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Divine Culinary Broadcaster – 0081 – Address Reveal

Chapter 81: Address Reveal

Author: Black Lantern (黑色花灯)


Translated by Gumihou


The QQ Platform staff members from other sections seemed to have collectively come to a certain understanding at the very same moment as they stared fixedly at Ye Fei, who was still doing whatever he was doing on his live broadcast.

“No way…”

“Old Pan, what is it you want to say?”


“Are you going to say that the smell came from Ye Fei’s broadcast?”

A statistician from a different section said, “Supervisor Jin Ya, I was about to say the same thing. That’s because, aside from this reason, I really can’t think of anything else to explain what just happened.”

“B-but… isn’t this too far-fetched? We don’t even know how near or far Ye Fei is from us, but, no matter how fragrant his cooking is, it cannot float so far away, ah!”

Jin Ya was on the verge of going insane. Your mom, this isn’t scientific at all, ah! Just what the heck is going on?

While Jin Ya was struggling with this conflict, somebody in the forum exclaimed, “Look! Everyone, look at Ye Fei’s fans.”

Nobody knew what was going on, but they all automatically looked at Ye Fei’s channel again. The end result was… they were all dumbfounded.

Inside the channel, the fans were all talking about the special fragrance and frantically throwing gifts at their favourite broadcaster.

This clearly showed that not only was the fragrance they had been smelling the real thing but that Ye Fei’s tens of thousands of fans could also smell it too. Moreover, from their ecstatic response, this was not their first time experiencing this kind of sensation.

“This is too terrifying, too incredible, just how did that bastard Ye Fei do it?” Pan Wencai asked.

However, no one could answer this question. Because everyone was still doubting their own senses in their hearts.

Ye Fei’s fans were still howling crazily at their idol. The entire screen was covered in gift items. There was nothing but gifts as far as the eyes could see, ranging from luxury cruise ships to little lollipops, flowers and applause.

What was even more shocking was how 8-Treasure Cuisine had just casually dropped HX¥100,000 worth of cruise ships not once, but twice in a row.

Everyone was crazy. Not just the people at Fine Food Section, but everyone else too.


Staff from other sections stared, dumbfounded.


The people from the Silver Ranker Forum were also speechless with shock. More than a few of them were shaking. They were too agitated and, and in shock!


Right then, Ye Fei had just sat himself down in front of his laptop and had just seen the reward from 8-Treasure Cuisine. He was… also stunned!


To be honest, although he was now fairly confident that he would receive a lot of rewards whenever he broadcasted, this was still the first time he came face to face with such crazed fans, in a manner of speaking.

Before, he focused on cooking and could not really monitor what was going on in the channel. After turning on the laptop, he would make his way to the kitchen to cook and only return to the camera to eat. As soon as the food was gone, the camera would turn itself off, preventing him from interacting with these crazy fans.

In short, this was his first encounter with his frantic fans.

Ye Fei was incredibly touched by their devotion. “Thank you brothers, thank you very much for everyone’s support,” said Ye Fei sincerely.

“Yi~ Deity Ye is with us today while cooking?”

“Deity Ye, is the Braised Bull Pizzle with Broccoli & Wolfberry going to take a long time to cook?”

“Aiyo, I can’t f*cking see Deity Ye, ah, ah, ah, you guys have completely taken over the screen!! I want to see Deity Ye, ah, ah, ah, ah!!”

“I want to see him too, ah. Elder bros, can you stop with the rewards? I’m here kneeling and begging, ah!”

After much begging, the reward storm lessened for the time being and the people started to spam the chat channel instead.

“Deity Ye, how old are you?”

“Deity Ye, do you have a girlfriend? I am a great beauty, you know? A beauty with no boyfriend yet. How about we get together?”

“Buzz off, Upstairs! This aunty is also a great beauty. A beautifuler beauty than you, that’s for sure. Deity Ye is mine.”

“Tsk, this elder sis. Didn’t you just say that you plan to use Deity Ye’s mighty scissor technique on a family member? Why are you trying to quarrel with me?””

“…I …I already plan to divorce that one. Can’t I just divorce him?”

Everyone, “… …”

F*ck, do you have to be so insane?

“Deity Ye, you’ve destroyed a family’s harmony.”

“Someone is going to divorce because of you, what a sin, ah.”

Ye Fei sat in front of his computer, frantically scrolling through the piled-up messages, not really seeing any of them since there were just too many of them. Before his eyes could properly register each message, it had been pushed away by more, not even a dust of the message was left.

