Tondemo Skill – 459 – Exuding Anger

Chapter 459 -Exuding Anger


Author: Eguchi Ren

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


“”Oi, what is that thing doing?”” Dora-chan gave Elland-san, who was clinging to Grandpa Gon, a disgusted look.

“”I have no idea how to explain it… even if I tell him to go home, do you think this lunatic will listen to me? Moreover, he wants to join our party and go adventuring with us…””

““I don’t care one way or other,”” Fer thought back.

“”Sui is fine~~ Uncle Elf can protect Aruji too~~!”” [1]

““No way! I refuse! Absolutely not!!”” Dora-chan shuddered. “”That thing would keep looking at me and trying to touch me, eww!!””

Ah, Dora-chan’s hate for the Uncle Elf was as overflowing as his love for Dragons…

Well, I can understand, he creeps me out too. [1] [1]

“”I totally understand. For now, it’s best to just stay out of his way first. It’s not like I can make him go away just like that. I mean, I could tell him, but I don’t think anyone could make him see reason… wait…””

That’s right, there’s still one person who could scold reason into this dragon-crazy elf.

Doran’s Vice-Guild Master, Ugor-san!

He must know that his Guild Master was here and was probably on the way as we speak.

“”I’m going to the Adventurer’s Guild, I think we should let Doran know about Elland-san…”

“”I’m going too!!”” Dora-chan shouted, zipping over to cling to the back of my head. [1]

Elland-san was currently bombarding Grandpa Gon with all sorts of questions. Ah, the large dragon has a rather annoyed look on his face…

Although the annoying Elf was annoying, he still counts as a guest in my home, therefore, we could only entertain him for the moment. By we, I mean Grandpa Gon.

““Ahem, Grandpa Gon, I’m going to stop by the Adventurer’s Guild for a bit. Please look after Elland-san for me…”

“”W-wait, what does Master mean? I cannot deal with this chattering Elf anymore! He talks too much! Why don’t I just reduce this [2] vermin to ashes with my Dragon Breath…””

“”Absolutely not! You want to reduce my house to ashes too?!”’

“”Gununu, do something about this vermin!””

“”Why do you think I’m on my way to the Adventurer’s Guild? I’m calling for reliable reinforcement. If we don’t handle this matter properly, this person will stay with us forever and even go to Adventures with us!””


“”That’s right, I’m going to the Adventurer’s Guild to fix things now.””

“”Fine, I shall put up with this vermin for now. Come back soon.””

“”I’ll come back soon, promise. Fer, Sui, keep an eye on Grandpa Gon and Elland-san, make sure neither of them goes overboard.”” To be honest, I’m really scared that the dragon craze Elf would trigger Grandpa Gon into doing something drastic.

If that happens, I can only depend on Fer and Sui to stop them.

“”Humph, it can’t be helped,”” said Fer in that snooty voice.

“”Sui will watch too~~””

“”Mu, why do I need watching? It’s like you don’t trust me.”

“”Well, you did say that you’re going to use Dragon Breath against Elland-san, so…””

“”That Elf is really annoying, and perverted. I wouldn’t trust myself not to lose my temper either,”” said Dora-chan sympathetically. [1]

“”Ergghh, Sui, Fer, if that perverted Elf tries to do anything strange to me, stop him!””

“”Fuhaha, it feels good to receive a request from this old geezer, sure, I’ll stop him.””

“”Sui will stop Uncle Elf~~””

Well, good luck, everyone… [1]


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Dora-chan and I hurried over to the Adventurer’s Guild.

Without waiting in line, I rushed to the counter to ask for the Guild Master. Luckily, my credibility was good and soon, [3] Willem-san came stepping down from the second floor.

“Oh, you arrived at the right time, there’s something I’d like to speak to you about…”

“Guild Master! There’s an emergency!”

[3a] “An emergency? You?” Willem-san looked alarmed. “What kind of emergency could you have?!!!”

“It’s… Elland-san…” [1]

[3b] Willem-san looked less alarmed but more sympathetic, “…ah, I understand. Please, do come to my office.”

