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Divine Culinary Broadcaster – 0088 – Heavenly Food Tyrant

Chapter 88: Heavenly Food Tyrant

Author: Black Lantern (黑色花灯)


Translated by Gumihou


After 3Dragon ate two pieces of the Bull Pizzle, he was so happy and excited that he was practically dancing in front of the camera.

“Delicious, it’s too delicious. My fellow channel brothers, I swear that I have eaten all kinds of delicacies, but none of them could hold a candle against this plate of Braised Bull Pizzle with Broccoli & Wolfberry made by Deity Ye. This flavour is crazy delish, ah.”

When he was done speaking, 3Dragon turned a beseeching look at Ye Fei again. The meaning behind that look could not be more obvious — May I please have some more~~

Ye Fei smiled and made a generous gesture of invitation.

Therefore, 3Dragon did not stand on courtesy and his chopsticks got to work. Left, right, left, right, it pecked swiftly at the food.

It was strange. When he first picked up these chopsticks, his hands kept shaking and could hardly pick up his first piece of meat. Now, however, in a blink of an eye, four or five pieces of meat have disappeared.

The plate of Braised Bull Pizzle contained a couple of dozen pieces of meat, which was not ungenerous. However, it could not stand against 3Dragon’s chicken pecking rice technique.

Seeing how rapidly the pieces of meat rolls disappeared, Ye Fei quickly picked up his own chopsticks and began to attack the plate too. This was not the time to show courtesy or manners. After all, if he had to make this dish on his own coin, who knows how much money the System plans to extort from him, ah? These were all top-quality ingredients after all. He can’t allow 3Dragon to eat up everything, ah. After working on the dish for so long, at least let him eat a few pieces, okay?

Thus, the channel was treated to the sight of Ye Fei and 3Dragon gobbling up a plate of delicious looking cuisine while the rest of them could only fiercely swallow the water in their mouths.


In the real world: At a villa on top of a hill.

A middle-aged man with a fleshy face sat on a sofa with his bald, shiny head tilted back and his feet on the coffee table with a large screen phone in hand. He was enjoying Ye Fei’s live broadcast in the most comfortable position possible. Behind him were two men in black suits and dark sunglasses, standing quietly with their hands behind their backs.

When the reward props appeared and blocked out the screen, the bald man scowled.

“This m*therf*cker, if I could see these mob of people now, I’d shoot them down one by one. With all this rubbish obscuring the screen, Daddy can’t even see a hair on Deity Ye’s head.”

One of the men in black bowed respectfully and said, “Heavenly Tyrant [2], I heard that QQ Platform’s system has the option to turn off the prop items. That way, you can see the broadcast clearly without the items obscuring your view.”

Heavenly Food Tyrant, “Oh? Where is it? Turn it off for me.”

The man in black quickly reached out and tapped a few buttons. When the reward items disappeared, Heavenly Food Tyrant was treated to the sight of Ye Fei and 3Dragon gobbling up a plate of Braised Bull Pizzle.

Gulp~~” Heavenly Food Tyrant could not but gulp as he stared at the sight. After licking his lips, he said, “This Ye Fei fellow is really amazing, ah. Even daddy gets hungry just seeing it.”

Heavenly Food Tyrant leaned back and waved his hand, the second man in black hurried over to his side to ask, “Yes, Heavenly Tyrant?”

Heavenly Food Tyrant said, “Get hold of some Bull whip/ Bull root for me. That’s right, get some broccoli and wolfberry too. Have [3] Xiao Linzi make this for me.”

The man in black paused. Then he said, “Heavenly Tyrant, we have three pieces stewing in the pot, do we need to purchase more?”

This time, it was Heavenly Food Tyrant who was taken aback. He rubbed his bare head before suddenly shouting, “Why isn’t it done yet, ah?!”

The man in black dare not say anything.

At this moment, a young man in a chef’s uniform came in with a pot. He cheerfully said, “It’s done, it’s done, this stuff is really not easy to stew, ah. The stench is really strong.”

As he spoke, the chef placed the claypot on the little coffee table. Then, he took out a large plate and ladled out three pieces of Bull Pizzle onto the plate. Steam rose from the plate of food.

Suddenly excited, Heavenly Food Tyrant placed his phone on the table, then, with one piece in his right hand and another in his left hand, he bit into one of the Bull Pizzle whilst staring at his phone.

He was in the middle of chewing at one of the Bull Pizzle when suddenly, with a dramatic ‘wah!’ Heavenly Food Tyrant threw up into a nearby trashcan. He howled, “Can this thing be more horrible? Why is it still so stinky?! Damn you, what use are you? Get out! Do it again!”

