You are currently viewing Volume 2 – 14 – Makia: The Murderer’s ‘Coming Out’
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Volume 2 – 14 – Makia: The Murderer’s ‘Coming Out’

Volume 2: Chapter 014: Makia: The Murderer’s ‘Coming Out’

Author: かっぱ同盟/友麻碧


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou


Eska glared at Tooru as he got into a fighting stance.

It would be too troublesome if they started fighting again, so I jumped in between them and started waving my hands frantically. “W-wait a second. We’re not done talking!!”

“Eska! You said that you’re not the one behind these murders, so explain that message about the Song of the Three Great Demon Kings. Also, what do you mean by ‘judging the Magic Advisors’? Not only that, you’re claiming that the burnt corpse is your doing right? What’s the difference between that individual and the other murders?”

“… …”

“Makia, get away!! That fellow uses some weird magic we’re unfamiliar with. It’s dangerous!!”

“It’s fine, Tooru, just shut up for now!!”

This is why I hate dealing with men. Eska clicks his tongue, but relaxes from his fighting stance. He looks at me, muttering, “That woman just loves to butt into other people’s business.”

I can hear you, Eska.

“If you must know, I was giving you guys some much-needed hints with the Great Demon King song. Meh, even though I gave you such great advice, you guys still…”

“A hint? So… in other words, you’re saying that you’re not the culprit and that someone else had been murdering these people according to the song?”

“[1] That’s right! Those guys infiltrated into this country in search of prey. [2] Their cruel nature stemmed from their need to suck blood and occasionally feast on human flesh. There’s also speculation that the song somehow influenced their savagery.”

“… ‘Those guys’?”

Just who or what are ‘those guys’? I have no idea what this fellow is talking about.

However, when I look at Tooru, there is an odd expression on his face. He looks… more stunned than surprised?

“No way… Don’t tell me… ‘demons’…?”

“Eh? You know about demons? Wow, as expected of Magic Advisors!” Eska is snapping his fingers in that obnoxious way of his. Bracktahta continued to stare at us solemnly from her place beside him.

“But that’s impossible! The demons should have been annihilated by the Blue General 1000 years ago! In fact, there’s no information or reports on the current existence of demons. They are extinct!”

“Is that so~~ If that is so~ what’s that corpse under the bridge I wonder~ [1]”


Now that he mentioned it, Melvis did say that the body didn’t look human. That the legs looked like they belonged to a beast.

“The demons have been serving the Federation of Hermedes for some time now. 1000 years ago, they were captured by the Blue Crap General and lived like livestock. Oh, the news that they have been annihilated is fake, of course.”

“They have the ability to mimic others, making it easy to invade an unstable country that had just opened its doors to outsiders. Many have infiltrated the Royal City. They are attracted to humans with lots of magical powers, and their instinct is to eat girls and children. You’ve seen the splattered corpses in Miradreed, right? Did they look like they had been dismembered by humans?”

“Demons… in this country…”

It looks like Tooru could not ignore whatever Eska was saying. Naturally, it was because he had a strong connection with demons.

This is something that I know.

“Thanks to this situation, the Holy Nation summoned me back to Ruskia. Looks like the incompetent Magic Knights can’t handle the heat. What a laughable situation, eh?”

“The Holy Nation summoned you? Just, who exactly are you?”

“Humph. Listen, and be amazed, you octopus head!” Eska yells excitedly, as though he had been waiting for ages for someone to ask him this very question.

He pushes off the ever-present hood from his head-


-revealing the face of a young man with short grey hair and a pale complexion. His sanpaku eyes gave him a naturally wicked look, which kind of matched what I had imagined him to look like.

His jagged, shark-like teeth complete the ‘chaotic evil’ air about him.

[3] Wait, those eyes.

He has one eye as green as young leaves and a blue eye in the other,


“I’m the ‘Demon Killer’, codename Vivid Eska!!”

“… …”

Please, stop this. Are you the incarnation of chuunibyou or what?

“No, you gave yourself that weird name. No one ever calls you by that embarrassing name.”

Was Bracktahta’s retort, but ‘Codename Vivid Eska’ continued, “By the way, I’m the Green Shrine Maiden’s brother.”


