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Divine Culinary Broadcaster – 0067 – I’ll Buy, 10 Yuan Each

Chapter 67: I’ll Buy, 10 Yuan Each

Author: Black Lantern (黑色花灯)


Translated by Gumihou

Ye Fei really felt like he had been bleeped by a dog, by an actual dog even! The 4 Golden Potato Shrimp Balls he had worked so hard to make, paid so much for the ingredients, had yet to touch his lips but this little Shar Pei dog had already snatched one away.

“Get out, get out, ah!” Ye Fei roared, kicking at the little dog.

Sharpie’s purpose was to steal a Potato Shrimp ball, now that he has his objective in his mouth, he did not hesitate to turn around and run away.

He dashed to the living room and crawled under a low table and would not come out no matter how Ye Fei roared and howled at him.

[1] While the human was shouting himself hoarse outside, Sharpie dropped the Potato Shrimp Ball and studied it: Fortunately, daddy’s fast on his feet, or I won’t get to eat this at all.

The fellow licked his lips and took a nibble at his prize.

It was just a little nibble but the fur on this little Shar Pei dog suddenly stood on end.

“F*ck, delicious! Delicious! This is much more delicious than stir-fried meat!”

Thought the fellow as he enthusiastically destroyed the rest of the Potato Shrimp Ball in 2 or 3 bites.

After having swallowed his meal, Sharpie carefully crawled out from under the table and peeked out. However, as soon as his head poked out, there was Ye Fei glaring at him with a kitchen knife in hand.

Ye Fei was really angry. When it looked like Sharpie was not getting out soon, he returned to the kitchen.

When he reached the kitchen and saw the remaining 3 Golden Potato Shrimp Balls, he turned around and shut the glass door.

After making sure the door was shut tight, he pulled out a chair and sat down. He gently picked up a single Golden Potato Shrimp Ball with his pure white elephant ivory chopsticks and took a bite.

This single bite exploded like a flavour bomb on Ye Fei’s taste buds and seized up his nervous system. Like Sharpie, every single hair on his person stood straight up. his pores popped open and an incredible feeling of comfort shuddered over him.

“This is too f*cking incredible!” [1] exclaimed Ye Fei as he closed his eyes to better enjoy the sensation.

The crispy skin made an audible crunch as soon as he bit into it, but the inside was soft and tender. The aroma of the mashed potatoes and shrimp had been trapped by the crispy shell. When the shell was broken by Ye Fei, a faint milky white aroma cloud rushed out and entered his nostrils.

“The unique fragrance of the potato, the elegant aroma of roses and the freshness of the shrimp, underlined by a trace of spiciness… not to mention the slightly milky aroma that permeated the mouthful. Even if you offer to exchange the emperor’s throne for this, daddy won’t take it, ah!”

Ye Fei was completely amazed by the irresistible flavours of the Potato Shrimp Balls.

With one hand cupped under his chin to catch any stray breadcrumbs, Ye Fei took another bite.

Woah, it felt like his tongue had melted into the Potato Shrimp Ball, ah. He can’t tell where the food ended and his tongue began because his entire mouth was being dominated by this incredible flavour combination, domineering fragrance and peerless sensation.

“As expected of something made with top quality ingredients, it’s too delicious, ah.”

While he ate, Ye Fei could not help but sigh. He no longer resent the cost of the ingredients. Obviously each one of those ingredients worth their hefty price tags. Any cheaper and it would be an insult to these noble ingredients.

Of the 3 Potato Shrimp Balls, Ye Fei had eaten 2. There was 1 left when he heard the glass door to the kitchen open.

For a moment, Ye Fei was stunned. Then, he howled, “You little Sharpie dog! Are you looking for death?! You don’t believe that daddy will kill you and turn you into a dog meat hotpot?”

The moment the howl left his lips, Ye Fei felt that something was not right. He looked up and was shocked.

Who knows when Tian Xinlan had woken up, but she was now standing pretty at the doorway, in her revealing pink pyjamas.

“Miss Tian?” Ye Fei felt a little awkward. He had not expected to see Tian Xinlan, who could not be awaken earlier, to be standing in his kitchen.

Tian Xinlan did not seem to care about her appearance. Instead, her eyes zeroed in on the final Potato Shrimp Ball on Ye Fei’s plate. “Why am I at your place?”

