Volume 1 – 42 – Lord Medite is Starting to Enjoy the Banquet

Volume 1: Chapter 042: Lord Medite is Starting to Enjoy the Banquet

Author: かっぱ同盟/友麻碧

Link: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n3862be/

Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou


I’m Urbanus Medite

Lord of the poisonous Medite Family.

And I have been witness to something incredibly outrageous in the corridors of the Royal Palace.

“Goodness… did you see that Olgam? This is the first time I see the 10th Summoning Stage!”

“Urban Boy, aren’t you a little too excited?”

Well, but of course.

I had been following after His Highness Ulysses and finally encountered a surprising, yet long-awaited truth.

I am now hiding just out of sight of the long corridors of the Royal Palace, shamelessly eavesdropping on the conversation between His Highness, Princess Shatma and General Kanon.

“The White Sage…? The Legendary Hero…? The Wisteria Princess…?!”

I fidget and adjust the magic monocle, taking a closer look at the faces of Princess Shatma and General Kanon.

“… Hoo…”

Somehow, I am able to remain calm.

As expected of the one who claims herself to be Princess Wisteria, as a white magic user like Prince Ulysses, the information I could gather through the magic monocle is limited. All I know is that her MP is ridiculously high, but cannot discern what the exact value is.


More importantly, I cannot get a reading on General Kanon at all. That’s right, instead of just limited information, I got nothing at all. His true name must be something completely different.

“That man… he falsified his name…”

“Well, the Hero is that kind of guy after all…”


I look down at where Olgam is curled up around my ankle and narrow my eyes at him.

“Come to think of it, you used to serve the White Sage, didn’t you? That is why you immediately realised who His Highness used to be when you saw him…”

“…Ah… ahaha, well, well, I do feel some sense of gratitude towards the White Sage…”

“You bastard, you know who your current master is, right?”

Even though his contract with the White Sage was over, he still addresses me, his true master informally. Moreover, he must have realised Prince Ulysses’ true nature and had kept the information from me.

“Hey, so, that Esta brat just ran off you know? White Sage-sama just let him get away.”


I would like to think that a pathetic person like Tommaso Esta who did not even notice me all this while, and having run away from a critical situation, would not be believed by anyone. Still, it is best to be careful.

Now, what should I do with this information?


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“Aah hahaha, I’m back my Gisele!!”

“… Uggh …what, what is wrong with you? Why are you so excited?”

The moment I return to the Medite Mansion, situated on the religious side of the city, I hug my wife and kiss her soundly. As expected, she punches me in the gut and glares down coldly as I writhe on the ground.

“S-still not pulling your punches as usual…”

“What’s wrong with you? You’re acting all gross.”

Gisele looks like she is about to spit at me. She even wipes her lips with disgust. Yes, she has always been like that. I touch the smear of lipstick on my mouth.

“Gisele, this guy’s head is all spinny~ After poisoning that Esta brat, this guy ended up being the one with a spinny head,” says Olgam with a disgusted tone.

Hey, what do you mean by a spinny head?

Still, I’m not at all discouraged by this unflattering remark

“Ahahaha, I found out something incredible, Giselle!! It’s the Demon King!! The Demon Kings are back!!”

“… What?”

While still on the floor, I cheerfully shout out my discovery, a complete contrast to my miserable position.

“A great banquet is about to start!”

After receiving two large lumps on my head, I finally calmed down. I pour myself some wine and take a sip.

“Here I thought you’d gone crazy.”

“Well… I’ve always been crazy~”

“What? That kind of answer is not cool at all.”

Meanwhile, Olgam is playing his tsukkomi role between our little exchange, saying things like ‘That’s not the same’ as Giselle and I continue our little banter.

The room where we enjoy our after-dinner drinks is also my bed chambers. I like it here because outsiders are not allowed.

“Today, I saw it. His Highness Ulysses performed the 10th Summoning Stage, and successfully called up a Spirit in its 10th form!! Ah, it was so terrifying. So that’s what a spirit’s true appearance is like…”

“You keep saying ‘terrifying, so terrifying’, but the look on your face is closer to ecstasy,” said Giselle.

“Fear and fascination are two sides of the same coin! As the saying goes~”

“… you… to what stage could you summon?”

“Aahh~~ if I were to push myself to the brink of death, hmm, the 4th Stage I supposed?”

“Woah, you’re rather useless, aren’t you?”

Giselle is not drinking today, which makes tonight’s aperitif session quite unusual.

What usually happens is, my wife will drink first and I will match her drinking pace. However, today she merely serves me without drinking any herself.

How incredible. An alcoholic serving me drinks without drinking any herself.

“You say that but, for an ordinary person, being able to reach the 4th Stage is already quite incredible. Moreover, us Medite don’t focus our study on Spirit magic. Our powers are more subtle, working alongside poisons that take people’s lives discreetly… Speaking of which, I collected some loot off that Esta brat. Take a look.”

“… What do you mean by ‘that Esta brat’? Aren’t you younger than Tommaso Esta?”

My dear wife likes to fixate on little details like this, but I don’t care about those things.

