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Tondemo Skill – 449 – Grandpa Gon Accumulated Too Much Treasure

Chapter 449: Grandpa Gon Accumulated Too Much Treasure


Author: Eguchi Ren

Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou


The gluttonous quartet of Fer, Grandpa Gon, Dora-chan and Sui, were currently lounging in the living room after having eaten their fill of breakfast consisting of Gigantic Minotaur Bowls.

I must say, my cooking time was certainly faster than before. Possibly thanks to the ‘Solitary Chef’ title. I mean, my cooking skills had been improving lately and I never thought much about it, thinking that it was a natural result of many months of practice.

Well, calling me a chef is a bit of an overkill since I’m the type to use mentsuyu as a shortcut in my gyudon recipe.

That said, my knife handling had certainly improved. The meat was evenly sliced and the onions are reduced to minced cubes in record time.

Though, I cannot say I’m thrilled to be a ‘Solitary Chef’…

Would I really have to cook alone forever?


“Let’s cheer up by counting the Drop items,”

First, there’s Zlatorog’s fur, along with the magic stones and the hooves… woah, I have three sets of Zlatorog’s fur now…

Even Tristan-san had baulked at buying one of the furs, so I have to assume that it is something super valuable. Then, how about gifting them as a bribe, ahem, a tribute to royalty? Especially the ones from Elman and Leonhart, they have shown great hospitality to me…

Wait, would it be alright to gift two kings from different kingdoms the same thing?

Um… I guess I’ll consult Tristan-san on that later.

Let’s see, what else do I have… well, I definitely can’t give away the Violet Berries. As for the magic stones…


Please read this at kitchennovel dot com ~


“Alright, it’s finally done.”

It did not take a long time to sort everything out, especially since I had only collected Drops I felt were worth picking up. It still took me a whole day though, minus the time I used to make lunch.

Alright, I’ll admit it, I counted the Drop items slowly while sipping coffee.

[5a] Right, here’s the list of Drop items collected from 40th to 47th Floor.


Zlatorog Fur x 1

Zlatorog Hoof x 2

Zlatorog Magic Stone (Extra Large) x 1

Poison Vulture Magic Stone (Very Small) x 117

Giant Sand Scorpion Poison Stinger x 32

Giant Sand Scorpion Magic Stone (Medium) x 14

Sandworm Tooth x 39

Sandworm Magic Stone (Large) x 18

Death Sidewinder Hide x 48

Death Sidewinder Poison Sac x 28

Death Sidewinder Magic Stone (Large) x 22

Sand Golem Magic Stone (Medium) x 11

Apep Hide x 1

Apep Venom x 3

Apep Magic Stone (Extra Large) x 1

Ammit Hide x 1

Ammit Treasure Chest with Blue Diamond (Extra Large) xn1

Ammit Magic Stone (Extra Large) x 1


Snow Giant Horn Rabbit Fur x 88

Snow Giant Horn Rabbit Horn x 52

Snow Giant Horn Rabbit Magic Stone (Very Small) x 12

Snow Cuckoo Beak x 66

Snow Cuckoo Feather x 24

Snow Caribou Horn x 6

Snow Caribou Hide x 10

Snow Caribou Magic Stone (Small) x 13

Snow Panther Fur x 8

Snow Panther Magic Stone (Medium) x 8

Giant Snow Tiger Hide x 5

Giant Snow Tiger Fang x 4

Giant Snow Tiger Magic Stone (Large) x 6

Yeti Magic Stone (Extra Large) x 1

Boss Floor Treasure Chest x 1

Yeti Cloak x 1

Ice Dragon Skin x 1

Ice Dragon Eyeball x 1

Ice Dragon Liver x 1

Ice Dragon Fang x 1

Ice Dragon Magic Stone (Extra Large) x 1

Black Dragon Hide x 1

Black Dragon Claw x 1

Black Dragon Cursed Bone x 1

Black Dragon Magic Stone (Extra Large) x 1


Aside from the above, there was also Grandpa Gon’s stash:

Gold Ingot x 132

Ruby (Large) x 18

Sapphire (Very Large) x 15

Diamond (Large) x 16

Emerald (Very Large) x 15

Opal (Very Large) x 20

Amethyst (Very Large) x 21

Aquamarine (Very Large) x 19

Diamond Ring x 4

Diamond Brooch x 5

Diamond Necklace x 3

Diamond Tiara x 2

Sapphire Ring x 3

Sapphire Necklace x 2

Sapphire Bracelet x 3

Sapphire Earrings x 3

Sapphire Tiara x 1

Ruby Ring x 3

Ruby Necklace x 3

Ruby Brooch x 1

Ruby Earrings x 2

Emerald Ring x 3

Emerald Necklace x 1

Emerald Tiara x 1

Emerald Earrings x 2

Emerald Brooch x 2

Opal Brooch x 6

Peridot Bracelet x 2

Peridot Earrings x 3

Aquamarine Tiara x 3

Alexandrite Brooch x 1

Tanzanite Necklace x 1

Detoxification Ring x 2

Detoxification Necklace x 1

Ring of Defence x 2

Necklace of Defence x 1

Magic Recovery Ring x 1

Wind Magic Ring x 3

Fire Magic Ring x 2

Magic Bag (Medium) x 2

Magic Bag (Large) x 1

Magic Sword ‘Hrunting’ x 1

Magic Sword ‘Gram’ x 1

Magic Sword ‘Eckesachs’ x 1


And so on.

The amount of treasure… stuff that Grandpa Gon had accumulated was just too absurd. Most of the jewels were large and, well, considering how rare large jewel drops were, the number of jewels that must have been reabsorbed by the dungeon was just… absurd.

I wonder… just how many Black Dragons did Grandpa Gon crushed over the past two years? Now that I thought of it, they are kind of pitiful…

Anyway, now that I have sorted out the Drop items, let’s go to the Adventurer’s Guild tomorrow to have them valued. Speaking of which, I’m afraid I’ll have to remove the magic swords from the list.

These legendary swords would have to sleep in my Item Box forever…


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“Oh my, today’s deal is excellent as usual. Thank you very much~”

[5b] Tristan-san welcomed us with open arms again today. That’s right, us. All four of my familiars have decided to come with me to the Adventurer’s Guild. Tristan-san had frozen up when he saw Grandpa Gon, but quickly recovered at the sight of the list I gave him.

It did not take him long to go through the list and selected what he wanted. In fact, he even paid immediately once we reached the agreed price for the goods. Not that I seriously calculated anything, I tended to automatically trust Guild Masters now, especially those from the Adventurer’s Guild. The ones from the Merchant Guild though…

“Goodness, I really struggled to make a decision today~” said Tristan-san happily. “The jewels stockpiled by Ancient Dragon Grandpa Gon are especially beautiful and unique.”

“Those came from the Black Dragon. Though I am often asleep, the Black Dragon sometimes annoy me, so I crushed him.”

“Ah…” said Bartolomeo-san, who was also with us this time.

“Thanks to that though, I am never short of food.”

“Ah…” [4] Tristan-san hesitated, but then forged on. “Ahem, if I may ask. What other Drop items the Black Dragon gave out?”

[4] “Hmm, Drops were actually pretty rare. I ate the meat, of course, and left the fangs and hide to be reabsorbed into the dungeon. Treasure chests sometimes dropped and those stayed.”

“Hmm, hmm, well, well, thanks to that, this Guild now has some very excellent jewels in hand~”

I’m glad to offload as many gems and jewellery as possible to Tristan-san. As a former white-collar worker, I have some consciousness of the world economy. Moreover, me keeping the gems and jewellery is a huge waste of money since I can’t really appreciate them.

Tristan-san also bought other things: small to large magic stones, and pelts from Giant Horned Rabbit, Snow Caribou and Giant Snow Tiger.

