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Higher Level Wife – 112 – Return Home

Chapter 112: Return Home

Author: White Pear Flower


Translated by Gumihou

Proofread by Pill Bug


Gumihou: Deleted many ‘oh noes oh noes’ and ‘’kyaa~’ moments. Replacing them with ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

Gumihou: Let’s play a game of spot the ‘JFJ nearly died but fortunately survived ™ ’ statement


If we were to mention what was happening at the Jinxiang Marquisate… Well, if the news of Jin Fengju’s achievements had rocked the Imperial Court like an earthquake, it was as though a great catastrophe had fallen upon the entire marquisate.

The Old Madam heard rumours that Jin Fengju had nearly died at Yangzhou, that he could barely gasp for breath and was so seriously ill that for two days and two nights, not even a grain of rice passed his lips.

Jin Yu and Jin Shi, her two sons, took turns to personally serve her various medicines and decoctions, doing their best to soothe her emotions as best they could. They informed the Old Madam that, since the news they received was that Jin Fengju suffered a ‘near death’ situation, meaning that he had not died, he must still be safe at that time. Even so, with the marquisate not receiving a single letter from the Jinxiang Heir and Jin Fengju not arriving with the criminals escorted into the Capital, how could the Old Madam be at ease?

Even the isolated Night Breeze Pavilion had broken open its doors due to this incident. Jin Changfeng and Jin Changjiao were crying so much that their eyes were like swollen peaches. [1a] As for Fu Qiuning, she spent her nights staring at the ceiling, pondering over what would happen if Jin Fengju ended up dead or crippled. If he died, could she take the children with her? Should she stay? Nope. Nope. No way. But that still begged the question of where to go. Would the children see it as a betrayal if she left them in the marquisate? Maybe she could stick around and wait for Madam Jiang or someone to decide to send the children to the farm. Although, considering how much the Old Marquis liked the twins, that might not happen…

[1a] On and on, various thoughts churned in her head as the occupants of the inner court cried like it was a competition, or like overworked employees out to fill the tears quota, so that the precious Heir could return to the marquisate.

[1a] The sobbing competition was briefly halted on the 25th, when news came that the Young Marquis was safe and would reach home on the 26th.

[1a] Following that, a fresh round of the sobbing competition commenced.

After shedding tears of joy, like spring buds popping up after rain, life returned to the Jinxiang Marquisate. On the night of the 25th, almost nobody slept. Early the next day, the Old Madam sent someone to wait at the gate. Jin Ming arrived to inform them that the Young Marquis had gone to the palace to make his report and that he would return to the marquisate soon after.

Seeing Jin Ming in one piece, the anxiousness level of the marquisate basically went down by half. Even so, the family still had people waiting at the gate, hoping for news. When Jin Fengju finally arrived, escorted by the Imperial Army and carried on a sedan chair, the servants (and everyone else) realised that the master’s injuries must still be quite serious. Otherwise, he would not have allowed himself to sit on this slow sedan chair.

Fu Qiuning went with everyone else to the Old Madam’s place to wait for news. [1b] The last thing she wanted was to give Jin Fengju a false impression… no, wait, surely that’s the last thing she should care about? There was really nothing she could do if the delusional man wanted to misinterpret her actions in his worldview, but… if she did not show appropriate concern, she would make an enemy of the Old Madam and the Old Marquis, on top of every single participant of the sobbing contestants within this marquisate. She just could not afford to not go.

More importantly, the children were also part of the teams of people crying their eyes out for the Heir. So, there was no way she would not bring them there. Therefore, they got up at the butt-crack of dawn, freshened themselves up, and went over to wait for news with the Old Madam.

There was really nothing much to do as they waited. Nobody wanted to chat; everyone was just waiting. [1] Fu Qiuning would have liked to sleep in or do something more useful with her time, but, needs must.

Suddenly, a group of maids happily twittered, “The Young Marquis has returned, the Young Marquis has returned~”

[1] Fu Qiuning, “… …”

[1] All hail the conquering hero.

Madam Jiang and Jiang Wanying leapt to their feet as though the illness that had been lingering over their persons had suddenly disappeared. [1c] Fu Qiuning blinked at the suddenly energetic ladies before also leaping to her feet. She would imitate them for the moment. Even so, Fu Qiuning made sure to stay half a step back, behind the Jiangs who were quivering like taut bows, both staring almost desperately at the doorway. [1d] She watched with interest as their bodies actually shivered when Jin Fengju stepped in. Jiang Wanying involuntarily stretched out a hand even as Madam Jiang cover her mouth to control her emotions.

[1d] That’s because, despite being nearly overwhelmed by their emotions, etiquette dictated that Jin Fengju must greet the Old Madam first before mother and wife could greet son and husband.

[1d] Eh, whatever.

The time it took for Jin Fengju to step through the door and walk around the screen was not long, but from [1d] the way the Jiang ladies acted, it was as if they might have been waiting for hours or days to see Jin Fengju. The man of the hour stepped around the screen, dressed in ivory brocade cotton qi bao. A bright red cloak was draped across his shoulders. Although he looked a little wan, there was a smile on his face. At first glance, it did not look like he was injured, but he was walking more slowly.

