You are currently viewing Tondemo Skill – 446 – Stay Strong, Tristan!

Tondemo Skill – 446 – Stay Strong, Tristan!

Chapter 446: Stay Strong, Tristan!


Author: Eguchi Ren

Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou

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“Yes, let’s go back quickly and make the fried food.”

“”I want fried bird!””

“”Fried food, fried food~ ♪””

“I’m looking forward to it.”

“What are you guys talking about? We have a lot to do before we get to the fried food,” I said disgruntledly.


“Well, first we need to register Grandpa Gon as my official familiar. Otherwise, things will become… troublesome,” I stare at the new dragon in my party and sighed. “Not to mention we’ll have to rent a new place to live. Preferably somewhere just as large or larger than the one we were at before…”


““What? Why?””

“Haahhh… Fer, you of all should understand the chaos a powerful familiar brings…”

Umu, well, it’s true…”

“And Dora-chan! You of all should understand the chaos a dragon brings!”

“”Auggghh, that dragon crazed elf…””

“As for Gon, he’s both a powerful being and a dragon, what do you think the reaction of the people would be like?!”

We all stared at Grandpa Gon. After seeing his 20-storey tall original form, this smaller form was indeed less intimidating. However, compared to the tiny pixie dragon who could still pass as ‘cute’, this giant lizard thing did not have a trace of cuteness at all. His dark grey scales that were closer to black were scary. Fer was a fairly large monster, but mammals have the advantage of being inherently cuter with fluffiness on their side.

There was really no hiding this dragon’s menacing presence.

“I guess it can’t be helped, we can’t stay in this room forever,” I sighed. “Grandpa Gon, I respectfully ask you to please behave. Your looks are just too menacing. Also, please remember to speak via telepathy while in the city.”

“Yes, yes, I’m not stupid, you know.”

Well, it’s not like I can delay the inevitable any longer…

We left the room and immediately ran into a 5 party group. They looked like serious veterans in their 30s with bulging muscles and shiny weapons.

“Hey! Who are you guys…”

“Ah, excuse me. We are just passing through, um, if you would like to go ahead first, please…”

None of them took the hint. In fact, all five bulky-looking Adventurers had frozen in place.

“Excuse me?”

Sweat was popping out of their faces and collecting under their chins.

Their eyes were fixed on something behind me… ah, as expected, they were staring at Grandpa Gon…

“…I knew it.”

I had experienced this before while travelling around with the Legendary Beast Fenrir. I expect that these Adventurers realised on some instinctual level that they were now in the presence of an Ancient Dragon.

Personally, if I have their instincts, I’d have run away.

In fact, let’s run away now.


“Then, excuse me, we shall pass first. Excuse the inconvenience, everyone. We’re just passing by~”

With my voice pitched at ‘nothing-to-see-here’, I ushered my familiars passed the frozen Adventurers and we headed outside of the dungeon.

“Aahhh, it’s been a long time since I am in the presence of natural sunlight~~” I sighed as I allowed the sun to warm my body. I’m so glad to be back on the surface…

“Don’t move!!! What did you bring out of the dungeon!!?”

“Didn’t you only have a Fenrir?!”


It was kind of nostalgic to have a shaky spear thrust into my face after all this time.


Adventurers waiting to enter the dungeon had frozen in place, the low-level ones were huddled together like baby chicks while the mid-level and higher Adventurers had their hands on their various weapons, never taking their eyes off us. Well, there were some with tokens in their hands, which I recognised as some sort of escape spells.

There were even a few civilians in the mix.

I wished the soldier had not said the word ‘Fenrir’ in such a public setting. I mean, I understand that it’s basically an open secret at this point, but I’d still rather not have it blabbed all over the place like this.

“Ahem, in the beginning, yes. However, the number of my familiars has since increased, yes.”

I put up my hands placatingly.

“What is this nonsense!? How could you have both Fenrir and Dragons as familiars? Impossible! Impossible!”

Agghh, I know your worldview has just been shattered, but, could you please not draw attention to us like this? It’s not like I deliberately set out to collect these impossible legendary creatures.

“Oi, that human over there. I am now Master’s familiar by my own will.”

The deep, bass voice of an Ancient Dragon cut through the thin scream and vibrated throughout the mostly silent place. Eyes widened, and jaws dropped.

“Grandpa Gon you idiot, shut up!” Fer sighed a paw on his head in exasperation.

“Hah? Why? We’re not inside the city yet.”

“We’re next to a city, which is just as bad. The trouble is that this place is filled with troublesome humans who will carry troublesome news into the city.”

“I see… very well, I shall use telepathy from now on.”

“… …” I really don’t want to look at the people’s faces now. What’s the use of talking about using telepathy when you are right in front of witnesses!!?

“”These two idiots…”” Dora-chan sighed.

