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Tondemo Skill – 438 – A -20 Degree World

Chapter 438: A -20 Degree World


Author: Eguchi Ren

Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou

Gumihou: Wow, the repeats… wow, the repeats. I mean, the repetitions…

Also, added a lot details re frigid snowy world

“Woah… What did we do to deserve this?”

The moment we stepped into the 45th Floor, [8] my foot sank into deep snow.


“”It’s white~~””

“”It’s horrible!””

Umu, adjusting barrier to keep out the cold.”

The wind that had been whipping knives into my exposed skin suddenly deadened by a lot. However, not even Fer’s barrier could completely keep out the cold. Otherwise, Dora-chan would not have rolled himself up into his futon on the previous floors.

“Yeah, I’m getting out of here,” I said and turned around to run up the stairs.

“Oi, where are you going?”

““Aruji~ what’s wrong~?””

Looks like at least half of my party is not bothered by this snow world, but, the other half…

“I can’t stay in this place in such thin clothes. I’d die.”

“”Aggghh, I’m getting out of here too.””

“Oi, Dora!”

“In fact, why don’t we go back to the surface-”


“Yeah, I thought you’d say that…”

“Also, while I expect such cowardly behaviour from the Master-”


“-I thought better of you, Dora.”

““Auggh, unlike some, I don’t have fur to keep me warm…””

Wait, is Dora-chan going to support me in going to the surface?

“”… However, I’m not going to give in without a fight! L-let’s goo!!!””

Dora-chan, you idiot…

I sighed, “Well, if we have to go, I’ll have to make some preparations. Dora-chan, you’re a cold-blooded scaled lizard creature, you really want to go out in this? I hear your complaints enough at night in the desert…”


Mu… fine, I supposed it can’t be helped… Do it quickly.”

“You mean, do it thoroughly. Do you want me to die from the cold? Think about that for a moment.” I left Fer to stew on that thought as I checked [Net Super]’s winter wear section.

Thank goodness for [Net Super]. Otherwise, I’d freeze to death in this place.

I generously spent my gold and bought pretty much whatever cold-weather gear that catches my eye.

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“Ugh, I can’t believe we’re actually in a -20 degree world… It’s still super cold even with all these on.”

I prepared myself and Dora-chan as well as I could to face this frigid snowy world. I even bought a thermometer to check the temperature here…

Woah, it’s -20 degrees!

Why did such a ridiculous floor even exist!!?

“It’s not that cold with my barrier up,” Fer sniffed.

“While I am grateful for your barrier, cold is still cold.”

After seeing me chattering and having difficulty breathing, Fer sniffed and set up another barrier within his barrier. The temperature went up from a freeze-your-very-breath-to-death -20 to a mere, freezing -5 degrees…

[Net Super] products could at least defend against -5 degree cold.

Speaking of which, my cold-weather gear included: a high-necked, long-sleeved top made from some kind of stretchy material, a locally made all-weather shirt, a fleece jacket and finally a down jacket.

The down jacket thing was pretty lucky since the last time I look, there weren’t any for sale. Looks like [Net Super] was at least aware enough to provide appropriate products.

I also wore leggings made from the same stretchy heat-retaining material, locally made trousers and topped that with water-resistant nylon trousers. I so do not want to end up with a wet butt if I happen to fall.

Speaking of which, I also brought out my Wyvern cloak and boots, with extra warm, extra thick socks, of course.

That’s not all, I also protected my hands with thick gloves, covered my head with a knitted cap and my ears with fluffy muffs.

On top of all that, I bought an entire box of body warmer patches from the Drugstore. I have one in each pocket and one stuck just below my belly.

Speaking of these warming patches, Dora-chan had stuck one on his back and one on his stomach. He was too weak from the cold to move and was now clinging to the back of my down jacket, just under my Wyvern cloak.

While he had responded to Fer’s challenge fiercely earlier, the reality of the freezing cold soon came crushing on him.

“You alright there, Dora-chan?”


He was barely audible even through telepathy.

I glared at Fer weakly.

U-umu, while I did tell Dora-chan not to be cowardly… it’s just too bad he’s not an Ice Dragon.”

“Ice Dragon?”

“”Ice Dragon~? Yummy~?””

Umu, Ice Dragons are pretty delicious.”

As expected, Sui began to bounce around us, sending little sparkles of snow in the air. “”Uwaah~ Sui wants to eat one~! Let’s catch one~~ Sui will take it down~~””

“Fuhahaha, that’s right. Let’s hope that we encounter one.”

… mister Ice Dragon, you had better not show up or you are food…

“Right, get on now.”

“Arghh,” I cast one last look at the snow and clambered up clumsily onto Fer’s back. I’m super bulky now even with the high-tech special thin heat-retention shirt and trousers. The down and fleece jackets were kind of unwieldy, Dora-chan continued to cling to my back as I cling to Fer’s back.

Sui, of course, took her position on top of Fer’s head.

“Let’s go!”

Fer bounded into the snowy coldness of the 45th Floor.

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    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! May God bless you!

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      Logistics is very important!

      Water for travelling, bandages, correct medicine and enough poles/ropes for tents.

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