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Higher Level Wife – 115 – Healing

Chapter 115: Healing

Author: White Pear Flower


Translated by Gumihou

Proofread by Pill Bug


Jin Fengju burst out laughing. However, after just two laughs, he clutched his chest and began to cough. He shook his head and squeezed out between coughs, “T-too late… cough, cough… too late…”

“Fine, you’re still injured. It’s best not to talk too much,” Fu Qiuning really could not believe this man. [1a] Leaving aside the trouble she will get into if he died under her care without proper witnesses (damn you Jin Ming for running away), he had the cheek to give all that grand talk, but still refused to let her go in the end. “You’re not allowed to talk anymore,” she said sternly.

“Alright,” Jin Fengju nodded. This time, he really remained silent. At that moment, nothing was heard in that silent world aside from the occasional whistle of the wind and the crunch of snow underfoot. From far away, the sounds of children’s laughter carried over the snow and she heard Jin Ming’s cry of ‘Aiyo, Young Miss. Please don’t hit this one…’

[1b] Fu Qiuning, “… …” So you have returned but remained out of sight of your master? What good are you as a servant?

She turned a slightly judgemental gaze on Jin Fengju, who looked back at her and beamed slightly, “What is it? Are you enjoying the sound of silence?”

“… Your servant is rather incompetent; you should discipline him.”

[1b] The silence was punctuated by Jin Ming’s miserable cries.


Once they reached Night Breeze Pavilion, Yu Jie and Aunt Yu quickly put out large soft pillows on the couch. Jin Fengju sat down. He smiled at her, “Your place is quite warm now.”

[1c] Fu Qiuning smiled back, “Indeed, it is warmer now. Many thanks to the Young Marquis. If it were not for the charcoal from last time, we would not be living in such warmth. We used to huddle together on a single kang to keep warm. Even so, there are days when it gets too cold…”

[1c] She stopped speaking. Her smile was still firmly in place even as the one on Jin Fengju’s face had fallen. That’s right, feel guilty.

When Yu Jie came in with the tea, Fu Qiuning said, “We still have a few of those autumn pears in the cellar. Bring out two and stew them with White Fungus to nourish Lord Husband’s lungs and clear away his heatiness [3].”

After accepting the order, Yu Jie left.

Fu Qiuning [1d] dithered over what to do for a moment before sitting down opposite Jin Fengju and said in a soft, neutral voice, “The injury is not healed yet, you should rest as much as you can.” [1d] When Jin Fengju’s reply was to sigh dramatically and look into space, she resisted the urge to put her face into her hands. Instead, she prompted, “The injury looked very serious. What happened back then? Who would dare to lay their hands on you like this?”

[1e] Like an actor given his cue, Jin Fengju sighed again, and that time, his sigh lasted longer as he leaned back like a sick maiden onto the couch. Then, he shook his head sadly and said with a bitter smile, “It’s not like I do not know how to cope with the unexpected. Indeed, you were not there to see just what those black-hearted scum had done. If they had limited their greed to silver, it is unlikely that I would consider it a heinous crime. However, because I had very strong reasons, I did not let any of those officials go. Even Brother-in-law’s people were not spared. I did not do it as a show for people to gawk at. My reasons are all very solid.”

[2c] Fu Qiuning waited. However, Jin Fengju did not elaborate more. Instead, he was now frowning into the distance, his mouth turned down and- oh, it’s her turn. Ahem. Fu Qiuning, put a hand to her mouth to indicate ‘startled fear’ and said in a soft, slightly supple tone, “What did those officials do to make Lord Husband so angry? One wonders, must Lord Husband be so heavy-handed when punishing the criminals?”

[1e] That was when Jin Fengju straightened up to snort coldly. “What did they do? You best ask what evil they did not do. In fact, it is thanks to your speculation over the true identity of the Yangzhou official that made me take extra precautions. Indeed, the truth is that the official had been murdered a long time ago and had since been replaced by a counterfeit. The crime of deceiving the emperor and murder of an official was heavy enough. You don’t know, you don’t know that once I was there, I realised that all of the officials at Yangzhou had their consciences dug out.