When he reached the Old Madam, he attempted to kneel, but was quickly enveloped in a hug as the old lady cried loudly, “You still have the heart to observe these petty niceties when you must know how I nearly died from worry. I heard you almost died at the hands of those greedy, corrupt officials. You… you nearly scared your grandma to death.”

Jin Fengju pressed a hand over his chest and coughed twice. However, the smile on his face did not diminish. He clasped Old Madam’s hands and helped her up to the couch and leaned her against the pillows. He smiled and said, “Didn’t your grandson come back? No matter what, I am safely back. Mother and grandmother should have gotten the news, this time it… coughcough, the commotion was rather big. That this grandson could preserve his life is already very lucky… coughcough.”

Madam Jiang [1d] could not stand it anymore. She hurried over to grab Jin Fengju’s hands and wept, “Why are you coughing so badly? Where are you injured? Your face is so pale. Have you not properly nourished yourself?”

Jin Fengju quickly assisted Madam Jiang to the couch too. Then, he swept a glance around the hall and caught sight of Qiuning [1e] staring at him with deeply concerned eyes. He could not help but stare for a moment as his heart warmed up. He thought: No matter how hard-hearted you appear on the surface, deep in your heart, you still missed me, right? When you heard that I have been injured, you must have run over quickly to wait for news. With your cool temperament, surely you would not be here if you did not care for me at all.

The corner of his mouth curled up into a smile at the thought. As for Fu Qiuning, who had really [1d] been watching this live drama with interest, she felt a shiver go up her spine and finally realised what a certain delusional person must have been thinking. [1f] Unable to scoff, curl up her lip in disgust or show other negative emotions, she could only lower her head and chant the heart sutra: Form is emptiness, emptiness is form…

Jin Fengju addressed the room, “Everyone, please sit down, ba. Coughcough… it’s difficult for me to stand too long… cough, cough, cough… Elder Sister-in-law, it’s been a few years since I’ve seen you. Unexpectedly, I am in this condition.”

While he was rambling, everyone eventually sat down. Liu’shi hastily said, “Please don’t say this, your elder brother is back. After knowing that the Second Master has gone to Jiangnan and not receiving news for so long. I could not sleep well. Two days ago, when we received such big news, nothing but fire poured out from Eldest Master’s mouth. Now that Second Master is back, and though you returned injured, you have still returned safely to us. Naturally, the whole family is relieved by this great blessing.”

Jin Fengju smiled, “Yes, I came here to greet Old Ancestor first. I have yet to visit Father and Elder Brother, I should go and speak to them later.” Then, he coughed again.

[1d] Beside him, Madam Jiang and Jiang Wanying stared at him, wet eyes brimming with more tears as they sobbed, “What are you saying? Going when you’re so injured? To cough so badly, surely you must have injured your lungs? As for that servant Jin Ming, we questioned him several times but he never said anything. We didn’t know you had been injured so.”

Jin Fengju smiled and said, “I am the one who ordered him not to say it. On this Jiangnan trip, we not only cast a net over those dog officials, we also wanted their lives. Therefore, how could they let me go? Cornered dogs will try to jump over the wall, so, how could they not fight to the death? I’ve suffered some injury, but was lucky to come back with my life. I sustained this injury south of the Yangtze River. I fear I must have caused you much worry, having not received any correspondence from me. Later, who would have thought that I would suffer a sword wound in the chest. I nearly lost my life then and dare not even move. Fortunately, the injuries have mostly healed. Therefore, Old Ancestor, Mother, there is no need to worry.”

[2] No one dared to interrupt as he continued his monologue, punctuated by many coughs. They all know by now that his injuries haven’t fully healed yet, although they must be getting better. Jin Fengju was afraid that his family would worry, and even more afraid that the officials would break out or cause more trouble, which was why he had hurried back to the Capital. Regardless, since he managed to snatch his life back from the jaws of death, he considered it something like snatching fortune from the jaws of misfortune.

In order to not disturb him, the Old Ancestor ordered, “Quickly return to your room and lie down and rest. You must recuperate well. Drink more tonics. I have a few old ginsengs around. Have Wanying take them back and stew them with some chicken. Ginseng Chicken is best supplement to recover one’s health.”

A few more exchanges later, with Jin Fengju saying ‘thank you’ and ‘no need’ while the Old Madam insisted, he finally left.


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If it was up to him, he wished to go to Night Breeze Pavilion. However, the location was quite far away and he had trouble walking a short distance. Moreover, he feared causing worry to his grandmother and mother. Therefore, he forced himself to act nonchalantly. In fact, after leaving Health & Longevity Court, he could not hold it back anymore and realised his health would not allow him to make it all the way to Night Breeze Pavilion [3]. Secondly, when he saw Jiang Wanying’s haggard, anxious face with swollen eyes, he recalled that they had been husband and wife for a few years already and [3a] it would not be good to leave her like this. Therefore, he could only make his way to Clear Soft Pavilion. The moment he stepped into the house, he dropped himself onto the bed and did not move.

