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Volume 1 – 61 – Lord Medite – Let’s Talk About What Happened

Volume 1: Chapter 061: Lord Medite – Let’s Talk About What Happened

Author: かっぱ同盟/友麻碧


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou


I’m Urbanus Medite.

Let’s talk about what happened these last few days.

After the extraordinary magic battle against the giant soldiers at harbour, the public had taken to calling the three kids who fought off the giants, ‘Children of Magic’ and heaped all kinds of praises on them despite an underlying current of fear.

Thus far, the fact that the Three Great Demon Kings have reincarnated into our generation has not been publicly announced yet, but rumours have already begun to stir.

Ever since that day, the atmosphere at Ruskia had been a little unusual.

It can’t be helped since what should have been an auspicious Holy Festival [1a] turned into a day where they saw their precious Barrier destroyed by Giant Soldiers. Moreover, they were publicly defended by the barbaric Fresir people, while their most prided national defence failed right before their eyes.

To make things worse, immediately after the Holy Festival, the King made an agreement with Fresir, to openly accept more Eastern immigrants as well as unlimited military cooperation and supplies.

There were some grumbles about how everything was falling into place according to Sir Raymond’s wishes. Completely forgetting that Fresir has no obligations towards the protection of Ruskia. That they could have withheld their ships and let Ruskia be invaded and scrubbed off the face of the world, allowing Fresir could then collect the pieces of this country at their leisure.

Personally, I think we ought to be thankful for Fresir’s interference.

As for Princess Shatma, I believe that the lovely lady has several goals in participating in this farce.

First, to establish some sort of solid deal between Fresir and Ruskia.

Second, to see just how far the Hermedes Federation’s Giants would reach if left unchecked.

Third, how well the Green Curtain could withstand the Giants.

Fourth, to see if this incident would lure out the reincarnated Demon Kings from 2000 years ago.

What a terrifyingly efficient princess.

If my conjecture is correct, she managed to achieve all four goals during this one visit to Ruskia.

Thanks to the terrible incident of the Giants attacking our shores, most people’s original disdain for Fresir had been broken apart. Therefore, many were highly favourable to establishing a connection with Fresir, [1] if only for military protection of some sort.

Still, while many fence-sitters and those with mild opposition welcomed the presence of Fresir now, not all Anti-Eastern sentiments have disappeared. In other words, the opinions of the people could still change with the tide.

Once the pact of cooperation had been signed, the Fresir guests soon left with their remaining battleships, along with the broken bodies of the Giant Soldiers.


Thanks to this unexpected chaos, the decision of who should be the next king was postponed.

That is because, while the voices pushing for Sir Raymond remained strong, those who had witnessed His Highness Ulysses’ power have begun to push him up.

However, even though opposition to Sir Raymond had grown, His Highness Ulysses had already given a clear statement of having no intention of becoming king. This kind of unusual situation gave the current king quite a headache.

For now, Sir Raymond was appointed as Viceroy, which allowed him a much wider range of power than before.

As for the rumoured Crimson Witch, Black Demon King and White Sage, all three were given the status of Ruskia’s Supreme Advisor of Magic. This position puts them above Royal Sorcerers and more importantly, allows them to stand independently from the hierarchy of established royal magic users.

Personally, I look forward to working with them as they also have permission to freely enter the Medite Magic Research Institute. I wonder, what life would be like in the future for bystanders like me.

Ah, yes.

One other thing, those people in black robes.

The Twilight Clan of the Northern Continent had been famous for their Black Magic for a long time now. They were rumoured to be direct descendants of the Black Demon King.

Apparently, they will be involved in the development of magical weapons between Fresir and Ruskia as the two countries exchange knowledge and information. From what I understand, they consider themselves Engineers of Magic, I can’t help but be interested in their technology.

Some of them will reside permanently at the Royal Capital to support Sir Raymond and the Three Great Demon Kings. As for our Medite Clan, the Royal Palace has sought cooperation from us with the aim to make use of our collective magical knowledge.

They have also expressed willingness to fund the purchase and creation of tools and equipment for magical studies at the religious branch of the Magical Institute of Research. Naturally, as the head of the Medite Family with direct affiliations, I gratefully accepted these grants on behalf of the institute

It’s all part of advancing our knowledge, after all.


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“Grandmother, are you here? Grandmother~”

Along the brilliant streets of the Royal Capital was a single store with a rather gloomy feel to it. It is a general magic store called ‘Midgard’s Miscellaneous Magical Merchandise’.

Inside this mysterious store is a retired Head of Medite, the former ‘Serpent Empress’.

My grandmother.

After her retirement, she had been living a comfortable life managing this little store.

