Divine Culinary Broadcaster – 0074 – Records are Meant to be Broken

Chapter 74: Records are Meant to be Broken

Author: Black Lantern (黑色花灯)

Link: https://book.qidian.com/info/1009922190

Translated by Gumihou

Liu Ping rolled to his feet from the floor and punched the air, [1] showing no signs of having even collapsed just now.

The rest of them gathered to look at Liu Ping’s monitor. When they saw the numbers, they had to blink their eyes in confusion.

“F*ck, isn’t this a bit too much?”

“Who says it isn’t? Why is it so exaggerated?”

“The data here is making my eyes spin. This is all free reward, ah. Deity Ye is not even online but why are his fans still so gungho?”

“This mob of crazy people, ah. How can they just throw free rewards around like this?”

Feng Tianlai came over, his eyes fixed on the computer screen. However, he could not utter a single word.

His heart had been shaken beyond words.

As a veteran in the broadcasting industry, what battle he had not witnessed, ah? What broadcaster he had not seen, and what type of fans had he not encountered?

However, when he looked at Ye Fei’s fans and saw how much free reward was being thrown about, Feng Tianlai had a rather inexplicable feeling.

“Three hundred and fifty-seven thousand three hundred and forty-seven yuan. My God in Heaven, ah. This is just free reward, ah. To think that even without him being here, the reward amount would actually break the 350,000 limit. Even if this is a joke, it’s a bit too much, right?” said Feng Tianlai in disbelief.

“Supervisor, this HX¥350,000 yuan isn’t even one-fifth of Deity Ye’s achievement yesterday,” commented a random statistician.

Feng Tianlai said, “What do you know? Didn’t I already tell you that free rewards and live broadcast rewards are two completely different things? Do you even know the meaning behind a free reward? The broadcaster is not even online but his rewards already broke the 350k mark. Breaking just the 100k mark is considered a miracle, but Deity Ye defied the norm and broke the 300k mark. This is beyond miraculous, it’s practically divine intervention, ah.”

Everyone nodded fervently at Feng Tianlai’s statement. That’s because free rewards alone are already rare. Just how powerful and charismatic does a broadcaster has to be for fans to throw money at you when you’re not even there, ah?

While Feng Tianlai and the staff member were in a tizzy over this, Feng Tianlai’s phone suddenly rang.

Feng Tianlai automatically took out his phone and frowned at the caller ID. He thought: Why is Supervisor Pan Wencai of Storytelling Section calling me, ah?

Curious, Feng Tianlai answered the phone.

As soon as the phone connected, Pan Wencai’s excited voice cried, “Old Feng, Old Feng, don’t speak, just listen to me first. I heard that Ye Fei did not broadcast today, is that right? I heard he had received some free reward? Could you tell me how much he received? No need to tell me anything else, just answer the last question. How much did he receive?”

Feng Tianlai, “… …”

Hearing Pan Wencai’s slightly incoherent voice on the phone, Feng Tianlai felt amused.

However, he knew that today’s unusual situation must have attracted the entire QQ Platform’s attention. Especially since no outstanding Great Deity are doing a live broadcast right this moment. Considering Ye Fei’s performance up to now, each Section must have sent someone to monitor Ye Fei’s channel. The spies must have alerted their Section Heads about what was happening in Ye Fei’s channel.

Feng Tianlai smiled, “Old Pan, you’ve seen it?”

Pan Wencai agitatedly shouted, “Old Feng, can you stop with your nonsense? Come on! Come on!”

Hearing how Pan Wencai sounded on the verge of exploding, Feng Tianlai did not tease him anymore. He smiled and said, “Well, Ye Fei’s free reward is not that high, actually. Only 357,000.”

“Pfftt!! ^%&^%&(%!!”

A series of strange sounds came through the phone after Feng Tianlai’s announcement.

“Old Pan? Old Pan? What happened to you?” Feng Tianlai quickly asked.

After some more spluttering, Pan Wencai’s clear voice finally came through, “Only 357,000 yuan? Old Feng, you used the word ‘only’ very well here. This free reward had shattered Tender Water Prince’s record, ah!? Oh, my heavens…”

Feng Tianlai chuckled, “Old Pan, one must be humble, humble.”

Although this fellow kept saying ‘humble’, he was revelling over this information. The look on his face could only be described as proud and arrogant.

He thought: The heck, you guys used to make fun of me at every meeting and look down on our Fine Food Section, calling us Prince of Bottoms and whatnot. Well, when the Prince of Bottoms comes riding astride a white horse, he’ll transform into a Prince Charming too.

