Tondemo Skill – 456 – Dirty but Really Valuable Fur

Chapter 456 – Dirty but Really Valuable Fur


Author: Eguchi Ren

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


Onboard the GG Airway, we flew at a tremendous speed and landed on the plains near the City of Carelina much, much earlier than planned.

I slid off Grandpa Gon’s back to sprawl face down on the grassy floor.

“Aauugghhh… that was horrendous…”

“If that is already too much for Master to bear… Master is really weak~~”

“What do you mean, ‘that is already too much’? You’re flying too fast! You should go slower!”

“What is the purpose of flying slower? Didn’t we arrive at our destination quickly?”

“That’s true, but…”

“That is why I told you we should have just travelled the usual way,” grumbled Fer.

“Well, it already happened…”

The Fer Express was fast, but there was no way he could outrun GG Airway…

That’s the difference between flying and going over land.

““Oi, can we just go home now?”” Dora-chan snapped.

“Well,” I said, rolling to my feet, “we still need to stop by the Adventurer’s Guild first no matter what. Grandpa Gon’s been registered at Brixt, but there’s no telling how fast the news spreads. I should at least inform the local Guild.”

Umu, fine, get on. I shall take over now,” said Fer.

“Yes, yes,” there was no way we were landing on top of Carelina, who knows what kind of panic that would cause?

As I climbed onto Fer’s back, Grandpa Gon glowed brightly and shrunk to a less terrifying size.

“I’m ready to go too,” said the much smaller Grandpa Gon.

“”Yay, gimme a ride!”” Dora-chan zoomed over to tuck himself under Grandpa Gon’s neck.

“Sure,” said Grandpa Gon indulgently.

“What about Sui?” I patted the leather bag and found Sui sleeping soundly inside. “Right, she’s here, let’s go!”


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We arrived at Carelina and found the gatekeepers wary, but not actively pointing their weapons at us. I guess the Brixt message did manage to get here before us.

[2] Well, there were still a lot of wary eyes on us, and even a few shrieks, I think. Anyway, I try not to look in the direction of those people as I continue to smile and repeat ‘Hello, hello, this is my familiar. It’s all fine. Hello, we’re on our way to the Adventurer’s Guild. It’s all fine~~’.

It was really exhausting.

Finally, I made it to the Adventurer’s Guild, only to be greeted by silence. [2] The unnerving eyes on me were making me anxious.

“H-he’s my familiar!” I ended up shouting…

“Hey~ you’re finally back~”

“[3] Willem-san…”

“Goodness, you’ve brought something amazing with you again, eh? Well, come on, let’s talk in the warehouse.”

I gladly went with him. Anything to get away from the stares.

“Brother! Welcome back, I’ve been waiting for you~!” Johan the dismantler greeted me jovially. He rushed over to look over my newest familiar, “Goodness me, so this is the much-rumoured Ancient Dragon?”

“Yes, this is Grandpa Gon.”

“I am Master’s familiar. As Master’s main dwelling is in this city, I shall be in your care.”

Since my permanent residence was in Carelina, I had taught Grandpa Gon to say some nice words. After all, good manners go a long way. Since Grandpa Gon looks fearsome, I want to improve his impression, if only a little.

“Ah, well, we shall be in your care as well.”

Johan-san muttered, “So this dragon speaks human language…”

“Indeed!” I chimed in, “although he looks scary, Granpa Gon is an absolute gentleman. Right, Grandpa Gon?”

“Umu, so long as my Master is not harmed…”

“… …”

“… …” the Guild Master was staring quite intently at me. “Um, yes?”

“Nothing, it’s just… I can’t believe you actually made an Ancient Dragon your familiar…”

“Um, yes?”

“Right?! When I first received the news, I thought I had gone deaf or stupid.”


“Well indeed, with the Fenrir alone, you’ve already become the Strongest Adventurer in History, in both name and reality. I’m sure you will get a lot of mission requests soon, well, do your best.”

“Wait, what’s this about being the Strongest Adventurer in History?”

“It is as the name suggests. As the master of both the Fenrir and an Ancient Dragon, if you are not the strongest, then who is?”

