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Volume 1 – 55 – Princess Shatma & the Attack of the Valkyries

Volume 1: Chapter 055: Princess Shatma & the Attack of the Valkyries

Author: かっぱ同盟/友麻碧


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou

Gumihou: Only one chapter out this week because… editing this is too difficult!!


This princess is Shatma, the First Princess of Fresir.

I was the famous Wisteria Princess of a thousand years ago in my past life.

“W-What is that!!”

“A monster!! A black monster is heading this way!!”

The rebel group that hates the existence of Fresir is making quite the commotion in the harbour.

The Queen Consort and the Prince are trying to escape the viewing tower. Naturally, this lady will not allow it.

“Oh my, running away? This country is said to be protected by the Green Blessing… a certain ‘Green Curtain’ magic shield, yes? Surely you will remain safe even if those monsters were to approach?”

“Well, that’s…”

Queen Consort Adalzeza’s complexion changes a few times. However, she did not seem to have the motivation to argue with this lady.

Of course, now that the back of Anti-Eastern faction had been broken, their will to fight must have weakened. As for the King, he is just sitting on his ornate chair, staring at the monsters that were making their way here.

“Make haste! Inform the Sanctuary to change the Green Curtain to All Barrier!!”

One of the Royal Aide is giving instruction to a Royal Mage.

[1] As this lady understands it, the All Barrier shuts away not just the enemy, but also wind and water flow.

It is said that the Green Curtain has several modes that could be deployed under certain situations. Looks like the information that the religious arm of this country is in charge of controlling and operating the shield [1] is true.

“Princess Shatma, what is that thing?!”

His Highness, the Fifth Prince of Ruskia, looked very shocked. Even his experience as the White Sage 2000 years ago, did not prepare him for this sight.

Well, this princess cannot blame him as I too had believed that the end of the world was approaching when I first clapped eyes on them.

“Sage-sama, you are witnessing the latest weapon that came out of the Federation of Hermedes. The ‘Super Magic Raiding Giant – Gigas’. It was first sighted two months ago on the Northern and Eastern borders of the Central Sea.”

“… Gi-Gigas?”

“They are presumably named after the giants from Maydea’s mythology. For all intents and purposes, it is created as a living weapon with a built in magic core and is capable of regeneration. It is something like a bastard child of Black Spatial Magic and Creation Magic… That’s the end of what we know of them. You may thank this guy for the information.”

This lady [1] flutters her fan in Kanon’s direction. As usual, Kanon’s face remained stoic, unchanging as he stared at the black giants appearing in the sea.

Creaaakkk…. creakkkk….

The mechanical screeches and clicks emitted by the giants further emphasize their alienness as they come closer and closer to the Green Curtain surrounding the Southern Continent. Then, long arms lift and smash into the barrier, claws scratch and teeth bite. [1] The sounds were terrible.

People are screaming with fear.

Well, I can’t blame them at all.

This is their first major crisis from a foreign power after [1] 2000 years of peace. To them, ‘war’ is something that happens to other people.

“Princess… the third giant on the right has powered up its weapon,” Kanon reported.


The people around us hurriedly stared in the direction indicated.

Indeed, the giant in question is aiming a huge gun at us, a shining sphere surrounded by rings has formed on the mouth of the weapon. It is powering up to fire. From the reports we had gathered, I know that these weapons are powered by the giants’ internal magic core.

“So, it is coming…”

This lady snaps her fan shut.

The Green Curtain is like a bird cage.

This lady had always disdained the thought of living behind a wall of protection. The citizens of this country are like birds in a cage. Growing fat and secure, believing that all threats are forever shut away from them.

Like ignorant pet birds, they remain in their cage, unaware of what is happening in the outside world.

Well, well, foolish birds of the Southern Continent, come and witness the destruction of your cage with your own eyes. You will now know how exactly your precious Green Curtain keeps you safe. Or not.

“It’s firing!!”

Everyone held their breath.

The light burst out once before concentrating into a single ray of light that shoots towards the Southern Continent.

A shattering sound is heard all over. [1] As though some crazy person had dropped a glass window from a great height.

I wonder, just how many people recognise this as the sound of peace shattering to, heh, pieces?

“The first barrier is down!!”

The aide by the King shouted.

The smile on Raymond’s face was quite terrifying as he turns to the King and says, “If my recollections are correct, the Green Curtain’s protection has 8 distinct barriers. Ah, but the 8th Barrier had been down for 2000 years. So, we could only rely on the 7 remaining barriers. Well, we just heard the 7th Barrier breaking, so I supposed we are down to 6… I wonder, what will become of us now?”

The ray of light is less bright than before, but when it touches the 2nd Barrier, it shatters into pieces. We all grit our teeth and wince at the sound

Then, the light reached the 3rd Barrier.

“The 3rd Barrier… has been breached.”

Once the 3rd Barrier was breached, the cannon ray suddenly winked out against the 4th Barrier.

Everyone exhaled with relief.

Well, Kanon and I had estimated this much. This lady is prepared to perform the 8th Summoning Stage and call upon the ‘Treasure Guardian Wall’ to protect us if all else failed.


[1] The attacks have failed to fully destroy the Green Curtain, but the giants are already pushing through the shattering outer barriers and trying to invade the Southern Continent.

“I think we’ve seen enough.”

This lady snaps her fingers and Kanon sets a magic [2] Lacrima crystal [1] calibrated for communication.

Immediately, the image of General Bajyard, is reflected on the crystal. The general is currently with Fresir’s 6th Fleet, but we could still communicate through a relay of lacrima crystals.

“… Princess Shatma, we are ready. The 6th Fleet awaits your permission!”

Umu, permission granted, the rest is up to you.”


The valiant and decisive General Bajyard saluted from the other side of the crystal.

