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Divine Culinary Broadcaster – 0069 – Completely Unexpected

Chapter 69: Completely Unexpected

Author: Black Lantern (黑色花灯)


Translated by Gumihou

The pond looked like it was about 10 mu (1.6 acres) wide. The water was very clear with lush green reeds growing thickly around the edges. Part of the reeds has been cleared to create comfortable fishing spots for the anglers.

Right now, at one of these fishing spots, Ma Qingyun was seated on a little stool, a straw hat on his head and a fishing pole in his hand as he stared intently at the pond.

A short while later, the floater, [1] which had been gently bobbing to the little waves, dipped under water. Ma Qingyun’s eyes sharpened and he jerked the fishing pole in his hand. A half-foot-long silver carp flew up, slapping frantically at the end of the hook.

With a laugh, Ma Qingyun reeled the carp in and placed it into a bucket beside him.

This was when Ma Cuihua and Ye Fei came over.

“Looks like your luck is not bad today, father,” said Ma Cuihua as she looked into the bucket containing Ma Qingyun’s catch. There were about 3 or 4 fishes there, all about half a foot long.

Ma Qingyun laughed again, “I’ve been waiting on that one for a long time. As soon as you arrived, he took the bait. Looks like you guys brought good luck with you.”

So saying, Ma Qingyun’s gaze slid over to Ye Fei.

Ye Fei smiled, “Hello Uncle. Although fishing depends a lot on luck, I feel that strength and mental fortitude are the more important factors.”

Ma Qingyun laughed again. He pointed his finger at Ye Fei, “You, ah. No wonder you can become a broadcaster. Your ability to praise people is not bad. I don’t have many hobbies, just a soft spot for fishing. Today’s harvest is not bad. Bring them back and have [2] Er Hu clean them up. Today, we shall have a fish banquet for lunch. Er Hu’s unique skill is his ability to cook good fish dishes.”

With that, Ma Qingyuan left.

Ma Cuihua followed.

Ye Fei… Ye Fei carried the bucket of fish and followed them.

“Uncle, I heard from Sister Ma that you’re looking for me?”

Ye Fei was really curious why Ma Qingyuan would be looking for him and directly asked for the reason.

Ma Qingyuan nodded and smiled, “Let’s talk in the house.”

Not long after that, three of them entered a two-storey house. Ma Qingyun ordered someone to take the bucket of fish away to be dealt with and led Ye Fei and Ma Cuihua to a room.

The room was very spacious, with tables and chairs all made from bamboo.

There was a large window on one wall. Instead of glass, the window was made with woven bamboo and propped open with a bamboo pole.

From the window, one could get a panoramic view of the entire farm, especially the pond which sparkled brightly under the sun. The view of the water alone gave off a very cool and refreshing feel.

The people in the room sat down, Ma Qingyun picked up a kettle from the small bamboo table, turned three cups made purely of bamboo right side up and poured tea into them.

Ye Fei was very curious about everything, especially the room they were in, where everything was made from bamboo. This meant that the place was very green and environmentally friendly. A perfect representation of a natural farm.

Seated on his bamboo chair, Ye Fei picked up the bamboo cup and took a sip. The tea was very refreshing with a sweet aftertaste, very delicious.

“Good tea.”

Ye Fei was not very well-versed in the tea culture. He only judged tea according to how it made him feel when he drank it.

Ma Qingyun said, “We grow this tea on the farm. We call it the Immortal Fairy Tea [3], although the name is a bit of an exaggeration, it is still much better than the average tea.”

Ye Fei chuckled and said, “I am not very well-versed with tea, but I like this one a lot. It’s very aromatic with a fragrant aftertaste.”

Ma Qingyun smiled.

He did not say anything else. Seated next to him, Ma Cuihua also did not say anything, she merely focused on drinking her tea.

Ye Fei was not sure how to fill the silence after that last remark, and the atmosphere suddenly became a little awkward.

The silence went on for nearly 2 minutes.

Just when Ye Fei thought he could not take it anymore, Ma Qingyun said, “I am the boss of QQ Platform.”

Ye Fei, “Oh.”

It took Ye Fei’s brain a few moments to process the information. Suddenly, his eyes widened and he exclaimed, “What? Uncle, you… you’re QQ Platform’s boss?”

Ma Qingyun was very satisfied with Ye Fei’s reaction.

“Why? Do I not look like it?”

Ye Fei opened his mouth, but did not know what to say. He thought: Aiyo, f*ck, this is really unexpected, ah. Ma Cuihua’s dad, Ma Qingyun is actually QQ’s boss!