“”Aruji~?”” Sui poked my ankle with a little tentacle. “”No leaving~?””

Yes, in times like this. Let’s run away!

“Ahem, so, as mentioned. These are my familiars!” I beamed at everyone, then forcefully herded my party of overpowered creatures away from the gawking crowd.

I think I heard someone say ‘Ancient Dragon…’ but that could totally be my imagination!

It was a pain, but I managed to ease our group away from these people by repeating ‘These are my familiars, it’s all fine!’ over and over again at various internals.


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“Ahh, I’m so tired. My throat’s completely dry…”

By the time we reached the Adventurer’s Guild the situation was… super tense. Even though I did my best to inform everyone that the legendary beasts following me were my familiars, the atmosphere within the Guild was very charged.

A lot of the Adventurers here had a hand on their individual weapons and were eyeing us tensely, clearly ready to leap at us at the slightest provocation.

While I was wondering what I should do next, someone whispered, ‘Call the Guild Master’.

I shifted uncomfortably, still not fine about the thought of cutting line, but, considering the explosive situation atmosphere here, I supposed it was better that we get out of the room as soon as we can.

“These humans really don’t know anything, believing that they could do anything to me with those puny weapons is part of their thinking problem.” Grandpa Gon snorted, looking pityingly at the high-ranking Adventurers around him.


“Don’t say that, though the humans lacked common sense, they did their best to come at us with the best weapon they could get their hands on,” said Fer.


Umu, after travelling with this guy, I discovered that things in the human world all cost money. Since their lives depend on the quality of their weapons, a lot of their money goes into getting the best kind of weapon they can.”

“Hoo~? Is that so? In other words, the weapons they have are poor, because they are poor?”

Umu, looks like it.”

“Hmm, unfortunately, those scrap metal won’t even inflict a single wound on my body. If they plan to fight me, they should at least prepare a proper magic weapon.”

“Indeed, something made with Hihi’irokane [11a] or, something like [11b] Adamantite. Even so, I can’t blame them for going all out, armed with whatever they could find to fight when an evil dragon appeared in their midst.”

“Hey, who are you calling evil? You’re eviler than I!”

“Hm? No, no, no, I am loved even by human children. Old Geezer Gon on the other hand…”

“Oi, wanna throw down!”

“Yeah, come at me!”

There was a muffled thump as the two titans slammed their foreheads together.

Seriously, I am getting really angry by their pointless quarrelling.

“Are you two done talking? Speaking of which, why are you talking at all?”



“Also, consider the topic of your conversation. Don’t just say what you think!”

I am… super angry on behalf of all the Adventurers around us. Can you not see how depressed you made them?!

““Oh my, I’m still not used to this whole telepathy thing.””

“”I only spoke out loud because Grandpa Gon was talking to me.””

““Oi, don’t put the blame on me.””

“”Humph, you’re the one who messed up first, Grandpa Gon.””

Fer and Gon began to glare at each other once more.

“”Stop it! What kind of examples are you showing the younger ones? Look at Dora-chan and Sui. They are much more mature than the two of you.”

Why are the geezers behaving like a couple of toddlers?




“If you refuse to behave, no dinner for you.”


“”But… fried food?””

”I’m serious, any peep from you two, and you’ll be watching us eat instead.”

I continued to glare at the two titans. Thankfully, instead of arguing with me, they began to nod fervently. Really, just what kind of nasty behaviour is it to openly make fun of others just because you are too powerful?

They are not weak, you guys are too powerful!!

“Oh~~ welcome back Mukouda-san~~ Sorry to keep you waitin- erk…”


I turned at Tristan-san’s voice. The man was just standing behind me, wearing the biggest smile on his face.

…correction, the biggest smile I had ever seen was frozen on his face.

Suddenly, for no reason at all, the Guild Master just… collapsed.

“Tristan-san!” I rushed over to grab him before he hit his head on the floor. “Oi, what are the rest of you doing!? Tristan-san, hang in there! Tristan-san!!”

What do I do now?


[Gumihou: This chapter is why I refuse to entertain a jelly spine Mukouda. If you want a Mukouda who dares to scold legendary beasts, you can’t make him too much of a coward. Well, you shouldn’t.]


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[a] Deleted Sui and Dora-chan chiming about how good they were. 

[6] Additional Information for Aesthetic Purpose

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[8] Creative License – Redid dialogue to make it flow more naturally. Make Mukouda more assertive.

[9] Redid interaction with the soldiers and the public to make it more natural and Japanese-esq

[10] Dialogue between Fer and Gon, while ignoring the people around them. Not quite dismissive enough.

[11] Special ore

[a] Hihi’irokane or Hihi’irogane – a legendary Japanese metal said to shine so brightly that it resembles flames

[b] Adamantite – fictional ore that is said to be very hard

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