Just as Old Pan hung up, the phone rang again. This time, it was the beautiful lady supervisor from Song & Dance Section, Jin Ya. Her question was the same as Pan Wencai’s.

Once again, Feng Tianlai feigned some humble words even as he privately cackled in his heart. As a result, he had the privilege of hearing the same odd **&#^%$#%^ noises through the phone from Beauty Jin Ya.

Other section supervisors also called. One after another, all of them want to know about Ye Fei’s free reward.

One could say that Feng Tianlai had finally achieved thorough vindication through these phone calls and was practically flitting about the room as though his arms were fairy wings.

Very soon, news of Ye Fei’s HX¥ 357,000 flooded the entire platform. This, of course, included the Silver Ranker Forum.

“What? Over 357k? F*ck his grandma, th-th-this…”

“Record, what is this crazy record, ah?”

“A record as tall as the mountains, ah. Daddy kneels to you!”

“Can’t not kneel, ah. This kind of result… Has the platform ever seen anything like this?”

“Seen your hide, ah. Don’t say free rewards of over 300,000, even a free reward itself is rare, ah. I heard from some of the veterans that since conception, only Song & Dance Section’s Tender Water Prince had ever won a free reward. If you must know, Tender Water Prince already established himself as a third-tier star in the entertainment industry when he won this free reward. My heavens, ah.”

“From the looks of it, this Ye Fei is close to flying, ah.”

“What do you mean close to flying? He has already flown the coop, ah. To think that such a person actually exists in this world.”

“I say, aren’t you exaggerating a bit? Although 357,000 is not little, I heard that this kind of reward is nothing new for the tens of millions of broadcasters on DD Platform.”

“F*ck you, are you stupid? Tens of millions of broadcasters? Do you know what level Ye Fei’s at? He’s just a Bronze Star Rank 4 broadcaster with only 70,000 fans, ah. As for the tens of millions of broadcasters at DD Platform, what’s that got to do with us? If we want to compare his achievement to the standards within our own platform, he is comparable to a Gold Star Rank 4 player, you know? Those people are basically divine existence with at least 12 million fans, ah.”

“That’s right, for a Bronze Star Rank 4 broadcaster with 70,000 fans to produce the results of a Gold Star Rank 4 broadcaster with over 12 million fans, you can at the very least compare him to a high-level Silver Star broadcaster, you know?”

In short, lightning struck the ground that was the QQ Platform and turned the entire world upside down.

As for the culprit who caused this incident, Ye Fei had no idea what was happening. He was currently shopping with Ma Cuihua.

This guy was no fool. He understood that Ma Cuihua harboured some feelings for him, however, he did not want her feelings. He felt that he and Ma Cuihua could only be friends at the end of the day.

Therefore, when Ma Cuihua asked him to go shopping with her, he went with her with the understanding that she was about to go abroad. He could at least do this much with her.

At Wan Zhong Shopping Mall [2]!

It was Yinzhou City’s largest and most high-end shopping mall.

One could say that not a single person who came here to shop would leave without spending less than HX¥500,000.

Right now, Ye Fei and Ma Cuihua were walking side by side within this very high-end mall.

Ma Cuihua was feeling very happy today. Whether her feelings were sincere or fake, one could infer from her expression that she was enjoying herself.

“Yi~~ Cocoa Cosmetics opened a shop here, let’s have a look.” With that, Ma Cuihua dragged Ye Fei into the store.

Cocoa Cosmetics was a world-famous cosmetics brand. If you don’t have several thousands of yuan in your hand, you had better not even touch a single one of their product.

Seeing Ma Cuihua making a beeline towards Cocoa Cosmetics, Ye Fei instinctively blanched.

“I’m about to leave the country, how about gifting me a bottle of perfume?” Ma Cuihua asked Ye Fei, looking perfectly sincere.

The corner of Ye Fei’s mouth twitched.

Cocoa perfume?

Please, elder sister. Even an average bottle of the stuff cost over 10,000 yuan, ah, to say nothing of the special or limited editions. If I buy a bottle for you, I’d walk out of this mall a pauper.

However, under Ma Cuihua’s expectant eyes, Ye Fei gritted his teeth and thought: Fine, just this once. Daddy will just work hard on my broadcast in the future.

So, he nodded with a smile, “Let’s go in and have a look.”

[Gumihou: I’m still not entirely sure whether the author is male or female at this point, lol]

[1] Some small adjustments to improve the text

[2] Wan Zhong Shopping Mall – Literally 10 Thousand Stuff Shopping Mall

[3] 蔻蔻化妆品店 – Cocoa Cosmetics – Probably a reference to Coco Channel


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