Higher Level Wife – 117 – Great Concern

Chapter 117: Great Concern

Author: White Pear Flower

Raws: https://book.qidian.com/info/2386994/

Translated by Gumihou

Proofread by Pill Bug

Gumihou: It’s here, the ultimate pushing romance scene. ‘Feverish in bed’


Yu Jie was [1a] still giggling to herself over her mistress’ ‘timely sickness’ when she heard the children’s laughter. Aunt Yu quickly rushed out to hold a finger to her lips to silence the children before saluting Jin Ming.

She then led Jin Ming and the children into the house, whispering, “Madam has just fallen asleep after taking medicine. She has started to sweat out the fever. It is best not to wake her. Where is the Young Marquis? Has something prevented him from coming?”

One could not blame Aunt Yu for being so [1b] arrogant as to imagine that the Master of the house would fly to see her mistress as soon as he heard she was ill. Anyone with eyes could see the love that Jin Fengju had for her mistress. When only Jin Ming appeared, she could not help but felt a little uneasy.

“Unfortunately, he is still preoccupied with work,” Jin Ming said cheerfully, his cheeks obviously shining with joy. As for the two children, they were grinning so widely that the corners of their lips nearly reached their ears. Even knowing that their mother was sick, they could not tuck away their smiles.

When Jin Ming informed Yu Jie and Aunt Yu about the three consecutive decrees from the emperor, they were dumbfounded.

“This… this is so unexpected!” After a while, Aunt Yu was also brimming with smiles. “For a single household to have two titles in a family is unheard of. That is to say, our Young Marquis, no, our Marquis could move out of the marquisate into his own property?”

Jin Ming smiled, “This clearly shows how mighty the grace of heaven is. Just how much does the emperor favour our master’s family, ah? Old Master is now the Duke of Jing [2], and Master is now the Marquis. Eventually, the Dukedom would be inherited by the Eldest Master. As for our Master, even though his position as Marquis might appear slightly inferior for now, with his abilities, it would not be impossible for him to eventually become a Duke or even a Feudal King one day.

This is the emperor’s special grace bestowed upon our master, meant to prevent future strife or conflict over the issue of titles. You all listen here, ah. For the emperor to consider even this, isn’t it the greatest of all favour? This favour trumps even the ones received by the princes. Don’t you think so too?”

Next to him, Yu Jie laughed, “Isn’t it so? From the way he takes care of our Young Marquis, I believe that the emperor must have taken him as his foster son.”

Jin Changjiao chirped up, “What’s so interesting about all that? There are lots and lots of good things in the courtyard. Ten thousand silver taels and five thousand gold, ah. I asked Brother earlier, but he also is not sure how to calculate in value. He could only say that it is lots and lots of money. So much so, that we can’t spend it all even with ten lifetimes. And the gold things. It’s all very shiny and sparkly. Not only in things but in necklaces and rings and the pretty stones and antiques, my eyes are dazzled…”

“How would you know about those?” Aunt Yu asked as she stroked Jin Changjiao’s cheek. “The imperial decree may be impressive, but your imagination is certainly vivid.”

“That’s because the young lady saw them when she went looking for Master,” Jin Ming said with a satisfied laugh. “The rewards from the emperor naturally had to be verified. Over 20 servants carried the goods in and it all had to be counted and checked against the list. It took them close to an hour to count everything. There’s also the Second Old Master and Master Feng, both of whom have been promoted to official positions. Should they make some achievements in the future, even a noble status is not impossible…”

The more they chatted, the more excited they became, to the point that they forgot that Fu Qiuning was sleeping off a fever in her room. When Jin Fengju arrived, he saw a bunch of people sitting around, talking and laughing together, and anxiously asked, “Where’s Qiuning?”

Aunt Yu and Yu Jie quickly stood up to give their salute, “Congratulations to the Young Marquis, salutations to the Young Marquis. Madam had taken her medicine and is now asleep…”

Jin Fengju’s displeased voice cut in, “Since Qiuning is sleeping, why are you laughing and talking so loudly here? I can even hear you from outside, how could she sleep well like this?”

