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Tondemo Skill – 441 – vs Ice Dragon

Chapter 441: vs Ice Dragon


Author: Eguchi Ren

Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou


“As expected…”

Umu, unfortunately.”

“”It’s all white again~””

The 46th Floor was, as we had feared and half-expected, a world of snow. Fields of glittering white as far as the eyes could see, just like the 45th Floor.

“”Ugh, too cold…”” Dora-chan’s miserable voice echoed in my head. [5a]

“Hey,” I said, taking out the Yeti Cloak. “Why don’t we give this a try?”


We were currently on the stairs in between floors. The temperature here was still cold, but not quite freezing. I had just switched out my Wyvern Cloak for the Yeti Cloak.

“Hey, come under this new cloak.” I continued to coax.

Dora-chan poked his head out from the leather bag. [8] He lasted for about 0.5 seconds before sinking back in. Hmm, how should I do this…

After some thought, I took off the Yeti Cloak, and sling the leather bag on before putting on the fluffy white cloak. There, this way Dora-chan could remain inside the bag and under the cloak. Double security and warmth.

“How about now?”

““Hm? It feels much better…””

“Right, let’s go and take a look at the 46th Floor!”


[8] Somehow, I felt compelled to be the cheerful one ever since Dora-chan was under the weather. As I step out onto the 46th Floor, the temperature felt significantly cooler, but it was nothing like what I had experienced on the previous floor.

“Oi, Dora how are you now?”

“”Dora-chan cold~?””

[5b] Dora-chan cautiously peeped out from the bag, he leaned out cautiously, but most of his body remained under the cloak.

“”Hey… it’s still cold, but compared to just now it’s almost toasty!””

Umu, that’s good.”


“I’m glad you’re feeling better, Dora-chan.” I feel nice and toasty under the Yeti Cloak too~ I’m so glad we scored this cloak. [5b] 



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In fact, Dora-chan felt energetic enough to join in the battles.

Well, he mostly did magic attacks while hidden under the cloak, sniping any monsters that escaped Fer and Sui. This way, with the three of them working together, we even managed to reach the Boss even earlier than the 45th Floor.

Instead of a cube-shaped stage, a towering mountain loomed before us. No, wait, it was a solid iceberg. A whole mountain made from ice. Woah, I never thought I’d see one of these in person.

Standing majestically in front of this iceberg was a…

“Ah, looks like Fer tripped this flag.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Didn’t you say something about an Ice Dragon earlier?”

Indeed, the Boss monster in front of us was an Ice Dragon.

The dragon was really beautiful with bright silver scales with a bit of blue accent. We would have to defeat the dragon in order to advance.

“So, what’s the plan?”

“Naturally, I’ll defeat it.”

[5c] “…that Ice Dragon looks bigger than the Earth Dragon and Red Dragon…”

“I’ve defeated Ice Dragons twice before, all on my own,”

“Okay, I’ll take your word for it,” I mean, it’s not like this would be our first dragon…

““Sui wants to fight icy dragon too~!””

“Eh? Sui too? Why?”

“”Because dragon is delicious~~””

“Indeed, its meat has a refreshing quality that’s different from other dragon meat,”

The words sounded rather sophisticated, but it was ruined by the drooling.

[5d] “Ahem, sorry to be the party pooper here, but meat Drops aren’t guaranteed, remember?”

“We’ll just battle them until we get the meat!”


“Sui… wait, what about Dora-chan? We must take Dora-chan to the next floor and hopefully leave this cold land.”

“”Eh, I’m okay under this cloak. I want dragon meat too.””

Umu, it is settled. We’ll fight Ice Dragons until we get its meat!”

“”Meat~! Dragon meat~!””

“For dragon meat! Charge forward, Sui!”

“…” whatever, I don’t care anymore.


So, anyway, Fer and Sui ran forward to face the Ice Dragon.


As they approached, the Ice Dragon breathed in deeply and-

“”Dragon Breath in coming!!”” Dora-chan cried from under the cloak.

