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Divine Culinary Broadcaster – 0063 – The Weirdest Contract

Chapter 63: The Weirdest Contract

Author: Black Lantern (黑色花灯)


Translated by Gumihou


When Ye Fei did not sign the contract, Feng Tianlai grew anxious. Ye Fei was Fine Food Section’s most precious Million Yuan Great Deity, ah. The entire platform only has ten Million Yuan Great Deity. So long as this guy makes a broadcast, their whole section would receive up to 10,000 yuan in bonus. If he ever leaves QQ Platform, their section would suffer a great loss.

Seeing Feng Tianlai looking anxiously at him, Ye Fei smiled at said, “As I have said, I won’t sign this contract with your company. However, I do have a contract you can sign with me.”

Feng Tianlai, “… …”

He looked at Ye Fei bewilderedly, unsure what Ye Fei was talking about.

“Deity Ye, what do you mean?”

Ye Fei said, “Your contract has too many terms and conditions. To be honest, I don’t really like it. I, Ye Fei, am not someone who likes to be constrained, therefore I cannot sign this contract. However, I can sincerely inform you that since I have chosen QQ Platform, I won’t switch platforms carelessly. Consider this my gentleman’s promise to you. If you trust me to keep my word, you may inform your upper management.

Also, the contract I want to sign with your company would be written by me, and it will mainly involve the distribution of rewards. As you know, I do not require something like a guaranteed salary or other material benefits. The only thing I wish to change would be the ratio of the reward distribution. Surely your leaders would not deny me this?”

Feng Tianlai let out a long-held breath. He really thought that Ye Fei was planning to leave their platform for another. He was so shocked that his little heart nearly stopped beating.

“This… to be honest, no broadcaster from our platform had ever made such a request with us. I’m not sure if it would be alright.”

“I guess we can only try. If it is possible we can continue our cooperation. If not, I will not force it,” was what Ye Fei said. Privately, however, he cursed: Even if you say it’s not possible, it’s not like daddy can leave this platform, ah. The System was the one who chose you guys, daddy has no choice at all.

However, whether it is possible or not, he must give it a try. If he is successful, great, if not, well, it doesn’t matter.

Feng Tianlai thought for a moment. Finally, he nodded and said, “Since Deity Ye had requested it, please show me your contract first. I will give you our decision after we have looked it over, how about it?”

“No problem, I’ll give it to you now.”

“Now?” Feng Tianlai looked to the left and right of Ye Fei. However, no matter how he looked, he did not see so much as an envelope on Ye Fei’s person, let alone a bag or a briefcase of documents.

“Deity Ye? Your contract?”

Ye Fei took the contract that Feng Tianlai had given him, tore half a page of empty paper off and asked, “Do you have a pen?”

Feng Tianlai, “… …”

F*ck me, what the hell is this?

Feeling as though he was in the middle of some weird twilight zone, he numbly remove a pen from his briefcase and presented it to Ye Fei.

Ye Fei took the pen and immediately began writing on the torn-off page.

Feng Tianlai’s mouth nearly went numb as he studied the person before him. F*ck, like this also can, ah? Surely Deity Ye is too weird, right? Writing a contract on a piece of torn-off paper with a borrowed pen? Isn’t this too childish? Surely you must know that this will be a very important document for future cooperation between yourself and the company and not an IOU, ah? How can you be so casual?

It did not take Ye Fei long to finish writing. He pushed the half piece of paper and pen to Feng Tianlai and said, “These are my conditions. You can bring it back to your company and let them have a look. If they’re fine with it, we can sign on it. Oh, by the way, there’s no need to have it stamped or certified. You can just photocopy this document. I feel that having a handwritten contract is more traditional.”

Feng Tianlai, “… …”

He was really speechless. What ‘handwritten contract is more traditional’? Your sloppy handwriting aside, you gave us a contract written on half a piece of paper. Just how many contracts have you seen that look like this?

However, he still accepted the contract and took a look at it. He saw that Ye Fei’s conditions were basically just one big condition.