Aunt Yu and Yu Jie were both so happy about this exciting news that they had completely forgotten about their sick mistress. Seeing Jin Fengju’s moody expression, they felt a little frightened. Just then, a cough was heard from the room. Fu Qiuning’s somewhat hoarse voice called out, “Looks like Lord Husband is here, running roughshod over others as usual. Here I am, being cheered by their liveliness, but you just have to destroy it the moment you arrive.”

The moment he heard Fu Qiuning’s voice, the Young Marquis’ face cleared, all gloominess giving way to brilliant sunshine. He pushed past the door to her room and smiled, “How could I dare to run roughshod over anything in your place? How are you? How did you suddenly catch a cold like this? You’re too careless.” As he spoke, he stepped forward to put his hand over Fu Qiuning’s forehead. After a while, he shook his head and said, “Still a little warm. Fortunately, I bade Eunuch Liu send word on my behalf to invite Imperial Physician Liang over. He is the best person to consult with when it comes to sickness related to fevers and chills.”

Fu Qiuning’s heart shook. [3a] Well, well, she privately sneered: Even in the midst of his great success, he did not forget to drag me down by sending the emperor’s private lackey to call for an imperial physician of all things for a mere fever. Was she supposed to be grateful that a man in this era still remembered to call for a doctor at all? [1c] Oh wait, it would be strange if his ‘yandere-ness’ forgot to call for a doctor. The ‘illness as a pushing scene’ was one of the great favourites of novels and TV dramas, right alongside the ‘Aiya! I fell!’ scene. [1c] Fu Qiuning could only blame herself for falling into this trope by singing in the cold, but she had been so stressed and anxious by all the attention that she just could not help herself.


Jin Fengju was still waiting for her to respond. So, she shifted on the bed to sit up. Jin Fengju quickly fetched a pillow and helpfully stuffed it behind her so that she could sit more comfortably. With a smile, he said, “Your sickness has left you a little sallow. I must say, you don’t look too bad at all. On the contrary, there is a certain pitiful beauty that stirs a viewer’s heart. Even so, it is better to take care and nourish yourself.”

Fu Qiuning smiled, [3b] “So, it turns out that Lord Husband likes the pitiful type. I supposed there is a certain charm to having someone completely under your power and dependent on your favour and generosity. Ever since you started bringing things into this courtyard, my life has been too comfortable. I have even put on ten catties of flesh. Certainly, it is difficult for well-nourished looking person to elicit pity. I supposed I ought to take this opportunity to lose weight.”

[3b] The smile on Jin Fengju’s face stiffened. Then he vehemently shook his head, “Nonsense, nonsense. How could I… Ahem, haven’t you heard the saying ‘King of Chu’s Love of Slim Waists Starves the Palace to Death’? A thousand years ago, a king in the Chu Feng Kingdom loved slim and slender girls. Because of this many girls starved themselves to death trying to achieve that ideal body. When it comes to weight, you have put on some and lost some. Even so, it is better to be a little fatter. Anyway, you’re not allowed to lose any meat.”

[3c] “I see,” what a politician. To completely ignore the difficult question to wax on and on about the mundane. Since he refused to address the issue, Fu Qiuning decided not to press it. Instead, she said, “Speaking of which, I have yet to congratulate the Marquis. I heard that the emperor has bestowed quite a generous reward on the marquisate.”

Jin Fengju smiled, [3c] clearly more than eager for the change of topic. “Indeed. Well, when those corrupt officials were raided, we confiscated nearly ten million silver taels. This made the old man very happy, of course, hence the generous reward. Also, as my brother-in-law has always shown restraint and not the least bit of edge all these years, he appeared quite pitiful and aggrieved next to the more domineering Prince Hong and Prince Lie. The emperor’s rewards also serve to strengthen our faction and increase our influence. In fact, it is all for Prince Rong. Just wait, after this, people will come toppling over to our side.”

Fu Qiuning smiled gently, “[1d] I see, so the emperor also likes the pitiful type. Is that why he finally decided to choose Prince Rong?”

