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Volume 1 – 48 – Makia Attends a Ball

Volume 1: Chapter 048: Makia Attends a Ball

Author: かっぱ同盟/友麻碧


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou

This is Makia.

A little while earlier, I encountered the Hero for the first time since I returned to this world.

“Oi, are you alright? Your hand…”

“… hmm, it’s nothing. It will be fine soon.”

Tooru is holding my hand with a strange look on his face.

Still, he of all people should know that I heal very fast from such superficial wounds.

“Should I heal it?”

“It’s fine. There’s no need to bother with it. Look, it’s already healing itself. You do know that I am a blood magic user, right? My body is used to handling little cuts like this well.”

“I guess…”

“If Ulysses is here, he’d have healed this in a second. He’s a White Magic user after all. We’re Black Magic users, so it’s going to take a while…”

Tooru takes out a white handkerchief from his pouch and wipes the blood on my palm, careful not to touch the already healing wound.

“… You… Do you always carry a handkerchief on your person?

“… just what kind of person do you think I am?”

Tooru still has that weird expression on his face. He is still frowning, his expression rather stiff. Well, it can’t be helped, we did just meet the Hero, after all.

“This is my fault.”

“What is?”

“You were trying to make sure I stay calm, didn’t you? To even grab my sword with your bare hands…”

“Oh my, so you know it too. Well, I can see that blood is going into your head, so I can’t just sit back.”

“Of course. But still…I can’t help myself when I’m in front of that guy.”

“…well, I don’t consider that a bad thing? You have always been too well-behaved in my opinion. It’s fine to lose it now and then.”

Tooru releases my hand with an ‘is that so?’ expression on his face.

I raise my hand to check the wound.

The cut has already closed and is healing well.

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The evening of the third day of the Holy Festival.

Members of the Odille and Beigrates family headed to the Royal Hall together.

Today is the day of the much-anticipated ball.

To many girls, a Royal Ball is something they long for their whole lives.

The hall is fitted with glittering chandeliers and the dazzlingly colourful dresses of the ladies here added to the dreamy beauty of the enchanting atmosphere.

For me, the highlight of the ball is the buffet table. [1] Just look at the literal towers of dainty snacks and huge piles of meat towers. I am dazzled by the beauty in front of me.

“Goodness, Makia. If you keep looking at the food like that, you’ll be ridiculed, you know?”

“But Smirda, just look at this! How on earth did they come up with such amazing combinations of food and… [1] haahhh… the gorgeous smells…”

“You can be a bit scary sometimes.”

Smirda is dressed in the latest fashion, the trend now includes lots of corsages and I must admit, she looks good in them. Her hair was mostly swept up, with two ringlets coiling down to sway with every movement of her head.

As for myself, I am in a red lace dress. Today’s red is even redder than my usual choice.

“Hey hey, Makia, isn’t that young man cool? Ah, he’s the son of the Milvus family 

“Aren’t you about to enter the Royal Harem? That means you should only set your eyes on the royal sons or the king, right? Personally, I prefer the wild type over those gentleman-like men.”

“Oh, you mean like Tooru-sama?”

“Tooru? Wild? No way, no way…”

It is only then that I realize that this girl is a little bit insecure.

I had immediately made a beeline for the corner of the hall where the beautiful towers of food are situated, but I’m still unable to reach it because Smirda has a grip on my arm and is refusing to let me leave.

“Hey, let go of me already.”

“N-No way, I mean, do stay beside me, Makia. You’re my only friend here.”

“Sure, let’s go and have something to eat together. Oh, look, look!! That huge chunk of meat looks awesome…”

“N-no please, Makia!! Stop saying things like ‘chunk of meat’!!”

Well, well, looks like Smirda is feeling a bit lonely at this large party. I wonder where her brazenness went?

I would probably think her cute, if she’s not been actively stopping me from reaching for my precious food.

“Aaah, this must be Makia Odille? It’s been a while, eh~?”

Turning around, wondering just who is the one calling my name, I recognised that it is one of those aristocratic gentlemen.

In fact, I’m fairly sure it was the same guy I saw at the Karted church grounds.

That monocle left quite an impression on me.

“Oh, hello, uncle.”

“Oh, how terrible~~ Do I truly look like an uncle to you?”

I believe his name is Urbanus Medite.

A mysterious person with fairly high MP levels.