I gave Fer and Grandpa Gon, who was bracketing me on both sides, a look.

“… …”

You know what, I’m not going to think about it anymore. Just say whatever you like.

“That’s not all, your Pixie Dragon and Slime are both pretty strong too, right? With so much fighting power on your side, it’s safe to say you’re the strongest. Strongest in History, mind you.”

“Th-that may be so, but is it possible to keep it on the down low…”

“Hm? Ah, I’m afraid this is one of the most talked about news in the Continent, I certainly can’t do anything about that.”

“I see…” it was a pain, but I guess having an Ancient Dragon who looked like… an actual powerful dragon was a complete giveaway. Unlike Fer, who could still pass as a Grey Wolf, or Dora-chan as a not-so-dangerous ‘baby dragon’… Grandpa Gon really sticks out.



“Brother, you’re done speaking with Willem [3], right?”


“So, hey, I was wondering, do you happen to have any Ancient Dragon scales? You know, if you’ve collected any loose or peeled-off scales from molting…”

Johan-san, I… please don’t look at Grandpa Gon like that.

“Ahem, he’d only been my familiar for less than a week, so I can’t say…”

“I see, I see, well, will your dragon moult soon or something? Any painful loose scales that needed a little… help?”

“Um, I guess, I’ll… ask? Hey, Grandpa Gon, do you happen to have any loose scale?”

“Hm? A loose scale? No, my scales don’t get loose easily. If you want any, you’ll have to forcefully pry one off.”

“Eh, what? That sounds painful, no!”

“What? B-but, Ancient Dragon scales! I want some, it’s the treasure above all treasures!”

“H-hold it, why are you acting like… like…” [4]

“Johan, why are you acting like Elland?!” Willem-san roared.

“What? I’m not, I’m nothing like that [4] dragon-crazy Elf bastard!” Johan countered back. “Anyway, I just want a scale. Just one scale.”

“Ugh, do you think we have the money to buy even a single Ancient Dragon scale?”


“Hmm, prying a scale is painful, but I shall endure it if it’s for master. However, if you wish for valuable ingredients, isn’t Fer’s fur easier to collect?”

Johan suddenly turned his laser gaze at Fer.

“Ergh, don’t look at me,” Fer snapped.

As for me, “Fer’s fur could be used as… material?” I mean, whenever I brush him, I collect a lot of loose fur along with dirt…

Umu, potency-wise, perhaps not as good as my scales, but Fenrir’s fur is rich in magical properties and incredibly durable.”

“I-is that so… Ah, I’ve thrown a lot away while brushing him…”

Johan suddenly grabbed me by the shoulder, “Oi, that’s a waste! That’s a sinful waste of valuable material!!”

“… …” I can’t say that I just regard it as dirty pet fur, right?

“Just… bring some with you next time. Promise me!!”

“Absolutely not! Master, if you agree, I will never take another bath!”

“Eh? What, why?”


“Because it’s disgusting! Would Master like it if you’re asked to sell your hair or nails?”

“Um, eww?”

“Please, please let us buy it!”


“Wait, Willem-san, why are you begging too?”



“Umm…” these two people…

“Just this once!”

“Just once!”

“Fer! Once! We’ll do it just once!”

“Grrrr, fine, but I want compensation! Delicious meat!”


I finally managed to convince Fer, but at what cost?

Ah, well, since Carelina is our base and the Guild Master treats us quite well, it should be fine, right?



[Gumihou: Added a joke, shortened an existing joke, just another regular translating day.]


[1] Gumi added ‘Fer Express’ and ‘GG Airway’. By the way GG Airway is a pun for jiji = geezer, lol~~ Gumi is amused by her own wit.

[2] Add details on the people’s reaction to Grandpa Gon instead of limiting it to a general ‘big fuss’

[3] Originally just ‘Guild Master’. Given how Mukouda often addresses people by their names +san, Gumi has a feeling that Eguchi-san may have forgotten this guy’s name…

[4] Author missed a chance to mention Elland. It’s a joke waiting to be said.

[5] The ‘eww, don’t sell my fur’ gag dragged on too long, shortened it. has a new Membership System!!

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