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Divine Culinary Broadcaster – 0072 – Shocking Free Reward

Chapter 72: Shocking Free Reward

Author: Black Lantern (黑色花灯)


Translated by Gumihou

Ye Fei still hasn’t made an appearance yet. However, the people of the QQ Platform had already discovered something so shocking that their eyes nearly fell out of their heads. That was, within Ye Fei’s channel, not only did the tens of thousands of people not curse his existence. They were, in fact, chatting happily with each other even as they waited for him.

When the staff from other sections of QQ Platform entered Ye Fei’s channel and saw this numerous and harmonious situation, the entire mob nearly went into shock.

What is an iron fan?

They are not the fans that scream at you frantically at the height of your popularity.

Nor are they the ones that wave placards at you during big events.

They are also not the ones that keep shouting that they will support you forever.

They are, in fact, fans that would keep supporting you even when you are not churning out content or entertainment for their benefit!

This is a true die-hard fan! A real iron fan!

These are the kinds of fans that most internet celebrities hope to attract, hope to possess. One could say that a few such fans are worth more than tens of thousands of fans attracted by a new album, a new fad or those brought in with money. That’s because they will be with you forever.

Even in their dreams, the mob of QQ Platform staff never thought that Ye Fei would have such fans, moreover, in such a phenomenal number. That’s tens of thousands, ah.

Tens of thousands! Do you know just what a horrifying figure this is?

“This is insanity!”

“That’s right, ah. Ye Fei is insane. His fans are also a crazy lot. Does anything even make sense anymore?”

“Unclear, if you want something to make sense, I guess you can say they are all Ye Fei’s silent supporters?”

“Ugh, I’m really jealous of this m*therf*cker.”

The mob of Silver Star Broadcasters were so jealous that their eyes turned green with envy.

“Tens of thousands of die-hard iron fans, ah. That scumbag, although daddy has over 20,000 fans, I’d be lucky if 1,000 of them are such die-hard fans.”

“Me too, I’d thank heaven and earth if I have 2,000 die-hard fans.”

“His sis, you guys don’t know it but, my fans… If I don’t meet their requirements, well, leave the matter of reward aside, I’d burn incense if they don’t curse me up to eight generations, ah.”

“Same here, there was one broadcast I did where I did not sing a song requested by a fan and chose one that suited my style more. In fact, I sang that song very well but the people started throwing rotten eggs at me. They cursed me, called me second-rate, questioned my decision and other horrible stuff. Just thinking about it pissed this daddy off so much I smoke nearly pour out of my head.”

The group of fans in Ye Fei’s channel were basically strangers to the QQ staff and Silver Rankers, but they have the ability to incite anger, jealousy and hatred from a lot of broadcasters and workers.

“Since the news that Ye Fei would not be broadcasting had been released, I think they should disperse soon.”

“I think so too, they can’t just stick around forever. It’s not like there’s anything to do or see in the channel.”

“Give it another half an hour. I think most should leave after half an hour.”

“My guess is 20 minutes. After all, it’s not like everyone has endless patience. It’s impossible to wait endlessly like this.”

20 minutes later. Something very shocking happened.

“Woi, ah, th-th-th-this…”

“Another 2,000 people?”

“Didn’t you guess that these people would lose their patience in 20 minutes?”

“I… how could I expect this, ah?!”

30 minutes later.

“A-a-another… 800 people?”

“My god in heaven, ah. What’s so interesting for these people, ah?”

“Only they know, ah. My heaven, I have never seen such crazy fans, ah.”

“They have gone beyond iron fans. They are gold level fans, ah. Surely this is too exaggerated?”

Within the next hour, the number of people in Ye Fei’s channel kept increasing.

Two hours later, the increase had not stopped. Although it had slowed by a lot, the fact of the matter was that it was still growing.

Three hours later, there were 45,000 people in the channel!

45,000 fans!