I push my hair back and point my fan at the giants.

“The pride of Fresir, Bajyard’s 6th Valkyrie Fleet! Dispel the camouflage and prepare to attack!”

Shortly after this princess’ command, there is a thunder-like echo in the sky and the clouds split open. At least, that’s what it must look like to the locals.

The pride of Fresir, the goddess of justice and victory, is no longer disguised and is floating down from the sky.

This great military masterpiece is just so stunning that even this princess is fascinated by the sight of it.

“That’s… Fresir’s battleship, Valkyrie!!  Bajyard’s 6th Fleet!!”


Gasps of awe and admiration could be heard all around.

The beauty of the black-purple body of its metallic exterior easily overwhelmed the viewers. The bottom of the ship is pointed and three Lacrima, the ship’s power source, had been installed in the upper part of the ship.

“Princess Shatma, this is…”

“Oh my, Sage-sama. That is the Valkyrie, the pride of Fresir. Please observe how it fends off those giants.”

That’s right. The Sage is right next to me.

He is looking rather confusedly at what is happening in front, as though wondering what he should do.

We could see General Bajyard giving out commands through the Lacrima crystal.

“Begin firing!”

Bombs fall from the battleship and strike the giants below. That terrible metallic screeching sound is heard again. It is terrifyingly similar to a scream.

However, no matter how many bombs are dropped on the giants, their regeneration fixes them up too quickly to make any injury stick.

“Sage-sama, the only way to properly destroy them is to pierce their backs and destroy the core. We have to destroy more than 80% of the power source, which connects the brain to the body like a spinal cord, to effectively take it down. Damages like cutting off the heads and limbs would only trigger the regeneration magic, making all effort meaningless.”

“… I see.”

The Sage is gritting his teeth as he stares at the battlefield.

Just then, the Valkyrie manages to destroy one of the giants.

As of now, the best way to damage the giants is to aim bombs to their backs from the sky. It is far from efficient, but it is the best tactic we have thus far.

Then, one of the giants stretches out its terrifying mechanical wings and leaps into the sky. Its numerous long arms grabbed one of our ships and threw it into the sea.

A violent explosion echoed across the sea.

People who saw the sight were stunned. Some even covered their eyes. Screams were everywhere.

I grit my teeth and bow to salute my fallen brethren. “My brave soldiers. I shall avenge you.”

“Princess Shatma.”

“Do not worry. I am prepared to lose half of my fleet on this campaign.”

The first time we battled against those things. Nearly all of our 2nd Fleet was sunk.

If not for Kanon, Fresir would have been burned down by those monsters.

For the people of Fresir, this kind of sight is no stranger to us.

“Princess Shatma… I can’t keep staying here and just look anymore. I’m going to fight.”

“… Hoohh? Is that alright, White Sage? If you use your powers, you can no longer remain a carefree prince anymore.”

“I know. However, as a prince of this country… it is my duty to protect it.”

His eyes shine with a strong light. This lady looked at him for a while and smiled.

“Wait!! We’re going too!!”

The moment is broken by a young girl’s voice.

We look towards the voice and see a red-headed girl in a bright red dress. Next to her is a young man with black hair.

So, the Crimson Witch and the Black Demon King had arrived.

“O-oi, children can’t be here!! Go evacuate!!”

Ruskia’s soldiers tried to make them leave, but Sir Raymond says, “Oi, let them through. They are friends of His Highness.”

“Y-yes? B-but even so, shouldn’t they…”

“It’s fine, it’s fine, don’t worry about it.”

The look in his eyes is one of anticipation.

He has no real idea who they are or what power they have. However, he appears to accept that they are not normal people.

The Crimson Witch and Black Demon King ran to the top of the viewing tower, straight for the White Sage.

“Oi, we’re fighting too.”

“… n-no way, with so many people… you’re bound to be noticed.”

“Hey, it’s fine. Tooru and I have decided. We can’t let you go in alone. The three of us can take down those monsters easily.”

“Maki-chan… Tooru-kun…”

The White Sage nodded once slowly.

This princess watch as the three of them conversed. Then, I look at the man beside me.

Kanon’s stoic expression never changed.

“So the Demon Kings are finally coming onto the stage…” I whisper, my eyebrows raising.

“Princess Shatma, once I give you the signal, could you inform your people to pull away as far as possible?”

“Naturally. While the Valkyrie fleet could certainly deal with the giants, this princess would rather not have my precious fleet be further damaged if at all possible. If you wish to go into the field, we shall respectfully withdraw.”

“Thank you very much.”

The rest of the people around me are staring at the children with dazed eyes. I wonder, what miracle will I witness today?

Once their existence is revealed, everything will change.

“Princess, are you not planning to fight?” asked Kanon.

This princess snap my fan open to cover my mouth and laugh, “Fufufu, when I fight, it is for the sake of Fresir. This country belongs to them, therefore it is only right that they should be the ones to protect it. What of you, Kanon? Do you have any desire to fight alongside the Three Great Demon Kings?”

“… you’re joking…”

Even as we banter, the three children [1] step forward on the viewing platform.

I gaze at the three reincarnated Demon Kings over my fan. Once this battle is concluded, no, once they enter the battlefield, the truth of their identity will be known.

Kanon, is this a good or bad outcome for you? This princess has no idea.

The one thing I know is that a long battle will commence from this moment on. Memories will be made and a journey to collect these memories will happen.

History is ever changing yet somehow the same.

Everything we have once created will leave traces in the world. Occasionally, these traces would surface at the slightest trigger.

Well then, let us begin.

Let us celebrate the return of the Great Demon Kings in the grandest way possible.

The world has been waiting for this moment long enough.


[Gumihou: I think… I’ve made it even more dramatic…]


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