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Higher Level Wife – 096 – Returning to the Maternal Home (1)

Chapter 96: Returning to the Maternal Home (1)

Author: White Pear Flower


Translated by Pill Bug

Edited by Gumihou


“Does Brother-in-law know that thirty-six people have frozen to death in the capital city? And more than a hundred people have frozen to death in the places under the jurisdiction of Prince Lie’s two trusted aides in Liaodong?” Jin Fengju poured another glass of wine for himself even as he allowed these words to roll off his tongue. He found it more satisfying to ‘Kill with a Borrowed Knife’ [1].

“What? This actually happened? B-but… why haven’t I heard about it? None of the officials brought it up either, ah.” Prince Rong smacked the table. “That bastard. Imperial Father had granted him the responsibility of managing the winter disaster prevention duty, but… but, what has he done? To think that so many innocent people have died… no, I must write a petition against him!”

After spewing this incredibly self-righteous and passionate speech, he suddenly flashed a thumbs up at Jin Fengju, “You excellent little brat, to think that you actually found this out. Wonderful, wonderful, once I send up a petition to the emperor, I need not fear that Imperial Father would not punish him…” [2]

He had barely done crowing when Jin Fengju interrupted with a cold, “En, that’s right. Once he punishes Prince Lie, he would take a closer look at your motivations, and suspect you of undermining your enemies and silencing your dissidents. Is that not so?” [2]

“Ah ah?” Prince Rong blinked confusedly, “No, ah. I am sincerely sorry for the tragic deaths of those people, ah. Naturally, I will speak honestly in front of you and confess that I also look forward to cracking down on him a bit…” [2]

“Do you believe the emperor would be of the same mind?” Jin Fengju sneered. “There is no need for you to speak your thoughts only to me. The emperor will also believe that you are taking the opportunity to suppress your brother. As for the reason, naturally, it is because you also have your eye on the dragon throne. Once this thought enters the emperor’s heart, do you think the old man will ever feel comfortable with you? Brother-in-law, ah. Once you have gathered power for yourself, believe it or not, the emperor would not recall this moment?”

“Then… then what should I do? A… are we to just stare at this weapon in our hands and never use it? What… what about the suffering of the masses? We are merely two months into winter. If Old Eight continues with this nonsense, who knows how many more people will die? Though he is not good at blocking disasters, he is very skilled at blocking people’s mouths, ah.”

Jin Fengju smiled and said, “What is your hurry? Why don’t you consider who else is in a more desperate situation than us? Naturally, there are those even more anxious than you to see someone falls.” Prince Rong thought about this for a moment, then exchanged a look with the Princess Consort. Both said in unison, “Could… could it be… Prince Hong…”

Jin Fengju nodded gravely, “That’s right. Right now, Prince Hong’s eyes are redder than ours. Why don’t we give Prince Hong a little assistance and have him stick his own head out? Let the snipe and the clam fight, while we wait to reap the benefits as fishermen.” [3]

“The plan is good, but, how should we let Prince Hong know of this matter without raising his suspicion? If he is even a little suspicious, he would immediately be on his guard. Prince Hong is no fool after all,” the Princess Consort said hesitantly.

Prince Rong nodded fervently, “That’s right, that’s right, also, didn’t they have a good relationship before? It looks to me that they will most likely join forces against me.”

“Join forces? Do these two even have enough sincerity or credibility to join forces? When times are good, those two are amiable with each other, however, when faced with high risks and huge benefits, do you believe that Prince Hong’s eyes would not redden? As for this information, I have already tasked a reliable person to pass it on.”

Jin Fengju relayed the matter so confidently that his sister and brother-in-law were staring at him with some curiosity in their eyes. He smiled slightly and said, “Do Sister and Brother-in-law recall, six years ago, when Prince Hong’s momentum was at its peak and we were forced to keep a low profile? That was when Zhenjiang Palace force me to take a shu-born daughter as my official wife.”

That incident was not only a disgrace to the Jinxiang Marquisate, but also a great humiliation towards Prince Rong and Princess Consort. As a titled prince, not being able to protect his own consort’s maternal family and having his most valuable brother-in-law, the heir to the family title marry the shu-born daughter of the enemy as the official wife was a great slap to his face. Whenever he thought of that insult, he could barely swallow.

“The woman…” Prince Rong viciously downed a glass of wine and poured another cup.

The Princess Consort was very solemn as she said, [a] “I expect she must also be the one who sold things from the marquisate? Since she has wronged you so many times, why not have her killed? I expect she is the one you have sent to Zhenjiang Palace to pass on the news?”