This statement has a greater impact on us than his stupid ‘codename’. This kind of reveal has the power to shock people to death!

No, no no, there’s no way. There’s no way that this guy has the same blood running through his body as sweet and cute Percelis…

“N-no way… that’s impossible, that has to be a lie. If- if it’s true, then… it’s a crime against nature…”

“It is no lie. He may look like this, but he is the son of the previous Shrine Maiden and the grandson of the current archbishop. He is also a great prodigy.”

“Just how did…”

At Bracktahta’s statement, I turn pale and grab my head, trying to reconcile this information in my head. Tooru looks like he has lost all will to fight. In fact, it looked like he had lost all will to live…

“Also! I’m one of the popular candidates for archbishop! Wow, I seem to have loads of awesome titles, eh?!”

“… …”

While Eska was practically squirming with pleasure as we trembled in place, unable to reconcile our minds with this unexpected statement.

“Just what is going on…”

“Why was I fighting again…?”

No average person could have delivered such terrible mental damage to us. However, I quickly shake my head and force my brain to integrate this new data with his name. [1] However, no matter how long I stared at him, I could not see the truth behind this statement.

“Are you by any chance using a fake name?”

“Ah? Wait, are you some kind of Naming Witch? How unfortunate for you! Only the current archbishop knows my true name!! Behold, my codename!! Hyahahah!!”

“… …”

I just can’t with this kid… his existence alone seems to be sapping my energy.

What’s all this about a codename?

“Although the number of Naming Witches has declined by a lot, it’s still not a good idea to give away one’s real name. Because they still exist! So, it’s best not to reveal one’s real name. Then again, even if they know my name, I won’t lose anyway!”

“…haahhh, is that so,”

“What’s the fun about knowing everything about your opponent right off the bat? It’s better to get to know your opponent through fighting! That is why I pass judgment on demons by chasing them down and killing them. As for you, I shall pass judgment on you…”

“That is not something a future archbishop should say,” came Bracktahta’s deadpan comment.

“I aim to be a warrior bishop!!”

Somehow, that twerp’s self-satisfied face is making me annoyed.

It felt as though the more I talk, the less I know. At this point, it’s no longer important to know whether this fellow is speaking the truth anymore.

“Hey you, what’s this about passing judgment on the Magic Advisors? What does it mean exactly? You should know that we are the ones protecting this country.”

“[2] It is as I say, I shall pass judgment on you. Speaking of which, since it looks like the demons are also gunning for you, I plan to have a taste of you first~”

What is this weird behaviour?

You just want to fight us, don’t you? What a pain.

“Well, it’s fine with me either way. The two of you can come at me at the same time and I’ll pass judgement on both at the same time. There’s no need to be scared.”

“Why should we even fight you?”

“Of course! Won’t it be fun?”

“… …”

Eska and Tooru look like they are on the verge of fighting again.

Tooru looked all hyped up. After losing to this fellow last time, I guess he’s itching for a revenge battle?


“Let’s rumble!!”

“H-hold it, you guys!!”

Ignoring me, the two of them cast their spells.

Tooru had already activated his Magic Fortress. I can see that there’s no stopping this battle. Not with just words.

I think it’s a bit rude of them to ignore me like this, which is why I respond by lassoing [4] Tooru by the neck and tying him down. Forcing him to stop.

I don’t have much of a choice if I want to stop this fight quickly without magic or words.


Tooru ended up falling on his back with a dull sound.


[2a] Eska was also shocked by my action. However, instead of stopping his attack, he switched his target towards me. That nimble fellow shot past Tooru, dashing forward like a swift arrow at me. Just as he was about to reach me, I swerved out of the way and kicked his leg.

The sudden action threw him off so much that he rolled forward in an uncontrollable manner and crashed into a pile of wooden boxes.


The sound of his miserable cry is music to my ears.

“Oh my,” Bracktahta blinked at the spectacle before her.

“Hey, the two of you just stop it!” My arms and leg ache even though I magically strengthen them.

After all, I was fighting two monstrously strong men out to pound each other flat like the meatheads they are. Still it was pretty satisfying to see those same two men sprawling miserably on the ground thanks to little ol’ me.