[3b] Jiang Wanying was so shocked that she screamed with fright. Before she could rush outside or panic further, Jin Fengju said in a soft voice, “No harm done, do not frighten yourself over inconsequential matters. My body is merely a little weak…”

Just then, Jin Ming came in to announce in a low voice, “Master, the Imperial Physician sent by the emperor has arrived. He is waiting outside right now.”

Jin Fengju smiled faintly, “Let him in, ba… cough, cough, I am much better now, in fact… surely there’s no need to send such an illustrious person to see me.”

Even as he spoke, the Imperial Physician was being ushered in. After greeting the Young Marquis, he took the man’s pulse. Right then, [3c] Jiang Wanying did not care about rousing suspicions. She stared fixedly at the Imperial Physician and, the moment the physician was done taking the pulse, she hurriedly asked, “How is it?”

The Imperial Physician said, “The Young Marquis had suffered heavy internal injuries. His heart and lungs have been injured. Forgive this one for speaking of things he should not, but, this life… has indeed been snatched back from the jaws of calamity. The Young Marquis must have been seen by a fine doctor indeed to have survived the journey to Jiangnan. Otherwise, I fear that he could not have left Jiangnan…”

[3d] He did not continue speaking, but Jiang Wanying could understand what he was eluding to. Privately, she was very displeased. She thought: Why are you saying such nonsense? Hurry up and give us a prescription instead, ah.

Jin Fengju was not at all displeased by the Imperial Physician’s words, he smiled indifferently, and said, “Imperial Physician Fang is right. When I was injured, Jiangnan’s most famous doctors Zhang Chongli and Hu Xuwei happened to be nearby. They were immediately summoned to treat my internal and external injuries. Otherwise, I’m afraid would not have come back.”

Physician Fang smiled and said, “No wonder the injuries are so nimbly handled. This official thought that this must be the work of a master. So long as the Young Marquis rest well and do not become overly angry or excited, all should be well. This official shall carefully write up two prescriptions for the Young Marquis. I believe that with careful nursing, the Young Marquis should be fully healed within two or three months.” [a]

“If that’s the case, I have trouble Imperial Physician Fang,” Jin Fengju closed his eyes after that final statement. He had rushed back all the way from Jiangnan. Though every care had been taken, his injuries were still affected. Therefore, he was very tired and only wanted to rest.

Jiang Wanying escorted the Imperial Physician out. She returned to see that he had fallen asleep, his complexion much worse than the time when he was at Health & Longevity Court. Distress and heartache suffused her as she gently covered him with a blanket. Suddenly, she noticed Jin Zhenxuan, Jin Zhenyi and Jin Xiuru, running in to loudly cry, “Mother, what happened to Father? Everyone said he’s been injured. Will he die? Wu wu wu, we don’t want Father to die…”

“Be quiet,” Jiang Wanying scolded them in a low voice. She turned and saw Jin Fengju frowning in his sleep and quickly herded the children out of the room. After gently closing the door, she sharply said, “Who has been spreading such nonsense? Your father has returned to us safely. Though he might be injured, he would recover after two or three months of care. Is your skin itchy? To dare spout such nonsense during the Chinese New Year… if I ever hear such nonsense again, the punishment will not be light. Now go, I still have many things to do here.”


Gumihou: … there seemed to be a loooooot of emphasis on ‘uwu JFJ injured, but lucky to be alive’ here. (Gumi counted about 7 times?)

It was probably to draw sympathy from readers and FQN, Gumi can’t help but feel that JFJ was just incompetent.

Also, injured your right hand and can’t write? Your Jin Ming illiterate? Your left hand can’t be used to write ‘Me Well. No Worry’?

Incompetent. Inefficient. Drama generator.


[1] Replaced ‘oh noes oh noes’ and ‘kyaa’ with ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

[1a] Replaced ‘could not sleep, could not eat, oh noes, why no letter’ AR Qiuning with a ‘hrmm, what should I do if the worse happens’ FQN.

[1b] Replaced ‘oh noes, I so worry, um, I’m gonna pretend I dun care, uwu’ with ‘I don’t really care, but I’m going to come anyway, because it would be stupid not to’

[1c] AR Qiuning leapt to her feet like an excited frog…

Fu Qiuning: No.

[1d] FQN observes emotional Jiangs

[1e] The ‘deeply concerned eyes’ was in canon but it could also be JFJ’s delusion, so let’s keep it.

[1f] Replaced ‘Kyaa~ he caught me looking, uwu~~’ with ‘ugh’

[2] Change ‘sympathetic situation’ to ‘ugh’

[3] Are we supposed to feel sorry for him? Pfft.

[3a] Oh, so you recall that you have another wife?

[3b] Gumihou feeling sorry for JWY…

[3c] Ah, laying grounds for an ‘evil JWY’? This is… so heavy-handed?

[3d] Making Jiang Wanying angry at the world and make us sympathetic to the ML? Pfft.


Pill Bug TL Notes:


[a] “I believe that with careful nursing, the Young Marquis should be fully healed within two or three months.”

I wish lol! Heavy heart/lung injuries recovering fully in 2-3 months is a dream even for modern medicine.

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