I cannot allow even a single piece of scum to be left behind, otherwise, they would eventually retaliate. Leaving all else aside, last year’s torrential rain in the south of the Yangtze River alone was terrible enough! Those black-hearted dog officials deliberately lured many victims into the city, drugged them with medicine and then shoved thousands of people into the river to plug the gap. I ask you, where are their conscience? Don’t they deserve to die from a thousand cuts?”

Fu Qiuning was stunned. [1f] Woah, such a long and emotionally charged monologue, but not a single cough interrupted it. Was this fellow really injured in the lungs? She had suspected that he had been faking his ‘injuries’ or was just making them appear worse when it was useful for him. Now she had proof.

[1g] Also… drugging thousands of people and using them to plug a channel… is it really possible? She had heard that while building the Great Wall of China, corpses were pushed in to become part of the wall… Even so, deliberately drugging thousands of people and pushing them into rivers sounded very unlikely. While it was possible that people may have been drugged and thrown into the river, but, thousands of them? The personnel needed to do this would be in the hundreds at least, with a lot of drugs. If it was really true, then, the country had more to worry about than a couple of dozens of officials…

[1g] While she was thinking, Jin Fengju, [1f] obviously too caught up with his own performance to realise he had committed a faux pas, fiercely declared, “A good city like Yangzhou had been desecrated like this. I made an unannounced visit in unobtrusive clothes but found out that the place had become hell on earth. Aside from places that the rich frequented, the people wandered around in tattered clothing and there was a clear lack of food even as the rich lived in extravagant waste. I cannot tell you more for fear of causing you nightmares.

In a word, the officials that I came upon this time, each and every one of them should be killed eight or nine times over to appease the people. When the Memorial reached the eye of the dragon, the emperor was so furious that he even wanted to have all those below the officials dead! That is why I had to rush back to the Capital and do my best to persuade him… cough, cough, cough…”

Fu Qiuning wordlessly handed him some tea. When the coughing did not subside, she [2c] patted his back awkwardly. When even that did not cause the suspiciously strategic coughing to subside, she considered her words and went with, “Just how long has it been? To still be so angry. Enough now, don’t talk about it if it angers you so.” [2c] Jin Fengju was still coughing tragically, so she switched to, “What will happen to Jiangnan now? Surely someone must be there to govern the place? I’m sure there will be plenty of volunteers for such a lucrative place, some people really have no use for their face!”

[1e] Finally, the coughing stopped, and Jin Fengju launched eagerly into his next act, “I have already picked out a few local officials to temporarily govern the place. I expect that some would be promoted to permanent positions. Though, neither Prince Hong nor Prince Lie could resist the opportunity to insert their own people. With the attention on the emperor so firmly fixed upon Jiangnan and how the place had been thoroughly cleaned out, they should restrain themselves from doing anything too eye-catching.”

Fu Qiuning nodded [1g] absently [2d], vaguely paying attention as Jin Fengju held the teacup to his lips and sipped elegantly at his tea. She thought: This fellow’s looks are certainly first class. If he ever gets into the acting scene, [1e] with his love for all things theatrical, he would make it big on TV. Who knows how many men and women would scream and throw their underwear at him?

“Let us go. Father and Elder Brother are back, but you have not seen them, yes?” Jin Fengju lowered his cup. When he looked up, he saw Fu Qiuning staring intently at him. [2e]

When he blinked, Fu Qiuning was already picking up the teapot and refilling his cup. “Indeed, I have not seen them yet. The children have already met them and informed me that their grandfather and uncle treated them quite well. They even received some gifts. Children are truly easy to bribe.”

The corner of Jin Fengju’s lips quirked up slightly and he thought: Surely there’s no need to be shy about staring at one’s own husband? I am willing to sit here and let you stare as long as you like. Even a lifetime if possible.

He was desperate to tease her, but unsure how this kind of ‘joke’ would be perceived. Instead, he coughed once and smile knowingly at her for just a moment too long before saying, “That’s right, I have met with Father and Elder Brother. They both say that Feng’er and Jiao’er are very excellent! They even say your teaching skills are impeccable.”