  1. The reward collected shall be split 80-20. The company shall take 20% while the other 80% be remitted to me.
  2. The reward must be remitted on the same day it is collected.
  3. The broadcasting time will be set by myself, however, I can guarantee at least 20 broadcasting days each month.

After reading the ‘contract’, Feng Tianlai turned incredulous eyes at Ye Fei, “Deity Ye, just these three conditions?”

Ye Fei nodded, “Just these three conditions. My main purpose in becoming a broadcaster is to make money as I like. So long as you can agree to my first two conditions, we can keep cooperating.”

Feng Tianlai thought for a moment, “I can give you the go-ahead now. So long as you can give me a gentleman’s promise, it shall be done.”

“You can give the go-ahead?”

“Of course, before coming, I have been instructed by the manager. So long as the request is reasonable, I can give the okay. Though you have reduced the company’s share by 10%, it is just a matter of money. I don’t believe the people above would mind it.”

“That’s fine. If you can give the go-ahead on behalf of your company, we can sign the contract now.”

So saying, Ye Fei retrieved the piece of paper and wrote down his name and today’s date. Then, he asked Feng Tianlai if he had a stamp pad. Feng Tianlai did, and Ye Fei duly pressed his thumb on the stamp pad and put his thumbprint on the paper.

Feng Tianlai shook his head. He thought: Those who had nothing to do will come up with all kinds of ways to amuse themselves.

“There’s really no need to leave your thumbprint. Your signature alone is fine,” said Feng Tianlai.

Ye Fei handed the paper back to Feng Tianlai, “Oh? Well, the rest depends on your side. Once your manager has signed the agreement, do give me a copy. If not, you can just throw it into the trash for me.”

Feng Tianlai carefully put the piece of paper away as though it was some precious manuscript. He thought: Although this contract is super weird, our QQ Platform relies on this weird contract to keep Deity Ye with us. Therefore, it is a super important piece of paper. I must never lose it, ah.

Once the matter was settled, the two exchanged some idle talks before going their separate ways.

Ye Fei was in a very good mood. Even if the other side refused the new distribution ratio, he would still cooperate with QQ Platform. However, since the other side did not directly refuse the 80-20 division, it means there’s a chance he could still get it.

After all, if he could get a little more money, why not take it? After all, I am short of money, ah~ 

Therefore, this guy was in an excellent mood.

Ye Fei hailed a car and headed home right away.

Once the car reached Yijing Garden, Ye Fei got out and walked into the private community.

Even at night, Yijing Garden Residence look very good. Streetlights were shining on the footpaths and the neighbourhood looked very tranquil and charming under the street lamps. It looked especially relaxing with all that greenery in place.

As he was strolling across the grounds, Ye Fei heard a clatter from the green belt beside him, and a black shadow leapt out.

Startled, Ye Fei hopped back and thought: What the heck?

He took another step back and finally caught a good look at the black shadow. It was a Shar Pei dog. The dog shook its body and barked at him, its bulging eyes staring unblinkingly up at him.

A Shar Pei dog?

A light bulb went off. Hey, could this be that Tian Xinlan girl’s Sharpie? Why is this fellow down here and not on the 9th floor?

Unsure whether he was right, Ye Fei tried calling out ‘Sharpie’.

The Shar Pei stopped barking.

Ye Fei squatted down. He smiled, “You little fellow, to think you’ve come down here all by yourself. Do you know that your mistress is anxious to death? Come on, follow me.”

Ye Fei beckoned the dog

Sharpie paused for a moment, before running towards Ye Fei and rubbing his wrinkly face against Ye Fei’s hand.

Ye Fei laughed. He thought: Looks like daddy’s charm level is quite high, ah. Look, even this strange puppy likes me so much.

Meanwhile, Little Sharpie’s thoughts: This guy smells really nice, ah. There’s a nice smell of stir-fried meat, oh. Daddy likes stir-fried meat.


[Gumihou: … even the dog calls itself ‘daddy’]


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