Two days ago when he had dinner with Ma Qinghua and his wife, he found out that the man was involved in the broadcasting business, but he never dreamed that this guy was actually his boss, ah.


Ye Fei ‘I… I…’ for half a day, unable to give a coherent answer. He was too shocked, he really did not know what to say.

“Ye Fei, QQ Platform Fine Food Section’s Broadcaster. Registered four days ago. On his first live broadcast, made HX¥23,000. On his second broadcast, made HX¥230,000; on his third broadcast made over 1.38 million, on his fourth broadcast, over 1.88 million, is that correct?” Ma Qingyun laughed gently as he recited the shocking numbers 

Ye Fei, “… …”

Yes, yes that is right.

“Heheh, I really did not expect Uncle to be QQ Platform’s boss, ah.” said Ye Fei.

Ma Qingyun said, “I, too, have not expected to find out that our most powerful newcomer would turn out to be my daughter’s tenant.”

Ye Fei scratched his head embarrassedly, “There are too many unexpected things in this world, ah.”

Ma Cuihua tsked twice and said, “I say, are the two of you done talking? Unexpected this, unexpected that, am I supposed to expect something? You brat, looks like you have some skill, ah. 23,000, 230,000, 1.38 million and 1.88 million. If you’re so rich, why do you owe me rent money for so long, huh?”

Ye Fei was nearly in tears as he said, “Sister Ma, please be reasonable. Just now, Uncle already said, I also started this business four or five days ago. When you demanded rent money, I still haven’t started broadcasting. Where do you expect me to find the cash to pay you, ah?”

Ma Cuihua said, “I don’t care, ah. Let me tell you, you’re the one who wronged me, brat. No way, I want to raise the price of that condo. I won’t raise it by much, just another 20,000 per month is good enough.”

“What!? Ma Cuihua, why don’t you just rob me, ah?! We’ve already agreed on the rent, I even paid you a few months’ deposit. How could you just raise the rent like that.”

“It makes me happy, who asked you to pretend to be poor when you have money? That’s cheating, you know?”

“F*ck, how is that cheating, ah? I properly paid you the rent without even trying to wheedle out of anything. The money is already with you, so how is it cheating?”

“You deceived my feelings, make use of our relationship and pretended to be poor to gain my sympathy, even had me give you a discount of 4,000 yuan every month.”

“You’re the one who gave the discount, you know? You’re the one who said that it’s a regular customer discount!”

“Well, now I decided not to give the discount. So, you’ll have to give me an extra 12,000 to make up for the 3 months advance.”

“… When I asked you for a receipt or a note, why did you not write anything?!”

“Why should I write? If I had written anything, could I ask you for money, now?”

“You, you, you… Ma Cuihua, I refused to acknowledge you!”

Ye Fei was really angry. This woman… this scheming bitch!

The two of them were on the verge of blows, Ma Qingyun watched them happily from the side.

“Uncle, I have some business. I’ll leave first.” Ye Fei really did not want to stay any longer. This Ma Cuihua really made him ache all over.

As soon as he stood up, Ma Cuihua suddenly rushed in front of him and stuck her chest out.

“You can leave, but you must give me money, and pay me for my mental suffering, otherwise, just step on this auntie’s corpse!”

Ye Fei, “… …what mental suffering fee, ah? When the heck did I cause you mental suffering?!”

“Deceiving other people’s feelings and not giving proper reciprocation, well?”

“I… I, when did I deceive your feelings, ah? Sister Ma, my dear blood sister, I beg you, ah. The two of us are not that close, you know, so don’t do this anymore.”

Ye Fei suddenly realised that he was not, in fact, on a slaver’s boat, but on a slaver’s aircraft carrier, ah!

“Alright, alright, Cuihua, don’t tease him anymore.” Ma Qingyun spoke up when it looked like the two were about to get physical.

“Ye Fei, sit down and talk first. In fact, I asked you to come today because I hope you can help me with something. I hope that you can assist me, on the strength of everyone’s friendship.”

Ye Fei, “… what is it?”

[Gumihou: …it’s best not to get involved with this kind of woman. This is beyond teasing, this is a spoilt brat. Ye Fei, ignore her boobs, it’s probably better to hang out with the sleepwalker instead. Or get a nice girl who would not take advantage of you, your money, or your cooking.]

[1] Some small adjustments to improve the text

[2] 二虎 – Er Hu, literally Two Tiger

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