Fu Qiuning knew that there was no way that her father-in-law or brother-in-law would have such a good impression of her. With Madam Jiang so openly displeased with her very existence, there was no way she would actively say anything good about Fu Qiuning.

Even so, she was willing to play the fool and pretended to be pleased by Jin Fengju’s grand announcement. [1h] In the end, Madam Jiang’s power was limited to Jin Fengju’s opinion. If Jin Fengju decided that his father and brother liked her, they must like her.

Jin Fengju continued, “This year, I went to the south and injured myself. I had promised to enter Feng’er and Jiao’er into the genealogy, but in the end, it was delayed…”

[1] Could Fu Qiuning say anything to that without looking like a total bitch? Of course not. There was only one way to answer this statement. Therefore, she smiled and said, “There is no rush. So long as you have the intention to do so, their names can still be entered next year. Only, it should be done before Feng’er takes the Tongzi [4] Examinations.”

Jin Fengju smiled and said, “Of course. Once Feng’er gains a higher position, it would honour our Jin Ancestors as well.”

Fu Qiuning sneered and said, “How interesting, are you saying that if Feng’er cannot honour your Jin Ancestors, his name would not be recorded in the family genealogy?”

Jin Fengju thought for a moment before laughing out loud, “You certainly know how to scold people, ah. Indeed, I have spoken wrongly. Aih! I only saw them last spring! Only then did I realise how wrong and badly behaved I had been. As a father, I took my anger out on my children and never bore the responsibility of looking after them. No wonder you are disappointed in me, to the point that you refuse to forgive me. Each time I recall this, even I would accuse the past me for being wicked beyond redemption.”

[2f] Fu Qiuning stared at the stupidly grinning Jin Fengju until his smile dripped off that stupid face. “No need to mention the past,” said Fu Qiuning stiffly as she stood up. “I shall go to the kitchen and check on Yu Jie. The Stewed Pear and White Fungus should be ready soon.”

[2f] “Qiuning, wait-”

“It’s been a long time since the children have seen you. They are very worried, yet dare not ask after you. You should see them and speak with them.” Without waiting for Jin Fengju to answer, she turned and left. Jin Changfeng and Jin Changjiao had been hovering outside the door all this while. [1i] When Fu Qiuning stepped out, they sensed something was wrong and hesitated about going in. When Jin Fengju beckoned them in, they stepped in carefully and stood at a polite distance to ask about his health.

[1i] How Jin Fengju answered them was unclear to Fu Qiuning, as she had already left for the kitchen.


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Because of Jin Fengju’s issue. Fu Qiuning did not return to her maternal home on the 3rd day of the Lunar Festival. Princess Consort Rong could not easily return either, due to her position as the wife of a prince. Still, there were enough people in the Jin Family there to cheerfully celebrate the New Year.


In a blink of an eye, the Lantern Festival arrived.

Jin Fengju had planned to take all his wives, concubines and children to the city to see the lanterns at night, but due to his injuries, such plans had to be put off. He would have to be carefully nursed back to health for the next two months before he could do anything vaguely strenuous.

Jin Fengju could at least go to court. When he arrived, he was immediately surrounded by ministers and courtiers. Flattery and vague promises of gifts were thrown at him. Fortunately, the emperor ordered him to the South Study, and he quickly escaped.

The emperor did not really have anything much to say. He merely mentioned that the ‘Hotpot sauce’ had all been eaten and to bring more.

Jin Fengju did not know whether to laugh or cry at this. After leaving the South Study, he encountered Prince Rong. However, before he could greet his brother-in-law, the round-faced fellow rushed over with wide angry eyes and declared, “These days, my threshold nearly collapsed from all the visitors stomping in! I can refuse some, but not others. Think of a plan quickly, what should I do now?”

Jin Fengju smiled and said, “What else is there to do? As you’ve said, see those that you should see, and refuse those you have no need to see. The upright person is not afraid of a slanting shadow. If you’re too apprehensive, you’ll lose yourself.”

Prince Rong angrily said, “You say it so casually. Enough of that, I’m not going to think of it anymore. Today, you must come and drink with me.”