“It’s our only opportunity to buy snow monster furs,” said Tristan-san gleefully.

After some hesitation, he also bought the Ice Dragon eyeball. “We are already buying so many things, so let’s get this too.”

“Do we have the funds?” Bartolomeo-san muttered.

“I’m buying it,” said Tristan-san with a fixed smile as he ran his fingers down the list of Drop items. He also wanted the gold ingots as well as most of the smaller gems and different kinds of magic tools, intricately designed jewellery, the detoxification rings and a whole lot of other stuff…

Unfortunately, he ran out of funds.

Tristan-san stared wistfully at the one item he could not get his hands on.

“Ha~, it’s so beautiful that it makes me sigh,” said Tristan-san as he stroked the blue diamond regretfully.

Ah, that 44th Floor thing dropped by Ammit. I remember being shocked by its beauty too. I had hoped that he could buy it, but…

“I’d love to get my hands on this, and the Zlatorog fur, but…”

“Oi, stop that. You’re troubling Mukouda, you know?” said Bartolomeo-san.

Tristan-san reluctantly handed the blue diamond back, “Apologies… it’s just too wonderful…”

I put the blue diamond into its original chest and stuffed it back into my [Item Back] under Tristan-san’s yearning eyes.

Fortunately, once the chest disappeared, his professional attitude returned.

The final price agreed upon was, “55,000 gold in total.”

Three little sacks were thumped onto the table.

“So glad to do business with you, such wonderful items, so high in quality too~” Tristan-san looked really happy. “I’m sure these would all be snapped up very quickly, Mufufufufu, what an excellent experience.”


Bartolomeo-san gave Tristan-san the side eye. “What a weird laugh, but yes, this certainly is an eye-opening experience. I was an A Ranker Adventurer, but this is the first time I see most of these things. I must thank you for the experience.”

[4] “I’m glad, ah, speaking of rare Drop items. I’m thinking of offering some of the rare items to the King of Elman, and maybe the king from Leonhart as well.”

[5d] [8]

“Oh?” said Bartolomeo-san.

“Oh ho, sounds interesting.” Tristan-san stroked his chin.

“I had given a few gifts before to show my appreciation. I’m thinking of offering the Zlatorog furs to them, but I’d like your opinion…”

Tristan-san, “Humm, it’s considered bad form to give the same type of gifts to royal families from two different countries, especially those with close a relationship…”

“Well, I have Zlatorog’s horn too and a lot of jewellery…” [5e]

“Hmm, I believe you should gift one king the Zlatorog Horn and a Zlatorog Fur to the other. As for the jewellery, hmm. If you give jewellery, it would be for the queens. So, it’s probably best to give a full set of rings, earrings and necklace with matching stones.”


“Try and make sure both sets are of equal value as possible,” advised Tristan-san. “We don’t want to cause any awkwardness between the two royal families.”

“I see…” I guess that makes sense? It would be awkward for both kings to turn up in Zlatorag cloaks, but if one has a cloak and one has a… thing made with the horn, it would be different enough. For jewellery, I should have plenty of rings, necklaces and earrings to make two matching sets. Although, I guess they could also remake the accessories with the precious stones and metals if they didn’t like the design.

Wait, what about the concubines? Do I have to worry about a king’s concubines?

Grrr, why should I care about someone’s concubines!?

The talk on tribute jewellery continued, with Tristan-san and Bartolomeo-san giving their opinions.

Finally, it was decided that I would give the Kingdom of Elman the Zlatorog horn and a sapphire jewellery set; for the Kingdom of Leonhart, one of the Zlatorog fur and an emerald jewellery set.

I handed the items over to Tristan-san, giving him the responsibility of delivering the tribute to the kings of the respective kingdoms.

Once that was done, my party left the Adventurer’s Guild.


[Gumihou: I find it hilarious to see them blathering about rings, earrings etc, it was really not interesting enough to be depicted in the chapter. Over 700 words were taken out…]


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