“Ugh! It’s heading right our way!!” [5e]

Indeed, a bluish beam of light gathered in the Ice Dragon’s mouth. Unfortunately, the mouth was facing right in our direction. I ran away as fast as I could, tripped, and fell forward.

There was a loud ‘GOOOAAAHHHH!!!’ and my body tucked itself instinctively into a ball as I tried to remember if Fer ever said his barrier was good against Dragon Breath, when suddenly, a white light pierced the sky. It was so bright that I could see the light through my closed eyelids and hands…

When the roaring sound was over, I cautiously patted myself. Well, all limbs were still attached. So, that was good. I slowly opened my eyes and froze.

Well, not literally.

However, while I was metaphorically frozen, the trees around me were all literally frozen…

Indeed, only the area immediately around myself and Dora-chan was still normal.

“”Humph, these big dragons always did like to show off.””

“… …”

Crash! Bang!

The Ice Dragon swung its head towards Fer, trying to bite at him. Powerful forelegs stomped at Sui even as the Slime shot Acid Bullets at the huge legs, turning the gorgeous white scales black in places. However, it all looked like surface wounds…

Fer nimbly avoided the Ice Dragon’s attacks. Then, at a crucial moment when Sui distracted it, Fer slashed down his paw and launched a powerful Claw Slash attack.


A cut appeared on the base of its wing. However, instead of collapsing from the injury, the Ice Dragon appeared enraged instead. It has gone into berserker mode!

It began to roar and stomp, shooting attacks in all directions. 

There was a sharp cracking sound as the frozen trees around us were smashed to pieces.

“”That guy’s Dragon Breath attack is pretty dangerous…”

I nodded repeatedly as I clutched Dora-chan in my arms, ready to dart away if I have to

As the battle went on, with Fer and Sui dodging the powerful but erratic strikes, the Ice Dragon became frustrated enough to breathe in deeply again.

“”Dragon Breath!”” Dora-chan shouted.

“Hmph, I won’t allow it.”

Pew Pew Pew!!


This time, Fer’s Claw Slash was aimed at the more vulnerable neck.

A blink and I saw a hole opening up at the Ice Dragon’s chest, courtesy of Sui’s cannon-sized Acid Bullets.

The broken up Ice Dragon slowly fell sideways and collapsed with a thunderous noise. I ran over with Dora-chan.

“Fer, Sui, are you okay?!”

“Humph, I can’t be defeated by the likes of him.”

“”Ice Dragon is strong! But Sui did a big pew pew and defeated him with Uncle Fer!””

“Yes, yes, you’re super amazing for defeating the Ice Dragon.”

After properly complimenting Sui, I went and check on the Ice Dragon Drop Items.

“Hohoh, it’s Ice Dragon meat!” Fer crowed over the large white lump of meat.

I looked speculatively at the white meat. I don’t think I have ever seen meat like this before…

“Once you’ve tasted it, you’ll know how good it is!”

“Fer, you’re drooling. Fine, I’ll take your word for it.”

Aside from the oddly white meat, there was a beautiful bluish silver leather, a white eyeball, liver, a large fang and a super large magic stone. While I was collecting the loot, I heard Fer muttering ‘we should fight another Ice Dragon for the meat’.

Naturally, I put a stop to that plan by loudly exclaiming, “Oh, are those the stairs to the 47th Floor?”

After going through forests, wastelands, deserts, extreme cold and other terrible environments, I’m feeling rather worried about what the next floor has in store for us.

“Mu, it would appear that the next floor is the lowest floor.”

“Really?!” Like? We could get out of this wretched dungeon after that floor?!

Suddenly, I recalled Demiurgos-sama’s words.

Something about, having forgotten ‘he’ was at the lowest level…

Fer suddenly went rigid and he turned his sharp gaze at the stairs. “That energy…”

“Fer? What’s going on?”

However, Fer ignored me. He was already walking towards the choice.

The rest of us had no choice but to follow Fer.


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