“M-Makia, you’re acquainted with Lord Medite?!”

“Eh, well, I’ve only met him once.”


Smirda appears a little nervous. How curious.

“That’s right, I’ve been wanting to meet you again~~ Young Lady Makia, are you here for the Holy Festival?”


There is a searching quality to his gaze. I have no idea what he is looking for, but I do know that this man is acting rather suspiciously.

“My, my, it is Lord Medite.” Duke of Beigrates breaks through the crowd of people milling about in the hall, swaying to the elegant background music.

Smirda rushes over to her father, grabs his arm and hides behind him.

“It’s been a while.”

“Oh my, it’s the Duke of Beigrates. Was that your daughter? She appears to be a little frightened.”

“Well, you do have a rather creepy vibe, after all…”


Somehow, the atmosphere between these two people seems rather… heavy?

I guess, as representatives from 12 Great Noble Families, they must have quite a lot of history between them… How mysterious.

Well, it has nothing to do with me though.

“Well, excuse me,” I tried to sneak off after leaving those words behind and head for the buffet table, but…

“A moment, please, Young Lady Makia. There is someone I wish to introduce to you.”

The Duke of Beigrates stops me from walking away. Nearly in tears, I turn around with a resigned ‘What is it?’

Coming up between the Duke of Beigrates and Lord Medite is another man. My guess is he should be in his late 20s or early 30s.

The royal crest on his chest indicates that his status is higher than the majority of the people in the room.

“Sir Raymond!!”

Smirda calls out happily from behind her father.

So, this is the next king…

“Hey, Duke of Beigrates!! Young lady Smirda, you look wonderful today~ Oh, and it’s been a while, Lord Medite~”


Hm? Somehow, I have a rather different impression of this man.

For one thing, he looks younger than I expected.

I can somewhat understand what Smirda means when she says he is a ‘rather youthful’ person.

After that very refreshing greeting, Sir Raymond turns to me and smiles.

Duke of Beigrates takes this as a hint to introduce me.

“Miss Makia, as you probably know, this is Sir Raymond. He is the younger brother of His Majesty the King.”

I perform the standard cliché greeting. Even as I lift my skirts in a curtsy, I wonder why I am being introduced to him.

“A great pleasure to meet you, Sir Raymond. I am Makia Odille.”

“Hey, nice to meet you. Hm, I heard a lot about you… you must be Smirda’s best friend. Count Odille’s sharp little girl. I just love Count Odille’s easygoing attitude, hahaha!”


There are a lot of things I would like to say here, but I shall save them for next time.

Speaking of which, why am I surrounded by all these big-name figures?

Suddenly, a thought strikes me.

Sir Raymond being here must mean that Ulysses is also somewhere around.

There is a sudden buzz in the air as the venue becomes just a little noisier. I look up and see a prince crossing the room through the gaps between these big-name people.

It clicked.

That pale face, that refined dignity, and the overall atmosphere of sophistication tug something unique and nostalgic inside of me.

“Oh, looks like His Highness, Prince Ulysses has finally arrived. Everyone is rather excited since it is rare for him to appear in this kind of event.”

“Next to him is the princess of Fresir, right, Sir Raymond?”

“Yes. The princess appears to enjoy His Highness’ company.”

The adults are speaking to each other, but nothing registers in my mind. There is only one thing reflected in my eyes now. There is nothing in the world aside from him.

I rush past the adults like a sharp breeze, making a break for him.


I scream without care for status or position, or even my current location.

The whole place had fallen silent, leaving only the elegant music floating in the air.


He had been speaking with the princess next to him when my cry reached him.

His eyes widen and he finally sees me. [1] I know he sees me because he cannot look away, could not stop staring at me.

“Ma, Maki… chan…?”

We have no way of hiding the emotions welling up inside of us.

The day we have been waiting and waiting and waiting is finally here.

Ulysses presses a hand over his mouth to suppress his feelings as he steps closer and closer. I am the same. [1] I just-



We throw ourselves at each other, sobbing uncontrollably.

My long red hair and Ulysses’ white cloak sway with the momentum of our emotions.

People around us must be wondering what is going on. The Duke of Beigrates and Sir Raymond look dumbfounded.

Even Smirda is covering her mouth in shock. Could Tooru feel this overflow of emotions even as he stands outside the hall?

We could care less what the people around us are thinking right now.


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