The chef shuddered in fright. He hastily said, “Heavenly Tyrant, ah. I really did make it according to Deity Ye’s steps, ah.”

Heavenly Food Tyrant wiped his hands. Then, he clutched at his mobile as he lay down on his sofa. The fragrance teasing his nose was making this fellow’s stomach grumble. It was overwhelmingly unbearable, ah.

“No, I must go see this Deity Ye when I have the time. M*therf*cker, [1] daddy’s already brought out the big guns and hired a good chef, but still could not make anything that matches what Deity Ye is making. How depressing, ah.”

Then, Heavenly Food Tyrant searched out the reward bar and mashed the button for spaceships.


Ye Fei’s broadcasting channel.

Most of the people here did not turn off the reward prop. Some only turn off one or two types of reward props.

[1] With nothing better to do, they excitedly send messages to each other and showered Ye Fei with gifts every now and then. Suddenly, there was a rumbling sound. The screen shook and a spaceship descended from the sky. Then, another, and another, and another… soon, the entire screen was filled with images of spaceships.

Everyone, “… …”

“F*ck, this… this…”

“My heavens, ah. Should spaceships really be thrown about like this?”

“1, 2, 3, 4, 5… that’s… 10 ships, ah!!!!”

“Have mercy on daddy’s heart, ah. 10 spaceships… Heavenly Tyrant Bro, ah. Does your family print money, ah?”

“Surely this is too excessive? To casually toss out HX¥300,000 like this?”

The general audience aside, even fellow tyrants like Tasting Everything Under Heaven and I Am a Foodie were shocked by this generosity.

“H*lysh*ts, Heavenly Foodie Tyrant bro’s ferocity is no joke, ah. Even I am envious by the 10 spaceship display, ah,” Tasting Everything Under Heaven exclaimed.

I Am a Foodie said, “Heavenly Tyrant Bro is too domineering, this little brother is willing to bow to you.”

Tao Tie, “… f*ck me, let daddy kneel before Heavenly Tyrant Bro.”

Firecracker Not Cracker said, “Here I thought me preparing 100,000 yuan is grand enough. To think I cannot even be compared with Heavenly Tyrant Bro’s toes…”


Offices of QQ Broadcasting.

When Heavenly Foodie Tyrant threw out the 10 spaceships, every single section collapsed.

“F*ck his sis, ah. 10 spaceships? That’s… 10 spaceships, ah.”

“Th-th-th-this… can spaceships be simply thrown around like this??”

“That’s right, ah. When did our luxury props turn into lollipops, ah? Surely this way of rewarding is too domineering?”

“My heart can’t take it anymore, ah. This is too crazy. I have been with the platform for a long time and could swear with utmost certainty that I have never encountered such a crazy situation, ah. To throw 30,000 yuan worth of spaceships out like lollipops and applause. Are you kidding me?”

Pan Wencai of the Storytelling Section looked like he had swallowed a fly. Earlier, he had confidently announced his intention to defeat Ye Fei through crowd tactics, but now, all self-assurances seemed to have disappeared. Thanks to Ye Fei’s quality of fans, no matter how many Silver Star Broadcasters he put up, it would be a waste, ah.

“I think… I’d just caught a glimpse of the inevitable rise of Fine Food Section, ah,” Pan Wencai muttered.


As for the mob of Silver Rankers? They were already sobbing their sorrows down the toilets.

When the 10 spaceships appeared, they became so frantic that their tears simply dried up in their ducts. They were so depressed that they could not even cry out.

“… … … …”

“S-surely this is too excessive?”

“10 ships… If you count the earlier 4 spaceships, that’s… 14 spaceships, right? Someone tell me, just how did the most expensive and extravagant prop in the entire platform become so worthless, ah?”

“I can’t even cry…”



… …

While everyone was in the middle of being shocked by the appearance of the 10 spaceships. Someone suddenly discovered something terrifying.

“F*ck, you guys come. Ye Fei’s channel is… is…”

“How can this be?”

“Why is this happening?”

“God in heaven, ah. Can you please tell me what is going on, ah?”


[Gumihou: Lol, I wonder what’s happening~]


[1] Adjust details

[2] 霸天哥 – Really should be Heavenly Tyrant Bro, but I figured it’s a tad disrespectful for subordinates to call him that way. So, stick with ‘Heavenly Tyrant’ instead.

[3] Xiao Linzi – 小林子 literally means ‘Little Forest Boy’ it’s unclear whether it’s a nickname or a real name. But, let’s go with Xiao Linzi for now. has a new Membership System!!

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