We went to the second-floor office and Willem-san showed me a letter that had just arrived today via the magic tool.


[I believe our Guild Master is at Carelina visiting Mukouda-san. It is imperative that he contacts Doran as soon as possible]


No need to check, this letter was obviously from Ugor-san.

“I believe this is related to your emergency?”

“Indeed,” I said, bowing in half shame. Although I had no control over Elland-san’s actions, it was true that he came to Carelina because of Grandpa Gon. “He… mentioned that he sent a letter of resignation to the headquarters, and one to the Vice Guild Master…”

“This fellow… is he seriously underestimating the job of a Guild Master?!” [3b] Willem-san roared.


“Only B Rankers or above could become a Guild Master, they also have to be recommended by active Guild Masters into the position!”

“Eh? But, I know someone who doesn’t seem like an Adventurer at all as Guild Master?” There was that town I visited to donate money, what was the name again…? Also, Brixt’s Guild Master did not look like a fighter…

“Oh, well, ahem. Non-Adventurers could technically become Guild Masters too, but they had to have 3 letters of recommendation instead just one. I supposed, while it’s natural to expect Adventurers to be Guild Masters, a big part of the job is paperwork and problem-solving. But that still doesn’t excuse Elland’s bad work ethic!!”

“I- I see…”

“Not only are Guild Masters paid a salary, but we’re also given housing and other special privileges, don’t you know just how many people want this position? Huh? Is quitting this position as easy as sending a letter? Humph, I don’t care, I’ll never quit this job. I’ll work until I’m too old to carry a pen or die on the job!” [1]

I- I’m not sure where this conversation is going anymore, but I get the feeling that I should try and interrupt before it got out of hand.

“A-anyway, ah, it looks like only Ugor-san, the Vice-Guild Master of Doran could control the situation. Is it alright if I contact him via the magic tool?”

“Oh? Hm, but of course. [4] Here use this.”

[4] Willem-san handed me a B5-size sheet of paper. Apparently, that’s the standard-size paper especially used for the teleportation tool. Nice, very convenient.


[This is Mukouda. Elland-san barged into my house today. If possible, please take him home soon. The situation is very stressful for my familiars. Much obliged.]


After writing the letter, more of a memo really, I placed it into something that looked like a simple wooden box with a narrow lid. There was a dent on the lid, meant for a magic stone (medium) to activate the magic tool.

I only have large magic stones at hand and tried to hand one to Willem-san who graciously declined with, “You’ve made us a lot of money, it’s fine. Rather, I’d appreciate it if you could accept more special mission requests from our side.”

“Well, I’ll have to discuss it with the others, but I think a moderate number of missions should be fine.”

A short while later, there was a rustling sound from the magic box.

“Goodness, it’s a letter from Doran,” said Willem-san as he opened the box.

It was indeed a letter from Doran. Written in very angry-looking words, it said:


[Apologies for the trouble. I shall come immediately to Carelina and pick that thing up. Absolutely do not let the idiot leave.]


“… …”

“… he sounds quite angry.”

“Indeed,” thinking about how Ugor-san usually deals with Elland-san, I shuddered.

“”O-oi, what’s going on? Is it fixed yet?”” Dora-chan asked nervously. [1]

“”Well, it looks like Ugor-san, the only person who could control Elland-san would be coming to pick him up.””

“”Really!? When will he arrive?”” [1]

“Um, so, how long does it take to travel from Doran to Carelina?” I asked Willem-san.

“Oh, well, about 23 or 24 days generally,”

“Eeehhh!!!” I was shocked. I really don’t want to have Elland-san around for over a day.

“Hmm, well if he travels lightly with elite people, about 15 to 16 days?”

“So, two weeks at the very least.”

“Indeed- ah, what happened to your dragon?”

Dora-chan had wilted over the chair with his head flopped down.


“”Just let me die…””

I understand how you feel, but we must stay strong, Dora-chan.


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[3] Change ‘ the Guild Master’ to ‘Willem-san’, because that’s his name

[3a] Also, let him have a realistic reaction to Mukouda declaring he has an emergency. 

[3b] Realistic reaction to ‘Elland-san’

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