Jin Fengju’s reply was stern, “Brother-in-law, Sister, I was the same as you, determined to keep this shame and anger within my heart. Therefore, for the first five years we were married, I paid her no attention. Unexpectedly, the people of the marquisate believed that I intended to leave the mother and children without a way to live. If she had not struggled alone, even my two children would not have survived.

It is only after I had met and interacted with her later that I realised just what a talented and virtuous woman she is. However, as I have treated her very poorly in the past, I can only shamefully do my best to make up for my sins. Brother-in-law, I have promised to protect her for life. Therefore, once Brother-in-law has eliminated Zhenjiang Palace in the future, this younger brother begs your indulgence to overlook her for my sake. It is fine to treat her as someone who does not exist.”

Prince Rong nodded agreeably, “Of course, if she is as good as you say, she must be a really good woman. How you treat her is your business and not something I should inquire into. Though she is the shu-born daughter of Zhenjiang Palace, after marrying you, she is considered one of the marquisate’s people. You have the final say on how to deal with her.” He suddenly frowned and added, “However, she is still the daughter of the Zhenjiang Heir, are you not worried about the risk?”

“Brother-in-law may rest easy. I have made my investigations. Brother-in-law, Elder Sister, just think, who was the one who sent her into the marquisate as a sacrificial pawn back then? They must know that once she enters the marquisate, the likelihood of leaving the place alive is negligible. Against a father and grandfather who could care less about her life, how could she not harbour hatred or resentment against them?

What’s more, she is not some weak-willed woman who only knows blind obedience. After interacting with her so many times, I understand that though she appears soft on the outside, she hides a spine of steel on the inside. I entrusted this matter to her knowing that it would be carried out flawlessly. Brother-in-law, Elder Sister, all we need to do now is sit back and wait to enjoy a good show.”

Prince Rong and Princess Consort pondered over the matter for a moment and thought that Jin Fengju’s arguments had merit. Moreover, even if they were to be conservative in their assumptions, the worst Fu Qiuning could do was refuse to harm her father and grandfather by not disclosing the information. This would result in no loss on their side. As for them, so long as they do not act hastily and show their hands against Prince Lie, they would not attract Imperial Father’s displeasure. Thus, all would still be well.

With the knots in their respective hearts unravelled, Jin Fengju and Prince Rong grew extraordinarily cheerful. If not for the Princess Consort’s scoldings, they might have kept on drinking until they were as drunk as skunks. Even so, by the time the two of them finally stopped drinking, they could barely walk in a straight line and had to be supported by two people.

Princess Consort Rong had no choice but to tell Jin Ming, “Go back and inform your Madam that the Young Marquis was drunk at the royal residence today. Same old rules, bring all the official uniforms and hats for the morning court here. They may leave for court directly from the palace.”

Jin Ming cheerfully accepted the order and went back to pass on the news. Naturally, he did not disclose anything he should not.


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Let us now observe what is happening on Fu Qiuning’s side.

Fu Qiuning had now reached Zhenjiang Palace and was stepping off the palanquin. The moment she stepped out, she found herself surrounded by women decked out in pearls, gold and all sorts of ornaments, beaming and waiting for her. When she stood upright, they surged forward with warm greetings, “Yo~ Our Young Miss has grown more beautiful since the last time we saw her six years ago. It has been a long time since our last meeting, but so much has changed~”

Fu Qiuning knew that these were her father’s concubines. There was no need for the official wife of the Zhenjiang Heir to come and personally welcome the daughter of a concubine. Even though she was the official wife of a Young Marquis, there was no need for the official wife of the emperor’s nephew [b] to show respect for someone like her so long as she carried no royal decree with her. After a cursory glance at the prettily made-up concubines, she said, “I am anxious to hear that my mother is sick. Would dear concubine mothers take me to see her? Is she still staying at [b] Concubine Li’s Flower Creek Court?”

“Oh, she is no longer at Flower Creek Court. She now lives in Songtao Pavilion, [b] Concubine Luo’s residence,” said one of the concubines with a smile.

Fu Qiuning knew that Concubine Li was very favoured by her father. Flower Creek Court was one of the most luxurious courtyards within the estate. Before she was married off to the marquisate, she and her mother had probably been placed there just for show.

Once she was married off, mother and daughter lost their value in the eyes of Zhenjiang Palace. Therefore, [b] Yu’shi naturally would not be tolerated at Flower Creek Court. As for this Concubine Luo, though she has her own courtyard, she was one of the least favoured concubines within the estate. If she was to compare this estate with the imperial palace, Songtao Pavilion would basically be the Cold Palace.

“Since that is the case, I shall go to Songtao Pavilion and have a look at her. Moreover, it has been a long time since I last saw Concubine Luo. Back then, she used to chat with me from time to time.” Fu Qiuning said all of this with a light, sparkling laughter, mimicking the ladies around her.

