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Divine Culinary Broadcaster – 0109 – Explosive Reward [Dropped]

Chapter 109: Explosive Reward

Author: Black Lantern (黑色花灯)


Translated by Pill Bug

Edited by Gumihou



Heavenly Food Tyrant won the prize!


This result struck everyone straight speechless.

That was because they all knew that Heavenly Food Tyrant was a ruthless person, and with that fellow’s nature, he didn’t even look at the money when he was handing out rewards, throwing them out like he was desperate.

Now that Ye Fei’s Wheel of Fortune had drawn him, there was no telling what would happen once that guy started having fun.

Ye Fei was also a bit pumped. He did not expect to draw Heavenly Food Tyrant. It seems that this fellow’s luck was not ordinary, ah.


“Heavenly Tyrant Bro, congratulations, congratulations.” Just when the crowd were still stuck in disbelief, I Am a Foodie congratulated Heavenly Food Tyrant first.

8-Treasure Cuisine sent a smirking emoji, “Heavenly Tyrant Bro, congratulations, congratulations ah. Such a joyful occasion, why are you so quiet?”

I Am a Foodie laughed loudly into his microphone, “Heavenly Tyrant Bro, if you don’t want this spot, you can transfer it to me, set whatever price you want.”

“Yes, Heavenly Tyrant Bro, although we are not as rich as you, we will still definitely give you a satisfactory price for this spot.”

“Heavenly Tyrant Bro, say something.”

“Yi~~~ there’s movement.”

“F*ck, a luxury cruise ship? This…”

“What kind of scene is this Heavenly Tyrant Bro going to make?”

“Luxury cruise ship is also not bad, ah, one of them is 10,000 yuan.”

“But this does seem to be Heavenly Tyrant Bro’s style, ah.”


The crowd was depressed.


In fact, Heavenly Food Tyrant was even more depressed than them.


After this fellow clicked on the reward item bar, the hand that was clicking on the items was trembling. Because the luxury cruise ship and the spacecraft were next to each other, this fellow ended up clicking on the luxury cruise ship.

“Your sister, your sister, ah! Calm down, calm down, how did I click this thing up there?!.”

One of his bodyguards rushed over a glass of water from the side and said, “Boss, drink a sip of water to suppress the shock.”

Heavenly Food Tyrant received the water and gulped the whole thing down in one shot. Then, he took a deep breath and then clicked on the image of the spaceship with a tap on his mouse.

With that click, it was like Heavenly Food Tyrant like a frolicking wild horse, his hand unable to be retracted.



Ye Fei’s live broadcast channel.


Everyone was confused by the first luxury cruise ship from Heavenly Food Tyrant, but before they could figure out what it meant, a spaceship descended from the sky.

“Here it comes, here it comes!”

“Heavenly Tyrant Bro is about to go crazy, everyone back off.”

“The live broadcast is going to collapse, my God.”

“It shouldn’t be that exaggerated, right?”

“Quiz time, how many spaceships is Heavenly Tyrant Bro going to use to express his excitement at this moment?”

“10 ships.”

“At the very least, 10 ships.”

“I also guess ten ships. After all, just now, Peerless Young Chick also sent 10 ships.”

“Anyone guessing 15 ships? If not, that’s my guess.”



There were guesses of whatever amounts by the crowd.


The crowd in QQ Platform backstage were also all excited, all of them knowing that this was a young master that treated money like dirt.

“Aiyo, the luxury cruise ship just now could directly bamboozle me, I even thought this guy changed his behaviour.”

“Isn’t this starting? One ship is here.”

“I think with Heavenly Food Tyrant’s nature, if it doesn’t reach 10 ships, it’s not even worth saying.”

“The live broadcast room is guessing 10 ships.”

“I also guessed it will be 10 ships.”

“The truth is in the hands of the few, I guess 15 ships.”

“You really dare to put that as your guess? You should know this is a lump sum reward, not a long-term drip.”


Every single one of the people in the Fine Food Section was also staring nervously at the live broadcast. They didn’t even dare to guess at that time, because Heavenly Food Tyrant was indeed too fierce.


A group of Silver Star anchors gasped for air, every one of them so nervous that even their palms were sweaty.


“God, the madman is about to go mad.”

“How I want to have a crazy fan like this!”

“I want one too, Heavens ah, give me a dozen.”

“What the hell does this guy do? He’s way too rich.”

“Who knows? Anyway, I know there are too many invisible rich people around the world. The Fox Index is just the tip of the iceberg.”

“Those reported wealthy people are also very rad, but the invisible rich are the truly rich. I can say that every invisible rich person is not worse than those on the index.”

“Do you know the Rothschild family? Those guys directly control the Bank of England and indirectly control the Federal Grain Reserve. What is the Federal Grain Reserve? That’s the institution that prints Grain Yuan, [1] do you think that this kind of family will not have money?”

“F*ck, that explosive?”

“I tell you, just like this their family does not dare to say that they are the richest in the world, the world’s truly rich people are very low-key.”

“I think that this Heavenly Food Tyrant is also such a person.”

“Your sister, ah, Ye Fei, this fellow, definitely stepped on the enhanced version of the golden dogshit to round up such high-quality fans, ah.”

“So envious, such jealousy, much hate, wow!”


