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Burning lights in waterlilies and lanterns

Volume 2 – 11 – Percelis Encounters a Corrupt Priest

Volume 2: Chapter 011: Percelis Encounters a Corrupt Priest

Author: かっぱ同盟/友麻碧


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou



The crisp sound of water dripping from the great tree continues.

The man sitting arrogantly on the tree has pierced ears. This, along with his Sanpaku eyes and pale complexion, did not make him look at all like a priest.

I know it is bad to judge people by their looks, but, I can only say that he looks… different.

“Nice to meet you, Shrine Maiden… I am, well, you may call me Vivi. It’s like a codename, everyone calls me that.”

“… Vivi? Are you a new priest?”

“Hahaha, new… no, no, hmm, ah, well, I guess I could be considered a new priest, eh?”


Vivi launches himself from the branches. When he landed, he cried ‘10 point landing’.

I… don’t understand?

Wiping the tears from my eyes, I asked the new priest, Vivi, a question, “That flute… is that yours?”

Fufun, cool isn’t it? A flute playing priest… fufu~”

“… …”

What a strange person.

He suddenly looks annoyed, grabs his hat and throws it, snapping ‘How uncool and stuffy’.

Then, he put the flute away in the sloppily put together priest’s outfit. Now that I am looking closely, I noticed that he has different coloured eyes. One is light blue and the other green.

“Haahh~~ this Sanctuary place is really nice~~ It’d be great if I could enjoy a drink here~~”

“You’re not allowed to do that.”

“I know~~ don’t worry, I know those baldy priests will hang me if they see me. Absolutely no unseemly behaviour within the Sanctuary at all! A big no no!!”

Even as he talked, Vivi found a large rock somewhere and aimed it at the boy’s casket.

“Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!” I jump in front of him and wave my arms frantically. “What are you doing?! You can’t do that!”

“What the… I was just wondering, what is this brat still doing here~~ It’s been 2000 years, hasn’t it? It was already suuuper annoying 1000 years ago, but that Crimson Witch is nowhere to be found… anyway, I need to replace him with the Crimson Witch.”

“N-no, stop ittttt!!!”

I sobbed as I cling to Vivi.

I have no idea what Vivi is trying to do, but if he wants to destroy this child’s grave, I must stop it no matter what.

It’s instinctive.

“… Haahh? Don’t you think it’s weird that this kid is still here?”


Vivi is looking down at me with an odd expression, stone still in hand. However, I continue to cry, going ‘waaahhh, waahhh’ until he throws the stone away with a ‘tch’.

He brushes his hair back and sighs, “Fine, fine, it’s not like I found the Crimson Witch yet anyway. When I find her, I’ll kill her and stick her in there. You can stuff the stupid brat in another hole somewhere and I’ll plant flowers over him. Yes, good plan, awesome. I’m such a genius.”

“… priests shouldn’t talk about killing people…”

“Too bad, I’m a corrupt priest.”

“… …”

“I love money~ I like killing people~ and I can’t stop drinking or smoking~”


Just how is this person a priest? How did the archbishop allow it?

I was really taken aback by his words, but stood my ground in front of the boy’s grave and glared at Vivi.

This guy is weird, but more importantly, he is dangerous.

Vivi seems to find the situation amusing, the corners of his lips curl up.

“Ehh… so you’re trying to protect that grave, huh? Why is that?”

“… Because… because Ulysses would…”

“Ulysses? Oh, that guy from earlier?”

Vivi glances sideways, his expression cold.

“That was the White Sage…”

Vivi’s voice was low and cold, but I could still hear it.

“… Do you know Ulysses?”

I want to ask him, but as the question forms in my lips, Vivi suddenly dashes across the Sanctuary towards the exit.

He is like a storm.

Just.. who is he?

“… White Sage…”

[1] I whisper to myself.

Come to think of it, I think I heard some other people call Ulysses by that name. I thought it was just some kind of metaphor or something.

“… …”

The oddly familiar white-haired man and the green-haired woman from my dreams earlier.

[2] I think… I have seen those faces before.

[2] Even as I thought this, my feet had already brought me to a certain casket.

“… It’s the same.”

I’m sure of it. The man in my dreams looked a lot younger than the one in the water casket before me, but… it is the same person. I am certain of it.

As for the boy, he was that person’s son.

“… …”

I walk to the casket of a woman with green hair. Then, I move to the boy’s grave again.

“… Why…”

Why are the people in my dreams here?

Tears welled up in my eyes again.

However, a little, just a little bit, I felt like I was a little bit closer to something.

There is an ache in my chest.

Who are you people?

Who am I?

“…. A promise…”

A promised place… I suddenly remembered the words that appeared in my dream. He said that the promised place was very important for them. Where is it?

“… ..”

I clench my fist and nod to myself. Then, I put on the cloak from Ulysses and walk across the Sanctuary.

I climb up the dark stairs and leave the quiet temple. It is still very early in the morning.

The sisters and priests are already moving around, I can’t let them notice me.

I must find out.

Perhaps it’s scary.

I could lose everything the moment I touch this knowledge.

However, I’m going to ignore the warning of ‘that person’ who had blindfolded me.

If I don’t know anything, I can never stand on the same level as Ulysses. I will never reach him.


[Gumihou: I know this is supposed to be dramatic and tragic but, people who shed tears like a leaky faucet is kind of…]


[1] Add detail to make it clear that Percelis is the one saying it

[2] Added detail for dramatic purpose


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