The concubines all twittered and said, “Since that is the case, we shall go with Young Miss. Your mother is well, we paid her a visit this morning and her complexion is much better. Perhaps news of your pending visit has cheered her up.”

Fu Qiuning and the concubines kept a light chatter going on as they made their way to Songtao Pavilion. Perhaps influenced by the memories of the original owner, her feelings for this mysterious mother of hers were quite deep. According to her inherited memories, though this cowardly mother had shed tears of grief at the village, she had still tried her best to provide protection and love to her only daughter.

Upon arriving at Songtao Pavilion, they saw Concubine Luo exit her house to welcome Fu Qiuning. Tears welled up in Concubine Luo’s eyes the moment she saw Fu Qiuning. This Concubine Luo had always felt that she and Yu’shi were companions in misery right from the beginning and pitied her immensely. Because she did not have children of her own, she felt even more sympathetic towards Fu Qiuning and her unfortunate fate.

She had originally thought that once this child married into the marquisate, she would never see her again. After all, how could the marquisate, which had been humiliated so, allow this poor child to leave the place alive? She never expected to ever see the girl alive again, and never thought the Palace would even send someone to fetch her back.

“Concubine Mother Luo.” Fu Qiuning saluted respectfully, yet before she could fully complete her salute, she was embraced by Concubine Luo. Concubine Luo’s voice was choked as she sobbed, “No need for any salutations, it is enough that you’re back, it is more than enough to see you back. Your mother is bedridden with illness. She… she wanted to see you so much all these years, ah…” Tears began to fall like rain.

The feelings behind the words could hardly be described with a hundred, or even a thousand verses. Fu Qiuning knew that Concubine Luo was worried by the many watchful eyes and could only express her resentment and sorrow through these seemingly ordinary words.

Her own eyes were hot as she took Concubine Luo’s arm and gently replied, “Concubine Mother, I understand, I understand it all…”


Gumihou: … This poor Prince Rong. He is not only a foil for JFJ, he is also a foil for ‘calm, rational and intelligent’ FQN. Where Prince Rong was all ‘let’s beat ‘em up’, FQN’s suggestion was to ‘let more people die’ to aggravate the situation.

The fact that ‘let people die’ FQN exist in the same chapter as ‘aww, JFJ is sooo hansom, sooo good, oh noes, oh noes’ ARQN makes Gumi barf a little in her mouth.

Also, Ms. White Pear Flower did not miss a chance to pay JFJ some complimentary words through Concubine Luo’s thoughts. Well, it’s all expected.

[a] What the F is this: the Princess Consort, from her brother’s previous story, guessed the identity of Fu Qiuning. She solemnly said, “Could it be that the Fu Qiuning person brother said was selling embroidery for a living is that shu-born daughter? No wonder, I was wondering how you could be so heartless to a concubine. If you were wronged, why didn’t you kill her? So it turned out to be her.”


Guess what?

Heartless to a concubine? What concubine?

Only the last bit made sense.

What the F? Did you just teleport random thoughts onto the text?

I believe the author is dithering between wanting the Princess Consort to think favourably of FQN but also wanting JFJ to defend her and ended up writing that garbled thing.

[b] Okay, let’s try and keep track of the new players, shall we?

King Zhenjiang – Brother of emperor, FQN’s grandad

His official title is ‘King Zhenjiang’. Brothers of emperors are sometimes given Feudal King status with a ‘King’ in his title

Zhenjiang Heir – Son of ‘King Zhenjiang, nephew of the emperor, FQN’s dad

Concubine Li – Resides in Flower Creek Court (Favoured by Zhenjiang Heir)

Concubine Luo – Resides in Songtao Pavilion (aka cold palace), not favoured by Zhenjiang Heir

Concubine Yu – FQN’s mom, resides with Concubine Luo at Songtao Pavilion


Pill Bug TL Notes:

[1] 借刀杀人 Chinese idiom, should be quite well known as one of Sun Tsu’s <<Art Of War>> thirty-six strategems. “Attack using the strength of another when in a situation where using one’s own strength is not favourable. For example, trick an ally into attacking them or use the enemy’s own strength against them. The idea is to cause damage to the enemy via a third party.”

[2] Wow author-san, hold off on the generous “………”s will you?

Gumihou: Wow, the prince’s self-righteous gushing, where had I heard it before? Oh, that’s right, in chapters 85 and 86. FQN (and readers) were meant to admire a certain person’s benevolent attitude, but the reality is more disgusting.

[3] Chinese Idiom, originally “鷸蚌相爭,漁翁得利”. “in the fight between the snipe and the clam, the fisherman has the best of it” – Let two parties fight it out while the third party waits on the side and profits. has a new Membership System!!

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