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Divine Culinary Broadcaster – 0090 – Unknowingly Despised

Chapter 90: Unknowingly Despised

Author: Black Lantern (黑色花灯)


Translated by Gumihou


As for the troubles brought by DD Platform. To be honest, Ma Qingyun had long since mentally prepared himself for it the moment Ma Cuihua rejected He Peng. It was made clear when He Peng himself declared that the two companies would be competitors from now on.

[1] Today’s meeting just confirmed it. DD Technology was gearing up to attack QQ Platform.

Ma Qingyun believed that they would do something that would hinder QQ Platform in some ways, but had not expected DD Technology to fiercely poach all of QQ Platform’s elite broadcasters. This would directly hollow out QQ and completely disrupt the platform’s programmes.

Once QQ Platform loses its most notable broadcasters, even if the blow did not kill it directly, the crippling effect would still be devastating.

Broadcasting platforms could continue to develop and stay within the business thanks to these gold and silver star broadcasters. Their star appeal made iron and bronze broadcasters look like hobbyists.

For example, to be qualified as a silver star broadcaster, they have to at least have 100,000 fans. Although 100,000 viewers did not seem like a lot, having 10 silver star broadcasters means 1,000,000 viewers. This was not a number to scoff at.

Let us not even mention gold star broadcasters who command over two million followers.

On the surface, it looked like DD Platform was digging out QQ’s broadcasters. However, they were in fact, digging up fans that follow the broadcasters. Regardless of whether it is a website or a broadcasting platform, could any of them do anything without viewer traffic?

Thus, when faced with such a ruthless move, all the people in charge of QQ Platform was starting to panic a little.

Ma Qingyun was also frowning.

“Chairman, I think that since some of our senior broadcasters have been poached, our top priority should be to reassure the remaining senior broadcasters. We should also examine the potential of the newcomers and provide training for them,” said Hong Shuangxi.

His remarks attracted approving murmurs from the people around him. It was undoubtedly the best and most logical way to deal with this situation.

Ma Qingyuan nodded and said, “It should be easy for Song & Dance and Storytelling sections to achieve results with this method. Do your best to find newcomers to support. As for the other sections, although there are generally fewer talents, hopefully by casting a wide net, we could catch more fish that way. Also, contact the current broadcasters still with us, regardless of whether they are Bronze or Silver Stars, and inform them that so long as they continue to stay with our platform, their share of the profits will be adjusted according to their performance. 80% if they hit 1 million, 70% for 500,000 and 60% for 100,000 yuan achievers to stimulate them to strive for Million Yuan Broadcaster status.”

Ma Qingyuan’s proposal was not bad and received everyone’s approval.

“Right, since the plan is to cultivate new broadcasters, let’s talk about the potential good seedlings from each section so that our platform could better plan for the future,” said Ma Qingyuan. Then, put out his cigarette in the ashtray and leaned back, waiting for everyone’s answer.

Hong Shuangxi said, “Chairman, our Song & Dance Section always have plenty of talents. We have an influx of singers and dancers with great potential, Celebrate Peace w/ Song & Dance, Little Singing Calvary [2] and Du Wei Wei are all very good. Though the result of their broadcast is not too eye-catching, their fan bases are very stable. This shows that they have good staying power with loyal fans.”

Lu Wei also said, “Our Storytelling Section’s Gushing Rivermouth is also not bad. He’s a [3] great stand-up comedian and his lines are both refined and tasteful. Not to mention very meaningful.”

Managers of other Sections also mentioned their outstanding new broadcasters.

Ma Qingyun was very satisfied with their answers, “Looks like we still have a lot of good prospects. You must cultivate these people well. Whatever resources you need, the company will provide. Oh, that’s right, what about your Fine Food Section, Manager Zhao?”

Zhao Sen pulled a bitter face and said, “Chairman, you should also know how our section had always been at the bottom. Although we worked hard and tried our best, Fine Food Section is different in that we have only done things one way. In other words, eat and eat hard. The one who had been successful thus far in this had been Unstoppable Gastronaut, but just how many talented big eaters are there in the world, ah? [1] Well, that’s what I had always thought, but recently, we have a newcomer who subverted that trend. He is a newcomer named Ye Fei, and his method is…”

“Oh, you mean your section’s Ye Fei, ah? I know this person.”

Ma Qingyun glanced over at Hong Shuanxi with a smile, “Since you know this broadcaster, would Manager Hong please tell us about him?”

Hong Shuangxi smiled, “Chairman, you might not know this, but that broadcaster has a very unique broadcasting tactic. Other Fine Food broadcasters focused on eating, but he focused more on cooking. He does this every time. What I found unclear and a little disagreeable is the way he praises each ingredient he uses to the sky. What’s more, some of these ingredients were things we have never heard of before.

While this is not a bad gimmick, I disagree with this kind of trickery. The viewers are not fools. You may fool them once, but the moment they discover that you have deceived them… well, not only would the broadcaster lose his viewers, as the platform, we would be implicated too. What good platform would risk its reputation over such gimmicky tricks? That is why I am not agreeable with this kind of approach.”

Next to Hong Shuangxi, Lu Wei nodded and said, “I believe so too. Though our products are mainly for the entertainment of our viewers, as a broadcaster, one should have integrity. While short-term success could be gained through tricks and gimmicks, there is no long-term reward. Ye Fei’s method is too unkind. If you do not believe me, just wait. While his performance excites the viewers now, he will eventually go downhill. Once his trickery has been uncovered, by then, won’t the platform be roped in to wipe up the shit left on his bottom?”