[1e] “… you are still ill right now, why don’t you lie down. Your voice is still a little bit hoarse, perhaps it is best for you to rest more. As for what the emperor thinks, who knows how he thinks? At any rate, he has rewarded us greatly, therefore his support for Prince Rong ought to be real.”

Fu Qiuning stayed quiet as ordered. She stared at the ceiling contemplatively, thinking: Though the situation was not the same as Emperor Kangxi, it was not necessarily different. There had been speculation that Emperor Kangxi secretly favoured his fourth son, but who knew the truth? It was possible that the Fourth Son was too cunning and bet on the right moves. In her current era, the emperor appeared to enjoy watching his three sons battle each other out. [1f] Moreover, like the director of an elimination game, he would give them missions, implement weird laws to make the contestants’ life difficult and throw in some bonus help now and then to keep the show interesting.

In short, the Imperial Family was basically like a giant cricket fight. Tch, that emperor was certainly a unique kind of pervert to find this kind of struggle amusing. [1g] Wait… what does it mean when a pervert like that likes you? That’s right, this perverted emperor favoured Jin Fengju so much that he even bestowed the title of Duke to his father, so that his elder brother could inherit that while he immediately becomes a Marquis instead! Just what is going on? Should she be worried?

On Jin Fengju’s side, he continued to stare silently at Fu Qiuning even as she lay on the bed. She appeared to be thinking deeply and he did not wish to disturb the warm atmosphere between them. Suddenly, the silence was broken by Luo Cui’s voice, “Is the Young Marquis here?”

He knew that Imperial Physician Liang must have arrived and personally hastened out to meet with the maid, “Has Imperial Physician Liang visited Old Madam?”

Imperial Physician Liang smiled, “Eunuch Liu’s instructions were a little unclear. I only heard that someone in the marquisate came down with a fever, and this official naturally thought it was the Old Madam. Just before the New Year, the Old Madam did catch a cold and her illness was aggravated by worry over Young Marquis’ safety. It was a near miss, but fortunately, Young Marquis made it back safely and the Old Madam managed to escape this trial.

Therefore, when this official received the news, I naturally believed that the old illness must have flared up and rushed over quickly, only to find the Old Madam snacking happily on oranges. It was only when this young lady here escorted me over that I understood that the person who caught a cold is the Second Young Madam.”

Since Jin Fengju was familiar with this imperial physician, he immediately escorted the doctor over to see Fu Qiuning. She was already dressed, lying on the kang bed, and had put her cloak on when she heard the physician was about to see her. When the imperial physician came in, she held out her wrist for him to inspect. Jin Fengju personally [a] placed the light cloth over the tender wrist before Imperial Physician Liang took her pulse. After a while, he stood up and smiled, “There is no need to worry. I shall write a prescription. Be sure to eat lightly in the next two days, the illness should fully disappear after a few days.”

Jin Fengju thanked the man and personally escorted him out. He placed another five taels of silver into the imperial physician’s hands. Imperial Physician Liang’s brows and eyes curved with smiles, and he left the marquisate quite happy with this unexpected errand. After instructing Jin Ming to collect the medicine according to the prescription, Jin Fengju turned to Yu Jie and said, “I shall stay here for a few days. I’ll leave once your Madam has recovered. Prepare the bedding for me.”

[3a] Fu Qiuning’s eyes widened. She thought: I’m just sick, but you want me to die?!!

She quickly said, “No need, no need, it’s just a fever. Didn’t Imperial Physician Liang say I shall be well in three or five days? You have recently recovered and just received so many rewards, surely the emperor would not allow you to rest? This place is quite far, you will have to wake early and walk further to prepare for morning court. No, no, you had better return quickly and let me rest quietly.”

Jin Fengju beamed at her, “It is difficult for me to stay here for even an extra day. Now that I have encountered such a convenient excuse, don’t expect to be rid of me so easily. If you believe that it is inconvenient for me, very well, move with me to the inner court. We shall all stay there happily together, how about it?”

Fu Qiuning fell silent. “I see that your promise is hardly worth the air that was used to make it. [1h] Should I even mention it anymore, seeing as how you have completely forgotten your own words?”