He was about to pull Jin Fengju with him when the man said, “I am still recovering from my injuries. How could I drink? Moreover, after resting for over two months, the things I have to deal with at court are as many as the hairs on the back of an ox. You are my good brother-in-law and not a creditor, surely there’s no need for you to keep reminding me? Be at ease, within 10 days or half a month, there is no need for you to drag me over. I shall come to your door begging for a drink, how about it?”

When Prince Rong heard this, he dared not force the matter anymore. He could only nod and say “Very well, remember your word. Otherwise, I shall complain to Father-in-law about you.” Then, as though recalling something, he said, “Speaking of which, Father-in-law has been back for three months, yes? Surely you should make some arrangements for him? What do you think?”

Jin Fengju smiled, “It is all the emperor’s will. Why are you in such a hurry? My father is back home enjoying a leisurely life meeting friends and visiting relatives every day! He goes for walks in the mountains and countryside, being very free. As for my elder brother, I heard from the emperor that he may have to go outside again.”


Gumihou: I think, I can see shadows of why the men in the family get along well. In the first place, the majority of them are either sent far away (dad & older brother) or kept very busy (cousin). This means that males other than the ML all have their own thing to do. A villainous mind is created when it compared itself to the successful person in the room or is so idle that it is rented out as a devil’s workshop.

The women, on the other hand, had too many leisure hours (not even bothering to nurture their kids) and spent their time sitting around plotting schemes.


[1] Add details:

[1a] The lack of details after FQN ‘could not believe this man’ made it look like she was concerned for him. Add some cynical thoughts.

[1b] Since Jin Ming is ‘back’ let’s comment on his presence.

[1c] Adjust details to change ‘oh noes, I hurted you~~’ to ‘that’s right, feel guilty, scum’

[1d] Add a ‘now what’ atmosphere for FQN. Maintain all of FQN’s ‘concerned questions’, since JFJ wanted to be dramatic. Set the stage for his solo drama.

[1e] Add detail to poke fun at JFJ’s obvious dramatic nature

[1f] Fu Qiuning was stunned. Added reasons why she was stunned. The guy gave a super long and emotional monologue without coughing…

[1g] More canon than canon FQN already treated JFJ’s monologue like a drama, so she has some distance to think instead of just reacting to the deaths of thousands.

[1h] Give details on poor Madam Jiang’s position as the fussy decorative chicken in the Jin Marquisate coop.

[1i] Adjust children’s reactions as per [2f]. No kya~~ over dad, but be hesitant because mom is seething.

[2] Deletes/Replacements:

[2a] There are 3 ‘!’ in this paragraph for no good reason aside from the emphasis on how silent the world is and how alooneee~~~ they are~~~

[2b] Deleted: “Humph, don’t talk! *Tsun tsun*” as well as the utterly vomit inducing ‘Kyaa~~ Deep down I’m so happy~~ this is what I want in life~~ a peaceful life with my handsome guy in this stupid era~~~’

Replace everything with bland indifference and a sharp poke on Jin Ming’s disappearances. Do NOT let the plot hole slip by.

[2c] Replaced ‘FQN became frightened by JFJ’s murderous air’ with ‘Yes, and…?’

[2d] Deleted ‘she sat down again’, when did she get up?

[2e] Deleted: Suddenly flustered when Jin Fengju looked at her.

We really don’t need the extra kyaa, here.

[2f] Delete ‘Fu Qiuning smiled slightly’, because… for real? After the man just laughed and said ‘aiya, I was so bad for taking out my anger on the kiddies, no wonder you are angry at me~~ hehe~~’

Fu Qiuning: Is that crazy woman braindead?

Gumihou: Hold on, I’m going to evict her from your body soon. Hang on… 3, 2, 1-

[3] Chinese medical concept of ‘Heatiness’

[4] Tongzi – Youth/Juvenile exams

The word 童子literally means ‘kids’ or ‘juvenile’.

It’s one of the Tang Period exams where youth or ‘apprentices’ take the exam to become scholars. has a new Membership System!!

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