Ye Fei shook his head and, unsure whether to laugh or cry, said, “Everyone, I can’t your messages clearly, you’re posting them too quickly.”

Just then, Tasting Everything Under Heaven took advantage of his privilege with the mike and spoke directly to Ye Fei.

“Deity Ye, their messages are just a bunch of shit-talking. I now have one very important question for you, you must answer me.”

Tasting Everything Under Heaven had long appointed himself as the most senior fan, moreover, his reward had always been very impressive, so Ye Fei have a very good impression of him.

Since Tasting Everything Under Heaven has a question, he cheerfully said, “Heaven Bro, ask away.”

The entire channel quieted down. Waiting to hear the question. They have a feeling that this question will be very important since he only wishes to ask 1 question.

Tasting Everything Under Heaven declared, “Deity Ye, my question is very simple. Where do you live?”

Ye Fei, “… …”

“Yes, yes, Heaven Bro, we’re all curious about this. You’re clearly worthy to be our representative, ah. You’ve asked a great question.”

“We’ve long since wanted to know Deity Ye’s address for a long time. Go on, Deity Ye, give us your address!”

“You’re not allowed to give a false address, otherwise, we’ll be very sad.”

“If you give us a fake address, I will send razor blades to that fake every day!”

“I will send plastic dolls,”

“I will send plastic d*cks.”

Seeing the fan’s reaction, Ye Fei had the urge to spit up blood. This mob of people sure has skills, ah.

For the sake of not bringing harm down on innocent heads, he could not simply give out a fake address. Moreover, it would not be fair to his sweet and lovely fans.

Therefore, he will report his real address!

Ye Fei smiled and said, “Since everyone wants to know, then, I shall tell you. However, I’ll only say it once~”

In an instant, the entire channel fell silent. The rewards stopped streaming across the screen and even the messages stopped scrolling. Not even Tasting Everything Under Heaven’s breathing could be heard.

Nearly everyone held their breath and strained their ears.

Ye Fei said, “In fact, I am in the same city as QQ Platform. Room 905, Building C, Yijing Garden, Yinzhou City.”

The live broadcast channel exploded into activity the moment Ye Fei gave this announcement.

“F*ck, Deity Ye lives in the next city, ah. So close? Daddy will rush over now.”

“There’s no way you’ll be faster than me. I’m already in Yinzhou City. Deity Ye, we shall meet soon.”

Just then, someone with the username [2] 3Dragon said, “Meet soon? Hah! All of you can just line up behind me. I am right inside Yijing Garden. Deity Ye, I live in Building A, we are neighbours, ah. I shall come to find you now… that’s right, can I try the Bull Pizzle?”

“F*ck me, is this for real? Brother, are you really in the same neighbourhood as Deity Ye?””

“Of course, soon you shall bask in my handsome and heroic visage in Deity Ye’s broadcast.”



“Your mom, even daddy who depends on his face for a living dare not make such claims for fear of being driven out by others. To think you actually dare to say such things out loud? Amazing!”

“3Dragon, if you’re really Deity Ye’s neighbour, you should rush over quickly. Otherwise, the Bull Pizzle will be gone.”

3Dragon, “… …”

“F*ck, no answer? Could it be that this fellow had really gone over?”

“He could be telling the truth. Maybe he really is Deity Ye’s neighbour.”

“What bull crap, I’m so envious, ah.”

“That’s right, does anyone know whether Yijing Garden still has apartments for sale? Daddy plans to buy a house.”

“Pu~~ surely you’re too awesome, ah? For the sake of staying in the same neighbourhood as Deity Ye, you actually want to buy a house? My good bro, ah.”

While the people were chattering and joking with each other, Ye Fei suddenly heard a knocking at the door. He looked up in a daze.

“F*ck, has someone really come? So fast?”

Ye Fei stood up, waved at his laptop and said, “Someone just arrived at the door, I’m going to see who it is.”

Everyone, “… …”

“F*ck, surely even 3Dragon can’t be that fast?”

“Maybe it’s Deity Ye’s next door neighbours?”

“Should be.”

Ye Fei looked through the peephole and saw a middle-aged man in his 30s standing outside the door. He was wearing a white vest, a pair of large pants and was unshaven. Right now, the whiskered face was covered in sweat.

Ye Fei, “… …”

F*ck me, ah. Is this the handsome and heroic 3Dragon?

God in heaven, you liar!!


[Gumihou: Lol, okay, the location reveal is rather sudden]


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