The standard for a Bronze Star Rank 4 Broadcaster.

However, only the QQ staff and the Silver Rankers knew the real meaning behind this number.

The 40,000 fans of this Bronze Star Rank 4 Broadcaster all appeared without him around. What would happen once he appears? What if he makes a special appeal to his fans?

Just how many would appear then?

No one brought up this question, because they dare not even look at the question too closely. Just the thought alone was enough to bring them to the brink of collapse, a sense of despair!

“I don’t even f*cking know what to say anymore.”

“More than 40,000 iron fans, ah. Who could tell me how this bastard Ye Fei did it?”

“I’m even more shocked than you. He’s just too f*cking scary.”

“I think, from the establishment of the QQ Platform until now, there can’t be many such incidents, right?”

“What do you mean by ‘can’t be many’? Daddy has never seen such a thing, ah. You tell me now, just how we broadcasters operate. Usually, for the sake of a few lollipops and applause, we have to humour our fans and sometimes even beg them to sponsor us. You take a look at Ye Fei’s fans. Your mom, would a bunch of loyalists like these give low-level rewards?”

“Million Yuan Broadcaster? Hehe, if this kind of broadcaster can’t become a Million Yuan Broadcaster, I can’t think of anyone who could be.”

“Aiya, this is really f*cked up. Suddenly, I don’t feel like broadcasting anymore. It’s so depressing.”

Just as the mob of people were crushed by Ye Fei’s fans, something even more crushing happened. If the incident earlier was shocking, this was world-shattering. The shock was enough to set them reeling.

The people observing the channel really had nothing better to do and just wanted to be there when Ye Fei’s fans begin to disperse. Their eyes were kept on the fan counter on Ye Fei’s channel.

While they were watching, however, they suddenly found themselves gaping at a luxury cruise ship sailing across the screen. That domineering hull, that arrogant smoke puffing up from the smoke stack, that tyrannical demeanour that cuts through the idle chatter like a knife.

Long after it sailed away, the channel suddenly exploded with comments.

“F*ck! F*ck! F*ck! F*ck! F*ck!”


“My titanium alloy dog eyes have been blinded, ah!!! Can someone please tell me what the f*cking f*ck is going the f*ck on?”

“Who the heck knows ah. Why would anyone in their right mind give a reward when not even a shadow of the broadcaster is around, ah?”

“Fine, fine, it’s one thing to show your support with a few lollipops, flowers, and applause, but to launch a m*therf*cking ship out right away? Must they be so excessive?”

“F*ck this uncle, ah. Daddy has to kneel to Ye Fei and his fans, ah. Deity Ye, please accept this virgin male’s gracious kowtow, ah.”

Everyone was shocked, stunned, flabbergasted and bewildered.

As for the QQ Staff, they had all exploded into activity.

“Free reward???!!!!!!!”

“F*ck, an actual free reward!!”

“My heart, ah. Why does it have to be so excessive, ah? Why did a free reward suddenly appear, ah?”

“Heavens, ah. If you have to give free reward, surely it’s fine to give some lollipops or something? Why do you have to give a whole luxury cruise ship as a free reward? This… your mom, aiyo, this can really drive people crazy, ah.”

Some of the newer staff members were unfamiliar with the term ‘free reward’, so they posted on the forum, “Sister Li, what is this free reward?”

Old fritter [2] Sister Li explained, “A free reward is a special reward our platform has designed so that fans could still reward their favourite broadcasters even when they are not online. Since the broadcaster did not appear and did not even leave a recorded video. It’s like those people who sit in positions of power but did not actually do anything but still get paid a free salary.”

“Oh,” said the new staff. “Since it’s like this, with the broadcaster not around, surely the reward money goes to the platform?”

Old fritter Sister Li posted a long line of crying emojis, “Little sis, you thought too much. A free reward is free salary for the broadcaster, we don’t get a single yuan.”


[Gumihou: Woah, so that just happened, lol]

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