Jin Fengju smiled, “I am only joking. No need to take it so seriously. If you really do not wish to go, I shall not force you.” Even so, he had already secretly made up his mind. It was just a matter of waiting for the right time to move her in.


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Jin Fengju ended up staying at Night Breeze Pavilion for that ambiguous ‘three to five days’, pissing off Jiang Wanying, Xu’shi, Huo’shi and the rest. They all shared the thought that this Fu Qiuning was not simple. [1i] Who knew what kind of tricks she had used to bewitch a man like Jin Fengju? Jiang Wanying sank deeper into her schemes, [1i] all her thoughts focus on how to get rid of Fu Qiuning. The outspoken Xu’shi had already cursed plenty of times in front of the servants.

Fu Qiuning’s fever had already cleared up by the third day. However, Jin Fengju refused to leave, citing the [1j] ‘three to five days’ time limit. After the fifth day, he stayed for another day ‘just in case’. On the seventh day, however, he ran out of excuses and had to move out of Night Breeze Pavilion. Reluctant to give up, he thought: I must think of a way to get Qiuning to openly say she wishes to move into my inner court, that way I can be close to her all the time.


Pill Bug: [a] Huh? I thought pulse reading needs to be done over the skin to be accurate?

Gumihou: For fancy ladies in noble houses, a thin cloth over the wrist is part of the etiquette. There’s also the legendary ‘thread reading’ where the physician held a thread over the patient’s wrist to take their pulse. So… ̄\_(ツ)_/ ̄


Gumihou: Ah, the classic fever scene that allows ML to provide over-the-top care and tenderness while MC is rendered helpless in bed. Too bad Gumi is here to spoil all your good intentions.

This chapter once again pressed the fact that humans are inherently selfish creatures. The servants were happy because their masters have been promoted, and hence their lives would be elevated as well.

The maids were happy that their mistress was favoured because that also means their position would be made more solid. They might harp on about how being loved is the best, it was less about feelings and more about things they would receive from a ‘starry-eyed’ master. They could also lord this fact over maids from other factions.

The children were happy because they could see their father more, probably not even thinking about their other five siblings.

There’s also JFJ’s selfishness, giving lip service and trying to gaslight FQN into complying with whatever he wants. This guy definitely has some narcissistic behaviour. The classic ‘I’m joking, lol, take a chill pill’ attitude is one I hated the most.

Dear readers, if you encounter someone who does this to you, either confront them and squash them or get out of the relationship. It’s a bloody red flag.


[1] Add Detail

[1a] Add clarity from the previous chapter

[1b] Show the entitlement. It was meant to be ‘evidence of love as seen by outsiders’, but everything just reeks of smug entitlement

[1c] Break the fourth wall on the classic ‘illness as pushing scene’ for romantic development

[1d] Extend [3b] comment to create awkwardness

[1e] Flipped the dialogue. Start with ‘you are sick’ before addressing [1d]

[1f] Add modern thoughts, to cement the fact that FQN is from the modern world

[1g] Extend ‘emperor is a pervert’ thought to ‘JFJ might also be a perv’

[1h] Add more venom, not just a lame ‘humph, you’re getting worse and worse~ pui~!

[1i] Add more details to these poor women’s thoughts

[1j] Add detail to show how manipulative, cunning and childish this asshat is.

[2] Duke of Jing – 靖国公

The ‘靖’ or ‘Jing’ here means peace or tranquillity.

[3] Deleted or Replace:

[3a] Change the reason why Fu Qiuning’s heart ‘shook’. Delete ‘overflowing affection and secret kyaa~~’, replacing it with ‘seriously? You want to get me into more trouble with your nest of women?’

[3b] Instead of commenting on ‘Nourish? What is there to nourish?’ switch it to ‘So, you like pitiful beauties, I see…’

[3c] Delete: Kyaa~~ all these jokes about weight between husband and wife is so intimate and heart warming, kyaa~

Respond as per [3b].

Gumi is not amused.

Fu Qiuning: I am also not amused.


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