Ye Fei, “… …”

Why are you at my place?

Well, the answer to your question is a real pain in the balls, ah. You sleepwalk over here, ah!

“That… does Miss Tian have a habit of sleepwalking, ah?”

Tian Xinlan did not seem embarrassed either. She answered, “En, I have had this habit since I was a child. I’ve lost a lot of things because of it.”

Ye Fei, “… …”

He was speechless. Lost things? What a simplified way of putting it, ah. Young miss, ah, if you regularly sleepwalk outside while dressed like this, it’s a blessing that you did not actually lose yourself, ah!

“Can’t you fix this habit?”

“I don’t know, I’ve asked the doctors about it and they say it has something to do with neurosis? I’m receiving treatment, but it did not seem to have worked. Sorry, I didn’t expect to sleepwalk to your place. Did I give you any trouble?”

“… …no, no,”

Ye Fei nearly cried as he said this. Did not cause trouble? Young miss, I trouble you to think and recall just how many people you’ve seen deep frying food in the middle of the night, ah? I have f*cking trouble sleeping.

However, he could not say it out loud.

“En, that’s good. Yi? Is this the source of that nice smell just now? Did you make it?”

The way Tian Xinlan spoke, it was as though the two of them were very familiar with each other. She sat down opposite Ye Fei, her eyes fixed on the plate with its remaining Potato Shrimp Ball.

Ye Fei had a sudden bad feeling. He had a feeling his final Potato Shrimp Ball was about to fly away.

“Ahem, ahem, should be. I like to dabble in cooking when I have nothing to do, that is, I made 1.” Ye Fei thickened his face and replied.

There was no choice, he did not want his final Potato Shrimp Ball to fly away. He had made 4, but Sharpie had already stolen 1. He had only eaten 2 and if this one is eaten by Tian Xinlan, he would have spent that few thousand yuan in vain, ah.”

“Just made one? Did you spend all this time making just this one? Wow, looks like these things are quite difficult to make, ah.” Tian Xinlan said as she stared at Ye Fei’s face.

Ye Fei felt a prick in his conscience, but nodded quickly, “Yes, it’s very difficult.”

“Then, why do you have breadcrumbs around your mouth?”

Ye Fei, “… …”

F*ck, I forgot to wipe my mouth.

“That… are you hungry?” Ye Fei felt awkward about having been seen through. Moreover, he lied over a Potato Shrimp Ball so he quickly changed the subject.

Tian Xinlan shook her head, “I’m not hungry, just a little peckish. You don’t want the last one, right?”

With trembling hands, Ye Fei pushed the plate towards Tian Xinlan. Enduring the ache in his heart, he forced as a smile and said, “I… I’m full, that, ah, that, you can have this one.”

Tian Xinlan did not stand on ceremony. Without even bothering with chopsticks, she stretched out a little white hand and picked up the final Potato Shrimp all and took a little bite.

As soon as the food entered her mouth, Tian Xinlan’s eyes widened.

She looked at Ye Fei in disbelief, then at the Potato Shrimp Ball in her hand and said, “This is really incredible, I hadn’t expected your cooking to be so good!”

Seated opposite Tian Xinlan, Ye Fei’s eyes kept flashing towards Tian Xinlan’s chest, as though he could not help himself, before darting his gaze away. When Tian Xinlan complimented him, he laughed and said, “It’s not bad.”

Tian Xinlan did not seem to care about Ye Fei’s darting gaze, she said, “This is beyond ‘not bad’, ah. Really, I’ve never had anything so delicious. It feels like the moment I take a bite, my pores opened up and I feel very comfortable. Make a few more, I’ll buy them. 10 yuan each, how about it?”

Ye Fei, “… …”

Make a few more?

You’ll buy?

10 yuan each??!!!

Ye Fei nearly spat up blood.

Beauty, these are things that cannot be easily bought even if you’re overflowing with money, and now you want to buy them for 10 yuan? My cost alone is HX¥3,780, each Potato Shrimp Ball cost more than HX¥900 to make and now you wish to pay 10 yuan each? How could I sell, ah? My loss would reach all the way to [2] Grandma’s Penghu Bay!

[Gumihou: I’m running out of ways to say ‘delicious’]

[1] Some small adjustments to improve the text

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