Instead, I remove a small wooden box from deep within my sleeves. A magic circle had been inscribed on the box. When I open the box, a little spider pops out. The golden pattern on its back shone brightly.

“This is the Golden Spider, Tarantella. I managed to break its contract with Tommaso while he was fluttering over my head. Well, since he’s nearby, I thought I might as well grab him.”

“You… you’re really merciless when it comes to the Estas.”

The golden spider is wandering around on the table. It looked confused.

“Tarantella, you’re a venomous spider, aren’t you? If so, we should be compatible companions.”

“No way, I want to go to the White Sage!”

“Look at it, it’s been like that for a while now.”

The Golden Spider resists me when I pick it up. It bites my finger, but unfortunately for it, its venom is useless against me.

“Well, it can’t be helped, right?” said Olgam “The White Sage is like a special existence for us Spirits.”

“What’s that Olgam? Do you want to follow the White Sage?”

“Nah, I’ve taken a liking to this place,” Olgam’s tongue flickered out as he licks the warm liquor. That must have been his limit since he eventually went limp and said nothing else.

Right, according to the records of Demon Class individuals:

3000 years ago, there were the Golden King and the Silver King. Both were categorized as legendary heroes.

2000 years ago, there were the Red Witch of the West, the Black King of the North and the White Sage of the East. The Three Great Demon Kings of Maydea whose magic was still being practised today. During that time, the Green Shrine Maiden of the South and the Legendary Hero also existed.

1000 years ago, the Demon Class individuals consisted of the Blue Shogun, the Wisteria Princess and the Archbishop of Holy Ash. The Blue Shogun was known as the leader of the north and was well known for his fighting skills and victories against the demon forces that once lived there.

The Wisteria Princess was a tragic figure who aimed to create a nation where immigrants from the West and people of the East could coexist.

As for the Archbishop of Holy Ash, he founded the Kingdom of Vabel in the Southern Sanctuary and was the source and inspiration for the sculptures there.


“If His Highness Ulysses was the White Sage, Princess Shatma the former Wisteria Princess and Fresir’s General Kanon housed the soul of the Legendary Hero… I guess… reincarnation truly exists?”

Giselle finds all of this very suspicious.

“What are you saying? Everyone is a reincarnation of something. It is said that the number of souls in Maydea never changes. Therefore, it is reasonable to say that the Demon Kings have reincarnated and returned every thousand years.”

“If that is so, then, that Makia Odille must be the reincarnation of someone, right?”

“… I supposed…”

I tried to recall all I could about the girl. Her face appeared innocent yet bewitching with those quick eyes. The most eye-catching thing about her was her blood-red hair. I stare at my finger where Tarantella had bitten. It is still bleeding.

“… If I am to make assumptions from appearance alone, I have to say that the possibility of her being the Crimson Witch is the highest.”

“There you go with your nonsense again. Basing your guesses on looks alone won’t cut it.”

“Think about it, if names are the summary of a person, with a title like ‘Crimson Witch’, don’t you think a person’s appearance serves as the best clue?”

“There you go with your faulty logic again.”

“How can I begin to make sense of the world without the aid of faulty logic to guide me first?”

My existence is basically 80% lies, insults and faulty logic.

Giselle’s gaze was as cold as usual, however, she did not say anything else.

I sip on the warm wine and appreciate the loot I had gathered today. I know that I am coming across a dangerous bridge, however, irrepressible curiosity is something that runs in my family.

“Hey, I have something to tell you…”

“What is it? It’s rather rare to see you like this.”

Uncharastically, instead of taking the bait, Giselle looks away.

Even more wary and suspicious now, I take into consideration of her lack of drinking and wonder what it is she wanted to tell me. A divorce? Surely not?! I’ll die!!

“I… I’m pregnant…”


The chime of glass shattering echoes in the room as my wine glass fall on top of Olgam’s head.

Olgam leaps up, shrieking ‘It hurts!’

“… Eh?”

“Didn’t you hear me? I am pregnant. We are having a child.”

I am lost in thought for a long time. Then, I shake my head, trying to sort the words out so that I could understand them better.

“Y-Yaaaaaaaaay!! Uwaaaahhhh!!!”

I surge forward, ready to envelop my dear with a bear hug but stop myself. It would be bad to squeeze my child too hard, right? Instead, I grab a pillow and place it between our bellies before circling her into a gentle hug.

Oh, I’m such a lucky, lucky fellow.

“Well done Giselle!! You are amazing!!”

“… You… you’re happy? Over this?”

“Of course!!” my voice pitched higher with excitement. “Giselle, is that why you have been avoiding alcohol?”

“… That’s right. I won’t be drinking from now on.”


As she gently strokes the pillow over her still flat belly, she gives me a troubled smile.

For my alcoholic wife to give up drinking for the sake of our baby… she must love our child so much… I am so moved that I start crying.

Right now, all I can do is thank the Goddess of Life & Destiny, Para Pushima, for her blessing.

Today is such a wonderful day!


Gumihou: I did quite a bit of editing, but neglected to note them down… Well, just bits and pieces to smooth out the chapter. Also, this Lord Urbanus Medite is so weird…


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