In a mountaintop luxury villa.

Heavenly Food Tyrant excitedly clicked his mouse, letting off crisp sounds.




The fellow’s hand seemed to be convulsing like a chicken pecking rice as he clicked endlessly.

Behind him stood four black-clad bodyguards, each one of them wearing a calm face. The meaning could not be more obvious – This kind of situation? Hehe, we are used to it.


Heavenly Food Tyrant bullied the mouse for almost a minute before stopping for a moment, then flexed his right index finger, and then began to click again.



Crack~ ~ ~


The left mouse button got stuck.


Heavenly Food Tyrant, “…………..”

“F*ck, this is m*therf*cking embarrassing, something this annoying can happen?”


His four bodyguards, “………..”


“Boss, still clicking?”


Heavenly Food Tyrant, “Are there any more mice?”

“No more, this was the last one.”

“F*ck, forget it, forget it, let’s call it a day, I’ll make it up to Deity Ye later.

So what, how many ships did I just click?”

A bodyguard hurriedly said, “Boss, it’s not a few ships, but many ships.”

“How many ships were there?”

“This ……. You clicked too fast, I couldn’t count it.”

“Boss, it will be shown inside the rewards bar.”


Heavenly Food Tyrant hurriedly searched inside the reward bar and found a prop reward record. He clicked on it and looked at it, frowned, and said reluctantly, “Just this much? Do you think Deity Ye will be angry?”

Several bodyguards looked at the number in the bounty bar, the corners of their mouths twitching heavily.


Please, boss, ‘just this little’? This was a very, very big ‘little’, okay? You know, a spaceship costs 30,000 Yuan, this ‘little bit’ of yours is comparable to a tenth of the income from one of our business trips.


“He should… should not feel angry, right?” A bodyguard said cautiously.


While Heavenly Food Tyrant was having a guilt trip in his villa like a child, the live broadcast channel was completely blown up. Not just Ye Fei’s live channel, but all live channels in the entire QQ Platform had blown up, including the backstages and all the forums.


“I …… Your mom, ah, I’m going to explode.”

“I have m*therf*cking exploded.”

“Luckily, this daddy has just finished using the toilet, otherwise I would really piss myself, I tell you. This, this, this is too crazy!”

“Who the hell is this Heavenly Food Tyrant? This m*therf*cker is definitely not just a billionaire, ah. Can’t he be a tiny bit less domineering?”

“Even the heavens have a hole stabbed through them by him, ah.”

“Such a rad viewer was hiding in the platform? Were all those broadcasters in the previous Fine Food Section rice buckets? Why didn’t they find this godly tyrant?”

“They are rice buckets. Such an extreme quality fan was not even found under their eyes, really a group of idiots ah.”

“I finally understand why they used to be at the bottom of the ranking every time. Can’t even catch this kind of fan, they really deserve the bottom rank.”

“Heavens ah, is this guy really that crazy? These are spaceships! Even if you are a billionaire, you cannot be so rewarding, ah.”

“Tomorrow, we will know the true face of this guy, because he is going to be a guest at Ye Fei’s live broadcast. At that time, take a good look at who this fierce man is.”

“Looking forward to it.”


A group of people in the Fine Food Section looked at the sky-covering amount of spaceships in Ye Fei’s live broadcast, all of their faces pale.

With a thump, Tang Xiaomin flopped down on a chair.

Liu Ping’s hands supporting him on the table were shivering and his head was full of sweat.

As for the others, some covered their mouths, some covered their chests, and a few of them were supporting each other.


Feng Tianlai… Feng Tianlai had long been paralyzed in his chair from delight.


Thanks to the friends who gave rewards on Qidian and Infinite Stories, thank you for everyone’s recommendation, votes and support, lanterns lit in thanks! Once again recommending the metaphysical novel <<Artifact Planting Space>>, the author is very diligent and the writing is also serious. The way of heaven rewards hard work, everyone who likes these kinds of things can take a look.


Gumihou: Yeah, I, yeah. No, we’re breaking up. Irreconcilable interest. This is Gumi officially dropping this novel.


Pill Bug TL Notes:


[1]       Grain Yuan: Might be a similar thing to Petrodollars in Ye Fei’s world.

“Petrodollars are U.S. dollars paid to an oil-exporting country. Petrodollars are the primary source of revenue for many OPEC members and other oil exporters. Oil exporters settle sales in U.S. dollars because the dollar is the most widely used currency, making it easier for them to invest export proceeds.”


Basically, whatever currency is used to trade petroleum is called Petrodollars, and that makes the currency VERY important because no modern country can function without petroleum, and so everyone wants that currency to trade petroleum! That is why the “US invading other countries for oil” meme is so strong, because if other countries control the oil supply and want to use a different currency, the US Dollar value will drop a lot and the US economy will crash! (The USA is over 31 TRILLION dollars in debt, and only surviving because due to US Dollar being the petrodollar and the USA being able to print US Dollars whenever they want. If no one wants US Dollar, they would have to repay the debt in a currency that other countries want, and because they cannot print other currencies, boom, bankrupt country…)


Similarly, in Ye Fei’s world, grain is the biggest resource traded between countries because countries will starve without grain, and so Grain Yuan is the most powerful currency.


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