon King and the Crimson Witch. They’ve been alive for as long as I have. Perhaps the reason why I’m alive for so long is because of their existence. Because, as long as they keep clashing against one another, I won’t be able to age. It would never end…”

“… …”


It would never end.

The words struck something inside my heart. Though I did not fully comprehend it at that time, I had a sudden realisation.


“Then, Yunosis will never leave me, right? You won’t die like mother, right?”

“Shrine Maiden…”


I gripped his clothes tightly, buried my face into it and cried. Yunosis stroked my small back, as though trying to soothe me.


“Yes, of course. I will not die in this precious time while you are still alive.”

“Please stay forever, Yunosis.”

“Shrine Maiden… It may be a little difficult, but I’ll try to come back as much as possible…”


Was he bothered by my selfishness?

Father had died, the Elder died, and mother died.

Everyone left me for a place somewhere far away, never to appear in front of me again. I cannot help the feeling that I am losing everything I have to death.

White Sage Yunosis will never die before I do.

Because his existence goes beyond mere humanity, though he was still a human.

This was a salvation for me, but what about Yunosis? 

Where is his salvation? At that time, I was just a child and only thought about myself. However, even then, I managed to spare some small thoughts for that question.


[Gumihou: Yunosis has… unique tastes]



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