“… oh my, this silly grandson of mine has arrived…”

Grandmother suddenly emerged from the darkness.

Woah, scary, scary.

I couldn’t lift my head [1] from the mysterious pressure exuded by this relative of mine. That’s right, I’m weak against my grandmother, but only because Grandmother is the one who taught me all I knew about being a Medite and was the one who whipped me into becoming the head of the Medite Family.

“Grandmother, have you heard about the recent commotion? Did you see the giants?”

“Hihihi. Of course, I did… I even climbed to the attic for a better look.”

“Looks like you’re still quite sprightly. Unlike my poor father, looks like you will live a good long life… haahhh….”

I pull up a wooden chair to the counter so that I could sit down for a proper talk. This is a family own shop anyway, so there’s no fear of others coming in to interrupt.

“Speaking of which, apologies for the late report, but you will have a great-grandchild soon. My dear wife is with child.”

“Hooohhh, that’s good news indeed. How unusually early for this family to have an heir… Your bride is too good for you. You must treasure that woman well… Your father spread his vitality with too many women, that is why he died early.”

“Is there any connection between those two things?”

Grandmother took out her kiseru from somewhere and started puffing away.

A little frustrated, I also took out my kiseru and lit it up.

The smell of Grandmother’s tobacco smoke sent me spiralling down an unpleasant flashback. Ugh, scary!!

As the two of us smoked, the entire store begins to grow stuffy. The smell of two different types of tobacco smoke combined, producing a kind of smell that was akin to something like a bad chemical reaction.

Normal people would probably die if they sniff it.

“So… Why are you here, Urbanus? Did I not leave everything to you…”

“Nothing really, I’m just here to seek your opinion… the Demon King Class people, apparently, are actually the gods from Maydea’s myth. Isn’t that incredible?!!”

“So you finally found out, stupid grandson?”

“Eh? You know? Then why did you not tell me? Do you know just how much I have suffered, how much stalking I did just to get hold of this information?!”

“Hihihi… if you are a true Medite, you would have reached this conclusion on your own sooner or later. The information is all out there. Since they are reborn every 1000 years, one only needs to trace back the information… What is your MP?”

“It’s about 6800 MP.”

“Compared to the average mages within this country, it could still be counted as high. The average MP value of non-practising commoners is around 200-300. Still, that’s very far off from Demon King Class level whose MP could reach the millions. If you think about it logically, that’s practically god-like powers. Therefore, thinking just a step ahead, only gods could have such powers.”

“… Well, you’re right…”

I breathe in the smoke from my pipe, watching my Grandmother from the corners of my eyes.

When the witches of Medite grow to adulthood, their right eyes are taken and dedicated to the clan. My magic monocle is the product of her power and Name Fate Witch ability.

“Still, it would appear that the Gods have not been managing the world well, with mistakes birthing more mistakes down the line.”

“That is only natural. It was the later humans who described them as gods. Before they were gods, they were kids who had suddenly gained great powers. If the later generation calls them Demon Kings, they are Demon Kings. If they are declared Heroes, they are recorded as Heroes… no matter what, they are not all-knowing or omniscient.”

“…that’s kind of cruel, isn’t it? [2] Having your actions judged by others. Moreover, this ‘system’ they have developed, having to reincarnate over and over again just because they have too much power, completing Great Deeds just to be killed and have their corpse power the Magic Curtain… isn’t this more like being a slave to the universe than a god?”

“That is their job as the gods of this world, Urbanus… Their responsibility for having created Maydea.”

Grandmother unfolded a piece of paper on the table. It is a copy of the most famous mural in Maydea.

“That’s the Return of the… Gods…”

“Hihihi… Indeed. I see you are starting to understand this title. The Demon Kings are gathering.”


I remove the kiseru from my lips, eyes fixed on the picture.

“Which part of the myth is this? This is our most famous mural, but there is no known reference for it.”

“There is no story behind this one, no reference… It is an event that hasn’t happened yet. A prophecy if you like.”

“A future event… recorded since ancient times?”

“Hihihi… nine people will soon gather, like stars aligning perfectly in the sky. What do you think of this meaning?”

“… That’s…”

Grandmother’s one eye widened and she pushes her terrifying, wrinkled face close to mine.

I breathe deeply in surprise.

“Did you know? The only time when all Demon King Class members gather together is when the world begins or ends. Everything will move according to the ‘Truth of the World’ that even now lies sleeping within the sacred land of Vabilophos…”


“Record this, my dear grandson. Do not miss even a single detail of it, hmm? Hihihi…”

The sound of Vabilophos’ bells echoed from somewhere far away.

It is dusk. The moment when magic is the most restless.

No matter what, I shall record all I can about this incredible era.


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