Ma Qingyun gave the two of them a strange look. He could not help but think of that young man who refused to give him, the chairman, face and just rush off after some perceived insult.

He thought: Just what did that fellow do to offend these two managers? They really don’t like you at all, ah.

Zhao Sen also cast a glance at Hong Shuangxi and Lu Wei. He knew that Ye Fei’s rise had taken the other sections by surprise, but had not imagined that it would cause actual internal strife within the platform.

[1] Still, he felt obligated to say, “Chairman, as Manager Hong says, Ye Fei’s broadcasting method has a unique approach that draws in the audience. If that’s the case, why not encourage some people to try out this method?”

Hong Shuangxi said, “Manager Zhao, I believe you’ve misunderstood me. Although I did say that his approach is unique, I never did say that it should be encouraged, ah. Please do not confuse this point.”

Lu Wei chuckled and said, “Manager Zhao, if all of your broadcasters decided to go into cooking, wouldn’t we be treated to a smoky video? Are you planning to change your image into something like a chef training camp? There’s no need to see that kind of amateur cooking. Just go to a five-star hotel and invite a few chefs to broadcast for you.”

Hong Shuangxi immediately followed up with, “Manager Lu is right, not even proper chefs could create delicious cuisines that attract a viewer’s attention every single time. As mentioned earlier, Ye Fei’s advantage is that he managed to find a niche and made a huge fuss about some fancy ingredients. While this method could be used once or twice, if it happened too many times, the viewers would not buy it. They will start to doubt you. If you don’t believe me, just wait. I believe that even now, Ye Fei’s fall has begun. We will soon see the viewers abandoning his channel soon.”

How could Zhao Sen’s one mouth fight against Hong Shuangxi and Lu Wei’s duet? [1] Especially when one of them was the manager of Storytelling Section, the section famous for their clever retorts. While he was burning from being steamrolled by the two titans of the platform, his phone suddenly rang.

He quickly picked it up and turned the ringer off. He smiled and said, “Apologies, I forgot to mute it just now.”

Ma Qingyun said, “Since they called you, it must be something important. Manager Zhao, go take care of it first.”

Since the Chairman [1] had kindly given him an excuse to escape the awkward situation, he quickly stood up, and nodded at the people around the table before walking out of the meeting room. Just as he stepped outside, his phone vibrated.

Zhao Sen directly answered the phone. Keeping his voice low, he said, “Old Feng, is there something urgent? I am at a conference meeting now.”

Feng Tianlai said, “Manager, I really have something urgent to inform you, ah. I am on my way now, I have something for you.”

Zhao Sen said, “En, alright. Be quick about it. I’m waiting just outside the meeting room. Can you be here in three minutes?”

“No problem.”

Shortly after that, Zhao Sen saw Feng Tianlai sprinting over to the meeting room, puffing and sweating profussedly.

“Old Feng, what’s up?” Zhao Sen asked curiously.

Feng Tianlai was still catching his breath as he stuffed the pocket file into Zhao Sen’s hand. “Manager,” he panted. “Here are the data for Ye Fei’s 4 o’clock broadcast… haaahh, haaahhh, take a look.”

Zhao Sen was taken aback. He frowned, “4 o’clock broadcast? Why did you allow him to choose such a terrible time to broadcast? Surely you should know how thin the viewer traffic is at this time?”

Feng Tianlai chuckled. He merely pointed at the file and said, “As for the reason, I could give it to you, but as for the question of whether the viewer traffic is thin, the answer is all in that file.”

Since Zhao Sen wanted to know, Feng Tianlai briefly summarised what happened earlier and why Ye Fei suddenly chose to broadcast at 4 o’clock. Then, he smiled enigmatically and said, [1] “As for the result of that broadcast, I believe that it is best seen by Manager’s own eyes.”

Zhao Sen slowly opened the pocket file and found over a dozen sheets of paper inside. After the first two or three sheets of paper, his expression changed.

“F*ck, so awesome?!”

He was so shocked that he swore.

Feng Tianlai laughed and said, “Manager, what do you think?”

Zhao Sen slowly stuffed the papers back into the pocket file, a malicious smile spreading across his face. “I think, that Hong Shuangxi and Lu Wei’s face would suffer quite a few blows from this. I can already hear the sound of a flint mountain cracking… Their faces might be slapped so hard to the point that it deforms.”

Feng Tianlai had no idea what Zhao Sen was talking about. “Manager? What is going on?”

Zhao Sen waved a hand at him, “Nothing, nothing much. That’s right, is there anything else? If not, I shall return to the conference now. I’ll be taking these documents.”

Since Zhao Sen did not volunteer information, he did not ask for clarification. Instead, he left after saying his goodbyes to Zhao Sen.

Zhao Sen looked at the documents in his hand. Then, he sneered as he pushed open the door to the meeting room and stepped in…


[Gumihou: Oho… I wonder, how hard will their faces ache after this?]


[1] Adjust details

[2] 马小乐 – horse little song, which is too weird, so Little Singing Calvary it is.

[3] Gushing Rivermouth’s work title is kind of unclear

It’s 段子手 = Joker, which in English should be stand-up comedian since that’s what he does according to the description.

段子 = Sketch, as recognised by more formal dictionaries

I’m iffy about calling someone a ‘Joker’ since that’s kind of crude and informal. Especially against Gushing Rivermouth’s scholar-like performance in his white hanfu and wide scholar fan.

So, let’s go with ‘Stand-up comedian’ has a new Membership System!!

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