“Now is not the time for such meaningless fights. Have you two completely forgotten about Percelis?! We still need to find Percelis!”

“… Makia… You…”

Tooru had taken a heavy blow to the neck and the jaw, and still could not stand. He appeared embarrassed as he covered his face with his hands going ‘uwaa…’ in a low voice.

As for Eska, that chuuni disease sufferer leapt out of the boxes, covered in sawdust shouting ‘I’ll kill you!!’ in the most awkward manner, face bright red and pointing his finger dramatically at [1] my nose.

“… …”

Big mistake. I casually grabbed the finger and bent it the wrong way, resulting in the most satisfying scream.


“Hey you, I don’t want to believe that you’re actually Percelis’ brother, but if it’s true, you need to help us find her.”

“…? Isn’t the Green Shrine Maiden always in the sanctuary?”

“Haven’t you heard? She disappeared. Aren’t you too useless?”

“What did you say?! I’ll kill you!”

‘Kill, kill, kill’ is that the only thing in this bishop’s head? Is he even qualified to be a religious leader?

“Tooru, get to your feet quickly. I’m sorry, but it would be too troublesome for everyone if I let you activate the Magic Fortress.”

“Even so… using a lasso to restrain me is kind of…”

“Didn’t you tell me not to use my magic?” I said with a sigh. I held out a hand to Tooru, who, after removing the hand covering his eyes, gave me a complicated look before taking it.

He stands up, collects his sword which has flown off somewhere during the fight and returns it to its scabbard at his waist. Meanwhile, Eska had been screaming at us for a while from the side now.

“Oi! Don’t you dare mess with me. It is my solemn duty to judge you through a fight! My duty is to judge your sins!!”

“Haahh? I don’t think we have sinned in any way.”

Not in this time and age, yet.

“Are you stupid? All those with power are sinners, also…”

“… …?”

Eska is giving me a once over with those evil-looking eyes and grinning like a villain.

“What is it?”

“I’m just thinking, how ‘bright red’ you are.”

“… …?”

After that weird exchange, the wind suddenly changed and the atmosphere became colder. The sun slipped behind the clouds and a damp smell suddenly permeated the air.

“… this is bad. Is this a sudden shower?”

“Tch, we wasted too much time on nonsense.”

Tooru checks his 3D Cube, and we once more continue our search for Percelis.

“Oi, it looks like Percelis is inside a shop.”


“She’s in Midgard. You know, the store owned by Lord Medite’s grandmother.”


Pitter patter, the rain started falling.

Eska suddenly goes quiet as he stares at the sky with a grave look.

“… This is bad…” he mutters to himself before leaping onto the roof of a nearby house with a sudden burst of magic from his feet.

Bracktahta follows after him, saying, “Wait for Bibi,”

How should I put this… this guy is like a storm.

“What’s up with that guy?”

“Just ignore that chuuni. He can do whatever he wants.”

“…aren’t you the one all fired to fight him?”

“… …”

As we run through the grey alleyways to make up for lost time, the rain grows even stronger as expected.


[Gumihou: Hmm, got to work on smoothing out some awkward sentences. Japanese SOV and English SVO just don’t mesh sometimes.]


[1] Adjust text 

[2] Deleted unnecessary words. Why a ‘however’ between sentences that correlate with each other author!!??

Exactly. ‘They’ infiltrate this country and aim for their prey. However, due to ‘their’ cruel nature, it seems that they can’t suppress their urge to kill. They suck on the blood of the living, and there are times when they feel the need of eating human flesh. It’s also said that the song itself has something to do with how savagely they behave”

No, wait, the whole paragraph is problematic!!

[2a] Deleted… stuff:

As expected, Eska was also surprised by what I did, however, he didn’t stop and kept his momentum as he rushed towards us. He then flew past Tooru and rolled on the ground

Gumi: For some reason, the more exciting scenes are made draggy…

[3] Gumi can’t accept this…

Ehh?! And he has a green and a blue eye!! Woahh!!

It’s kind of superficial?


[4] Why the f is ラリアット (lariat) used here? Is it to be fancy? It makes the entire sentence senseless.

Okay, it turns out this ‘lariat’ is just ‘lasso’. This author has a habit inserting ‘Ingiris’ words randomly.


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